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Not great, not terrible.

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It's true that the rolling release model can sometimes cause problems, but it's really nothing even an average user can't deal with. While it doesn't fully deserve its popularity, its flaws are greatly exaggerated on this board.


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Is Manjaro better?

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>While it doesn't fully deserve its popularity
I think it does. Once you get around to actually using Arch, you don't really want to go to any other distro.

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People are still stuck 10 years ago regarding arch. They think arch just breaks for no reason. The xorg memes don't apply to arch, at all. If anything if you need a rolling release distro that is simple to use and maintain, arch is the best choice.

t. debian and arch user.

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Thanks OP for making the same thread again.

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3.6 breakages per day

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Anon, the kernel is gone! It exploded!

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Is Debian Sid better? Any experiences with it?

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>no benefits of arch
>no benefits of debian
Yeah, hard pass.

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NixOS is a better minimalist distro desu

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>no benefits of debian

explain pls

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Sid's policy on both stability and security is "you're on your own buddo"

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Guix > nix

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explain to me how a linux kernel crashes

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I saw 1s and 0s on the floor, comrade Anon...

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is this an /rbmk/ or arch shill thread?

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>mfw Arch breaks again

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>>not entering the void

Why even live?

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I've definitely run into more random bugs on Arch than I ever did on Debian. How any distro with a rolling-release model and a reluctance to carry any patches on what comes from upstream could be different though I'm not sure.

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I tried both Arch and Debian, and neither crashed.

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Ubuntu is better

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Get to the infirmary, you're delusional

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We can always roll back... right, comrade? Right?!

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running arch now for a year and its pretty comfy. AUR is pretty cool. Could I do the same with every other distro pretty sure, but again Arch it is now.

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don't use manjaro unless either A) you wanna toy with it or B) you have a specific need for it. Mint or Ubuntu just-werk. You're going to be running into issues with manjaro

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Arch is all right, they really need to fix their retarded tryhard installation process. Which gives you Manjaro, I recommended this to my Israeli friend and he likes it better than the Debian he was running (because newer packages).

Sure you might run into issues with things breaking because of the rolling release model, but them's the breaks of running an unstable distribution.

Personally I prefer Fedora, although I tend to distrohop a lot. Ubuntu is fine too.

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are you sure about that or have you been fed the propaganda numbers?

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So uh if arch isn't great then what distro would be?
Please no gentoo

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install tumbleweed and never worry about updates again
you can update after a year and it will work the same
if something breaks you can restore a snapshot in minutes

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>rpm-based distros


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perfect title OP this is my impression of arch

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If you want an easy Arch installer and some basic applications preinstalled, go with Antergos. It may be discontinued now but that doesn't matter too much as it uses the normal Arch repositories anyways. In fact I just installed it on another PC a few days ago.
I ran into several problems over the past months due to Manjaro's own repos, but it doesn't deserve all the shit it gets here on /g/

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