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After getting memed into an fx 6300 long ago i will never forgive amd for this abortion

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>buying the wrong processor in 2019 because you were stupid 6 years ago
you never learn

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A man can't blame anyone but himself for being a fool.
Benchmarks are readily available. Tomshardware and Anandtech reviews are easy to consume even for normies.

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You should look at what you need your hardware to do and then make an educated guess as to what would be best for your use case scenario.

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Hard for the consumer to make an informed choice when amd lies about core count and doesnt get a class action lawsuite until 6 years later.

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So you take companies at face value?
You have bigger issues than amd lying to you.

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>(((Tomshardware))) and (((Anandtech))) reviews are easy to consume even for normies
Do your own research, reach people who bought it, see what they say. Don't trust tech (((journalists)))

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Okay so we both agree amd are lying niggers who got fuck in court thanks for confirming that

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You're an idiot for believing anything a company tells you.

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>retard who probably doesn't even know where the coincidence detector meme came from
Pathetic. Sites run reviews and publish their full system setup and methodology to prove their results are valid and repeatable. If any issues crop up people catch them.
Subjective user feedback from total idiots means nothing. Grow a brain, kid.

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>amd lies about core count
Citation requested.

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>youre and idiot for beleiving and product you buy is as advetised
Yes because its illegal to do otherwise and you get sued
Uma delica sopa de maco i know consumer protections are foreign to subhuman shitskins

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Just google it newfag its old news

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>regurgitating low IQ Tony Dickey bullshit
Keep on trying, tard.

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Zoomer plebbitor retard

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So you're willfully going to be memed a second time into buying a piece of shit intel processor on 14nm++++++++++++ that's riddled with security holes and losing more performance regularly?

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You're just digging a deeper grave for yourself.

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>defending bulldozer
Actually kill yourself nu-/g/ zoomers

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your finger is crooked, just like your mind

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Pointing out basic facts isn't "defending" anything, little kid. You're just shitposting like a 15 year old kid in the comments of a youtube video.

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Educated yourself dumb newfag zoomer i am not going to give you the rundown on why the fx 6300 wasnt a 6 core. Its easibly research and i made this thread to bait fucktard zoomers like you who would defend bulldozer because youre too young to know better. Get the fuck out

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Please point out where in my post >>71386239
I defended Bulldozer. I'll wait.

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I never mention intel once in this thread tou autistic silicon slinging poojeet. You deflected bulldozer being aids to intel when no one mentioned it because youre a shill

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>the obvious redditor keeps up his tirade of projection
Its pathetic that you behave this way.
There are two cores in a module. Thats really all there is to it. Two separate, independent integer cores with their own scheduler and dispatch.
You can't just bluff and shitpost here without getting called out for it.

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Stop being retarded on purpose. Never forgiving amd HEAVILY implies that you're going intel since you literally have no other choice of company in the modern desktop market. Also;
>So you're willfully going to be memed a second time
That heavily implies that I'm agreeing with you that bulldozer was a meme, which it was. It was dogshit and I'm glad I had the sense not to buy one and go haswell.
As usual >>71385891 fpbp

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No need to be vulgar.

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>guys companies never lie to American costumers because its ILLEGAL

Sweetie its also illegal for these guys to own guns

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Way better sites then either.

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>There are two cores in a module
that's not what the court ruled

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>After getting memed into an 9600K long ago i will never forgive intel for this abortion
OP in few years time

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Are you dumb? The 6300 was awesome

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What's more funny is that there are people who unironically defend Bulldozer.

In fact I also had an FX-6300 as an "upgrade" to a Phenom II x4. My mobo supported FX with just BIOS update and I needed the updated instruction set for something, but performance wise it was a severe downgrade.

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>there are people who unironically defend Bulldozer
Well, it's a pretty nice CPU if it fits your use case, which it did for me.
I needed a cheap many-core CPU with all the virtualization extensions and with a full-featured mobo with a reasonable price and mature firmware because I wanted to try GPU passthrough. So I bought FX-3570 with M5A99FX Pro R2.0 because it fit all my requirements and I'm quite happy with it.
Right now I'm waiting for Zen 2 to mature a bit and eventually I'll upgrade to that if all goes well.
I agree that people who defend Bulldozer for fanboyish reasons are morons, though.

