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so they change distro? what a big deal

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>happens right after Torvalds officially recognizes steam on linux
It's over fellow wincucks..... The linuxchads won....

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Valve should just embrace progress and keep up.
I'll keep to ubangnu

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This is a complete non-issue if you don't play video gaymes.

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canonical is still retarded

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i don't care, i don't play games because im older than 12

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almost fell out of my chair laughing

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I'm a little out of the loop on this one
Why are Canonical removing 32-bit support?
Is it really weighing them down?

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post yfw Valve tells people to install gentoo

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I really wish to move to linux.
I'm sick of MS bullshit. I respect open source and free software. I really like KDE.
But i'm LE GAME MAN retard who can't live without games. EXCEPT THAT MY PC IS RATHER OUTDATED. I can play most of the modern games on mid to low, but that's natively.
On linux performance drops.
For an OS family that known for "best thing for under powered machines" it sure does it's work bad as and OS for a "low spec gamer" machine.

I wish i had a good PC so i could do PCI pass-though

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It's even more of a non-issue if you actually read the article

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DXVK and D9VK barely have any performance overhead, in some games you might even get better performance.

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>valve should just have every game ever recompiled to work without 32bit support

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Linux is not for gayming
its just for gay

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I have a videocard that only supports Vulkan on software level, not hardware. I heard that software-only vulkan support is much slower than full hardware support, is that true?

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i fucking hate javascript and its spawn

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Remove whitespace guy! Speeds up compiling. No comments either.
Remember to have short variable names, no more than three letters

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I am using Steam less and less these days anyway. But I will still support and use Ubuntu.

Another word to the wise, Oh Valve:
> No Linux, no bucks!

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>imagine being an adult and playing videogames

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Maybe they'll finally do a native 64-bit launcher

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imagine being an adult and having spare time and proper sleep what a loser

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> Imagine being a video game hating troll and posting here <- you

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Just use Flatpak Steam with the Compat.i386 platform

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What with a freetards and hatin on games? Do you fucks not understand that games on loonix = loonix gets popular = more big developers will bring their software to loonix = more developers will be working directly on iproving leenawks = death of microsoft.
Games and PROPER CAD software are one of the reasons why windows is still the king.

Why do you give a fuck? Are you implying that No software at all>proprietary software? Just don't use it and stick to your free shit.

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fuck off zoomer

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>Valve funding KWin

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>le boom le zoom i looooooove wojak

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no. honestly. Kill yourself you pathetic vidya loving zoomer cunt

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good riddance

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Gotta love this post-election breed of /g/ that suddenly hates video games with a passion.

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i hope all distros BTFO this proprietary DRM scam only used by manchildren

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Its all because of a licensing issue. Little do ubuntufags know that they are not using truly open software.

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/g/ grew up faggot. You'll do the same one day

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I'm 31 years old and you are probably some fat autist who was born in 99 and thinks he's a cool kid because he's linawsk haxxor and NOT POST 2000 ZOOMER
As long as subhumans like you run the open source community it will remain a laughing stock

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Microsoft is pushing an app store to kill off Valve. Apple is pushing an app store to kill off Valve. Canonical is pushing an app store to kill off Valve. I don't see how Valve is even relevant anymore.

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>Me? Playing games? I'M ADULT
This reminds me of appltoids with their "what are you poor?"

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Uh-huh, whatever helps you feel like a big boy.

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it was always like this retard

/g/ is full of larping 16 year olds, it hardly grew up

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It's a non-issue even if you play vidya. Steam will werk on Debian, Arch, Manjaro(Arch), Gentoo.
Official support matters little and Valve will just shift to another distro. Manjaro seems to be pretty popular for GNU+Linux gayming right now.

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>implying you can't be a zoomer at 31
You're saying a whole lot of nothing in the attempt to defend your children games faggot, give it up. I'm 27 by the way.

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Valve will probably tell people to go to debian. I doubt they'll endorse something as easy to break for the laymen as arch/manjaro.

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>Instead I shitpost on a Tibetan yak-milking forum filled to the brim with people that are exactly 12 or just underageb& in general

I don't get why you faggots feel superior for not playing video games but coming to a site that manages to be even more of a waste of time than most vidya. Its borderline retarded to me.

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Video games don't need defending. Certainly not from some little angry man on the internet.

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>Valve dropping Ubuntu support
Correction: Ubuntu dropping Valve support. Valve are simply going to stop recommending a distro Steam will literally not run on anymore.

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>Video games don't need defending
That may have been the most pathetic thing i've ever read. Honestly, re-read that post and tell me you are where you want to be in life. Jesus christ.

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>Valve will probably tell people to go to debian
Debian is even worse for a laymen. You have to manually install driver though command line.
You have to manually update it to a Testing channel because stable has ancient libraries that are not compatible with modern fast evolving gaming software.

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>he's still using Win XP
It's time to move on grandpa

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You mean ahead of you? Yeah, it's a pretty good spot in life.

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nonfree firmware is an issue
people won't know that they need a special iso if they have no wired connection
not to mention having to install firmware-iwlwifi, .. on the actual system

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>n-no you
ok this is over

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What a dumb fucking move by Ubuntu

>we want the retard baby distro audience
>no more games

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>this post-election breed of /g/ that suddenly hates video games

I've been on this website for 11 fucking years now, its always been like this. /g/ is a constant battle between vidya hardware fags, and linux/programmer types who spend all day compiling gentoo and ricing their desktop with anime girls

summer fags need to fucking go outside and stop wasting their life on this website because you're still young and have potential. dont become a supreme gentleman

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It never even started since you had no point to make.

