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>The NTP final reports found "clear evidence" of increased cancer risk in male rats from low level (i.e., nonthermal) exposures (c.f., heart schwannoma). Furthermore, many hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have found evidence of biologic and health effects from low level exposures to cell phone radiation. Hence, the FCC's exposure guidelines must be re-assessed as they are likely inadequate to protect human health.

But I thought non-ionizing was safe?

Would the telecoms industry really lie like this?

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Don't care, i want to live in a vr headset.

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>shizzo ramblings about muh cell phone cancer
>many hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have found evidence of biologic and health effects from low level exposures to cell phone radiation
>cites or mentions not a single fucking one
Yeah seems trustworthy to me.

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>oy vey goy please stop talking about our microwave genocide weapons

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Here's some of OP's other active spam threads for reference.


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here is the archived thread where this mentally ill telecoms tranny shill spammed scat to get the thread derailed and deleted


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>calls others mentally ill
>spams hundreds of threads on anonymous image boards

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dump the scat already 5G discord tranny

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>discord tranny
You're the one who uses discord though?

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>Hey we are here to install your 5G

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>janny cleaning up the 5G tranny
are jannies actually coming round to embracing the BASED lifestyle?

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OK, Ivan, try to follow me. I know it is difficult for your phenotype but bear with me.

You, Ivan, for the virtue of being a Russian, genuinely believe (you all are believing rather than knowing degenerates) that bullshitting, cheating and bullying is the way to go, because you have never seen any better in your fucking social shithole, so you are projecting these major social forces to the whole civilized world, about which you literally have no idea.

See, Ivan, before they could market shit to you on anal porn sites which the likes of you are visiting daily, they have to develop the underlying tech. It cannot be, contrary to what you used to believe, be just pure baseless bullshitting. Platforms are running 24/7 reliable and rock-solid, so mere propaganda is not enough to support this.

I know, Ivan, it is hard to believe, but there are way smarter, exponentially smarter people from all around the globe who are studying in MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Caltech and other fine establishments. These people are already, Ivan, try to follow me, already the next level of evolution of homo sapiens, compared to you. Their ancestors never drank themselves to death, they experienced no negative social selection, they are almost different species.

So, just stop shitposting, Ivan, and go squat next to a liqueur shop, literally where you belong, and let the titans push ahead technological progress of human civilization.

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Who are you talking to?

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At least use images of people using actual radiation safety equipment instead of ebola stock images you schizophrenic discord tranny.

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>not getting the joke

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>you have 90s each

I'm cracking up my dudes

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>In the NTP study, researchers looked at the effects of exposing rodents to extremely high levels of radiofrequency throughout the entire body. This is commonly done in these types of hazard identification studies and means that the study tested levels of radiofrequency energy exposures considerably above the current whole body safety limits for cell phones.
You fell for fake news.

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This statement misrepresents risk to the brain from the whole-body exposures used in the NTP study. While the exposure limit to RF radiation in the US is 0.08 W/kg averaged over the whole body, the localized exposure limit is 1.6 W/kg averaged over any one gram of tissue. Body tissues located nearest to the cell phone antenna receive much higher exposures than tissues located distant from the antenna. Thus, when an individual uses a cell phone and holds it next to his or her head, exposure to the brain will be much higher than exposures averaged over the whole body. When considering organ-specific risk (e.g., risk to the brain) from cell phone RF, the important measure of exposure is the SAR value of 1.6 W/kg averaged over any gram of tissue. In the NTP study in which animals were exposed to whole-body RF at SARs of 1.5, 3, and 6.0 W/kg, exposures in the brain were within 10% of the whole-body exposure levels. Therefore, in the NTP study, exposure intensities in the brain of rats were similar to or only slightly higher than localized human exposures from cell phones held next to the head.

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Is this just mental illness or genuine russian shilling?

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>samefagging this obviously

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What the fuck are you on about, retard?

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activates the almonds

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>I was merely pretending to be retarded

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it's pretty clear that the anti-5G side is winning the propaganda war massively, just look at normie social media

telecoms industry collapse in under a year CONFIRMED

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I love how you keep posting this as if it actually means anything. There are literally hundreds of confounding variables in that case which make it practically useless to draw any meaningful conclusion from.

