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how can i horde power and make money off public use power outlets? maybe I can charge up a bunch of batteries then sell it back to the power company. discuss

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>how can i horde power and make money off public use power outlets
If you're around plentiful public use outlets then why do you need to horde power?
Also batteries aren't a good way to do so, you'd be better off during a canal to an elevated lake, then installing a dam and turbines+pumps. Use the public outlets to power the pumps and when you need electricity just let water out of the dam through the energy creating turbines

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oh theres the other part. i wanna invest like 200-300 dollars max and get maximum yeild aka profit.

ideally i would just leech a bunch of power then ??????? then profit

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stupid nigger
find a job

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i have a job. this would be my side hustle

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>ideally i would just leech a bunch of power then ??????? then profit
Can you run extension cords out of a lockbox installed on the public outlets to your home or an appliance? If so, just cut down your power bill, basically the same as making money

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Only a nigger wound think shit like this.

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At $200/kWh for battery storage (not including cost of an inverter and installation) and an electricity value of $0.10/kWh, your battery will probably degrade before you can pay it off.

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unfortunately Im renting and the power bill is covered lol. I guess I could leech off myself but my landlord would notice

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im a capitalist. i see an opportunity and i must capitalize on it

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>1.21 niggawatts

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whats the return rate per niggawatt-hour?

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Buttcoin mining

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go steal some copper you imbecile

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that doesnt let me maintain probable cause, you imbecile. why would I do something thats obviously gonna get me caught?

on second thought, where do u usually keep your car parked?

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This is the gayest shit I’ve read. Might as well steal paperclips from work and fence them at a flea market if your this much of a pussy to do anything that’ll actually make money.

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if I could steal hundreds of thousands of public use paper clips every day and maintain probable cause that I was just using it to charge my vape, then I totally would. but thats ooooobviously not possible, durrr.

> This is the gayest shit I’ve read
you sound like you're 12 omg. it irks you because its stealing but its actually more like gold panning, aka finding wealth in the land.

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>how can i horde power

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>stealing electricity=tapping into the natural resources of the land
Based autistic poster

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kek'd at your thread and your life, OP

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if only you knew what plans I already have for free water. guard ur hoses folks, I have a power generator hookup

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Start up an electric car charging service? I think regular outlets charge them very slowly, so I guess you'd have to find someone willing to let you keep their car overnight. If there's an adapter or something to make it charge faster, doing that for multiple people while they're at work/lunch might be something.

Otherwise, thinking slightly smaller, charging electric scooters or something?

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an electric car would be like 40kwh per car, right? yeah thats like millions of vape batteries...

lets just say i had 300 vape batteries... how maek munny off it?????!?!?

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people have already tried and thought of this shit. people already gave up on this shit. You're not the first, and won't be the last to figure out there are more productive ways to spend your time. best use is literal cryptocurrency mining, if you have the moneys for a mining rig, although you will only profit from this because it's not even your electricity so doesn't really matter how efficient your shit is

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capitalism created everything you love, including the website. dont be naive, son

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Recharge battery, charge a person money to swap their dead battery for your fully charged one, recharge that battery, etc. Find a place with a lot of smokers, swing by a few times each day when they're outside or otherwise easy to get to without invading a business.

Sell the fully charged batteries to them flat out or only charge them half price if they do a swap so you have another battery to reuse. Buy broken vape rigs to take the batteries from or check the dumpster or something, or somehow otherwise turn your starting cash into batteries to start the hustle with.

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Easy. Just attach a wireless power transmitter and beam the free energy directly into your home.

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Put up a an official looking sticker/sign that in order to access power from this outlet you need to pay so and so to so and so with the number of this outlet. Most people are are not detail oriented and are very domesticated, they will just follow on and pay.

I've done this several times, a free parking lot to the beach which I just put up notices to pay this much and would then sticker my private "fines" on non payers (some would actually pay these fines too). Charged money for free unfoldable seats at a beach side resort too, again just stickers saying pay this much here to use for this long.
Even set up shit load of coin boxes around water fountains saying it will activate for £1.
Best one was sending out my own TV licence payment request letter.

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an outdoor crypto mining rig.

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mmmuh wagies
mmmuh tendies

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Build extremely inefficient but environment friendly power devices, then overprice them.

For instance, you can fill up solar cell batteries quickly from public outlets and market it as green energy then sell for twice the actual value

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Capitalist, n.: an investor of capital in business.
Nigger, n.: an investor of capital in petty criminal ventures, often stupid and unprofitable.

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Start your own power supply company.

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Get some solar panels.

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Based scammerbro

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Build a water tower. Pump water to the top with stolen power. Hoard all the stored potential energy and laugh loudly.

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Grow timber underground using LEDs powered by the stolen energy. Chop the timber down, sink it in a lake, and hoard it as long as you need to. When you need some of the energy, just burn a log.

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>t. park service manager

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