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gore thread

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truly disgusting

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>t. claw grip nibbas
imagine not being hybrid grip

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Just use acetone

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That's not a layer of grease, it's the paint job peeling off due to sweat palms.

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I know, it's the rubbery layer, and they come off easily with acetone.

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i buy a new razer mouse for myself every christmas so this is never an issue

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Sweat wouldn’t do that
Acetone would. Body can naturally make it. Maybe they had a medical condition?

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Not him but this rubber coat comes out with time, specially if it's on something you rest your hand on all the time.

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coating never came off on mine and I had the exact same mouse. Lasted 5 years till buttons wore out.

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buttons never wore out on mine and I had the exact same mouse. Lasted 5 years till the coating came off.

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coating never wore out on mine and I had the exact mouse. Lasted 5 years until the buttons came off.

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mouse never wore out on mine and I had the exact same button. Lasted 5 years until the coating came off

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I never understood this. Are they really heavy smokers or is the person living next to a mine complex?

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Not him but as a person who used to buy a lot of used parts it looks like smokers. Although it seems less common now that say 10 years ago, since I guess less people smoke now? Anyway I have got my hands on way worse shit than that pic. Literally parts so caked in nicotine dust it literally stinks up the the entire room and everything in it with nicotine odor. Even touching it the smell will stick into your skin and will not go away for days etc.

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>>parts caked in nicotine dust

>touch parts with bare hands
>die from nicotine overdose

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the fuck causes this
bad memory?

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Bad ram , yep

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I had this shit happen to my DVD-RAM which now identifies itself as "DVD-RAL" etc

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thats just rtx turning on. its meant to do that

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Imagine one day your computer language is all in Latin out of nowhere.

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Outside of the branding on it I don't see anything wrong with that picture. The coating coming of is a sign of usage and you should see it happen eventually. I like it when people actually use the thing they own because let's be clear, we really live in a throw away society

Look at all the people that buy the newest high end GPUs every time a new series comes out, it's a waste, the old once are just fine. Or let's look at the wardrobe of all the normalfags, all those clothes and shoes which have been worn maybe 10 times which are just thrown away right after.

My mouse's coating is slightly worse off. I've been using it for around 7 years and I've replaced the wire already since the rest of the mouse was just fine. Only now the switches are actually starting to fail so I'll be replacing it soon.

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The fuck was he even trying to do?
He can't be retarded enough and think it's an extension cable.

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Done my shitty dump, at least for now.

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>computer wouldn't start
>old power supply might be weak
>stuff some more amps into it instead of checking for shorts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rPr2JSKeQ0 at 5:15

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Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo

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>computer as fuck

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make /g/uro great again

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This isnt a battlestation thread faggot

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Um, whats happening here??

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someone destroyed a computer with some pussy fireworks and filmed it

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Unless those components were brand new it was probably fake, anyone can gore up some old hardware for a /g/ thread

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all dat CRT dust on the concrete

isn't that dust highly toxic?

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my reaction to this

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probably wanted to test the fabled termite floppy disk but only had shitty fireworks

The idea is have floppy drive directly above hard drive. When feds come knocking, you pop the thermite disk in and melts a hole through your HD platters.

usually these are made of metal. aren't these type of hard drives pretty rare?

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damn dwarf fortress looking great

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Glass platters are rather common.

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8 bib guy

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Fuck "soft" coatings

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>Computer as fuck
>Not a single computer in sight

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And I saw a thread a while back where someone's Core i5 evolved into a Cobe i5.

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Plastidip it.

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Say what you will, it gets the machine to run for the couple hours or so he needs it to work to make the video. This sort of thing isn't intended for long term use.

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M-my cooler is installed just like that.

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Looks like AMD's current lineup

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Then you need to rotate it the correct way so it can cool properly.

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There is no space to do that.

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Then choose a cooler that's compatible with your board.

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Legal Notice: [VOID]

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kinda just sad desu

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this is the future
fuck gay leds

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jesus christ that game me feels
poor little HDD still trying to run even though its brains got splattered all over the wall
it just doesnt know its dead yet

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I had this mouse once and I hated it. It was uncomfortable and then the left clicker broke. Never bought razer shit ever again.

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>touching the connector

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How about this one getting tortured? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQvv9KWsaak
I especially like how it flips shit after getting smacked at 2:36
It's a damn shame aussie50 committed suicide, his videos were pretty entertaining.

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holding a deathadder with anything but palm is retarded.

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Yo 2step that shit

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epic clip

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dawg hare?

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please stop poking my schizophrenia it is giving me some tingleberries

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I have a logitech performance MX with melting rotting rubber and corroded green faux metal surfaces

its so gross I dont even want to dig it out of my drawer and take a picture

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Why don't worn down hardware get more love?

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that's not gore, that's like a beautiful well played acoustic

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fug:D benis :DD

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All 2.5" ones I had used glass platters while 3.5" ones had metal

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some do


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benis :DD

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finnish memes

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beats RGB shit everytime

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please stop giving me tingleberries my schizophrenia is poking me some

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I fucking died.

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Dat dorf in the middle

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Nice antilag

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>Virgin linux tech tips
>Chad The 8-bit guy

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>taking a photo of your screen
There is a "Print Scrn" button for a reason, brainlets.