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trying to tell people the dangers of 5g when they think their phones already have it is a great exercise in futility

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>keep ignoring the NTP study, the goyim will forget soon im sure sholomberg

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>it's pretty clear that the flat earth side is winning the propaganda war massively, just look at normie social media
>Space industry collapse in under a year CONFIRMED
Social media echo chambers are not an argument anon, I hope you don't seriously believe what you're saying.

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>microwave radiation being proved scientifically harmful is the same as some morons thinking the earth is flat
lol cope

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>soccer moms think its the antenna
great rebuttal to a solid article with multiple sources

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>keep ignoring the NTP study
I didn't ignore it, it's a shit study. No harmful effects were found in female rats or male/female mice, and the male rat exposed group actually lived longer than the control group.

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address this one tranny

>clear evidence
the cope gets bigger by the minute

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>some retards on facebook are vocal about their views so the industry must collapse any day now
It's a perfectly valid comparison. Anti-5G retards and flat earthers are the exact people who are going to actively seek out news stories on 5G/Space and brigade the comments/start numerous anti 5g/NASA groups. Doesn't mean shit in the grand scheme of things.

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>phone radiation = microwave radiation
Sure thing retard

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this is another pretty huge cope, anti-5G sentiment is becoming extremely widespread and the damage control fake news media articles are coming out already

based low information tranny

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The study wasn't done with 5G dumbass. Its done with old 2G/3G tech.

Various cancers were found on the test male subjects while not on females/non-test subject. But ironically, those with the cancers lived longer life.

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>health questionnaires
jej, kindly refer to

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>old 2g/3g
which are much safer than newer highly modulated LTE+ signals

>they were all lying schizos gangstalking the telecoms industry i swear
just like the rats in the NTP study

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>this is another pretty huge cope, flat earth sentiment is becoming extremely widespread and the damage control fake news media articles are coming out already
Funny how the more you post the more you sound eerily familiar to militant flat earthers on /x/, Facebook etc

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>anti 5g sentiment
most of those retards think that means the 5Ghz band on their home router and you often hear telecom people use the same terminology to refer to both even though it's wrong. also lots of people think their home router is a cellular connection among other stupid ideas.

some kind of big brain diversion strategy going on here or retarded normies
you decide

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why cant your employers get insurance on their microwave transmitters? do they know something the populace is just beginning to wake up to?

*cough* asbestos *cough*

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>people aren't hypochondriacs and placebo isn't a thing
>what is the multiple comparison problem
Good to know the veil has completely slipped now and you're unbashedly spamming the same image you always do >>71572299

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this is an extremely low quality post

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>why cant your employers get insurance against alien abduction?
>do they know something the populace is just beginning to wake up to?

>*cough* area 51 *cough*

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no, this is an extremely low-quality post

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>Bro! Check out my new 5g galaxy s10!

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>ackshyually the industry funded hundreds of studies and they all found microwave radiation to be perfectly safe

pathetic admission of defeat, your pay is likely deducted because of me
cope and seethe

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Hm might it be that there is no scientific evidence for any 5G or Wifi related illness and insurance companies don't want to get abused by retards? Really makes my penis do the big think.

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>Bro! I just got a 5g galaxy s10. Wanna see?

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>Henry Lai
Definitely not a biased source at all, I completely trust and believe this image and its findings

>> No.71573009

>there is no evidence
Hi, anon! You seem to be what we call a "low information poster"! Don't worry though, for the topic of the dangers of microwave radiation, we've got your back for real- bioinitiative.org

Bioinitiative.org is a compilation and meta-analyses of tens of thousands of studies on this very topic! Make sure to spend a few weeks reading and learning here before you wade in next time!

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>pathetic admission of defeat, your pay is likely deducted because of me
>cope and seethe
So do you get paid to spam hundreds of threads or do you do it for free? I can't tell which is more embarrassing.

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yes henry lai is well known to be a trillion dollar industry with ties to the military industrial complex all on his lonesome, he must be stopped now join my anti-Henry Lai facebook page to learn more

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>Bioinitiative.org is a compilation and meta-analyses of tens of thousands of studies on this very topic!
The bioinitiative report is a cherry-picked biased piece of trash that is pretty much universally denounced for it's awful methodology.

