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5 MEGAWATTS, 20, 50

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shut the fuck up boomer

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non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation non-ionizing radiation
URGHHHH *vomits*

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fuck off, Ivan. go squat somewhere next to liqueur shop please

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Based thread

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>asbestos is totally safe, goy

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must be the hydrogen tanks

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>when you work at a reactor but dress like a pastry chef

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Did someone say meltdown

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And spectre

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This man is in shock, get him to the infirmary.

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Based jannies shadowbanning diarrheafags

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>He thinks there are antennas on the roof

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I miss asbestos.
Back in the day, you could remove wasp nests with blowtorch, now you will end up burning house.

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I'm getting sick of this non ionising meme. For starters, electromagnetic fields can flip spin, which can change the state of radicals from singlet to a triplet state. This triplet state could induce mutations, but there isn't much study on specifically 5G. So my point is just being a non ionising radiation may not necessarily make it safe.

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Fact nobody talks about: modern antennae can be hugely overloaded via malware like stuxnet.

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It's almost like this thread is tech hate propaganda or something.

Typing this on my 5G phone, it's great!

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Your a tool.

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So throw away your microwave anon, it is giving your food cancer!

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I don't have a microwave, waste of money.

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completely missed his point you fucking retard

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You didn't see 5g antennas because they are not there.

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What point, the point that 4G is more than enough forever in terms of speed? That we don't need 5G antennas?

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>is more than enough forever in terms of speed?
Retards like you say this exact line every time a new technology threatens to offer faster speeds

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>640kb should be enough for everybody

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>For starters, electromagnetic fields can flip spin, which can change the state of radicals from singlet to a triplet state.
Point me to this pseudo-science.

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There is nothing that can't run on 130mbos 4G. Look at the theoretical max speed of 4G.
There are still plans with data caps and these corrupt companies waste more and more money.
You can run smart cars, 4K streaming and augmented reality on 100-130mbps 4G. That's the use case for the next 10 years.

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all these russian trolls being mad that they cant enjoy ultra fast 5g internet

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There's one seething on /sci/ right now kek

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as a retard this might surprise you, but massive (inter)national infrastructure projects often have a goal of greater than 10 years

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5G is more focused for industrial applications.

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The problem with 4G, and all wireless, is that the access point (tower) is a bottleneck.
One of the things 5G will result in is better load distribution.

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That's not the use case for the next 10 years. They're going to ramp up the whole internet of things shit fast now. Everything from your coffeemaker to your underwear to your bananas are going to spy on you constantly and intensely. All this shit is going to need serious bandwidth.

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Most upper class families don't own microwaves. Heating in the oven is way better

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All theory, 4G antennas steadily and reliably supply contract speeds throughout the world.
5G, as a consumer-oriented technology, brings nothing new to the table and is still a waste of money
As a government-oriented tech, they have satellites and underground networks, they'll manage without this botnet.

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Serious bandwidth such as 5kbps per device that's packeted compressed by the router?

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Yeah, but it's going to be thousands of devices per household.

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Just use the wifi...

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What's it matter, The Cloud is largely controlled by FANG so just send a large packet to each and let the servers sort it out instead of constantly pinging kilobytes. Who am I kidding, modern programmers don't have engineering thought.
Let's replace statistics and mathematical formulas with AI, and brute force hardware

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What are you on about? Do you think the coming surveillance grid is designed so that you control what data is passed to the botnet? That's why we need 5G, so the thousands of devices monitoring your behavior can communicate directly with the botnet without going through your wifi. Otherwise you could just pull the plug, which would defeat the whole purpose, pleb.

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>All theory, 4G antennas steadily and reliably supply contract speeds throughout the world.
Uhuh. I can see you haven't traveled out of your small town.
I've seen the effects of large gatherings bringing towers to their knees. Even in the area I live in with good coverage I only get about 30/30 on 4G and it isn't that densely populated (just cellphone usage is high, it's more common for people to have a cellphone and/or pocketWIFI than a home internet connection).

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For streaming 4k nigger tranny porn on your phone goy.

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I fucking hate where we're headed.

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is that the chernobyl show? is it any good?