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Don't have any screenshots but one driver update had the entire screen turn red (still able to see the desktop and other windows) until restarting.

>> No.71524131

ah yes, as we all know, print screen is very functional when your graphics card is artifacting, you aren't booted into an operating system, or when your PC crashes. The only one here who is a brainlet is you. I hope for your sake this post is a joke

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head like a hole just started up when this started up. good sync

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theres a firework inserted in the floppy bay hole, looks like them fucking hornets ones

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Chad iBook guy

>> No.71526350

new intel CPU looks great

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the cathode ray tube, for which the monitor is named, contains a fuckton of lead. So, probably. I hope they licked it to find out

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top kek

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>The idea is have floppy drive directly above hard drive. When feds come knocking, you pop the thermite disk in and melts a hole through your HD platters.

Which doesn't work. You'd need an ass load of it, not some wee tiny amount like a fucking floppy or even a single drive bay packed full.

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please sir, stop torturing us and those hard drives
please just go back to Salò quietly

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Intel Rapid Storage

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double word idiot.

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That guy actually died about a week ago.

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I've had my mouse for 11 years, and it was my grandfather's for several years before that. Only now is the scroll wheel slowing down, like it needs greasing. I might try to grease it rather than buy a new one cause I like that mouse

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Vacuum ASMR.

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From my personnel PC when I was a Gaymer fag.

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Custom loop after using a new fluid I'd never used.
It went poorly in just 2 months.

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The aftermath.

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What the flip anon, did you even try?

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Note to self, jizz cooled PC is not as good an idea as it sounds.

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bitch if it dont fit you make it fit. I didnt check spacing on my old build so I had to open up the side, I actually got a new build right after this so I never cleaned up the hole but if I were to ever use it again it's easy to just smooth out the side.

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Behold, my keyboard.

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>What the flip anon, did you even try?
nope, the 900d has like 1in of space so you can just shove anything back there.
it's better now that i have 5x 120mm fans vs 13x

I used the Feser One Cooling Fluid for like 6+ years, with a new batch of fluid every year with Zero Issues.
i try distilled water with an EK additive ONCE and it fucked my shit up.

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At this point cleaning is useless. Just throw it out and get a new one. Please.

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My actual 4850 that went to the oven
And i fucking placed it with the gpu die facing DOWNWARDS LIKE THE STUPID FUCK I AM, luckily it didn't separate from the board.
Board repaired and kept on trucking for a year.

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Or he could just grab a few sanitary wipes and save money.

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i miss dual GPU cards.
i had a HD5970 on a custom waterblock, that was one FAST furnace of a card.

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really cool blog post absolutely amazing

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The fuck is this picture man?!

>> No.71531891

According to Wolfram ImageIdentify, it's a person.

>> No.71532130

Mr. Wolfram has a very strange idea of what a person looks like.

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He tool Louis Rossman short finding method to new level. Autofixing capacitors. You run it, it heats up the bad cap, and you remove it with pliers, and system boots.

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When I was severely depressed, I started chainsmoking indoors. My rig was completely caked up with nicotine.

>> No.71532769

How are things since then? And did you quit?

>> No.71532945

holy fuck since when did Dr. Narton do videos?

>> No.71533007

He killed himself. You see where harming HDs for your amusement gets you? Let this be a lesson to all of you, lest you too want to end up 6 feet under

>> No.71533018

>they're held open like that too

>> No.71533186

>distilled water
Are you sure you didn't use deionized water?

>> No.71533319

If I recall, that's because of a situation where for software testing they needed to be able to run something on a bank of real machines, not just VMs.

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Is that an alligator flexing

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>be a poorfag
>uses a shitty 2-in-1 tablet/netbook hybrid with battery behind the display
>battery starts to bulge
>OwO whats this
>still runs with no problem
>still using it after 3 months

What are the chances the battery gonna explode in my face /g/?

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This is obviously fake.

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>>71513212 Just clean that coating off with a credit card and it will look good again.

>> No.71534637

smokers. you don't even have to be a heavy smoker to cause that much build up. just occasionally smoking in the room 1 - 2 times a day and over a years time it will build up. unless you have a window fan and smoke near it, that smoke will just get sucked up by your computer fans. just having the window open won't help.

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omei wa mou shindeiru

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>Print screen works even without a functional OS


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The gimbal at the end going "WHERE THE FUCK DID MY PLATTERS GO?!?"

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I smoke occasionally and bought a giant air filter meant for people with allergies because of it. It works pretty well, and I still clean a whole lot more (everything, not just PC) than I would if I never smoked. It is a disgusting habit and I wish I did not enjoy it.

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>booding the kebnel
also this

jesus i lost hard
i fucking love unintentional language games

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Anon you should replace the battery ASAP if you want to keep on using it or if you don't want to spend any money see if it can run on a charger without a battery, disconnect the battery from the board and see if it can turn on, if it can then get the battery out and throw it away and keep on using it, should work just fine

>> No.71539375

I've done that to my card 4 times. Each time extending it's life by aprox 1 year. I wonder how many times you can do this?

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man, i love stevie.

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Somebody post the pee dust guy, please.

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Probably until it stops working?

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