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How do I download videos from https://oload.website/ ?

I tried looking at the videos page source but there's no obvious link to where the video is.

I'm assuming I can't post a link to the actual video on here because it's adult in nature

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just look fro a somewhat non-aids ridden video downloading app

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Pajeet is your greatest ally

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Change /embed/ to /f/

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>How do I download videos from https://oload.website/ ?
Is there no download button for you? Or are you attempting to automate it?

Never works reliably with that site because the site constantly changes how they generate dl links. The youtube-dl github even talks about it, I don't think they even bother trying to keep up. Maybe if you use something like phantomjs? but ytdl will never work consistently with openload.

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I looked in the source and changed /embed/ to /f/ but that just takes me to the normal page it was on in the first place

I tried pressing the download button a couple of times but it just pops up endless ads. With the adblocker enabled the video doesn't load half the time, and the download button is removed

so far >>71355149
has worked

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Your adblocker a shit.

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>I tried pressing the download button a couple of times but it just pops up endless ads.
The web browser I use block a lot of the popups and the few that get through are shut down because I'm using a script blocker. But it sounds like you can grab it from the source so you're doing good.

Just make sure your browser isn't shit. If you are getting endless popups then your computer might be getting raped (malware, crypto-miners). Nothing should be poping up, ever. Use a browser like Firefox and addons like ublock origin or NoScript.

Happy downloading.

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Even though youtube-dl is an amazing piece of software, I wouldn't take this list as absolute truth.
It takes them a while to adapt when a popular website implement changes, which break functionality, but for obscure sites it might take weeks or months before someone notices and even more before someone has the time to fix it. In other instances a site is theoretically supported, but the output is worthless without post-processing (see coub).

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