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You do realize I have to tell the moderators about this, right?

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Not great, not terrible.

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Is russia pissed about the Chernobyl series? Is that why they're spreading this 5g nonsense?

> inb4 someone calls me a them

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>Typing this on my 5G phone, it's great!
But USA only has fake 5G




>b-but your sources suck
deal with it, burger!

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Not great, not terrible.

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>But USA only has fake 5G
>AT&T is the only network in USA

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Lmao, like people care about what is going through their router.
Nobody is going to filter every last url the botner uses, especially since you have to add them one by one, can't just upload a txt file

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According to the HBO viral marketing department it's better than Breaking Bad.

In reality it's just thinly veiled virtue signalling.

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Dunno if sarcastic or ignorant

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For Europeans, it feels like a recollection. For Americans, it's to be a culture shock for how incompetent and corrupt USSR official were.

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Nigger my hosts file is 60 megabytes.

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>In reality it's just thinly veiled virtue signalling.
*tipping intensifies*

its quite good

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They are building their own 5G Network lol

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The Right Wing are just the new useful idiots for Russia

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Scott Manley said it's pretty good.

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how the fuck can you load pages at all. just get a decent firewall

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Microwave heats up from the inside it s better than oven for many things.

Next topic.
Turn off mobile data. Turn off wifi. Turn off gps. Can I trust that my android doesnt use these when turned off? I know that in airplane mode your location is logged and then when I get back online that data is send to google. My bloat apps do the same I think.

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Explain how a 5g network causes cancer?

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No one knows if it does. We do know radiation causes cancer, but we don't know why or how much because we don't really know how and why cancer forms yet.

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Yeah, and it only works for your computer. You need some dns fuckery in mobile devices, or just say fuck it and install a pihole

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You are the ignorant my friend. You are thinking only about people who know techmology. Most people call the carrier if the wifi cable is unplugged from the router

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Explain how gravity works :^)

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>we don't really know how and why cancer forms yet.
Pretty fucking sure we know what DNA replication and mutations are, anon.

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Its imperialistic propaganda

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Yes, we have some idea in very general terms, but the specifics are still unknown.

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It doesn't. You are delusional. Now climb up the antenna and tell me what you see.

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Cars, smoking, sun baths, alcohol, burned meat, sugar, soda, and overweightness come first on my scale of possible carsinogens.

>> No.71357232

Like I said, we have some vague idea, but we don't know the specifics. We do know that heavy smokers or people who tan excessively have a higher cancer rate than the average population. But why does still 99% of heavy smokers not get lung cancer, while some who have pristine and clean lungs do? The specifics of the actual mechanism isn't known yet, which is why it's impossible to predict that someone will get cancer or not.

>> No.71357281

Because literally every second your body is playing a very good odds dice roll as to whether you're going to develop cancer. Smoking doesn't eliminate that dice roll, it just worsens your odds.

>> No.71357285

>But why does still 99% of heavy smokers not get lung cancer

Sources: dude trust me

>> No.71357324

What? I'm not defending smoking or excessive sunbathing or whatever? I'm just saying the actual mechanism that causes cancer to form is unknown. This is completely uncontroversial in academia and in research on the topic, so I have no idea why you're sperging out about this. Whether it's 99% wasn't the point, the point is that the vast majority of people who smoke or sunbathe or eat carcinogenic food in excess doesn't get cancer. And a number of people who don't get it too. This is not controversial either. We do know it increases the odds somehow, but what it is that actually makes the tipping point is unknown. We haven't discovered it yet.

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Muh surveillance botnet is a meme for retards to distract them from the fact they aren’t really being watched by the gubmint, which is too inept to pull such a thing off. You are being commoditized by big tech so they can sell you shit.

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>but the specifics are still unknown

Back to the point zero. Now explain me how non-ionizing radiation causes DNA damage?

>> No.71357386

Big tech is your gubmint you tool. The faggots you elect who run around rubberstamping whatever their corporate and intel overlords tell them aren't your gubmint.

>> No.71357396

I have no idea if it does, so I can't do that. Sorry.

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It works like a vaccine does and causes cancer.

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what the FUCK NO

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Vaccine is milder version of the disease. It's shell is small cant think it does much unless made badly.

