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Why can't phone corporations get insurance on their microwave transmitters? Are microwaves harmful or something?

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>the insurance company refuses to pay money to people abducted by aliens

idk man just give them a tinfoil hat atleast baka

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reminder microwaves fry your balls before anything else

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OP is a fag

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5G is so safe these firefighters got moderate brain damage from being exposed to it for a few weeks



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they payout is either zero or in the trillions

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I bet those heartless bastards don’t cover cases of Morgellons either

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or cases of ugly head

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What the hell, that's actually fucked

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take your meds anti-vaxxer schizo

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>be skeptical of new technology
>evidence it affects the brain
>get called schizo
I shiggy diggy

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>one fire station
Yep, HAS to be the cell tower nearby. Can't possibly be any other environmental cause like some toxic building material or black mold in the building.

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Eat shit, Verizon shill

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so there are even 5G shills here?
fuck this whole place

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>Our intention was to examine whether there were health impacts on residents from RF-EMFs emitted by the mobile phone base station erected on the roof of their condominium building. We conducted thorough research on whether there were any other factors to account for the improvements of the residents’ health other than the removal of the base station.
>The results of this case report indicate that health problems of the residents were associated with the operation of the mobile phone base station and that these problems improved after its removal. Although this report is not a double-blind study, it can be used as an example indicating the potential effects of RF-EMFs emitted from mobile phone base stations erected on the roofs of condominium buildings on human health. It is imperative that further detailed research is conducted regarding the impact of RF-EMFs on human health

>it was le toxic building mold
fuck off retard

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I don't know anyone with half a brain who thinks accepting unknown tech with open arms as a good thing
Based. At least delay the rollout until its studied, early reports of Its effects are worrying

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Me neither, which is why it is that much more concerning that "certain groups" are trying to thrust it on the populace en masse. We can barely fight them now that they have made us fat and weak with unlimited pornography and poisonous diets, what is the goal of ultimately making us into tumor-ridden retards? Is it not obvious that this is indeed their endgame?

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There are a number of problems with this study including the assumption that all health conditions reported at the time of the first interview were due to the one tower or the other to the fact that they only did two interviews and health checks which were at different times of year (first mid-winter and second mid-autumn), so the heath conditions couldn't be tracked and seasonal or one-off conditions couldn't be eliminated from the study.

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>trust me goy microwaves are safe!
fuck off retard the results of that study are clear as day. only an indoctrinated cultist would disregard it.

dont make me bring up that recent NTP study

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The resulta of the study are clearly shit. Bring up your fucked ass NTP study, I want to see how bad it is.

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I know I shouldn't take the bait, but it annoys me that people won't critically read papers and instead automatically accept conclusions that match what they think and dismiss papers that don't simply because it doesn't fit their narrative.

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>Insurance refuses to give money for made up shit
Who would of thank

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50% of the 5G threads are full of CIA nigger shilling and 50% the opposite

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>Calling 5G technology, wifi when they're governed by different IEEE standards

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>One paper versus one billion others
>Not tested and verified
Pretty much worthless at this very moment

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Maybe because "non-industry study" means "non-professional study"?

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Yes, scaremongering sure is going to show your opinion in favourite light on fa/g/ot

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>I think they're waking up

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That's a nice slide, but where is the source?

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Confirmation bias is hell of a drug.

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30% showing no effect is still pretty large.

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tips fedora

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in light of the NTP study I think it's enough that we need to roll back 5G and 4G and examine how we can have ultra low power 3G with no harmful effects

if no such thing is possible its optic fiber all the way

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no they're refusing to pay out for something that is bs

like boomers who get wifi headaches but decades of tv,radio, microwaves, power transformers and nuclear testing around the globe was fine

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try children

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lmao what a dumb ass pic

smart meters would just be using 3G at most and transmit at intervals

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>smart meters would just be using 3G at most and transmit at intervals

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If the shit people are posting is true then 3G is even worse than 5G and all the background radio emissions we are producing with technology are unsafe.

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>If the shit people are posting is true then 3G is even worse than 5G
how much does your boss pay you to come up with this retarded shite

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>thinks utility company got 5G years early
>thinks its paying 112 phone sims just to read your meter
>thinks it needs to know any more than maybe once a day

>Communications from the meter to the network may be wireless, or via fixed wired connections such as power line carrier (PLC)

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The biggest problem with this pic is a lack of context.
Anything could be the cause, including poisoning, and there is nothing to rule out any of the potential causes.

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That's not how insurance companies work. They're more than happy to take your money for shit that won't happen. If they don't cover something it's because they know it'll happen and be too expensive to be worth covering.

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>The CCST report in April 2011 found no health impacts, based both on lack of scientific evidence of harmful effects from radio frequency (RF) waves and that the RF exposure of people in their homes to smart meters is likely to be minuscule compared to RF exposure to cell phones and microwave ovens

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this thread is about microwave transmitters. smart meters are microwave transmitters. they do not have a "G" designation you fucking mongoloid FUD nigger

kill yourself

>it only pulses once a day

there is tons of footage of the smart meters pulsing every few seconds, measured on meters

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No they also have to pay it out because you paid some doctor to say "uh yeah i guess the 5g could be a cause"

I've had people come to my work and want to test UPS's because of headaches from them and they're trying to get their workplace to pay

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just like this tree, the bush is healthy furthest away from the transmitter

nah its probably petrol fumes from the cars or racism, right tranny

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>there is tons of footage of the smart meters pulsing every few seconds, measured on meters

>the light flashed so it transmitted it's 0.05W transmitter to an AD-HOC network or across a power line !!!!!


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We had a thread on this before....

