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I see

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b-but anon, I am learning Python. Do I need to go all over again with C ?

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people on /g/ shit on python a lot but never really explain why

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basically because its slow when you want to do anything more than your 1 line hello world script
people use it for data science and shit because its easy to use, but it's still terribly inefficient

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Wrong. You have two options: write shit in C, fast but takes more time to get working shit or write shit in Python: almost as fast as C because Numpy, numba, pandas etc all written in C, and you can get your shit done in minutes.

Pick your poison gentleman

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this is simply an inane and retarded comment

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python is like dropping a ball into a fucking pachinko

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What if you take C and make a language and call it, say, C++? Still C, right?

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Alright you masochists, give me your C program which can open 10 GB of CSV file with 10,000 column, 1,000,000 rows and does a spearman correlation among these.

My Python code written in a second is:
df = pd.read_csv(file.csv)
corr = df.corr()

Literally takes a second to compute the results too.

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read >>71355322
>people use it for data science and shit because its easy to use, but it's still terribly inefficient
also you can do that in C with the stdlib and gain a ton of efficiency over your "pandas" library (which is inevitably bloat)

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Show the code or shut up. Then compare performance.

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Jokes on you, all the data science parts are written in C.

Python is great as a scripting language for doing shit with files and strings, and as a wrapper around a BLAS and other compute heavy stuff written in C. Python sucks in a vacuum because it has some really fucking retarded design decisions that kill it's ability to do anything interesting that doesn't rely on separate C modules. For example, there are no primitive datatypes, everything is boxed including things like ints. That means if you have code that repeatedly modifies an int (like summing an array), the int won't end up in the cache, instead the box around it will, and each write to the int requires a pointer to be followed into main memory rather than just updating it locally. Another stupid decision is the global interpreter lock, which precludes any meaningful form of concurrency as only one thread can actually be in the interpreter at a time. Python is filled to the brim with shit like this where they sacrificed functionality and performance for ease of use in a way that poses a real problem to programmers looking to solve everyday problems.

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>data science parts are written in C
I'm so tired of you jokesters implying that because you're using a C library you will get anywhere near the efficiency of plain C

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You can use multiprocessing rather then multithreading to get rid of GIL though

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Have you actually benchnarked it?
On my machine numpy matmul takes 8% longer than just calling the BLAS directly. Python is basically relegated to passing pointers around and 90% of the execution time is spent in compiled C.

True, but there is probably a way structure the interpreter to allow for normal multithreading but they chose not to do it and instead have people work around the GIL by starting multiple copies of the interpreter. That said I don't actually know a whole lot about the python interpreter, so maybe there is some compelling reason that I'm not aware of.

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The only language you'll ever need.

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Yeah you're right. Its basically an ancient decision by Guido fucker to have a single interpreter thread and they were too lazy to rewrite the whole thing to fix that. Idk why do they still suck his cock in 2019

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You do know that you can use external libraries and wrappers in any language, right? It's not exclusive to Python.

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That's a letter, not a language.

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*if you are a nigger.

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hee hee hoo hoo

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say that to companies that use excel for everything

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C set us back decades.

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no answer 5 hours later
poor Cniles are probably busy reinventing basic data structures for 1000th time just to answer this question

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You appear to be missing a ++.

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In a perfect world, yes. C is immaculate, but people are not. That is why other languages exist, because people suck at coding. Badly.

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What? Are they retarded?

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Needs destructors.

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The only tool you'll ever need.

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C got us out of the computational stone age. It was the first civilized language.

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Retard, C set us back decades.

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Fuck C. Lisp is life.

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you have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

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Without C we'd still be sorting punchcards to feed into relay machines the size of a bus.

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Forth, Lisp and ML already existed prior to C.

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And they were all dead ends. Even today they're going nowhere.

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Today their evolution all the best options for their respective problem domains. This is why I say C set us back - it outright retarded progress.

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Python first, that's great.
Then C.

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how can i do web development using c?

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>dead ends
Forth -> Interpress -> Postscript -> PDF
so everytime you read or print a PDF file, you are using a stack based programming language that had its ancient roots in FORTH.

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how hard is it to develop a GUI in C?
total noob here.

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Open sockets and serve your HTML, how else?

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Depends, can be easy or hard depending on what you're using.

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for instance how hard is it to produce something similar?

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Not too hard with certain libraries since it's just generic UI elements with different colours

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GTK+ is probably the most well-known C GUI library.


has a list

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go check out


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RPG master race reporting in

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