5G is many times less powerful than microwave.
Cant see how this causes cancer. Russia just wants people to vote their canditates. My point of view.

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Huh? If you're on android, just grab dnsfilter or blokada or dns66

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And only the russians are sane enough to question before they believe.

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How do we filter boomers from this site?

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By posting objective, factual, peer-reviewed scientific evidence from multiple sources, that shows living directly next to a 5G antenna for a lifetime causes no health concernes what-so-ever.

>> No.71357657

>implying boomers will listen to actual science

>> No.71357658

Isn't that radar operators have higher incidence of cancers pretty well established by now? I have no idea about this shit and I have no idea if 5G is dangerous, so I have no agenda here, I just know that there was a big law case here in Norway some years ago where radar operators got compensated for work environment shit because of their higher incidence of cancers.

>> No.71357669

I will, I want proof that if I spend my life hugging a 5G antenna, I will have no health degradation from it at all. At all. If that's true, then living in a flat 50 yards from it will be safe as well.

>> No.71357683

You have all these rules and you think they'll save you.

>> No.71357698

Who has lived next to a 5G antenna for a lifetime?

>> No.71357702

top yourself

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Bingo. There is no empirical proof 5G is safe.

>> No.71357723

Seems pretty simple logic to me. Low energy doesnt react with human cells. Gives slight heat that is less than what comes from visible light or microwaves. I would prioritize these >>71357193
allocate time 5000:1

>> No.71357753

>Seems pretty simple logic to me.
Understandable, can I see your diploma and research papers, please?

>> No.71357841

You cant use logic?
It is just a range of energy and from 0-20Mx doesnt do shit to atoms just makes them move less (give energy, heat up) than what light gives. There is no magic numbers in between at low levels only microwaves have special feature of reacting with water molecules. Plasma with grapes by microwaving.

>> No.71357856

The logic I'm making is that 5G shouldn't be implemented because
>it hasn't been proven useful
>it hasn't been proven safe
>latest 4G/LTE bandwidth standards thrash ethernet bandwidth

>> No.71357919

4G does not give enough bandwidth in big cities 5G would fix this. 5G is not fo rural areas 4G is enough with many towers.

It is useful but only for special niche.
It is safe and proven. No different from 4G or low level microwaves.

>> No.71357931

*Current 4G broadcast does not give enough bandwidth in some big cities
>safe and proven
Interesting, where can I read these objective etc facts?

>> No.71357970

60GHz 5g is actually safer than 4g. It doesn't penetrate walls so street 5g won't affect you at home. Even at the street clothes will absorb most of it, even then non-ionizing radiation is simply heat. If you install it at home it wouldn't need much power because there's no interference from the neighbours.
If you can't prove it's more dangerous than the sun you can fuck right off.

>> No.71357981

If 4g is safe and low level microwaves. They give slight energy = heat. Heat is not even close what visible light gives. Marginal compared to light it is not ionizing. Do you not know low level physics?

>> No.71357985

That's illogical.

>> No.71357990

It's just as much one side's responsibility to prove it's unsafe as the other's - safe.

>> No.71358000

>5G is not fo rural areas
It absolutely is for rural areas. T-Mobile will have 5G on their AWS and low band spectrum and nation wide coverage in 2020.

>> No.71358005

No, I'm a dumbass on 4chan, I don't know what a Hertz is and require objective etc proof that 5G is safe.

>> No.71358034

You believe their word? Just fishing for funding from gov.

>> No.71358046

I'm gonna be test subject for that soon.
Tfw my university is going to install 5G beacons all over the campus.

>> No.71358048

I work for a company that manufactures power equipment for 5g.
Give me the range of power you're worried about and I'll see if these devices are even capable of it.

>> No.71358088

You can prove that gravity exists by dropping something. You can't do that with 5g and cancer. :^)

>> No.71358108

I'm not saying it's safe. Any radiation can fry you with sufficiently high intensity. If it was harmful we would know already as all those frequencies are a part of blackbody radiation.

>> No.71358115

Do you really think millimeter wave 5G will ever be relevant?