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i dual boot precisely because i like having my lignux install for work and audio processing + editing, and my windows install for the games i occasionally play that prefer windows (doom 3, civ 3, civ 4, and civ5). i only use one application that relies on some i386 libs (renoise), and that's just for a few specialized vst plugins which i haven't touched in ages.

while it won't really affect me (especially as i can also use renoise with those rarely touched VSTs under windows just fine), i can see why a lot of people would be annoyed. WINE is a must have for many folks, as is steam. it would be pretty stupid of canonical to stick to their guns and go through with this, and out of solidarity i would probably migrate over to debian (or a debian spin like SolydXK or Sparky, which are both very nice), if they do.

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>Valve drops support for the only distro normies are willing to switch to


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People will just flock to LMDE.

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XP has 64 bit support you zooomer.

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>a change is a nonissue if you don’t do the thing the change negatively impacts

What a genius

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Linus was being pretty cool with this one.

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normies only entertained it because it was easy and had Valve support

Ubuntu's fuckin dead in the water now

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Nobody uses that inferior version

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>b-but if the freeloader desktop userbase who never pays for anything stops using our disro what will we do???

ubuntu makes money from elsehwere this means nothing

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they make money from being popular
nobody's going to use it now

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more like
>cannonical drops support for one of the more important pieces of software without which people won't use linux

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Why dont they distribute a snap or whatever and call it a day?

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but why would they?
any other distro still supports it so why bother?

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Manjaro support would be sweet, although it will let arch in a weird position

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Canonical is all about cloud crap now, so they don't care for maintaining desktop stuff. Too bad if it breaks Steam.

Completely unrelated, a Linux security fix broke Steam as well this week.

I suspect the Valve guys might eventually rage quit and revive SteamOS.

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Consistency among distros. I usually want my distro as tight as possible, but in this case it will be the best option for everyone (whatever is needed to finish with fucking windows)

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If ubuntu plans to "drop 32bit support" then fucking explain me these:

I'd bet that the real case is that Canonical just stops supporting 32bit in "main" repo support/paid support and not planning to drop it altogether and that "Koder for Valve" idiot simply mistook it.
Same shit when Ubuntu stopped providing 32bit live images and everyone and their wife's sons were crying that Ubuntu dropped 32bit support OMG HOW DO I INSTALL XUBUNTU ON MY 15 YEAR OLD SINGLE CORE CELERON LAPTOP NAO?!?!?!?!??!

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Except instead of snapshit you could use the superior flatpaks. Which already have Steam, although imperfect.

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I don't want linux to get popular

if linux gets popular it will get corporatized and normieized and that will ruin linux

it's better off as a niche hobbyist job os

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no no no i want to play my games!!!

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Flatpack was in the "whatever", until the format war will keep going Ill keep refering them like that (appimage ftw btw)

>> No.71537066

Canonical is only going to drop support for 32 bit CPU's not 32 bit programs

>> No.71537068

yeah well while you're dual booting i'm getting dual booty

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You can always aim for a higher form of autism

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>it will get corporatized
Holy shit we have a literal hipster here. Reality check: It's already corporatized.
Also did you forget that IT'S AN OPEN SOURCE? You can literally fork it, ignore big bad corporation and keep doing your own thing.
>reddit spacing
>no periods
Kill yourself you dunb nigger.

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Too late for that now. Try BSD.

>> No.71537153

And it was an experience so scarring that people willingly stuck to 32 bit even with Vista.

>> No.71537198

haha look im funny xDDDDDD
the fuck are you talking about, it's not hobbyist already for fucks sake
it already happened nigger

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Remember, while you're on /g/ you may sometimes be talking to crazies who think desktop environment is bloat.

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End of 32bit support? Why does steam need 32bit support? Any computer that doesn't support 64bit is probably running 2gb of ram at most anyway. Only an idiot runs the steam client on a computer with so little ram. At that level the client uses so much ram that it seriously impacts game performance anyway.

>> No.71537251

Games need 32bit libraries to run so Valve can't reasonably officially support steam on a distro where you can't run most of your games.

>> No.71537253

Probably to support older games, e.g. original x-com

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I've been using steam on fedora for the last 2 years
Nothingburger of a story to be honest

>> No.71537333

It's not 2012 anymore. Pop! OS and Manjaro exist for normalfags nowadays.

>> No.71537337


I don't give a flying fuck about "loonix gets popular". I already have all I need and don't need any kind of shitty proprietary software.

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>non issue
maybe for people in general
but anybody invested in ubuntu is FUCKED

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Many people want to keep playing the games from the Windows XP era that they own.

>> No.71537364

Black spoiderman gets /ss/?

>> No.71537379

Mint is objectively a better desktop OS than Ubuntu.

Appimage is superior. And flatpaks are better because they don't need su to install.

No, they already stopped supporting 32bit CPUs over a year ago. They're dropping 32bit libraries and software.

Because the gaming industry and windows like legacy software and don't like to change.

>that they own.
You don't need steam for games you own.

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please make it stop this is aids for anything that is not virtualized/cloud computing server/service stuff

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How's lutris anything like the other three?

>> No.71537440

it tries to do the same thing but does it even worse
it is worse than AUR in the "run this config script dude it totally works on my machine"

>> No.71537449

Lutris isn't the problem, its users are the problem who don't realize it's still just a fucking wineprefix in the background and they're completely stuck and whining on issues that could be trivially solved with manual prefix management.
Q4wine > Lutris

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I think docker could be OK for games

>> No.71537474

just get debian like every normal person

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don't give a shit about Steam on Linux but Xubuntu was my go-to
>it just werks
system for old computers. Guess it's time to look a bit more into the whole Debian thing I guess?

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>knowingly installing Ubuntu which comes pre-installed with a fucking Jeff Bezos Amazon app right in the fucking taskbar


>> No.71537658

>should we finally switch to a 64-bit client, nah let's just drop support for Ubuntu

>> No.71537700

So just for clarification, they're completely dropping multilib? Not just full on 32 bit installs like Arch has already done? I see no reason not to preserve multilib

>> No.71537723

>So just for clarification, they're completely dropping multilib?
Yes. Entirely.

