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Sir please do the needful and delid dis

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No shit.

When Ryzen went from 8 core to 16 core, it was pretty fucking obvious Threadripper would go from 32 core to 64 core.

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And it will have a huge price hike, fuck AMD.

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What was only known and "obvious" thus far, is that THIRDRIPPER (official name inside AMD) was going to be coming out in late November/mid-December, not that it's going to be 64 core. And yet, the madmen are actually unironically doing it. Like, what the actual fuck, AMD. Leave some headroom for STARSHIP and shit, will you.

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no no no NO NO NO NOOOOO

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>starship won't be 128c/256t

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I STILL haven't seen any cache performance benchmarks on these things. The die design means they scale up really well (hence why we're seeing such giant fucking core leaps) but L3 is spread all over the fucking place now, that has to buttfuck highly performant applications.

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...lmao if you couldn't see this coming you have the deduction skills of a toddler.

Previously they had 8 core CPUs at the top end for consumers, and 32 core CPUs at the top end for prosumers.

Now they have 16 core CPUs at the top end for consumers.

Logic dictates, no shit they'll have 64 core CPUs at the top end for prosumers.

If that came as some shock, or surprise, you're literally a fucking moron.

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>mac pro btfo

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When STARSHIP was unveiled/announced initially, they planned only 64 and 96 core versions of it. But it looks like it'll be 96 minimum now, because THIRDRIPPER will cannibalize the flying shit out of their own hierarchy. What I think is very bad about this, is that, if THIRDRIPPER will actually be 64 core, it'll also pretty much make EBYN 2 obsolete and irrelevant for home servers or small businesses, meaning only large companies would still use EBYN 2, while everyone else will be getting much cheaper THIRDRIPPERS.

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Who cares?

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Read >>71407300, you fucking mongrel. Purely from a business standpoint making a 64 core non-server product which will directly engorge onto the territory of your higher priced enterprise solutions simply makes no goddamn fucking sense whatsoever. It's just a bad business decision all-around.

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has there been literally ANY news on starship since early 2018?

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The real question is how many watts are they going to give it for the sake of humiliating Intel? I'd assume they'd want to target Cascade Lake AP beating performance, no?

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Will be literally infinitely cheaper than intel's 64 core HEDT equivalent

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Here's your (you)
>I STILL haven't seen any cache performance benchmarks on these things.
Maybe because it's not out yet, retard?

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2.5 years ago if you said that amd would have bring 32 cores and on the very next year a 64 core monstrer on HEDT they would have probbly send you to a mental house

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>Inturd's 64
See you in 2048.

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>Rainier Wolfcastle next to a mic on TV

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Huh? Am I supposed to know the reference?

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> 2 CPU/2U server can replace the whole rack

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Zen 2 needs to be changed to Zen 2+/3, then it'd be accurate.

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AMDfags are the funniest fanbase on this entire site
Ever delusional in their hope that anyone but them gives a shit

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Intel is the next Nokia

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Call me when AMD can emulate a game in higher than 15 fps

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They will engorge even more on the competitions slow and expensive offerings. The competition has a 95%+ market share, so if you find yourself in the position to absolutely Blow the competition TFO in terms of value offered to home servers and small businesses, while still making money, maybe that's a pretty good idea.

The companies that can afford it will still go for EBYN 2s for all the usual enterprise crap reasons.

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How is it there, in 2012?

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And that's even including storage, thanks to PCIe 4.0 NVME drives.
>based AMD kickstarting Moore's law again

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No enterprise will use threadripper over EPYC. Even with similar core counts, they are two different markets. AMD confirmed this with threadripper/EPYC over he past 2 years whereby they have the sales and usage numbers of both Threadripper won't canabalize EPYC because the two serve different markets (confirmed). What AMD has created with threadripper is a new premium price market that didn't exist before. Threadripper sold for $1,000. When has AMD ever sold processors in that price range? 64 core will sell for even higher. And now finally AMD is selling 16 core desktop procssors for a whopping $749. Epyc has double 5x the memory support of threadripper. That's the differentiator. It also has 2x the pcie slots. They are two different processors. Brainlets counting cores will never understand this. My only sensible request is that this processor be backward compatible with the current X399 and socket. I will be looking at a 32 core not a 64 core. Currently, threadripper maxes out to 16 cores IMO because of the way the 2 other dies have no direct access. Now they will. And I will have 128 GB for the eventual 32 core !

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>No enterprise will use threadripper over EPYC
You've absolutely missed on the point. Learn reading comprehension, kid.

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You had no point as you don't even understand the subject you're speaking about. You're wrong in every sentence of your comment... Especially here :
> because THIRDRIPPER will cannibalize the flying shit out of their own hierarchy.

Theadripper hasn't cannibilized shit. It's forged a new market segment that AMD never had access to you small brained faggot.

Jesus, why do people who come to understand barely even an entry level about a topic comment so confidently as if they understand things far and beyond... Oh I know why.