It's an internet connected street light so they can monitor/control it

Do you even know what a cell tower looks like

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oh look another dead tree and the guy has a meter showing the meter pulsing every few seconds

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industry funded tripe

the antenna on the lamp post is a dielectric lens antenna. it's able to collimate the signal and is possibly even steerable.

it looks like a standard wifi aerial but underneath it's something completely new. disguised, like those horrendous fake tree masts

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reading this thread its clear, anti 5g people are dumber and even more schizo than flat earthers

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Imagine what it does to the brain of developing children

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preview here

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And there are many reasons why half a tree can be dead. That doesn't mean it is 5G.

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>cancer is good

You're the shill here

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Wow, it'a fucking nothing.

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there are smoking gun pictures on one of the Stop 5G pages on FB, there was a series of dying trees in a kids play park next to a microwave transmitter mast.

for some reason the mast was removed and within a week or so the trees had their leaves back

it's obvious what's going on and when this shit blows up it will be one of the biggest scandals in human history

10000 times bigger than asbestos
1000 times bigger than tobacco

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>ALO Smart City Corporation (“VALO” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company’s new Smart LED Street Light technology enables Smart City features to be incorporated into any street light and transform it into a cost-effective platform with internet connectivity. VALO’s Smart City platform provides better lighting for city inhabitants, increases safety and makes cities more efficient by connecting people and collecting real-time information for city assets, such as traffic, security, pollution, and municipal utilities. Intelligent Lighting, Sensors, and Video Monitoring are enabled through VALO’s Wireless Network. Other services include Emergency Calling, Car Charging and Information Display that can also be incorporated, turning an ordinary street light into a technological SMART LIGHT that is intelligent and network connected.

It's an LED light lmao

ALso the bark is been ripped form the fucking tree on the dead side and the grass is fine and the shrubs

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So parents over reacting about their kids picking their noses? Even better if they live in the fucking desert and wonder why nose bleeds happen kek

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What about cancer from other sources of EM radiation?
e.g. skin cancer

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lmao 5G rollout has barely happened and all these random cunts in some town that doesn't have 5G are complaining

it's cities first and 5G won't go rural, it's not for range. Handles more users and speed

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>I am mentally retarded and unable to take on new information other than what my masters tell me

The transmitter was not made by that company. It was something like "Harvard LeafNut"

see >>71401939
kids waking up with tinnitus and nosebleeds when those lamp post transmitters have been installed outside their bedrooms

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>and within a week or so the trees had their leaves back
So what you're saying is that it was spring. Because trees don't just grow a batch of leaves in a week otherwise, no matter what was inhibiting it.

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How could 5G be more dangerous than visible light?

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you could see the exact same pattern as all the other trees and plants posted itt: leaves furthest away from the transmitter growing, branches facing the transmitter absolutely sparse and blackened

humans evolved with light from the sun. there are essentially zero natural microwaves compared to light

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Sure they have. Both of those are easily attained by nose picking or dry weather and loud anything. Theyre full of shit and you know it

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Or the trauma of the experience causing brain issues.

>> No.71402028

This is misleading at best

>> No.71402029

>The transmitter was not made by that company. It was something like "Harvard LeafNut"
lmao so now we know the transmitter company and it's still not 5G

all from some random dude filming a tree

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watch the video moron

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Even if it kills trees who gives a shit

>> No.71402047

great argument

5G uses all sorts of megacycle and gigacycle frequencies. they are going for "densification" of transmissions.

return to reddit subhuman

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didnt say that, plus you dont have any proof 5g even gives people cancer.

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I don't need to waste my time watching liers lie. What's not sad isn't how intelligent they are, but how unintelligent others are for believing them.

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no 5g in israel makes u think

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Just sage, report and hide, retard, you're arguing with literal antivax schizo boomers.

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this post has to be on purpose

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>you could see the exact same pattern as all the other trees and plants posted itt: leaves furthest away from the transmitter growing
But there are no transmitters near >>71401941
On the way home I even saw a tree with leaves on only one side that had another tree of the same type RIGHT NEXT TO IT that was fully laden with leaves.
I'll go back and photograph it in a couple of days or so.

Basically, FUD.

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But microwaves should only differ to visible light on a quantity of wavelength and frequency level.
What quality is there in microwaves that makes it differ to visible light? Otherwise, our body should prevent the microwave radiation from impacting us the same way as it protects us from visible light.

There is a major scientific issue here if this proves that our body does not cope to some specific quality of microwaves.
I'm guessing the size of the wave is undetectable in our bodies compared to say smaller waves like visible light.

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>humans evolved with light from the sun.
And yet strangely UV is bad for us.

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Take your pills schizo

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>Basically, FUD.
sums up our post nicely

watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfIVAqCQJW0

it's quite heavy on the science

of course, we aren't always in the sun, we have a choice to move out of it. however, if a cell tower is built near you, you are getting something like 100 billion times the amount of microwave radiation humanity evolved in, highly pulsed and modulated, 24/7 around the clock even when you're sleeping and your body is trying to repair itself

this is why you feel like shit in the morning

>> No.71402285

>sums up our post nicely
I don't think you understand what FUD stands for.

>this is why you feel like shit in the morning
Na, that's because I go to the gym at night. Mornings after I don't go to the gym I actually feel pretty good.

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trannies dont go to the fym

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Why do they refuse to cover "electricity allergy" too???

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imagine shilling ITT, the purpose ultimately being to inspire doubt. imagine thinking that you're doing a good job, that people are actually buying the bullshit you're selling. imagine not being able to discern how stinky you are in all that silk all day and night with your gay little hat, as someone walks around the room from time to time checking your screen. imagine his breath on your neck and his ugly fingers gripping your shoulders;
>"just call him a schizo, these goys are pathetic, you're doin' great kid, keep it up, moshiac will be here this year"

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The thing I like about this presentation is that if the waves really are seven million times stronger than they should be, even the weakest shit around us will be locking those pathways open.
Shut down the radio and TV stations. Their wavelengths are much more penetrating than cellular.