>Not just full on 32 bit installs like Arch has already done?
They did that (a) year(s) ago.

>I see no reason not to preserve multilib
I guess if you're poor like Canonical and want to save 10 minutes of compilation time and some disk space for the precompiled packages it's a decent option.

Let's be honest here, Shuttleworth has always been in it for the professional market (see Ubuntu Server).

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Steam has literally THOUSANDS of 32bit software that would just stop running.
Its not about Steam it self, its about invalidating a huge portion of their marketplace.

>> No.71537754

Yeah it must be because they can't be assed to make a 64bit client, and not because this'll break 32bit Windows games on Proton.

>> No.71537763

I hope they do. What the masses want is a semi-proprietary Linux distro with out-of-the-box zero-configuration support for major graphics cards, bluetooth adapters, and so on.

>> No.71537770

valve doesn't care about gamer people.
they just want your money for doing nothing.

>> No.71537801

>they can't be assed to make a 64bit client
this is ass though, they should drop the pile of garbage client and make a new one

>> No.71537846

Perhaps, but even if they did, that wouldn't help in running those 32bit games that make up most of their library.

>> No.71537913

They are larping, anon. It's what they do.
Also, I think they don't count their retarded "visual novels" as games.

>> No.71537976

>this is ass though, they should drop the pile of garbage client and make a new one
They literally are. There are images of the alpha out there. The new Friends interface was basically a testing ground for it. Its slated for this year. Honestly I'm not looking forward to it since Steam actually works really well as is.

>> No.71537999

well yeah
>Steam actually works really well as is.
i seem to have constant issues

>> No.71538004

>inb4 its just a new webgui inside of the old client

>> No.71538017

At the end of the day, much of steam is just a wrapper around Webkit. Thats not going to change

>> No.71538053

They want to do cload and server shit instead of desktop shit.
A majority of desktop shit is 32 bit so ubuntu is fucking themselves in the ass which is good.
Hopefully steamos will be valves major focus.

>> No.71538077

Why do people defend Valve when they're such a lazy, greedy company?

>> No.71538151

Can't give the chinks any leeway, unfortunately.

>> No.71538173

Are you still seething about 30% despite not a single game being actually cheaper on egs?

>> No.71538197

Ikr, just a stupid useless launcher that wants money.

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Imagine being such a boot licker that you defend a company that thinks doing this is okay when they HAD one of the most anticipated video game releases of all time.

Don't forget how they only started to actually update Steam when Discord and Epic Games started filling the void they left.
And once Valve goes out of business? Good luck getting all your games back, lmao

>> No.71538227

The fuck does Artifact have to do with anything?

>> No.71538233

Stfu bloatware loving nigger

>> No.71538254

They targeted gamers....

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Ah, gotcha. You're just memeing for (You)s like a retard.

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It's a game no one wanted, with the greediest play model possible, and Valve only made this because they noticed how well Blizzard was doing with Hearthstone.
Watch this and tell me Valve is a good company.

>> No.71538276

>Don't forget how they only started to actually update Steam when Discord and Epic Games started filling the void they left.
That was a good thing, you retard. Valve kept added worthless bloat like streaming and music before they stopped. And as bad as Valve gets, they never bought exclusivity nor they double as a literal botnet for chinks. Also, the last good HL was 20 (twenty) years ago and even if Valve actually tried to make a new one, it'd end up even worse than HL2, get a grip and move on.

>> No.71538288

>That was a good thing, you retard.
Yeah it's a sign of a company who is out for your best interests when they only start to improve their platform AFTER other people force them to. Like I said, you're a bootlicker.

>> No.71538294

Again, what does Artifact have to do with Steam? Yeah they're both from Valve but they're completely separate products and the market spoke about Artifact and cratered it in to the fucking ground like it deserved. But Steam it self is not operated like Artifact.

>> No.71538311


>> No.71538313

Except if you use any old software that requires wine32

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>> No.71538397

Like I said, Valve is greedy and lazy. Artifact is a prime example of their greediness and laziness. It has to do with Steam because Steam is developed by the greedy and lazy Valve.

>> No.71538440

Wait Linus is a gamer just like me?

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>> No.71538580

Normies were willing to switch to ubuntu largely because of steam
When steam will announce what new distro they support and recommend, this will be the new one normie will be willing to switch to, and they will quickly forget about ubuntu

>> No.71538588

Normies don't play video games.

>> No.71538602

Yeah, that must be why game industry far surpasses movie and music combined.

>> No.71538617

>No software at all > proprietary software
That is correct. If you can't use your computer in freedom then you shouldn't use a computer.

>> No.71538619

>Normies don't play video games.
t. Normie

>> No.71538629

You're right, I meant "Normies don't play PC games".

>> No.71538667

>Normies don't play PC games".
t. Normie

>> No.71538669

>retard flatpak nigger strike s again.

>> No.71538686

Flatpak is the future. Get used to the idea.

>> No.71538691

If everyone is trying to kill you, that means you're very relevant.

>> No.71538699

Please leave this board,this site you colossal fags.

>> No.71538703

Lol. Go back to openemu and keep pretending you matter in video game industry.

>> No.71538705

>sandboxing bad
>permission system bad
>inb4 firejail/chroot

>> No.71538720


>> No.71538749

>GPU with software-only Vulkan support
Ah, don't tell me you have something like Intel iGPU or Radeon HD 7xxx or earlier:
If that's the case you better buy a new VGA card from the list that actually supports Vulkan. Or maybe build a new computer if you are still using pre-SandyBridge/Bulldozer bullshit, because your PC may be too old to run games with DXVK/D9VK well.

>> No.71538834

And thankfully what the masses want will never happen as long as C garbage keeps keeping nonfree shitters at bay with random shared object mismatches and breaking abis.

>> No.71538852

Snap is dead. Superseded by competitors like Appimage in every way. Snap has no future and those who rely on it will have no future as well.