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>outdated in a few years
lol yeah no

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My fx6300 was pretty good when I was a huge poorfag 6 years ago, handled all my games fine alongside an RX 270 I got for cheap, and it's still going in the original build I gave to a friend for free.

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For its price it was more than enough of a CPU at the time and specially after.
There's nothing to hate or defend unless you're a retarded fanboy /v/toddler.

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Intel is still struggling with 3D and 7nm. By the time Intel will release anything better than the 9000 series, AMD will already have a new microarchitecture that's more than half as efficient and 1/4th faster.
Screencap this if you don't believe you'll be able to get something 20-30% single core and 50% faster multi core that takes 40-50% less power by 2023, by both Intel and AMD.

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You mean niggers?

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>memed into an fx
It could have been worse, imagine what would have been if you were memed into a Skylake (aka swiss cheese now slower than bulldozer after "mitigation" are applied) instead.

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>For its price it was more than enough of a CPU at the time and specially after.
That's what I'm fucking talking about, brainless drones.

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>AMD will already have a new microarchitecture that's more than half as efficient

I believe you.
I would be surprised if they could be half as efficient as the 8xxx series though desu.

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Paid 90 bucks for mine back in the day, can't really complain at that point. The alternative was what, a fucking Pentium or paying up for an i3-4130?

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>principle technologies

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>buys a 6xxx instead of a chad 8300 or 8350

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>reach people who bought it
most people who buy shit, buy it and feel good or bad about them according to the shilling done on those big "tech" sites.
Anand and Tom's are purch media properties and purch media had on and off as customers novidia and intel. They were paid to promote novidia and intel on their platforms.

CS graduate and currently EE MSc student, in 2014 I bought a 7850k and an extreme6+ motherboard.
I've been using this at home and in the office I have usually precisions with single or dual xeons.
The 7850k has been lacking lately due to the massive cpu hogs that are chromium and cuckzilla.
you are massive faggots.

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going by this logic Intel are the biggest wankers on the planet because they promised Itanium would be the most powerful CPU by far, and Pentium 4 was supposed to hit 10 GHz
fuck off mate, we're only interested in real products, no one cares about marketing promises

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i am not a fan of either AMD or Intel, i want to see a third player join the game building CPUs and they can do it as cheap as AMD but with better quality than intel

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Didn't upgrade from Phenom. Just bought a FX-6300 with a motherboard, case and PSU for 130 euros in late 2012 / early 2013. Used it for 3 years, never felt like I needed to upgrade.
So yes, it was good enough for the price.

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special snowflakes demand the best.

who would've thought that bulldozer did nothing wrong and delivered back then and still delivers now, yet your kike bridge is getting crippled by the day from all those security holes and people are like
> sandy bridge appreciation thread
fucking wiggers.

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My 6300 just werks.

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>tfw an 8350 with 4 cores 4 modules at 4.5GHz is faster than a 6300 and uses less energy while having better single thread.

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propably works better than a dualcore pentium would (the other option in that price range back then)

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>I bought Red when Blue was better so now I'm going to buy Blue when Red is better because I'm mad.
>That'll show them, it's going to affect them way more than me.
>Hehe, I'm so smart.

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You can shit on FX, but it performed better than any Intel cpu in the price range on multicore.

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forgiveness is something for weak minded people, actual pros will just pick the proper CPU.

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Thanks for the finger print OP.

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So you would have rather had a 2c/2t Pentium for the same price of that 6300?

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That what the intel fanboys leave out, no CPU could beat the compute performance of an FX-8350 at the price of $195 in 2012.

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And in like 2014 you could get an 8320 plus motherboard combo together for $100-$130 total, and 6300 + board for $70-$90.

Cheaper than an i3 cost without a board.

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It was a $140 processor in 2012, and then dropped to $120 months later. For the price is was a bargain. kys

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No, the FX-8xxx was a house fire compared to the FX-6300

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That's why you disable one core per module, it becomes a true quad core with core 2 IPC but it clocks stupid high, 8350 4C4M at 4.5GHz=Core i7 920 multicore with HT enabled.

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