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So that's your excuse?

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they probably are, look at the epigenetic degeneration of city dwellers

>> No.71402319

Show me one study where they studied 5G and found it to be harmful to humans

>> No.71402335

who the fuck installs 112 smartmeters in the same spot ? are they fucking retarded, even for the own power company's sake, this is too much...

>> No.71402340

>"See this one here, ya gotta watch these kinds of goys Bunim, these ones are the most trouble"

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>early exposure to EM rad could cause ADHD in children
That's interesting as a thought because we sometimes use UV light on newborns who suffer from jaundice.

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the NTP study shows that much less toxic 2G and 3G signals cause malignant heart and brain tumors in the rats that are used as analogues for humans

the more you try to ignore this post the more obvious your agenda becomes, telecoms tranny

it's berkely, CA. what do you expect? genius?

>> No.71402350

smartmeters here don't use 3G, they just use mains to carry signals which isn't shielded and radiates everywhere..

also it matters little if it is 2G/3G/4G/5G/wifi/6G/7G/8G the basic principle of electric interference applies.

>> No.71402355

>Shut down the radio and TV stations. Their wavelengths are much more penetrating than cellular.
If 5G is a threat, those are also a threat. That's why people are now very concerned about this shit. We've ignored this issue for some time.

>> No.71402359

he's more referring to microwaves

>> No.71402365

Great argument

>> No.71402367

I don't think you understand how widespread radio frequencies are.

>> No.71402369

You didn't answer the question. You seem to be dodging it. Please provide a study where they studied 5G and found it to be harmful to humans.

>> No.71402378

The economic impact of admitting health defects from EM radiation could be devastating. We use these waves in so many things now. Even if defects are found, all we can do is begin the process to limit it. We can't just switch off all this shit.

>> No.71402380

They could be threats independent of each other.
People are very concerned about this shit because it's the latest fad.

>> No.71402381

I understand very well, however conventional FM and AM radio signals are nothing compared to the new ultra-modulated LTE and 5G microwaves, though they probably are pretty harmful over a long period of time

did you know if you have metal springs in your bed it will act as a waveguide for FM radio and you will have a higher likelhood of getting cancer as you sleep in said bed?

>> No.71402388

Eating cooked red meat was proven to increase your risk of cancer.
The meat industry didn't collapse. Basically nothing happened.

>> No.71402390

actually, here are my thoughts on smartmeters
they are validated as "safe" with one meter in a lab; bunch them together in the same space.... what happens then ? yeah probably not so safe.
also you mention PLC, PLC isn't shielded and is a massive problem. Also not all meters report at the same time, so their signals would come and go throughout the day; if they fail to connect they'll keep trying, again and again and again...
In my country at first the power company claimed they'd poll the meters once a day, turns out that in practice a meter transmits about every hour. And know what is so fucking funny? I can actually see it on the graph for my UPS as random bursts outside of 50hz!

>> No.71402394

Wrong. Most every problem on the face of this Earth is a matter of attitude and improper utilization of force and incentive. The border crisis, drug war, most serious conflicts, but especially technology could be handled with an executive order.

>> No.71402411

>however conventional FM and AM radio signals are nothing compared to the new ultra-modulated LTE and 5G microwaves
That's not proven.

>did you know if you have metal springs in your bed it will act as a waveguide for FM radio and you will have a higher likelhood of getting cancer as you sleep in said bed?
Smells like bullshit. The waves are already permeating your entire body.

>> No.71402414

yes goy, and that ADS truck at the corner of the street has nothing to do with why you feel your body burning, must be your imagination goy

>> No.71402415

But it could apply to all EM rad.

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>> No.71402427

>thats not proven
look up Dr. Martin Pall and check out some of his research on this topic

>sounds like bullshit
FM is in the correct frequency range whereby the length of a bed is a waveguide for the signals

>> No.71402435

I don't give a shit about 5G, but red meat has not been "proven" to increase your risk of cancer. There's a weak statistical indication that shows people who eat lots of red meat has slightly higher cancer incidence. That's two completely different things.

>> No.71402441

LEDs have recently been linked with eyesight loss in my country; and before you go "they must have been looking at straight at white LEDs on full" no the study was on regular LED backlit screens...
Their theory was that the output spectrum of LEDs, despite manufacturers efforts, is still simply not filtered enough/smooth enough.

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File: 270 KB, 1300x956, old-worn-stone-steps-at-alton-towers-estate-theme-park-gardens-staffordshire-F0PAD4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but dude a foot doesn't have enough energy to deform a stone step

>> No.71402461

That tree has clearly had a lightning strike, look at the burn marks on the left

>> No.71402463

delete this post schizo antivaxer

>> No.71402466

Can you show a study where they studied 5G and proved it to cause cancer?

>> No.71402477

those are not burn marks. the tree is stressed from taking the microwave energy to ground (generating a current in the bark)

the NTP study shows much less powerful signals caused exotic heart and brain cancers

>> No.71402480

>There's a weak statistical indication that shows people who eat lots of red meat has slightly higher cancer incidence.
More than we have for EMR.

>> No.71402489

I said specifically I don't give a shit about 5G. I don't know anything about it. I'm just saying weak statistical correlation isn't proof as pertains to your meat claim.

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File: 540 KB, 1415x786, 52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

objectively incorrect, read the NTP study

>> No.71402497

Good thing I didn't say anything about EMR then, plebbit sperg.

>> No.71402502

>the NTP study
Did they study 5G and prove it causes cancer in humans?

>> No.71402504

>they just use mains to carry signals which isn't shielded and radiates everywhere..

