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>Google autofill doesn't show swear words
>not even in famous quotes

The absolute state of the botnet.

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>using google
The absolute state of you.

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get the fuck off of 4chan, boomer

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>jewtube CEO is a jew
>google censoring everyone that is considered right wing therefore nazi
>omg google are nazis

kys retard

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I'm only 29, brah

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>>using google
>The absolute state of you.

I know it's botnet, but still can give me more results than any other alternatives.
Only problem is the censure.

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you can be a non nazi fascist

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Define "fascism".

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Then why did Google just teach me a new insult?

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thought police, where everyone are forced to work towards the goal of the state, if they aren't they're ruined.

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>uses a keylogger that analyze every single thing he types
>whines when is thought policed

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The author of this comic may have thought that it is about le MRA fedora boogieman, but we can easily see that the sealion is the right one here if we replace him with a nigger.
Imagine it going like this:
>I don't mind most non-whites, but I hate niggers, I wish there were no niggers
It would be entirely reasonable to a spear-chucking gentleman of shitty skin to question the origins of this hate, even somewhat insistently.

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besides that this is just your personal brainlet definition, same thing exsists in capitalism and communism. in communism even worse. but i guess you are a little commie fuck who calls everything fascism and doesnt want to make his lovely communism look bad.

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so now google is "fascist"? why the fuck you are using a swastikas then?

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Get out ziocon boomer

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what a cringe thread

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Replace the swastika/hooked crosses with sickle and hammer signs.

Either way, just send in a platoon of angry Turkic-Iranian vegan THOTs with shotguns to Google and YT HQ already.

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you define fascism then. Communism is pretty fucking similar to fascism so I'm not sure why I should be that, so is corporatism. But I guess you're a little keyboard warrior who calls everyone commie fucks.

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I dare anyone in this thread right now to name me a search engine better than Google.
And by better I mean better result not >muh privacy paranoid virgin faggot.

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my own linux based kernel search engine

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>no u do it
>can't even define meme words

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Dis is true

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>"define fascism"
>"no that's wrong!"
>okay, you define it then
>"n-no I can't, kill yourself!"

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>"define fascism"
>"no that's wrong!"
so why bother talk about fascism if you don't know what it is?


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that horse in a hospital joke (John Mulaney) is pretty good, and I like Trump.

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why are you so immensely angry? Unironically have sex

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You can't worm your way out of it like this.
Just because you disagree with his definitions, doesn't mean he can't have valid logic based on them.
Your anti-intellectual approach could be used to invalidate literally all logic that contains a word you don't like, meaning it clearly has to be shitty approach.

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Google's autocomplete is an attempt to nudge people into right-think

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>muh strong Sapir-Whorf

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what fucking conversation? If this is you
which I replied to originally simply stating that you can be a non nazi fascist and you only answering with insults. It's not a conversation, just you yelling kys and retard.

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Since this is just another one of those threads don't mind just chiming in to contribute absolutely nothing at all.

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my last comment was this >>71409326

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Literally how?

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