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Not great, not terrible

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Kinda like OP's opinions.

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Wrong, it's terrible
Wrong, it's terrible.

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Ubuntu: JustWerks™

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Just a sun burn.

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How does it feel when the fluid is dispensed deep inside from the piston?

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>MFW waiting on my Large Flint with cum tube for the past 8 weeks
AAAAHHHH!!!!! I've been holding off from buttstuff for this long because I want my new toy.

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I didn't take the photo you degenerates.
>Implying I would use Arch

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pro tip dont use anything than a warm liquid

or even better get a good dilgo with a piston mekasins that moved up and down and also shoots the liquid bit by bit once its warm enough

femanon here

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>I didn't take the photo
Uh huh. It's OK anon. You're among friends.

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What would be wrong with buying it for someone else to make them happy? I wouldn't judge you.

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Yeah, uhhh, I call bullshit on that.

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I like BD's cum lube. TECHNOLOGY.

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good thing that nobody cares if you believe me or not

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>There has been an accident during the last Arch update
How bad is it?
>No need to panic, only the Xorg File Config has been corrupted.
Xorg Config File. And the custom kernel?
>We're recompiling the display drivers as we speak and adding the modules to the kernel. Only 2.3 hours left.
I see, well that sounds like a lot, I have work to do and studies t-
>You're a proud and legitimate Arch user, do not mind what you do not understand.

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How would a nuclear plant with Arch installed on its computers fare?

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manjaro is a million billion thousand trillion 7billion 2 million and 175,000 times better than arch prove me wrong

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>femanon here
show us your dick

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Oneisall Deep Thrusting is the best one

there are some for males too i imagine

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an RBMK cannot explode

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peachy cause it will take them years to set it up
and by that time fusion reactors will be a thing

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my sides, based chernoposters

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why worry about things that will never happen?

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You don't get it, I'd rather shove those dragon dildos up my ass than use Arch. That fetch on the photo makes me puke.

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Do you people actually like get cummed inside?
I thought it was a byproduct that you just went along when needed

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>arch is better than arch

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Why yours? That was not my plan. Also I can use Arch for you. Then you even have a reason!

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my gf says it feels nice

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>million billion thousand trillion 7billion 2 million and 175,000 times

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the feeling if having a dick inside you while you pump it with your vaginal muscles during orgasm is what makes all the difference

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Somebody explain this meme I've been seeing it it the whole board over. Where is the source board for it??

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>he doesn't watch tv nor knows history

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>Where is the source board for it??
I doubt you can access boards on the dead USSR domain

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Buddy fuck off??

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>where is the source

the source is in the roof comrade why dont you take a walk up there

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There is nothing on my roof what are you talking about? Is this from /x/?

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Just get on the roof and take a look, faggot

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It's from that new Chernobyl sitcom that every zoomer is just now learning about.

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>watching a short show with no edgy epic battles or sex scenes

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Go watch your capeshit trash, faggot.

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>Consuming media

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Are you a girl with a feminine penis?

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Well, if you have to ask~ Quite so and I want more toys. So explain how that pump feels like!

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>So explain how that pump feels like!
How the hell should I know. Must feel like taking a shit in reverse.

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best feeling ever, I can't even cum myself until I feel being filled up

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>There has been an accident during the last Arch update
How bad is it?
>The pc exploded.
Computers with Arch Linux can't explode.
>The CPU is gone, comrade. There is silicon on the ground.

pic related

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You. tell. me. How an israeli-made intel x86 core explodes. Not overheats, explodes.

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lmao this great oc

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sudo .su

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I don't know...

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It's getting worse, comrade. I touched the wires and the electricity affected my health. I think I'm melting away!

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Without any mess? Sign me up for that.

Thanks, what are those called that do it on their own?


Yeah same here, but it would be better if it gets more intense the closer I get.

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Are you actually a virgin?

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*pics up CPU lid*
*notices dried thermal paste instead of liquid metal*
What's this?

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You fools you blew the CPU by adding the thermal paste wrong.

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this man is amnesiac, get him to the infirmary

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Please come back :(

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could've done it like this
>>71424824 (OP)
Wrong, it's terrible

but instead, you made another call to that string.
You will make a terrible programmer.
Someone who will just be a pain in the ass to her colleagues

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Not surprising on this board, I don't judge you either.

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Have sex

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I'm not a programmer.

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>femanon here
Fuck off, attention whore

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