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I thought 5g was safe? Why won't insurance companies cover 5g related health issues?

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Because unlike lobbyists and politicians, insurance companies deal in cold hard statistics.

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So we are all going to die?

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Difficult to prove it came from 5g? (the disease or injury)

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This is why

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Based and poopilled

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>"insure claims against 5g"
probably to prevent middle aged soccer moms making claims because they learned on google that 5g was the cause of all ailments in their life

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Because covering 'treatment' basically boils down to giving free money to quacks that perpetuate the myths surrounding wifi and 5g.

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No, because the lobbyists and politicians that told you it's dangerous are retarded or lying. 5G is nowhere near dangerous.
This is like Y2K all over again.

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Not quickly.

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and they probably heard it from a Facebook group full of people who sell 'natural supplements' and shit.

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>his right hand

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>lobbyists and politicians that told you it's dangerous
they are saying otherwise
why would someone lobby against 5g? it is in the interest of telecommunication and tech corporations

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Why would someone spread lies?
There is profit to be made. Those who get into these things are not the sharpest. Easy to advertise and take money. Like NRA with their Gold jewellery and investment ads.
There is political power to convince people to focus on something marginal.
There is trolls.
You dont think trust to institution would be lost (death sentence to the person's brand) if someone would find out that the person is full of shit, a snakeoil salesman. Whole system is based on this. Fall of a grifter's reputation. Institutes have reputation to up keep if lost then they fall in to oblivion like phone brands. People are too tribal and ignorant to understand media manipulation from reality.

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