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>$200 AMD CPU competes with $500 Intel CPU in SINGLE CORE PERFORMANCE


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You mean loses when it comes to single core performance

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>still loses
Intel always wins baby

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>paying 250% more for a 4% increase in performance


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Why yes, I pay an extra $300 for 2 fps. How did you know?

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So 3600X is on par with 9900k ? lmoa

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Have fun installing patches until you go back to Bulldozer performance

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and its beta

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Intel's damage control will be gloriously fun.

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That is not how that meme works.

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800mhz slower and still within striking distance of a CPU over twice its MSRP with half the TDP

Incel is over.

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Ryzen chips are nothing but glorified Cinebench ASICs

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then buy the 3950X which will be faster (in cinebench anyway)

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Maxon and Intel have a long history of collaboration, so beating them in their own game must taste sweet to those AMD engineers: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/white-papers/q3-idz-maxon-whitepaper-v16.pdf

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Making software around hardware is perfectly reasonable, but not the other way around

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And when AMD beats Intel at their own game, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, AMD IS WRONG!!!!

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It has already begun

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All they did was make it so they can issue an AVX2 integer operations simultaneous with AVX2 floating point operations (like znver1 could do with AVX1 instructions). That's useful for a lot of workloads, especially if the compiler knows to do it.

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Missing the point

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>posts old software bug that's been fixed for 2 years
Good job being a shill

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It has been going on ever since Zen dropped. The fuckers had to drop Xeons down and clock them to oblivion to combat the god tier yields.

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So my take away from this is that if I want the best performance, I buy an Intel?

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no because this is the baby tier zen 2. the 3/4ths of 1/2th of zen 2 running at 90% the clock speed

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yes, AMD only has cinebench
as always, intel will take the lions share of benchmarks and the market
but who knows, maybe if you spend all day looking at the output of GCC, AMD might be the way to go this time around. /g/ isnt a good target market, though.

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This ain't even my final form. Wait until X570 is out with decent BIOS and high bandwidth memory.

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>7nm is good they said

7nm TMSC can't even beat 14nm intel

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Intel chips are nothing but glorified video game ASICs

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>'10nm is coming soon!' Intel said

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The Ryzen 5 3600 is $200 and butting heads with a $500 Incel CPU. That means it’ll be BTFO by the 3600X and that’s before even getting to the Ryzen 7 and 9 CPUs.

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>low-power midrange with lower clocks on previous-gen board almost matches flagship 5ghz electricity vampire at less than half the price
>b-b-but can't beat Intel
Let's have no delusions about it, this is AMD's mighty Zen2 erection plunging itself deep into Intel's shitpipe.

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Does this include all publicly available security patches and mitigations?

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Just wait for the next vulnerability patch, it'll close the gap.

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that's pretty fucking crazy

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>0.2 Ghz extra frequency
yeah lol

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Hh-heh better luck next time amdrones

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yeah lol

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>pre release with no optimization
Really makes you think

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the best part about this is that everything from a 3600-3800x can be run on a dirt cheap b450 setup

mid-range MSI b450 board ($50-100) + 16gb of micron e-die (60$). plus ryzen is low power usage which means you can get by on a 600w gold which can be had for super cheap

the whole system cost is fucking tiny in comparison. which means you can spend more on a GPU/monitor which is going to be a way bigger difference than unrealistic CPU limited scenarios in the first place

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Shilling this hard. You must be desperate to use that chad meme.

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I want a 3600X.

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I want a 3900x.

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this is antisemitic, please delete

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Why would you get the 3600X over the 3600? Literally just turn PBO on and you have basically the same processor.

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Is my spanish wrong? How could copy, which reads and writes, possibly be slower than write?

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let's wait for some dolphin benchmarks, then we'll see who's laughing

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How is writing slower than copying? Copy reads and writes. That doesn't make any sense.

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Is my spanish wrong? How could copy, which reads and writes, possibly be slower than write?

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Because doing the same thing yields even higher clocks on the X
It's literally a binned 3600

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n-nani? i'm going to bed

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