But the mains cable at tens of thousands of volts is fine, it's the tiny data signal sent through it

>> No.71402510

They studied much less powerful signals and proved it caused malignant cancer in rats analogous to humans

>> No.71402515

>generating a current in the bark
You're fucking retarded. I'm out.

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>> No.71402523

You didn't answer my question. I'll repeat it. Did they study 5G and prove it causes cancer in humans?

>> No.71402525

>no statistical incidence

>> No.71402536

People usually don't have lines of tens of thousands of volts in their homes (or anywhere near their homes actually) do they ?

>> No.71402537

>i dont understand basic physics

the NTP study shows much less powerful than 5G signals caused exotic heart and brain cancers

>clear evidence is no statistical incidence

>> No.71402547

are you a (((them))) shill?
do you not care about your own health?

>> No.71402551

You again failed to answer a direct question.
>Did they study 5G and prove it causes cancer in humans?

>> No.71402560

Reminder that usa has gone over 30 years without testing vaccines lmao


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File: 1.70 MB, 1728x2304, Utility_pole_transformers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where do you think the signal goes retard

>(or anywhere near their homes actually)


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File: 358 KB, 939x692, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the NTP study shows much less powerful than 5G signals (old 2G and 3G modulation methods) caused exotic heart and brain cancers

>> No.71402575

this is 3 years old, stop being pedantic. we've known for a long time that radiation is linked to cancer. we have protective padding for the genitals when we take x-rays in the hospital, what's that for? why are you being so obvious?

>> No.71402597

not every country has their transformers at the top of masts like retarded burgerland.

our transformers are in shielded buildings a safe distance away from houses.

>> No.71402599

X rays are ionizing

>> No.71402602

You're dodging the question, poorly. Did they not even mention it?
It doesn't allow me to access it (throws up a page about privacy?). Could you take a screenshot of the part where they discuss 5G and its effects on humans?

>> No.71402608

>>clear evidence is no statistical incidence
You're right, it isn't.

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File: 245 KB, 903x528, Telefonica.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't phone corps get insurance on their transmitters if they're so safe?

Do the insurers know something the public doesn't (yet)?

>> No.71402625

he doesn't know about the protective padding for his genitals, good thing he won't reproduce with this IQ anyway

>> No.71402631

>our transformers are in shielded buildings a safe distance away from houses.
LOL no also "safe distance" = power losses for them, it's stupidly high voltage so they can actually distribute it to homes

I love how dumb 5G haters are and just ignore every day shit that goes on

>> No.71402635

the ionizing vs non-ionizing debate is LOOOOOOONG gone this isn't about burning cells anymore it is about interfering with their basic function (mainly nerve cells)

>> No.71402637

Did you reply this to the wrong person? I'd like to hear about the study where they studied 5G and found it to be harmful to humans. (Though I don't think one exists, since they're being so difficult.)

>> No.71402638

more pedantic pilpul. now tell me how i'm not making an argument so i can call you a kike and call it a night.

>> No.71402646

Are you that french guy that goes into every holohoax thread?

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File: 317 KB, 909x520, China Mobile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've already answered your question with the NTP study, now address my question and the topic of the thread while you're still logging hours:

Why can't phone corps get insurance on their transmitters if they're so safe?

Do the insurers know something the public doesn't (yet)?

>> No.71402650

The closest transformer here is 1Kv to 240V and it is... about 100 meters away from housing and in a shielded building, not left into the open, unlike murica.

>> No.71402657

so 1000V @ 100m away is fine lmao just dissipates!

What about that 5+megawatt TV transmitter hitting you right now

also "shielded building" top kek

>> No.71402660

>more pedantic pilpul
I have no idea what you are talking about. What was pedantic about what I said?
>now tell me how i'm not making an argument
I'm not saying that, I said I can't access that article.
I'm not French and I don't know what "holohoax" is. So, probably not.

>> No.71402672

>I've already answered your question with the NTP study
But it didn't mention 5G at all..? Is that seriously the best study you can give about 5G's harmful effects on humans, a study that doesn't even mention 5G and their harmful effects on humans? Disappointed desu. Surely you can do better.

>> No.71402675

There aren't many TV transmitters left here desu; some people complain about that. but most have moved to IPTV.

1kV = 1mm arc so... I'd say 100m is quite safe.

>> No.71402679
File: 209 KB, 914x517, General Communication.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've already answered your question with the NTP study, now address my question and the topic of the thread while you're still logging hours:

Why can't phone corps get insurance on their transmitters if they're so safe?

Do the insurers know something the public doesn't (yet)?

>> No.71402690

Yeah, how the fuck does non ionizing radiation affect your noggin?
What you're saying is akin to saying a flashlight could kill you if you lit it pointed at your head.

>> No.71402693

>There aren't many TV transmitters left here desu
Feel free to post what country or some article with boomers complaining

oh wait they haven't shut any down

>it won't arc so there is nothing to affect me!
>hates on 5G

>> No.71402698
File: 1.19 MB, 1440x1476, rinne-vain-nauroi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW the best study they can give about 5G being harmful to humans wasn't studying 5G or humans

>> No.71402705

How does this interference with nerves work?

>> No.71402710

do I have to post that study about gap junctions in neurons again?

>> No.71402711

>studying very weak signals in comparison to 5G
>on rats which are used as analogues for humans in all scientific research
based low information retard

>> No.71402717

>insurance against "5G illness"
>lose tons of cash in litigation against retards like you who will blame anything on 5G using youtube videos as proof
Also, the whole concept of "getting insurance on their transmitters" doesn't make any sense at all, do you even know how insurance works?

>> No.71402718

Boomers use the same thing as everyone else; something called the internet, I believe. and most of the time they use it by means of a DSL or fiber line.

>> No.71402721

Please embarrass yourself some more, I'm having fun.

