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reminder that all the anti-5G shilling is to try and delay the installig of 5G equipment until american companies can compete with chinese 5G tech and steal away the contracts

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Yes, obviously.

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this thread just makes me want to join the shills, fuck the bugmen.
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>everyone who isn't foaming at the mouth because of china is chinese
imagine being this schizo

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>Americans stealing tech from Chinese

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learn to read. that is not what the OP said.

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Imagine thinking this works, 白左。If it were state sanctioned shitposting and shilling why would this affect them?

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Oh you're right, sorry let me correct myself.
>America stealing anything from China

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Qualcomm can't compete with chinese 5G tech prices. the EU already said it costs €55 billion more to install non-chinese 5G network.

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American propaganda is a powerful drug

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5g has never been safety tested and non-ionizing radiation can be harmful

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Reminder that China is trying to backdoor into your house.


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glowmen say something and germans have backed it up with evidence. Must be wrong.

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how do i get her to spit in my mouth?

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Enjoy your institutional neurological crippling and endemic cancer, citytards. Agenda 21 will somehow make your drooling brainletism terminal.

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It's American COPE

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I want her to step on me

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Asians are so goddamn ugly. They barely look like humans. They're literal goblins.

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yep. it's definitely not just a normal concern from your ordinary citizen who would like to be assured that untested technology is not subjected to him without prior disclosure. hah! good thread!

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Oh. I thought it was a Russian scheme to build distrust between westerners and their governments.

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Not tested. Do you need to test water for it's wetness?

How about car fumes? All the health effects?
How about supplements? Taking em makes your body make less.
How about beaty products? Tested on animals but not tested on humans.
How about food? Meat stuffed with antibiotics. Farms stuffed with roundup.
And so on. Your priorities are messed up. More effect if focus wasnt on marginal unscientific bs.

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This basically. Why do these nutjobs never get their panties in a twist over things that actually threaten humanity? Car exhaust causes cancer? Not worth mentioning. Carcinogenic sodium nitrite in most meats? Never mind that. Pollution fucking up while regions' ability to grow crops, making oceans warmer, and storms more severe? Fuck that shit. Cell phone towers possibly giving people headaches is what really matters.

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Lets add more t. samefag
Overweightness and fat.
Sitting and not having mobility.
Lack of simulants in environment.
User monopolies and oligarchies.
Born priviledged. Farm owner's children.
Work slavery for some.
Wither slavery to those who are blocked access.

Just something to think about and acknowledge. Take how ever you like.

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If the chinese companies are banned from participating in 5G infrastructure then how is anyone stealing a contract.

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>untill mutts can compete with chinks

this never gonna happen
they are both inferior on hardware and price

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>which is why it's being spread in the US

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>believing Bloomberg about China after their "spy chip" FUD fraud

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H___ _e_

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>Qualcom cant compete with slave labor and not paying licensing for intellectual property

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buy new device


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>ignoring all the hazardous health effects that the waves have on the human body

5G is an impressive technology, but the adverse health effects are disastrous and could mean genocide in 15-20 years time. Maybe that's the objective after all.

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i need 5g so i can watch porn in 32K and download video games in an INSTANT. yeah we'll need to install masts on everything in sight, but that's what progress looks like OK

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Sigh, this is what happens when telcos try to advertise a 3gpp standard to mouthbreather normies.

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gee, i sure hope so. we need a cull. the 5g combine suppression field isn't gonna be enough though. sooner or later ((they)) are gonna have to destroy sanitation with EMPs and release the super viruses if they want to do a proper job. it can't happen quick enough

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Every Israeli tech company is funded by their military. No one complains about this, Israeli tech has been used be governments over the world.

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>>71457144 (You)
ah yes because meteorology obviously isn't important or anything

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i dont want 5g at all, round up and execute all phone posters

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is that the bloomberg article that vodafone said it was just a telnet port ?

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We should test out 5G first.
Build a 5G dedicated city with all those 5G based tech. Let those who want to use move in.

And don't forget to build a wall in case things go nasty

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Not really, it's actual concern and lots of fun posting. Frankly I hope they are right and all the lefties get their nuts cooked and develop cancer. It will be pretty humorous.

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:) GRRR...

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Wtf is this actually true? I was concerned about health issues but if its really all about fucking the commie chinks then im on board god bless the mutts and 5g please destroy the red menace

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incoming boomer 5g kike pets.

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Spotted the pic related

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>krautcuks backed it up with evidence

This is some elaborate plot to get more muhamadeens to plow their women just watch.

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Typical amerilard sore loser behaviour.

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it's true. china could have singlehandedly destroyed western telecom equipment manufacturers, so the NSA had to do something... and so, they started their shilling/influencing shit through internet forums.

>telnet service listening on LAN
>>OMG backdoor!!!1!!

>Cisco backdoor gives attackers remote root at ISP networks.
>>don't worry goy, this isn't a backdoor xd

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No taste

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It's a protocol change. Has nothing to do with RF. It's like going from TCP/IP to CAN-BUS.

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Do you watch mainstream media?

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>2G is safe
>3G is safe
>4G is safe
>5G is dangerous conveniently because Israeli/US Qualcomm can't compete with Huawei

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>can't compete with Huawei
They're not really a competitor on this network. SES is first, and Elon is trying to bait some low hanging fruit contracts. No one in USA cares about China.
>muh marketing understanding is used to explain somthing I have no idea of.

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Don't like 5G? What's the matter? Too FAST for you?

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>No one in the US cares about their biggest economic competitor

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3.6 roentgen. Not great but not terrible.

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all who believe in propaganda are so ridiculous. 5g is just a new communication protocol with higher bandwith it uses higher frequencies to achieve that. actually higher frequency is safer to use because it has less penetrating effect than lower freqs used in 3g 2g. and the output from 5g transmitter antennas is no different than standard cellular communications signals that are already going thru your bodies.

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it is not some magic signal that makes you sick or stupid (although i believe that has already been achieved using propaganda social media fake news , leftist bullshit etc)

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2g etc are dangerous too

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Is that girl supposed to be hot or what? looks like the type that forces an ugly stare because they didn't made it to the good genes handout.

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Burgers are being brainwashed by corporate media.
Please search: this is dangerous to our democracy. Watch latest John Oliver episode on yt. "Conservative" media is brainwashing innocent granny.

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she's literally 12 years old
>so if she ain't hot now, she never will be

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It's probably a bit of both.

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>release the super viruses
No need, we seem to be doing a good of creating super bacteria out of sheer incompetence.

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>It will be pretty humorous.
nice pun.

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