The actual usable 5G is a drop in replacement for 4G that improves speeds. They have been rolling out the hardware since late last year.

>> No.71358150

Yes in high population areas. Not most rural unless there is high pop area.

>> No.71358156

Trump is such a retard that this would happen under him, all to distract from his criminal record

>> No.71358183

I get close to 200mbps on band 71 on T-Mobile all over my city and 5G will effectively double the bandwidth. millimeter wave is an unrealistic gimmick and the $2000+ phones that support it won't be using it 99% of the time.

>> No.71358193

You need to learn to tripcode filter, my friend.

>> No.71358261

I want to find the people who make these shit threads and put up a fake 5G antenna which clearly says 5G and flashes a little LEDs outside their house. They'll freak and might even kill themselves.

>> No.71358288


>> No.71358450

There's currently an anti-5G schizo spamming threads on /sci/ because the mods keep deleting his pseudoscience, sort by new on /sci/ and see for yourself

>> No.71358458


>> No.71358552

OP are you the same guy currently spamming /sci/?

>> No.71358570

Anyone who lived near a TV antenna or long lines installation within the last 70 years

>> No.71358591

What does asbestos have to do with non ionizing radiation?

>> No.71358616

Light is radiation.

>> No.71358627


in the age of CDNs and AWS?

Ivan, you mad

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>yfw the entire universe is shining 5g frequencies at you.

>> No.71358648


I will call a grossly oversimplified bullshit.

There are DNA repair mechanisms and what not. It is not that FOX News simple

>> No.71358676


because they are fucking uneducated and does not know even the basic facts about nature, so they have to choice what to believe

fucking inbreed degenerates, literally the cancer of humanity

>> No.71358686

He’s giving you the proof right now.
This is like
>what’s 2+2?
>prove it, faggot! I want an academic paper cited in APA style on this Norwegian underwater basket weaving forum!

>> No.71358699

Latency you nigger, 4G has way too much latency for real-time applications like smart cars

>> No.71358712

Yes but in the Earth's magnetic field can also flip the radiation spin into a triple reverse revolution, amping up their frequency and delivering megahertz in your brain.

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the mods on /sci/ are mass-deleting any anti-5G thread or any thread discussing the scientific research on its harms

also, shills spammed the board a few hours ago in a bid to get the threads censored

makes you think

>> No.71358716

This. The word radiation has been run into the ground by post-apocalyptic works of fiction and now people only associate it with nuclear dangerous chemicals that make you glow in the dark and shit.

>> No.71358730

Gravity doesn't exist. The earth is actually accelerating upwards at 9.8 m/s^2.

>> No.71358734

I kekd

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>trust science dude Mr.Goldblatt and Dr.Steinberg said asbestos is totally safe so why are you worrying?

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>he trusts the telecoms industry with his family's health
top darwin

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Hey it is you!

>> No.71358784 [DELETED] 

Don't forget to report him for ban evasion/spamming

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is it time for you to spam /g/ to quell any dissent for your masters?

>> No.71358801 [DELETED] 

>announcing reports
Uh oh, looks like jannie's little cuck helper accidentally broke the rules!

>> No.71358825

That thing is shielded retard, ever wondered why they don't let you look through the glass and insist on putting some grille there? If you did put something like a frog in it it will fucking blow up. I know because some fucker got expelled years ago for pulling that stunt in boarding school

>> No.71358830

>thing safe
>thing commonly used
>thing not safe
>"fug :DDD"

>> No.71358839

>announcing reports
Where did I announce that I reported you? I simply reminded another user to report you, I never stated that I myself did any reporting.

>> No.71358846

Not great, not too bad.

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>scrambling to prove how good of a little rulecuck he is and kissing the janny's ass hoping he doesn't get banned
God you're so pathetic. Here, let me show you:

I'm going to report you.

There, see? What is janny gonna do? Nothing, that's what, because by the time he reads this I'll have changed IP anyway, I won't even read his little impotent "warning", hell I won't even see if he gave this IP one or a ban. Meanwhile you'll still be there begging on your knees for the 400lb janny's mercy.

>> No.71358929

Not being irradiated is safer than being irradiated. Either you shit on all forms of microwave communications or on neither. Choose.