>> No.71402727


>> No.71402731
File: 47 KB, 997x435, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice research, anon. How did your control rats get malignant tumors?

>> No.71402735

This t b q h

>> No.71402742

they must have gotten a whole shill cell online to damage control these threads now

>> No.71402744

>boomers vs modern medicine
>everyone else just enjoying fast speeds
>same story with 3G/4G
>will happen again with 6G

>> No.71402750

how did they not get schwannoma heart cancers and malignant brain tumors whereas the exposed rats did?


>> No.71402753

Schizo paranoia

>> No.71402755

>cannot' list the country taking down tv towers


>> No.71402761

Regardless of 5G and its effects on health, it is a technology no one asked for.
The only ones interested in it are mobile providers, equipment manufacturers and governments; because they all stand to make lots of money from it and governments will be able to botnet it.

>> No.71402769
File: 2.18 MB, 2655x3262, shill_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>YOU are one shilling, not me!!!

>> No.71402777

there will be no 6G, it is actually against even manufacturers best interest, there is simply no use for it.

"everyone else enjoying fast speeds"... riiight and your "fast speed" is how much exactly? I mean in bandwidth and monetary terms?

>> No.71402780

another schizo compilation

>> No.71402784

Even if 5G were "harmful".. So what, natural selection.
Even animals around Chernobyl have adapted. Those who had not, died. If you or I get sick due to 5G, it's bad genes. Fuck it.

>> No.71402792

rats can be engineered to fail.

>> No.71402793
File: 102 KB, 1080x577, 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I make these threads every day, I swear I'm not shilling

>> No.71402801

biology can not adapt to microwaves at all, yikes

>shill crying "CONSPIRACY THEORY!"
double yikes

>> No.71402807

how is that natural selection?

"oh its eugenics! oh well fuck it! I just have bad genes" do you not value yourself?

>> No.71402808


>> No.71402822

rats are routinely given cancer in studies for drugs; this is so common you have no idea how easy it is... I'm not surprised the control group was already cancerous

>> No.71402827

read the study

>> No.71402830

>it is a technology no one asked for.
yeah let's stagnate as 4G towers struggle with spectrum as more and more users use the towers

then in 7 years everyone's crying with the speeds lmao. I'm sure no one asked for Fibre to the home either really but hey people buy it and don't act like it doesn't cost billions to do this across a country

>Europe's 5G to cost $62 billion more if Chinese vendors banned

>1gbps is the max we will ever get and will never change

you're probably the most short sighted retard in existence lmao

>720p is enough!
>bahh who needs more than 1080p
>lmao retina displays
>who needs 4K security cameras!
>who needs more than 1GHZ in a smartphone!!!
>4GB of ram is enough for me!

>> No.71402831

based Rinne BTFO'ing schizos

>> No.71402834

the hedge is fine where the transmitter is and damaged further away from it. clearly 5G helps plants grow

>> No.71402840

>desperately conflating a bunch of shit no one said with a bunch of shit maybe a few people said
5G is getting banned and these threads further that goal no matter how many mental gymnastics you do not matter how much your employer screams at you to shill harder


>> No.71402846


>> No.71402847

thats cause of water btw

>> No.71402852

More specifically, people are vehemently against it and they're going up anyway.
Really makes ya think...

>> No.71402857

ionizing radiation has hugely different properties and effects than microwaves

microwaves will outright sterilize and brain damage an entire population with no adaptation

that's what you really want though isnt it tranny shill

>> No.71402869

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

>> No.71402872
File: 42 KB, 870x436, emf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not a conspiracy, retard
telecoms are trying to railroad this potentially catastrophically hazardous technology before the effects on health are truly known

>> No.71402878

That doesn't mean we can't adapt to that either you clueless moron. You haven't even read the article you leftist faggot.

>> No.71402879

>Regardless of 5G and its effects on health, it is a technology no one asked for.
Not true though

>> No.71402885

Holy fuck don't you have a job or a life or something?
You are on here at literally all hours, shitting the place up with your unchecked schizo posting.

>> No.71402886

Actually 4G cells are idle most of the time. I routinely get 200+ mbps...
If you want really high bandwidth, then the best bet is, and has always been a wired connection.

>> No.71402887
File: 2.07 MB, 1440x2236, gfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no I really do have a big, big idea what I'm talking about bigly

>you leftist faggot
should we finish you off fast tranny or keep you around for some fun before sending you to meet who you worship

>> No.71402890

Lmfao what? Are you literally retarded?

>> No.71402891

>This is big tobacco all over again, and this is the field in which their lackeys fight.
Neat shit, I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy this pig fuck.

>> No.71402892

>biology can not adapt to microwaves at all, yikes
So it can adapt to UV, visible light, infrared, magnetic fields, but not microwaves. Got it.

>> No.71402904

whereas this is your job, no?

yes, microwaves are really just very incompatible with biology as a whole

this was one of the conclusions of some of the soviet studies in the 70s

>> No.71402918

Here only hipsters drinking the "latest tech" koolaid are somewhat interested in 5G; otherwise no one really cares. The things people care about though regarding 5G aren't positive: surveillance, antennas everywhere, health implications, cost.

>> No.71402926

>If you want really high bandwidth
or i can get 5G

do you not realise the whole mobile lifestyle now

>200mbps on 4g is good

>> No.71402928

Only industry shills are interested in 5G.

>> No.71402936
File: 159 KB, 866x900, 77.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>do you not realise the whole mobile lifestyle now

>> No.71402943

He is trolling m8..

>> No.71402948

enjoy your high cost (monetary and health-wise) mobile lifestyle...
why bother with 5G when they could repurpose the million idle Wifi hotspots ?