>> No.71538862

This. Nonfree shitters btfo eternally.

>> No.71538887

>they never bought exclusivity
You don't need to pay for exclusivity if you a de facto monopolist.
There is nothing wrong with exclusivity. That's how valve enforced people to install steam in the first place: it was neeed to play half-life 2.
Unlike valve, epic games just makes fair offers to publishers, and publishers choose EGS because it's more profitable for them. It's a business, and EGS is clearly winning in that bussines.

>> No.71538898

Is it not on Fedora?

>> No.71538932

>$ sudo dnf install steam
RPMfusion's repos are probably required, but if you're running fedora without them you're an idiot anyway.

>> No.71538938

>EGS is clearly winning
EGS has been tripping over its own feet constantly and secured nothing but a handful of mediocrity.

>> No.71538956

All CPUs not supporting x86_64 are over 10 years old at this point.

>> No.71538970

Steam was never and never will be a monopoly, kike publishers who already charge far too much for digital on top of modern day kikery like DLC and microtransaction can suck my dick, faking sales is not a sustainable business model and Epic's little stunt will die in two years tops.

>> No.71538983

Good, fuck Ubuntu. I hope that they make Debian their go to distro and start packaging more recent kernels and mesa/novidia for it.

>> No.71539019

They literally announced that they will drop the entire i386 repo for Eoan release and told people to create 18.04 chroots for 32-bit programs.

>> No.71539057

>Just installed Ubuntu last month on my gayman desktop
>see this shit

>> No.71539061

If there's a nonfree repo for guix where I can get muh nvidia drivers and such, I might fall for the GuixSD meme.

>> No.71539082

So what's the problem with steambox? How hard is to maintain distro meant to run at least ONE THING well - steam?

>> No.71539093

Having a i386 (more like i686) release is different than supporting multilib where you have i386 calling convention binaries alongside AMD64. That's what is being dropped.

>> No.71539184

That's fine. 18.04 LTS is supported until 2023. By then there will be a solution or a new distro everyone has settled on.

>> No.71539203

Isn't it actually more work to drop multilib, since debian is not dropping it?

>> No.71539405

There is literally no reason for steam to not have a 64bit client on linux. If a game has 32bit libraries it should come with them anyway.

>> No.71539531

Yeah, I bet every game could ship 32bit mesa and libc.

>> No.71539534

All valve games work fine on Linux (and run with better performance than on windows most of the time) along with thousands of others.
You're obviously not going to be able to play the latest AAA titles but if you just need you epic gaming dopamine hit then valve games will do fine, and are probably a lot better for your mental health than everything the (((gaming industry))) puts into modern games.

>> No.71539564

There's no reason for Valve to keep supporting a distro where a significant percentage of their games simply won't run. It's Canonical's problem, not Valve's.

>If a game has 32bit libraries it should come with them anyway.
Why would they when this support has always been supplied by the OS?

>> No.71539617

>majority of desktop shit is 32 bit
Yeah, in 2005

>> No.71539634

>some DRM decided to not release binary packages for ubuntu is canonical problem

>> No.71539669

The only games Linus plays are CoC and tranny simulators with his children. He supports Valve because he knows many users only stay on Windows for the gaemes.

>> No.71539697

Based Gaben

>> No.71539810

what if you want the option to use 32bit software

>> No.71539817

Any company will need a kick in the ass from competitors from time to time. Thats literally how all life on Earth works.

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File: 42 KB, 627x218, 1536568337170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's even worse.
>Imagine being an adult and needing your soideo game fix so bad you'll install proprietary malware on GNU/Linux

>> No.71539894

They're literally a branch of Debian, they don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. There isn't any reason to remove multilib support, this feels very haphazard and not thought through at all.

>> No.71539998

>Imagine being such a boot licker...
I'm trying but I really can't get past the part where I'm a grown man playing video games enough to care.

>> No.71540088

So which should we use now (besides gentoo meme) if we do the games?

>> No.71540122

Come home, white man.

>> No.71540217


>> No.71540238


Fedora should really at this point become the go-to distro for beginners and people who want to get work done.

>> No.71540279

Please choose Gentoo.

>> No.71540312

i fire jail in my ch root get on my lvl :^)

>> No.71540406

>not cgrouped nspawn and filesystem namespaces
enjoy your in-sandbox data being exposed

>> No.71540417

10 can suck a nutsack how bad it is.

>> No.71540434

Your face when you don't play any games in your desktop and any of this affects you, like it should any adult using computers.

>> No.71540457
File: 62 KB, 690x460, 1465482902520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Steam client is literally malware, it constantly pings and sends data to Valve servers, as even given per the user and privacy agreement. You don't even own the games you purchase on there, you can lose access to your account at any time. Not to mention DRM. Why are gamers so retarded to adopt this as the de-facto platform?

>> No.71540494

Alternatives are few and weak nowadays. I made a steam account in 2011 because my retail copy of Shogun 2 literally wouldn't install without it. This only got more common afterwards. I do opt for drm-free installers on gog or humble whenever I can.

>> No.71540779

>You don't even own the games you purchase on there,
And yet, I've been able to play them whenever I want to for a decade now, and there's no reason to expect that to change anytime soon. They don't get lost, they don't stop working, the media they're on doesn't become obsolete. If I wanted to even try to play any of my old physical PC games, I'd first have to go buy a fucking optical drive.

>you can lose access to your account at any time
And a meteor could crash through my roof and kill me at any time. Why waste time worrying about wild implausibilities? Valve didn't build a successful business by randomly disabling people's accounts for no reason.

>> No.71540848

Year of the Linux desktop and Linux has games amiright?

>> No.71540869

They stop working when their DRM infested server goes down, or the company decides to no longer support an online/multiplayer game, and then the game is dead.

>> No.71540913

No they don't. That's what offline mode is for.