>> No.71573047

none of those posts are me, there must be a few anons who know what's up though

>denounced by buzzfeed-tier websites

>> No.71573048

Sure thing I waste time on a website compiling actual scientific peer reviewed studies and shizo ramblings. Why don't you go back to your discord tranny friends and suck each other off about the dangers of muh 5G cancer

>> No.71573055

>you need to receive money to be biased against something

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>> No.71573069

>denounced by buzzfeed-tier websites
Imagine pretending to be ignorant of the multiple criticisms of the BI report from well-respected organisations

>> No.71573083

>source: wikipedia
my actual sides

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Take your meds.

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>inspect element

>> No.71573107

>none of those posts are me
But you admit most if not all of the posts contained in >>71572299 are yours, no?

>> No.71573120

nope, just seems 4chan is pretty organically anti-5G at this point

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I'll be looking forward to you refuting every single one of these source sometime after the heat death of the universe then.

>> No.71573141

>hurrr how do references work
"BioInitiative report (publication no. 2008/17E)". Health Council of the Netherlands. 1 September 2008. Retrieved 20 January 2010.
Rodney, Croft; Abramson, Michael; Cosic, Irena; Finnie, John; McKenzie, Ray; Wood, Andrew (18 December 2008). "ACRBR Position Statement on BioInitiative Report" (PDF). Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research. Archived from the original (PDF) on 19 January 2010. Retrieved 20 January 2010.
"Comments on the BioInitiative Working Group Report (BioInitiative Report)" (PDF). EMF-NET. 30 October 2007. Retrieved 20 January 2010.
Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) (October 2009). "COMAR technical information statement: expert reviews on potential health effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and comments on the bioinitiative report". Health Physics. 97 (4): 348–356. doi:10.1097/HP.0b013e3181adcb94. PMID 19741364.
"Stellungnahme zur Sendung "Bei Anruf Hirntumor?" von Report Mainz vom 29.10.2007" [Position on the Broadcast by Report Mainz "Brain Tumours by Telephone?" of 29 October 2007] (in German). Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz [Federal Office for Radiation Protection]. 30 October 2007. Archived from the original on 28 May 2013. Retrieved 20 January 2010. Das BfS hat den sogenannten „BioInitiative Report“ unmittelbar nach dessen Publikation einer ersten Prüfung unterzogen und festgestellt, dass er klare wissenschaftliche Schwächen aufweist: Insbesondere werden Vermischungen der gesundheitlichen Wirkungen von niederfrequenten und hochfrequenten Feldern vorgenommen, die fachlich nicht zulässig sind. Die überwiegende Mehrzahl der dem Report zugrunde liegenden Studien ist nicht neu: Sie wurden bei der Festlegung der derzeit gültigen Grenzwerte bereits berücksichtigt.

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"5.3.1 BioInitiative" (PDF). Mise à jour de l’expertise relative aux radiofréquences - Saisine n°2007/007 [Update on the state of radiofrequency research - Reference #2007/007] (in French). Agence française de sécurité sanitaire de l’environnement et du travail [French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety]. October 2009. pp. 322–326. Archived from the original (PDF) on 20 July 2011. ...les différents chapitres du rapport sont de rédaction et de qualité inégales. Certains articles ne présentent pas les données scientifiques disponibles de manière équilibrée, n’analysent pas la qualité des articles cités ou reflètent les opinions ou convictions personnelles de leurs auteurs (...), il revêt des conflits d’intérêts dans plusieurs chapitres, ne correspond pas à une expertise collective et est écrit sur un registre militant.
"Study on Radiation From Mobile Towers and Cell Phones". Indian Council of Medical Research. 22 February 2013. Retrieved 8 March 2013.
"Study on Radiation From Mobile Towers and Cell Phones" (Press release). Press Information Bureau. 22 February 2013. 92395. Retrieved 9 December 2014.

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>cant refute the NTP study
>cant refute bioinitiative

>> No.71573159

>cant refute the NTP study
Already done earlier in the thread
>cant refute bioinitiative
Already done by multiple well respected organisations

>> No.71573166

>Already done earlier in the thread
>Already done by government industry shills

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>pretty organically

>> No.71573184

dont search this one in the archive folks

>> No.71573185

Still waiting for you to refute a single source >>71573139

>> No.71573199

You're fooling no one but yourself at this point with your childish finger-in-your-ears attitude

>> No.71573209

Okay I won't thanks for the heads up

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all of their authors are paid government ex-industry or current industry shills, like ICNIRP

>> No.71573226

Oh then I'm looking forward to you documenting that for every single author of every single article and study I linked.