>> No.71402955

>200Mbps on a cellphone
>not good

>> No.71402961

he needs it to download 8k dilation station demo videos before xe makes xis next purchase

>> No.71402982

> he doesn't into the mobile dilation lifestyle...

>> No.71402988

You sure? You must not have been in many 5G threads.

>> No.71403012

People want technology that would be making use of 5G. Then there's articles like this https://5g.co.uk/news/high-interest-in-5g-iphone/4920/

>> No.71403017

>just put 5G in my fronthole, ooh it tingles

>> No.71403020

Nah, he's genuinely a schizo. Sorry to say.

>> No.71403036

I have spoken to everyone I socially interact with and even people in the local stores and everyone knows about 5G and hail it as the end of the world and are scared sick. Old, young, all walks of life.

>> No.71403040

>people want to be botnetted
guess it makes sense, since people are starting to realize how much they are being tracked by various ads, social media... they can only want mooooore privacy concerns right?

keep dreaming (((shill)))

>> No.71403044


>> No.71403049

If that's really true it shouldn't be much of a problem then. The transmitters are going to be everywhere and are easy to put out of commission. A good slingshot defeats the 5G. No reason for them to be scared.

>> No.71403059

here it is more like "what is 5G?" and "more bullshit to fuck with our lives!"; all ages combined, from zoomer to boomer.

>> No.71403067

Well you said nobody asked for it. And that isn't true. Then you said only the industry wants it (as in, consumers don't want it). And that isn't true either. You can hate and fear 5G all you want, I don't care either way, but you're making making claims which are easily shown to be false. What's the point of that?

>> No.71403117

Actually you are right; I happen to know a guy working for the council here. The council is intent to make it as awkward as possible to deploy 5G. The local police (ironically most of them are not boomers like you would imagine, they are in their mid 20s) is also willing to turn a blind eye to damage to cells.

Also, I once went to nearby 4G tower to peak at how it was set up. Imagine my face and laughter when I saw the switching/fiber gear was left in plain sight, barely fenced, in open air;all clearly labelled too with "fiber wan", "ant. A", "ant B.", "Power", "UPS"; I mean I could have reached across the fence with a stick and yanked one of the cables out if I had wanted to. It was that ghetto!

>> No.71403121

My town has recently been putting up cameras on the traffic lights. So no one thinks they're going to go out vigilante david and goliath'ing the new towers.

>> No.71403158

Consumers either don't want it or don't care.
I look at my mobile providers forum once in a while, even their most hardcore customers are simply not even considering 5G as interesting. As we speak they are more concerned about paying too much for too little data. But the rest of the site is littered with "5G soon! wooohoo" marketing.

>> No.71403161
File: 113 KB, 800x533, 5g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5G is not harmf...

>> No.71403187

Wear a mask then. If everyone don't want them the suspect pool would be huge. Or just make a drone that deploys acid or something. It's just plastic casing. You can bump off 20 5G transmitters in a night that way.

>> No.71403195

> https://5g.co.uk/news/high-interest-in-5g-iphone/4920/
an article from 5G-centric site showing that a minority of Apple users are interested in a new iPhone, all this knowing that Apple users will buy just about any shit Apple releases...

Wow such interest!

>> No.71403207

Here the police simply don't care they have bigger things to deal with than some cellphone company going "boohoo one of my cells has been damaged!"

>> No.71403223

Personally I'm on the fence with this shit. But if I do notice crazy stuff that some people are talking about, like the trees dying or whatever then I don't give a shit, I'll be out there shooting those fuckers down every night until I'm caught.

I try not to be hysterical, though, I'm still not convinced it's the apocalypse. I'm just saying if you have a locality where the overwhelming majority of the population are against them and they still get it forced on them, then civil disobedience isn't only easy, but it's the right thing to do.

>> No.71403251

Let me ask you this, does 4G cause cancer?

>> No.71403254

going logically from the NTP study, undoubtedly yes

>> No.71403300

>Consumers either don't want it or don't care.
Based on these kinds of articles, I have to disagree. Looks like there's definitely interest for it.

>> No.71403312

Well the claim was that there is no interest. I also found this https://www.telsyte.com.au/announcements/2018/10/16/interest-in-5g-home-services-growing-ahead-of-networks

>> No.71403324

>telecoms websites are sources for projected consumer interest
>literally 5g.co.uk


>> No.71403328

>modern medicine
>become permanently crippled by fluoroquinolones, given for a minor infection

>> No.71403330

Of course there's interest in it. It's the final component required for the ultimate "internet of things" botnet. Everyone and their grandmother is revving their engines right now in anticipation of the immense spy-fest that's incoming. China recently announced that they're now going to subsidize their slave pits into making SoC's almost for free for anyone so the botnet can finally engulf the planet. This is the wet dream of authoritarians everywhere, so yes, interest is immense.

>> No.71403348

Dude I just replied to that link.
20% of Apple fanboys are interested in 5G iPhone. 20% of people who buy any shit Apple sells, do you realize what this means? it means even the most hardcore idiots don't want it!

>> No.71403359

Can all these threads be moved to /x/ or /sci/. This is not /g/ayming nor is it programming socks

>> No.71403361

oh man don't get me started on fluoros. I work in a medical related field...
the side effects from fluoros go beyond what is listed on the leaflet if you care to look into clinical studies...

>> No.71403364

>please janny they are btfoing my shill crew too hard please censor

>> No.71403369

it is tech related tho.

>> No.71403376

>insurers refuse to cover 5g wifi illnesses
>Why can't phone corporations get insurance on their microwave transmitters?

Are you retarded?


>> No.71403382

Can you just learn to hide threads you don't like?

