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with the state of current tech is it possible to cram all the hardware of the ps4 pro + battery into a psp sized form factor?

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with the state of your brain? no

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kys faggot

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Yeah but they're not gonna do it.

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>apple a12x
>increase more graphic cores
>heat pipe, with fins and external fan for when docking.
>7" oled 1080pee

Nintendo is just dumb to go with ngreedia.
They got a shitty last gen chip instead.

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Without thermal throttling and decent battery life?
On the size of the PSP?
No, maybe in 10/15 years

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Just because geekbench is shit doesnt mean that cpu is the best.
Probably if you are talking about the original ps4.
Though it would be expensive and get hot.
Tbh you need to just wait(tm)

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lol no, cuz ram, graphic and battery life.

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The optimal technology level for handhelds is about 1.5 generations behind their console counterparts.

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You’re the only faggot here, you brainless retard.

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That would be an intersting project.
While no it would not be cheap to do something like that i think something close to that we could work around it so that we wont _have_ to push the form factor.
The original psp came with a 4.3 inch 480x272 screen. And it all comes down to whether or not we want to keep that screen or upgrade it to a 1280x720 screen so that we can have enough dpi for the "retina" standard.
As for the motheboard i think we can take a tip from the switch.
The switch relies on a custom jetson board from nvidia using the tegra x1 chip.
As of right now tegra x2 and xavier have been released and that can provide way more power and are way more efficient.
(problem is they are expensive as fuck)
We would also need to make it thicker and add a bigger battery.

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Spotted the insecure Nigger.

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