>> No.71573234


>cant refute the NTP study
>parrots Buzzfeed talking points about how "the microwaves were very powerful" and "it only affected male rats"



pathetic tbqh

>> No.71573243

>literally resaving his images as jpegs so he can post them multiple times in one thread
I've never seen such desperation lmao

>> No.71573263

>noticing this
absolutely clinging on for dear life at this point tranny shill, join the 40% after this thread imo

>> No.71573275

>cant refute the NTP study
I already did though, it's a shit study.
>parrots Buzzfeed talking points
Drawing attention to obviously inconsistent results and poor methodology is not "BuzzFeed talking points"

>> No.71573286

>thinks it's hard to notice repeat images in gallery mode
We're not all Alzheimer's patients like yourself

>> No.71573294

>it's a shit study
>"It's not buzzfeed talking points!"
>spews buzzfeed talking points easily refuted in >>71573234


>> No.71573309

>gallery mode
literal phone poster

>> No.71573335

>hurrr what is 4chan X
Fuck off, retard.

>> No.71573343

>literal phone poster
Care to tell everyone how you posted this image?

>> No.71573364

>triggered this hard when confronted with not fitting in

I didn't you did in a weird attempt to gaslight, seethe it failed

also funny you're ignoring >>71573294
you are defeated

>> No.71573382

>doesn't know about 4chan X's gallery mode
>damage controls to make himself look like less of a retarded newfag
w e w

>> No.71573393

address >>71573294
or are you going to dump scat after yet another slaughterfest thread as is telecoms tranny custom?

>> No.71573396

>you're ignoring
You haven't actually made another argument as to why bioinitiatve is trustworthy other than "hurrr you're buzzfeed", you've just regurgitated even more irrelevant links for no one to look at

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File: 3.12 MB, 3113x6225, schizospammersci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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why do you keep switch IPs? do you think you're doing your job better or something?

>> No.71573436

>another new IP

>> No.71573460

I'm not that poster, I saved his image from a previous one of your spam threads

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>schizophrenic retard thinks everyone that disagrees with him is samefagging

>> No.71573492

why cant you address these two links with regards to the non-refutable NTP study that produced clear evidence microwaves cause cancer at levels well below regulation?



>> No.71573514

It has already been refuted in this thread

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File: 540 KB, 1415x786, NTP study cancer results.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dump that scat now tranny

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I've posted various links refuting those in this thread you just rambled on about muh buzzfeed and muh anti 5g sentiment and you will continue to do so even if I post a hundred links to research papers refuting this bullshit because it doesn't fit your world view so tell me why the fuck should I bother doing anything but laugh my ass off when I see your shizo bullshit?
Honestly I'm not even fully convinced you are human anymore, you sound and act more like a really shitty chat bot that can't handle responses it wasn't trained for.

>> No.71573619

I can understand posting conspiracy theories in these meme /x/ thread but's it's always surprising seeing the amount of butthurt and damage control they generate

>> No.71573649

>“The exposures used in the studies cannot be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone,” said John Bucher, Ph.D., NTP senior scientist. “In our studies, rats and mice received radio frequency radiation across their whole bodies. By contrast, people are mostly exposed in specific local tissues close to where they hold the phone. In addition, the exposure levels and durations in our studies were greater than what people experience.”
>He also noted the unexpected finding of longer lifespans among the exposed male rats. “This may be explained by an observed decrease in chronic kidney problems that are often the cause of death in older rats,” Wyde said.

Now go back to /x/, /pol/ or whatever shithole you crawled from.

>> No.71573671

But anon you stupid 5G shill the government is in on it too or something.

>> No.71573691

Not an argument.

>> No.71573726

>zero argument
as expected

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>zero argument
If only you were self aware. If only..

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>stop spamming scat

>> No.71573890

>tfw making a pic of an underground vault Wojak

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>> No.71574027

>Use old outdated studies to defend a new and recently deployed technology

oh no, here, let me just just aim this 10GW microwave beam directly into your eyeball, stop complaining stupid goy we already determined microwaves are harmless in the 1920s, along with alcohol and tobacco now buy this new device goy!

>> No.71574410

Did you reply to the wrong post or something?