>> No.71403389

t. /x/ poster

>> No.71403398

No, the research also showed that the consumption of meat in general required specific bacteria to break down amino acids in the gut, and the bacteria that do this release prutrefactive substances as a result. Some of these substances are mildly genotoxic, so when the gut would be imbalanced, I.e. too much meat, allows for that bacteria to flourish and increase cancer risk because more genotoxic chemicals.
A proper diet all but completely negates these risks.

>> No.71403399

As a side note, I find it amusing that there is such a contrast in education from country to country...

I was always taught to "question everything, everyone, and then decide for yourself"; apparently this isn't a thing anymore

>> No.71403408

Because you can get sued for a zillion dollars even when the plaintiff's science is bogus, that's why. Whoever said that tort doesn't operate on sentiment half the time?

>> No.71403414

welcome to 2019 where "science" just means "globalist corporate religion"

>> No.71403415

/x/ is a more sensible board than /g/ anyways.

>> No.71403426

The study doesn't say this though, that's your interpretation. Read the extract again.

>> No.71403434

>the sky is blue
>"my study doesnt say this though, that's your interpretation"

>> No.71403466

What sort of evidence are you looking to defeat the claim "there's no interest"? I mean, that claim had zero evidence on it's side to begin with. And of course it's companies with an interest in the tech that are going to do market research on this subject. But there seems to be plenty of market research done on customer interest in 5G, all showing there is interest. If you have something to show that there isn't interest, I'd be very eager to see that too. But here are a few more links
>Of course there's interest in it.
Well that's kinda what I thought too but someone still made the claim there wasn't, for whatever reason.

>> No.71403478

Why is there so much fear about 5g? I don't remember seeing anything on this scale for 3g or 4g.

>> No.71403493

It's two separare links. Here's a few more.
I think it's pretty clear there exists interest. Which makes sense, there will probably always be a segment of people who are excited about new technologies.

>> No.71403495

you lose some of your paycheck if you dont convince us there's interest in 5G, dont you?


>> No.71403499
File: 1.41 MB, 1200x1200, 45230846_470116543510824_7249405278066573312_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok retard

>> No.71403502

because 5G is essentially a botnet
also because so many more antennas = so much more exposure.

>> No.71403506

There was some fears, but people kinda forgot about it when nothing much happened, at least immediately. Probably the same thing with 5G.
Great argument.

>> No.71403526

>there's no consumer interest
>well all the market research seems to indicate there is
>u r a shill
epic shit

>> No.71403540

>n-no my soros points

>> No.71403553

You can highlight text and then click the post number to quote text, no need to retype it inaccurately. You seem to have a propensity for misquoting. Quote me where the study establishes "undoubtedly" that high frequency radiofrequency EM radiation (not to mention 4G) causes cancer, as an exercise.

>> No.71403559

What are "soros points" and how do they support your argument that there is no customer interest? Seems like you've kinda given up actually defending your point and just going for ad hominem.

>> No.71403591

The NTP shows clear evidence that much less intense microwave radiation causes heart and brain cancer.

4G LTE and 5G are lethal and must be rolled back with the precautionary principle in mind.

>> No.71403620

>4G LTE and 5G are lethal

>> No.71403642

the NTP study which looked at much lower power signals

you have democrat tier debate skills btw

>> No.71403647

>also "shielded building" top kek
Do you know what steel does to EMR? Also 50/60Hz != 2.4 GHz.
If telcom radiation is a problem, so are TV transmitters, no one is arguing against that.

>> No.71403662

was meant for >>71402657

>> No.71403664

This is why you studied healthcare, not engineering.

>> No.71403685

But the NTP study wasn't conducted in a real world scenario?

>> No.71403694

Well explain then.

>> No.71403706

exactly they only used a single signal. phone masts usually have 7+ signals firing from them at all times

>> No.71403725

>cancer and early death
>better wireless internet

That's a tough choice.
In fact it's win win for me.

>> No.71403730

The study doesn't say 4G or 5G are lethal though, actually the life of the rats was extended, no?

>> No.71403745

>you have democrat tier debate skills btw
Not sure what this even means btw

>> No.71403751
File: 1.76 MB, 2350x1600, electromagnetic spectrum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Electromagnetic radiation has an entire spectrum of frequencies and wavelengths. These parameters specifically affect which structures they can interact with.
To say all EM rad is the same is like claiming to be able to see wavelengths outside the range of visible light. There is a narrow range that can interact with your eyes as visual stimulus; infrared isn't visible but generates heat; ultraviolet is mutagenic.

>> No.71403752

Ban 5G. It's the only way.

>> No.71403761

it means you say something and people immediately flock to the other side

4G LTE does the same shit

>> No.71403785

what part of "heart, brain cancers" sounds like good news to you?

>> No.71403807

Why are they flocking "to the other side"? Also
>In the United States House of Representatives, Democrats made a net gain of 41 seats.
I don't get it

>> No.71403814

do you think biden is going to win in 2020

>> No.71403833

The part that where the rats actually lived longer. That's kinda the opposite to lethal
I have no idea, is Biden running? You said people flock to the other side but recently they gained seats and the majority in the House of Representatives. So I don't get it.

>> No.71403845

but they lost seats in the senate which actually makes things happen. everywhere Trump campaigned he got what he wanted.

2020 will be an even bigger slaughterfest than 2016

>> No.71403857

Alright. People didn't really flock away from them though since they got more votes. It's not a big deal but the insult doesn't really make sense to me.

>> No.71403887

>they got a few pity votes when it didnt matter
the house isn't about voting for Trump
2020 is about voting for Trump, watch what happens shithead
nobody likes your pathetic, smarmy pseudo-intellectual redditor attitude. this is why you lose faggot

>> No.71403909

>the house isn't about voting for Trump
Who said it was? You were talking about Democrats driving people away or something
>nobody likes your pathetic, smarmy pseudo-intellectual redditor attitude. this is why you lose faggot
Lose what?