>the company decides to no longer support an online/multiplayer game
I don't see what difference Steam makes in regard to that. A dead game is a dead game, regardless of DRM.

>> No.71540984

don't you 'member when you could host your own online gaymes if you wanted to

>> No.71541079

>majority of desktop shit is 32 bit

>> No.71541112

Because gamers are dumb. A large portion of them are literal children.

>> No.71541118

Linus is fully pozzed now. His abusive behaviour is a thing of the past.

>> No.71541130

Yes, when you launch gnome software it will ask if you want to enable, Nvidia, Google, and Steam's repositories.

>> No.71541132

they should be funding openbox/lxqt not fucking KDE.

>> No.71541158

>spreading lies
Linus is Linus

>> No.71541167


>> No.71541179

kde is shit

>> No.71541193

Fat ass neckbears anon telling a company what they SHOULD be doing. Ok nerd.

>> No.71541221

>He said while shitposting on a Cambodian waterboarding forum dedicated to making posts only an autistic 12 year old would make

>> No.71541246

It says kwin, not KDE. Lxqt is great with kwin.

>> No.71541267

What should be the next Valve-recommended distro?

I vote for Arch Linux: it literally just works

>> No.71541283

WRONG: I used 32bits VSTs to produce music. Fuck Canonical, this is why Microsoft partnered with them.

>> No.71541293


>> No.71541395

Fedora or OpenSUSE
deb-based distros suck dick

>> No.71541409

>reasons the Linux desktop continues to fail: the thread

>> No.71541447

why doesn't valve just upgrade steam to 64 bits instead

needing multiarch for steam is fucking niggerlicious

>> No.71541459

Because that wouldn't do a thing for all the old games that only have 32-bit builds?

>> No.71541461

Because that won't magically make thousands of 32 bit games compatible.

>> No.71541542

Just install the 32 bit libs yourself.

>> No.71541568

Valve just needs to make a Docker-style wrapper

>> No.71541589

Or maybe tell canonical to piss off and start endorsing someone less irresponsible.

>> No.71541607

can't they ship some of them? they ship some libs already

>> No.71541614


Linux fags have to deal with this shit DAILY, what cucks to struggle running even basic programms, Temple OS doesn't have this problem

>> No.71541628

linux desktop doesn't need game consumers. they should stay on windows

>> No.71541643
File: 17 KB, 400x400, bill gates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is a complete non-issue if you just don't do what you're trying to do.
>What you're asking for is bloat.
>What you're asking for is obsolete.
>What you're asking for is not part of our desktop paradigm.
>Instead of doing what you're trying to do, why not try to do something that's only tangentially related?
This is why Linux will literally never see any use outside of development. Installing other than basic software on Linux is a complete pain in the ass, using it even moreso, and when you bring it up Lintards look at you wide eyed or laugh at you because they literally cannot imagine a use case for an operating system being different from what they commonly use.
It's why there's still no good Office suite on Linux. It's why the only passable DE, KDE, is the one that emulates Windows.

>> No.71541754
File: 6 KB, 224x225, niggers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

canonical makes around 100m a year, valve makes 4b. valve could literally develop their own linux distro. but they don't because they are cheapskate fuckfaces who only want to offshore all of the hard work into the (((community))). fuck them. even in their shitty games, they get community artists to make the hats and skins and resell them.

everything valve has made since 2012 has been half assed. this is no different. if they had their own distro with proton, it would be a much nicer experience and it would be an actual threat to windows as far as grabbing the casual market. it could be the android of the desktop. instead they do this garbage without actually caring about linux. fuck valve

canonical is a relatively shitty company and mark shuttleworth is a faggot but he's doing what redhat did and he's trying to keep the company profitable. at least there's an excuse. valve are literally just jews who haven't spent their money since 2012ish

>> No.71541775
File: 172 KB, 1280x720, I can't stop thinking about it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Windows 7 support is ending soon
>Canonical conveniently shoots themselves on the back
I fucking hate Microsoft so much. Now I won't be able to recommend Ubuntu as a just werks distro, this is garbage. I guess Fedora and Manjaro are the choices now?

>> No.71541814

I'm looking at people discuss this on other sites.
As expected people are shilling to just use Mint instead, but people are also suggesting Pop!OS
What the hell is Pop!OS, why are people shilling it, and what does /g/ think about it

>> No.71541847

Linux is a kernel, not an OS. It sounds like you went to a different OS expecting it to work exactly like Windows for some reason and were surprised when that wasn't the case.

>It's why there's still no good Office suite on Linux.

I'm assuming by this you mean that Microsoft Office is not available. The reason it's not available is because Microsoft has a monopoly and refuses to port it or release the source code so that someone else can port it. But that only applies to the desktop version. I've heard there is a web version that works on any OS.

>> No.71541848

>As expected people are shilling to just use Mint instead, but people are also suggesting Pop!OS
Yeah, just switch to LITERALLY UBUNTU with a few tweaks by some hobbyist nerd, that's how you solve the problem at hand!

>> No.71541874

100m a year and the os is still that unusable piece of shit? Oh God, for once I hope all the money go to diversity and transnegroes, otherwise they have a serious problem.

>> No.71541882

They are not going to ship libc and mesa.

>> No.71541890

Valve does have their own Linux distro. Steam OS. Maybe this will cause them to start caring about it again.

>> No.71541906

Pop!OS is riced Ubuntu by System76

>> No.71541922

i dunno man, but valve could afford to have their own distro easily. and it would definitely make sense for them. they're just greedy jews

that's abandonware. like everything they've done in the last 7 years, they half ass their commitment to it and then leave it to die.


last commit was in 2017! fucking 2 years ago

also, it was just a reskinned ubuntu as far as i know

>> No.71541923

>canonical makes around 100m a year
Yes, and? They fetch so much shit from debian, that figure is irrelevant.
Why would Valve make their own distro? They already failed on that regard. I'm glad they made a just werks wine option on their client, I think that's plenty enough.