>> No.71574454

Threadly reminder :DDD
He's also the clamp poster and I'm pretty sure I recognize his autism in another subject

>> No.71574595

>He's also the clamp poster
Makes sense given how often the clampposter tends to show up in these threads

>> No.71574687

Isn't he currently peddling some herbal cancer cure?
His entire career is pandering to alt medicine retards.

>> No.71574705

> Would the telecoms industry really lie like this?
Jews only care about profit
Enjoy your cancer.

>> No.71574707
File: 8 KB, 246x205, ju.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same telecoms tranny poster

>> No.71574722

gassed to death

>> No.71574758

>Spam le redditman npc pics
>Pretend everyone is one person
>Revert to the same phrases every single thread
>Accuse others of being the samefag
Re evaluate your life my man

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>hehe guys look at this cool consensus on 5G being totally safe right here on 4Chan! aren't us 5Gheads totally cool guys!

>> No.71574797

Why did you call me a samefag when I'm clearly not one? Why are you deflecting now?

>> No.71574817

Imagine spending literal years spamming the same threads on 4chan and only succeeding at making your cause even more of a mockery than it already was :3

>> No.71574876

>everyone that's against 5G is the same guy
just look on social media, normies hate 5G

>> No.71574890

Thats the way science works
>study finds it gives animals cancer
>mechanical theory states that it probably works the same in humans
>no actual long term studies 'proving' it in humans yet (and there probably wont be due to it being extremely impractical and expensive, and all parties that do fund research want to prove that it causes no harm)
>conclusion, there is no proof that it causes cancer in humans, aka its 'safe'
Health science always flows like that. The more you learn and actually read the scientific studies the more you realize what a bunch of nonsense it all is.

>> No.71574925

Change up your posts once and a while if you don't want to be immediately identified

>> No.71574945

yeah I should dump scat for a change like you did here:


>> No.71574969

Wasn't me

>> No.71575000

>just look on social media, normies hate 5G

>> No.71575023

you're here to damage control the disastrous "launch" of 5G and now even normies are talking about the NTP study

pretty epic!

>> No.71575050

>you're here to damage control the disastrous "launch" of (the Falcon 9) and now even normies are talking about the (flat earth)

>> No.71575057

All the normalfags I know make fun of anti 5g people in the same way they make fun of flat earth and antivaccine people.
I knew one guy who was a proud /x/phile who believed this stuff and he an heroed to become an alien or something

>> No.71575062

cope lol

your telecoms office doesnt count

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File: 178 KB, 720x996, Flat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're saying this doesn't sound familiar no?

>> No.71575440

I've already died twice due to lethal 5G radiation. The government doesn't want you to know this. If you do work or live near 5G please get vaccinated. Just take fish oil pills and vitamin c to avoid autism.

>> No.71575448

>shill so desperate xe tries to conflate sensible science about carcinogenic microwave radiation with flat earthers
really sad

>> No.71576038

>shows wave form (amplitude over time) for 2G and 3G but a spectrum analysis (amplitude over frequency) for 4G

>> No.71576072
File: 756 KB, 1264x760, matlab LTE signal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71576333

2G and 3G give rats cancer, which is good because we don't like rats. But 5G makes people grow horns, which again is okay. When can I get a horny 5G-user gf?

>> No.71576463

>talk exactly like a flat earther
>make the same desperate claims about the conspiracy being blown wide open
>think the general public is on your side because of the echo chambers you visit
You have more in common with them than you think.

>> No.71576464

don't worry we understand everything about the universe including all potential implications of rapidly accelerating new technology, nothing to be worried about luddite

>> No.71576488
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>everything I don't like is schizos

>> No.71576505

>accuses others of low-quality posting
>is actually posting low-quality themselves


>> No.71576557

Ionization isn't the only way you can fuck with cell replication. At some point you just have to accept that you're microwaving yourself on some level and assume the risks.

Posted from my Galaxy S10

>> No.71576592

>5g is perfectly safe bro
>oh these horns yea naw thats just evolution bro

>> No.71576699

Based anti 5G autist
Keep fighting the trannies

>> No.71576748

Based anti 5G autist
Keep fighting the trannies

>> No.71576818

but are these effects positive or negative?

>> No.71577012

>November 1, 2018
This is old. Where is this debate today?

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