>> No.71403922

>lose election
>cope with the house
>set up to lose next
your copes are many and varied

>lose what

>> No.71403933

>your copes are many and varied
I don't understand what you're trying to say
I had influence?

>> No.71403939

>I had influence?
from looking at your posts ITT i suppose not

>> No.71403960

Nice to know for a moment you thought writing shit on /g/ was somehow influential. Doesn't make sense to me, but it's a fun thought.

>> No.71403980

on the contrary that's probably what you think, given your concerted (failed) efforts to contain/slide/discredit the thread

now everyone has seen your game and is aware of the 5G agenda and the social engineering employed to keep it in place

looks like the ground beneath your feet is getting shakier by the day

>> No.71404001

>on the contrary that's probably what you think
Yeah no

>> No.71404008


>> No.71404055

The same way radiation is more dangerous than visible light

>> No.71404126

Take meds schizo. Light is radiation, gamma waves are radiation, ergo gamma radiation is safe. Do you even ionize? BTFO debunk conspirafoil. We did it Reddit!

>> No.71404234

Here's some food for thought:
So is the quantity of one EM rad wavelength to another such that it is considered as having a different quality?
Why can't eyes be made in such a way to see all EM rad? Would seeing all EM rad render the eyes useless?

This is a weird set of questions that are deeply philosophical in nature too. This is why this is becoming a trickier area than we ever thought.

>> No.71404330

Which is?

>> No.71405156

y halo thar

>> No.71405184

5g is one more g than 4g, that's way more dangerous.

>> No.71405224

The more high frequency the waves are the more energy they have and the more ionising they become, leading to structural damage in DNA and other microscopic structures

>> No.71405277

So visible light is more dangerous than 5g.

>> No.71405383

If you knew jackshit about anything you would laugh at your pic related.
For starters look at the units on each graph.

>> No.71405393

Transformers don't radiate lots of energy. If they did, they'd be very inefficient transformers. They're also in steel cans to contain the oil coolant. The power lines themselves emit a constant 50/60hz signal that is absolutely everywhere. You can't get away from it unless you go way out into nowhere. No country shields power lines. Usually they're just bare conductors or sheathed in insulation.
But nobody cares because the worst 50/60hz hum does is put interference on your oscilloscope when you're trying to take low frequency measurements. There are no negative health effects. We'd have figured it out by this point, and way back in the DC/AC wars you can bet your ass the DC side would have found evidence if there were any negative health effects.

Since you didn't even know any of the above, I have to believe you're just a moron afraid of what you don't know.

>> No.71405424


skin cancer is a thing for this reason.

>> No.71405547

Visible light is easy to sense into a coherent picture since the wavelength is so small. You can't get as good optical resolution with the same sensor size with infrared. As you go higher in wavelength, the resolution gets poor very quickly. Seeing into the ultraviolet is a cool concept though, and birds do it. They can see in a much wider spectrum than we can, and their feathers often display colors in UV that we can't see. Going much higher than UVA isn't a good plan though unless the sensation is uncomfortable, since starting with UV things get ionizing. UVA is reasonably safe, but UVB and lower are dangerous at the intensities required to see.

>> No.71405702

You realize you just tried to "educate" a guy who works at Alstom right ?

>> No.71405712

That's not true at all. We had a huge study on this here in Norway on the entire population wide scale. The researchers from NTNU found that when they correlated location data and health data, both of which are tracked here, there was a 58% higher incidence of breast cancers for women who live within 100m of high power lines. This is one of the biggest studies on this in the world, by our premier research institution and our government has taken it seriously and affected policy accordingly.

Here is the study:

>> No.71405829

>trannies dont go to the fym
confirmed 5G is safe

>> No.71406283

looks like 'science' has taken a major hit after it came out they are all politically motivated or spineless career-driven liars and social climbers and that groupthink is brutally enforced

>> No.71406707

Epidemiological studies are usually nearly worthless. It's extremely difficult to isolate causes with them. That's why every two years people panic and say eggs are bad for you, no wait they're good! You can draw loose correlation between things easily with a big enough or tailored enough dataset, or a flexible result.
And the humorous results of doing this with real data:
The tip off is specifically focusing on breast cancer. Why not all cancer? Why not other effects? Ionizing radiation isn't limited to one kind of cancer, or even just cancer in effect.
But you don't have to believe me. The following meta study cited the one you linked. They found that the data on the relationship between non-ionizing radiation and breast cancer is conflicting, and they blame this on how shitty the source data is, being shitty epidemiological studies and all. Maybe there really is a relationship, but it's at least very difficult to detect, which gets into "this is known to cause cancer in the state of California" tier panic over literally nothing.

>> No.71406755

The two posts worth a shit in this trashfire of a thread come after the bump limit. Gotta love 5G threads, it seems 5G rots the brain even if one merely thinks about it.

>> No.71406933

>he actually believes "reports" from tv stations

holy fuck, imagine that level of sheepness and ignorance. isnt /g/ supposed to be smart?

>> No.71407020

4chan has been full of retards since the start, but it got really bad after 2016.

>> No.71407088

its not natural selection, its phone company selection. your phone company literall physically assaults you with electromagnetic radiation.

>> No.71407108

>before the effects on health are truly known
it may shock you but the health effects of 3g and even 2g arent truly known either.

>> No.71407184


>he odds ratios for exposed women versus unexposed women with estrogen receptor (ER)-positive and ER-negative breast cancer were 1.33 (95% CI: 0.93, 1.90) and 1.40 (95% CI: 0.78, 2.50)

do you know what CI means?

>> No.71407635

that is true the effects of 2G/3G/4G/wifi are still being debated (even though most studies pointing to them being detrimental)

>> No.71407653

confidence interval

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