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95w at 3.6GHz, not bad not terrible.

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wanna know where this is from
I need a good laugh

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>10watt more
I run my shit at power saver most of the time anyway
and thats neato

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Is that measured power or listed TDP?

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We're going to have paid Intel shills copy-pasting this review with the fame the Intel TDP numbers all week, won't we?

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3800x doesn't even measure up to i9 and consumes more watts
this is some terrible engineering

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I was told it's the equivalent of a house fire

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Testing the grounds before claiming Intel is a laptop CPU brand.

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Sasuga pajeets

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Surely you meant not great not terrible.

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There was nothing great about Intel.

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Remember goys, buy intel.

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TDP isn't power consumption.
It stands for "Thermal Design Power"
It's a measurement of heat output Under normal load
That 9900k under full load has been seen pulling upwards of 250w from the wall @full boost on all cores
No one has seem real world numbers for the 3800x yet.

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"""95""" vs real 105W tdp
how stupid are intel shills?

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Tdp =/= power draw

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How dumb are AMD Fanboys?
Look up what TDP actually means before you start talking shit.

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Why would the article on the OP use TDP as an indicator of power draw then

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Because the writer is a moron; didn't do any research, so he remained misinformed when writing the article.

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max cope

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>10w difference
What's wrong,tryhard? Having a bad night?

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3700x runs 40w less and is only a slight downgrade

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>comparing i9 with r7
What did (((they))) mean by this?

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>95watts TDP
pfffftttttttt hahahahaha
by the way, i have a bridge to sell you, interested?

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Thats some nice fanfic you got there

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where is this from

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Oy, dont ask that question, as the answer is antisemitic

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