>> No.71541954

What do you think Valve will endorse in the future? I doubt it will be Debian or Fedora since those distros don't allow non-free packages by default. Also valve is apparently fed up with Debian's tooling.
Maybe OpenSUSE?

>> No.71541985

they failed because they didn't commit to it. they had 3 interns and a jannie to manage the distro. they hired (almost) no one to do it. they also had a locked down garbage distro instead of doing something that's meant to be a fully functional os. again, halfassed commitment = halfassed interest = failure

desktop linux is only sustainable if the company behind it is literally making money elsewhere. it's why red hat can do it, but the downside is that fedora breaks often and is basically a lab for them to try all retarded shit

you might think, what about debian? debian is crashing and burning because there's too much bureaucracy and no one is maintaining packages. most packages in the repos are old, people developing new software use flatpak/appimage or don't even bother most of the time (https://michael.stapelberg.ch/posts/2019-03-10-debian-winding-down/)

valve could make desktop linux work, because they make money off games and need an os behind it, and ms/apple are both trying to fuck them over. it's literally the right combination. but they're greedy jews who no longer have vision. gabe just sits on his ass playing dota against bots now. only reason valve isn't broke at this point is because of all the rent seeking they get with steam

>> No.71542012

probably suse. all the other distros are clusterfucks. if valve wanted to go with debian, they would've done it in the first place. the only alternative to opensuse is arch, and i'm pretty sure valve won't officially endorse that

>> No.71542033

>Am I fitting in yet guys?

>> No.71542045

It's only Ubuntu, literally amy other distro will do fine. Hell, for most gaymz, it will still work fine. Plus, you can still download the 32-bit stuff after install, it's just no longer gonna come pre-packaged in the system.

Holy shit people are making too much big issue out of this. Just investigate and research a little. It's not hard.

>> No.71542062

OpenPepe could be a likely candidate. Valve has also hired a kwin dev to work on x11 and kwin latency issues.

>> No.71542072

Doesn't opensuse come with like a really elaborate windows-like control panel too? Could be another argument for a crowd afraid of terminals.

>> No.71542082

is bsd dropping 32bit? Put it on there.

>> No.71542095

>Plus, you can still download the 32-bit stuff after install, it's just no longer gonna come pre-packaged in the system.
They are literally removing the i386 repo with 19.10 and their solution for running 32-bit stuff is "just make a 18.04 chroot and run it in there bruh"
For any kind of sane integration someone would have to maintain a PPA for 32-bit system libraries. Why not just move to a distro that actually provides them?

>> No.71542176

Even PPAs can't fix it completely since other PPAs and OBS repos can't use unofficial packages to satisfy dependencies iirc.

>> No.71542182
File: 602 KB, 853x358, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa whoa whoa, looks like these guys have a serious problem with workplace diversity.

>> No.71542209

I unironically think Elementry should be the next "target" distro/LinOS. It's one of the few that are totally desktop orientated, all it needs is money and contributors to really flourish.

>> No.71542216


>> No.71542227

>ubuntu based

>> No.71542235

>apple clone shit
not baste

>> No.71542241

just use static linking?

>> No.71542248

Yeah, just link libc and mesa statically.

>> No.71542263

While we are at it,are paid linux distros like linspire a joke?

>> No.71542270

Either Valve needs to fund their own or throw their weight behind a company that is explicitly desktop first.

>> No.71542285

Paying for dedicated tech support is pretty standard. Paying just for the installation medium is cuckoldry.

>> No.71542293

They obviously are gonna use gentoo

>> No.71542297


>> No.71542306

god please anything but opensuse or debian

>> No.71542307

Rather than partnering with another corporate distro, Valve should just assimilate Solus.

>> No.71542325

It needs to be noob friendly, can't throw any weird curves. Something like Elementary is unironically better because it's simple to use. Gotta drop the secret club mentality.

>> No.71542335

kill yourself kevin

>> No.71542347

>revive SteamOS
steamos is just a debian with different logos.
they'd better start working with debian.

>> No.71542360

they should add a page for steam in the LFS handbook and call it a day.

>> No.71542395

This really sucks, Ubuntu really was the most productive distro out there for those who weren't hobbyists obsessed with "bloat" and desktop screenshot threads and who actually needed to get shit done. I don't even know what to switch to, because it seems like anything that isn't Ubuntu is considered a second-class citizen in desktop Linux world.
And yet, somehow, Windows has no problem keeping (nominal) support for 32-bit applications even today. Maybe I should mess around with WSL2 in the insider build to see if I can get it working for my needs.

>> No.71542451

No company will move to linux as long as it struggles with very basic problems: memory overflow that leads to freezes (see OOM killer problem), and drivers + graphical servers, because vidya drivers and display servers for Linux are aweful. And Wayland is in so many ways worse than Xorg, holy shit.
You know why vidya drivers for Linux are aweful? Because freetards keep to put sticks in your wheels. Because API changes every time, i.e my vidya gets update with every second kernel update because something is broken again. Who wants to maintain that, really? Because Linus would rather say 'fuck you' to Nvidia instead of trying to bring to life, as he says, his own dream: to bring Linux to desktops.
I mean, look at the current situation. Some retards decide to throw away multilib and what happens? Valve now needs to seek for another solution. Wine now needs to seek for another solution. As if they had not enough problems. All users that used Ubuntu because it just werks now need to seek for another distro and fight with their new distro for several days solving different problems. What is more important, other distros now have to deal with consequences, especially distros that relied on Ubuntu. From what I see no one even asked Ubuntu users if they really need multilib. So, like, is this the power of opensource? This is a mess, a clown-world. No company will or can really work with that and SteamOS became ded as soon as they came to realization what really GNU/Linux is.

>> No.71542467

It's just more evidence how even Linux companies consider the Desktop nothing more than a side project. Everything desktop orientated is hobbyist or functioning on a slither of funding. And all the best known ones are Ubuntu based.