So i'm clear : you're at peak Mt.Stupid

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Hang yourself, unironically. You got owned on the internet for being an absolute idiot. Get used to it, kid.

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They unironically are.
Nokia used to be the innovator king. Basically hired all graduating engineers from Finnish schools and told them to innovate and create good products.
After dominating the market for years Nokia got complacent and started cutting away their muscle, which was their innovators and quality phones produced in Finland. Slowly but surely they fired their brains and outsourced manufacturing first to Hungary and then to China.
They also refused to acknowledge the emerging market trends and failed to appeal to the younger consumer crowd, which was their biggest fuckup.

Nokia is now basically IBM tier. Kinda in the business but not in the eye of the mainstream consumer.
They manufacture networks and own a ton of patents. That's about the extent of their success.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Intel ending up in a completely different field than making cutting edge desktop processors.
Who knows, they might end up becoming mostly mobile oriented in the coming decade.

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>Nokia is now basically IBM tier
IBM has gigabuxx and in-house built CPUs with 8-way multithreading, you fuckshit. Nokia is barely surviving bum that can't do jack.

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TurdRipper LMAO

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I didn't say that IBM was bad you mongoloid. But they aren't in the consumer market like they used to. They moved to a strictly corporate environment.
Nokia is doing well enough with their networks and they have an absolute fuckload of patents they own. They aren't going away anytime soon. Especially now when 5G is so close to being rolled out.

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the year of neverending analrape for Intel by AMD. what a time to be alive

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> no logical refutation
> no re-reference to valid points because you had one
> no corrections
> no reference to new supports because nothing supports your idiotic view
> Cope meme reply
Yes, you now know that others know you're a dumb fuck who has no understanding. Congrats, I'd ask you how you sleep at night knowing this but I now know you have no awareness of how fucking stupid you are. Ignorance is bliss

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top kek. at least JUSTnich had the brainpower to sell all of his stock before he got justed

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Press S to spit on Intel's grave.

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>When has AMD ever sold processors in that price range?
Fx 62(or 64?).

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I've been calling for a while now, but you refuse to answer.

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Well, I remember my brother spitting on the intel jew when my 1600x blew the fuck out of his 7600k at emulating Botw in cemu.

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So basically every european membery state tech company...
Yeah, it's essentially 'cultural'. Europe has a slow complacent culture which tends to be incompatible with the face pace of tech.

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I run AMD.
> whose next to be btfo ?
And what was the target market segment? Volume of sales? longevity of that platform? How well did it perform vs intel?

The game has changed. Try and keep up.

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Don't reply to a shilling redditor

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No one mentioned shitel, fuck you drones.

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>64 core

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kikeripper is pretty much epyc for non-servers. if the newest epyc went to 64 core you can bet kikeripper will as well.

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to be fair, only retards bought 7th gen CPUs.

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How is it there, in 2011?

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what ever,no different for old ryzen.
and more and more intels cpus going win,wait end of year.

tdp is just that high what is should be with more cores or clocks...none upgrade.!!!

looks same effect ike gpu sector, fury,vega and radeon vii...no different
well radeon vii was 7nm gpu, but not belive it! so lausy efficiency,and still slow!

ok, cputdp also same...there is anyhting new,just different name....i wonder how long amd can sell product with no profit..well looks that no longer...sooner or later its eat hole company and debt givens not tolerance more...end of 2020 is my guess.

hmm. i try really see different from ryzen 2000 series,but no....oh yeah... more cores..but is it only trend or commercial way.
you dont need more than total max 6 cores for gaming,even 4-core is enough. easily.
more than that is waist of cash, no matter how much its cost.

and,i still see not any goodies from amd 32-core cpu...erhh i mean where to use thouse??!! tell me..

200-cores cpu.... so what!

no help gaming,apzz or rendering...useless.

another hand, real pro rendering use always intels cpus...why??

well,buy them amd fans, you keep amd up and pay them callary...youself you give so little back.
except red fine main...lol

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terrible false flag amdrone

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So this...is the power...of Israel

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>intel is still 2x the price
Kys retard.

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>And what was the target market segment? Volume of sales? longevity of that platform? How well did it perform vs intel?
They dropped it to obliterate p4 ee, it barely sold since less than half of year later intel dropped c2d. It was the very last athlon 64 cpu and it was destroying the very best p4 cpu, but c2d mopped the floor with it, so amd just silently deprecated it.

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acidic inteljeet pasta

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Isn't that just a full Epyc then?
What are they going to throw out, and how since it's all the same chiplets anyway.

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try 384 or 512, they're going to increase threads per core

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See >>71407300 and >>71407338.

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4-way SMT is not coming until Zen 3, at the earliest. STARSHIP supposed to be Zen 2/2+, though.

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durr I don't do anything multi-threaded, therefor no one else does either

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He's stuck in 2003

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Here ya go.

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And I hope you realize that the companies interested in EPYC server farms knew about these infos about a year ago at least.

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Is it still going to have that memory access problem?

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>he doesn't get funky to Tarzan boy

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