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he would love windows with wsl desu

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God that's hot.

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>:stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :slightly_frowning:
fug, is she his waifu?

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>Ritchie, Kernighan, Moolenaar aka people that get shit done
>plain, clean interfaces, default configurations

>BSD larpers
>riced setups, tons of widgets and shit

>what is a screenshot

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>he would love windows with wsl desu
Everyone would, and does. We don't actually run hobbyist systems on bare metal. That would be idiotic.

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RMS doesn't actually use Xwindows most of the time. He lives in emacs in a TTY.

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The only riced setup I've seen is from TTimo.
The Ubuntu users are all default stuff.

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Sadly, it's missing the GOAT -- Big Donny Knuth

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Don't they know it's impossible to be productive without riced tiling WM?

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Ubuntu is the "I wanna be cool but fuck messing with shit all the time", basically less faggy windows/macOS

t. Ubuntu user

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Curious pic, but bad dithering.

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>"emoji" filename
haha, the guy used ascii smileys before the hipster nufags

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It's beautiful

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>We don't actually run hobbyist systems on bare metal.
Buy an Ubuntu support contract.

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I still can't actually wrap my head around all these people bothering with FVWM. It's a pain in the ass to configure.

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kek you saw this on HN

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>I wanna be cool but fuck messing with shit all the time
more like
>It just werks

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Thats just drawterm, he mounted his plan9 on windowes

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People copy a config and mod it
I'm satisfied with wmaker though.

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>Kenneth Thompson the Unix Chad
>Dennis Richie the beta wintard

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>i run unix.se a swedish site dedicated to all things Linux
>buh buh Linuk nut unix ;^O

*BSD tards btfo

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Even though I don't like Windows (or at least everything past 7), the office theme of Classic Windows plus Unix terminal/workstation software makes for a kino combo tbqh.

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