>> No.71542555

Real normies don't even know what a Linux distro is.

>> No.71542653

And thats the kicker, there needs to be a well funded, desktop orientated distro that people can roll up to best buy and purchase, it needs to have a big ass banner selling it, the computers actually need some discount over windows machines, and fully optimized for the software it's being sold on.

Normies don't really care about the FOSS aspects, but as people are becoming more privacy aware, they'd certainly care about that.

>> No.71542696

companies are the only ones actually using linux.

>> No.71542706

Cry all you want about vidya but virtue signaling on /g/ like this is a far bigger waste of time

>> No.71542716

install kde neon

>> No.71542717

>It needs to be noob friendly
"I once tried this Linux thing and its totally a cheap Apple ripoff"

>> No.71542733

>but as people are becoming more privacy aware,
EL OH EL that isn't happening

GNU/Linux will never become mainstream and in fact most users of it don't care about that.

>> No.71542788

No, it just lacks consequent design no matter where you go. For instance even gnome desktop which (if anything) people praise for consistency, has essential settings arbtrarily split to gnome-tweak-tool and gives user two separate control panels. And not even just that because most people could probably grab dconf editor too.
Everything works, but only if you approach the OS as a curious hobbyist. Otherwise half the essential shit is obscured or outright missing.

>> No.71542828

>Linus was being pretty cool with this one.
Just normal.

>Linus is Linus
Exactly. I subscribe to the LKML. Valve sent a message with a link to that github reporting a REGRESSION as in something which used to work and now didn't. Linus was immediately all over it since he has been really clear on WE DO NOT BREAK USER-SPACE and some of the SJW bullshit about wanting a COC was because he clearly told people who broke user-space that one does not do that.

It's pretty normal for Linus to make sure a big regression like this one is fixed within a day.

>> No.71542859

>Microsoft does Linux desktop better than companies dedicated to the Linux kernel
what a world

>> No.71542865

Intel should pay them to do fucking clear linux. It would be the only way to get linux/win7 gamers to use intel processors instead of amd

>> No.71542880

SolydXK, Q4OS, Netrunner, and other polished debian-based distros will serve you well. Sparky is a good choice for something really light weight too.

>> No.71542892
File: 11 KB, 220x306, 220px-LinuxCon_Europe_Linus_Torvalds_03_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71542903

Indeed. He's just the right guy to be in charge of the world's most popular kernel.

>> No.71542904

Well, to be fair, Apple deprecated 32-bit code recently and with the next macOS is going to rip out support completely.
Then again, Apple as a company seems to have contempt for its developers, power users, and prosumer users. What is Canonical's excuse?

>> No.71542944

I've literally never heard of any of these distros before today.
What is Linux Mint going to do? At least I've actually heard of them.

>> No.71543020

>Yeah, just switch to LITERALLY UBUNTU
This is why it's a much bigger deal than most initially think. Half the "distros" are just Ubuntu with a PPA or two on top. It's not like KDE will maintain their own 32-bit libraries so their KDE Neon distribution will work with Steam. Elementary, Linux Mint, PopOS, it's all just Ubuntu.

>> No.71543094

the problem is simple: no one makes money on desktop linux. you don't pay to install, you don't pay for support. it costs you nothing, so they don't care

this is why only a company that uses desktop linux as a means rather than an end can make it work. valve is perfectly positioned to do so, but they refuse to spend their money. so whatever they do that isn't their own distro will fail. it's just that simple

as >>71542859 pointed out, microsoft does linux on desktop better because it makes windows better, and they make money off it. linux is a means to them

valve needs a wake up call. gabe's head is too far stuck in his ass. their rent seeking on steam won't carry them forever

>> No.71543095

>What is Linux Mint going to do?
If there won't be a easily available solution, they have LMDE to fall back on.
Speaking about Pop_OS, System76 guys are saying that they can manage 32-bit libraries or something, so that might be a way out.

>> No.71543130

>I've literally never heard of any of these distros before today.
they're great distros, and while sparky is a newcomer, the other 3 have been around for quite some time and are really dependable. they're all just debian with some additional software, nice configs, and an extra repository out of the box.

>What is Linux Mint going to do?
i can see them eventually moving over everything to a plain debian base, which is the whole reason they've maintained LMDE.

>> No.71543181

Mint going full lmde would be sweet. Steam officialy supporting them would make sense too, as they are still close to debian but without the free restrictions

>> No.71543186

>I doubt it will be Debian or Fedora since those distros don't allow non-free packages by default.
Fedora stopped being retarded and offers you to enable third-party repos after the installation. All they need to do is swap their non-official steam repo to valve's approved steam repo. If i was Red Hat, I would've reached valve as soon as possible.

>> No.71543193

Could something Arch based be the way forwards?

>> No.71543203

This sucks, i was hoping Linux could some day achieve a 5-10% market share on Steam.

>> No.71543235

Manjaro desu, I'm unironically considering it. Before Ubuntu I was running debian Sid, everything should be fine given that Manjaro takes a little time before updating.

>> No.71543242

if valve makes their own distro, yes. if not, no

maybe (big maybe) if they partner with red hat for fedora it could work, but red hat will have to stop being retarded and constantly change things for fedora, which goes against their use for it (they want to test shit on fedora before bringing it to red hat linux). so, i don't think it will work long term, but out of the current available distros, it's the only one that could imo

>> No.71543265

>Manjaro desu
Yeah, steam will totally depend on some amateur student-tier distro.

>> No.71543296

>mfw the year of BSD desktop soon

>> No.71543308

And what is debian if not that?
Steam should commit and buy a distro or make and official partneship.
Solus for example is fast and small, they could just buy it and make it their official distro

>> No.71543317

I mean, i like Valve/Steam and all, and I'm happy with them being a partner in an OS, but i wouldn't want THEIR OS. An ideal situation would be a new Foundation/company/Distro that has hardware and software companies on board, and isn't afraid to sell software.

>> No.71543330

why not use pclinux os?

>> No.71543332

normies debugging selinux so they can play rollercoaster tycoon

>> No.71543349

>Solus for example
Anon, there's no need to comment if you're fucking retarded. Just read.

>> No.71543358

it could be, if valve made their os bsd based. that's the thing, valve can make any os popular if they back it, because they have the money and the applications. most of the software needed by joe shmuck - firefox, libreoffice, mpv - is already multiplatform. it might need some touches, but it's a drop in the bucket for them

but valve will continue to half ass things and become less relevant every day, relying instead on rent-seeking

won't work. linux on the desktop needs to be free, which means the company behind it can't be making money off linux on the desktop

yeah fedora is a mess. fuck red hat desu. hope that isn't the chosen distro

>> No.71543364

Cool meme bruh, upboated.

>> No.71543385

Which kind of free, freedom or beer?

>> No.71543387

also in case i might've misread what you said (your post isn't very clear to me, sorry) -- a foundation for this kind of thing never works. they're too slow to do any kind of thing, will have interference of microsoft, apple, intel, nvidia and whomever else sabotaging things. design by committee, slow moving standards etc. it would be a mess

>> No.71543397


We've been warning for a long time that running those proprietary VSTs in wine is a liability. Don't do it. It's becoming that way on windows and mac too because vst2 is now discontinued and no new DAWs can support it. If you really want to use legacy plugins into the future then get ready to run a legacy OS and have a lot of issues. The correct solution that will ensure future-proofing, as always, is to demand for your plugin author to release the source.

>> No.71543417

Next steam suppored distribution?


>> No.71543427

well, the kind of free you're thinking of works in the server market because companies pay for support. desktop users don't. i mean, could it maybe work in theory? sure. but ubuntu (and other companies before them) have been trying to make it work and it just doesn't.

it's like communism: "bububu that wasn't TRUE communism", whenever it fails. i honestly don't see how you can use this kind of argument at this point, after all the evidence against, however disingenuously you might want to sneak it into the conversation

>> No.71543452

I'm 100% sure there's A LOT of enterprise having their shitty in-house 32bit software from their specific needs. Ubuntu is going to implode if they continue this course.

>> No.71543462

Nonsense, it could work in the same way windows does which is the OEM has to pay for the support, a small amount per machine. This has been done before with other OSes but no company has interest in doing it now because the Microsoft monopoly still persists.

>> No.71543478

I guess Valve are the only ones who can do it when you think about it, but i don't want it to be... well, Steam OS, it needs to be it's own thing, a proper desktop OS that has it's own site, etc. and just has a little logo in the bottom of the site that it's being made by Valve. Maybe a promo link on the steam/valve website.

And hopefully learn from the SteamOS/SteamMachine mistakes.

>> No.71543520

well anon, i'll never see things that way, sorry. i don't see evidence that it could work and i've seen plenty of companies fail at it. i'd like to be proven wrong someday though. but i'll only believe it when i see it

i agree with you int hat the os shouldn't be locked down. what valve did with their previous steamos was retarded. again, they half assed it like everything they've done since 2012 or so. the os needs to be an actual desktop os, to do everything with and not just launch their games. whether they understand that or not is something else

i believe they still don't realize that they need to work on their own os (full commitment). when they get to that point, then they will have to realize they also need to make it a true os rather than a toy.

>> No.71543571

The only reason it doesn't work is because of the microsoft monopoly. Remember there used to be a lot of other vendors making proprietary OSes until microsoft shut them out too, so this isn't a specific problem to GNU/Linux companies.

The business model of Android is a hint of things to come but Google has fucked some of that up, best to wait for the next evolution to see what happens.

>> No.71543609

android was on a very different market though. none of the desktop legacy was there. the reason we're even having this discussion in the first place is the legacy 32 bit support

and while it may have been true in the past, things have changed a lot. they make keep on changing and it might be viable in 15 years, but again, i don't think it is today

>> No.71543652
File: 22 KB, 1046x235, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71543664

also, one more thing: android was never meant to make money directly for google. their money maker is advertisement and they wanted to control the entire stack, including the os and the browser. so, a company using the os as a means rather than an end (and all the issues that came with it, fuck you google)

>> No.71543685

The problem is, the OS itself has to make money for it to work, even with Valve's war-chest. And considering their experiencing with making a software store... building in a valve-powered app-store (as a separate entity to Steam) might just work, even crazier if they apply wine/proton to sell windows apps.

>> No.71543849

i disagree that the os has to make money to work. fedora doesn't. neither does desktop ubuntu. like said above, canonical makes 100m a year and they made plenty of stupid decisions to throw money away (snap, unity etc).

it's similar to the way google operates even: they spend a lot of money on chrome and android. chrome makes them nothing. but now that they have the market by the balls, they're gonna start removing adblocking from the casuals and people stupid enough to trust google

valve needs an os not to make money, but because microsoft, apple and even google are slowly taking away valve's ground. current microsoft is much more dangerous to valve than the one before who threatened to make software 10 store exclusive, because current ms understands the market much better and how/when to make use of free software, where to apply their manpower and so on. while valve is stuck unable to ship a working game and coasting along on rent-seeking

flat management and gabe newell's lack of vision/ambition are killing valve, and with it we might lose a lot too sadly

>> No.71543875

>S-s-someone agrees with me!

>> No.71543903

I'm sure someone out there also agrees with YOUR mentality of letting randos judge what you do. Cuckoldry is popular these days after all.

>> No.71545434
File: 67 KB, 868x488, Asus_Transformer_Book_T100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All CPUs not supporting x86_64 are over 10 years old at this point.
fake news

>> No.71545490

>Basketball American father

I'll never understand marvelcucks comics.

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