>> No.71358964

>Explain how a 5g network causes cancer?
Honestly people should be more concerned with the fact that governments want to unroll this because any scientific testing has actually been done. They don't actually know what it'll do. But what they do know with cellphones is that it's radiation is bad for your body. All phones have a warning in there manuals telling you not to keep your phone too close to you and this and that.
It's established that 4g and phone radiation is a danger. Now we don't know what the fuck 5g will do.

I hear alot of people around here complain about heavy congestion when using LTE(4g internet) and such at peak hours. You literally can't load a webpage it gets so bad. And going into the city with your phone to use internet is completely useless

>> No.71359016

That's pretty appropriate, though. "Science" today is more like a religious cult than actual science as per the enlightenment age protocols. So why shouldn't they delete and ban heresies?

>> No.71359020

What if humanity was the cancer all along and 5G is the chemo?

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>accuses me of spamming
>starts spamming threads himself in retaliation
>gets banned
>accuses me of announcing reports
>starts announcing reports himself in retaliation
>gets banned
Why do you keep doing this to yourself? topjej

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File: 49 KB, 640x640, EMF_Shielding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't you get my facebook group invite dear?

Nancy and I have been doing a lot of research online and we have been spreading awareness. are prepared.
Honey don't worry mommy is very well prepared for this.

Now help me find more relfective shielding for your bother.

>> No.71359051

Fucking based

>> No.71359062

just goes to show how the ranks of 4chan moderation are infiltrated
its a very sloppy job though

>> No.71359065

>deriding the based janitorial staff
major yikes, big oof!

>> No.71359072

Sorry anon not the bogeyman you think I am in your schizo mind, my only posts where >>71358801 and >>71358905, no idea what your argument was even about, nor do I care to read it, I just think you're pretty pathetic sucking off jannies.

>> No.71359079

Fun fact, police radars use 5g frequencies.
>tfw botnet doesn't want you to drive

>> No.71359084
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>tfw. Nancy and Katherine's descendants are the only ones who survive the Great Die-off of 2037.

>> No.71359095

>I-I'm not that anon b-but
>is clearly that anon
You're not fooling anyone with your blatant samefagging btw

>> No.71359101

>just goes to show how the ranks of 4chan moderation are infiltrated
Mah boi, this site has been a CIA nigger fishbowl from it's inception. Don't worry be happy.

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File: 8 KB, 449x161, tranny shill btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71359112

I'm not him you samefag fag.

>> No.71359152

>openly admits to IP switching
>thinks people won't know he used inspect element too
Actually scratch that you're probably too stupid to figure that out, my guess is you're posting half your stuff on your phone (which you use to evade bans) and then agree with yourself on your desktop

>> No.71359169

>everyone who disagrees with my plebbitor ass is the same person
Take meds, schizo.

>> No.71359180

seek help

>> No.71359190

>blatantly samefags in his /sci/ threads (check the archives if you don't believe me)
>openly admits to being a spammer with no regard for the rules
>calls others schizos

>> No.71359200

I haven't been on /sci/ in years.

>> No.71359206

war-gaming the science even on /g/ i see 5G discord tranny

>> No.71359209


Hey fucko, the rationality police have arrived. you are constantly blasted with shittons of non-ionizing radiation every day if you have AC power running through your fucking house.

see >>71358570

>> No.71359241
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>all non-ionizing radiation is the same
sorry reddit

>> No.71359245

Well, plebbit, I haven't claimed 5G is dangerous at all. One thing and another thing isn't the same thing, though.

>> No.71359270

Holý shit now say that you believe in special relativity you educated genius.

>> No.71359300

Only one man can withstand the 5G funk overload!

>> No.71359311

Hey guys it's safe. Military used same technology to kill peoples but it's safe.

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>We need air cooling the core, that's all that matters
>There is no core, the core exploded
>Intel cores don't explode, it had to have been the VRM
>I saw silicon on the ground

>> No.71359349
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Did Chernobyl-posting surpass baneposting?

>> No.71359363

Based boomers

>> No.71359407


okay dumbass, if you want to compare a civilian cell tower to a military grade directed energy weapon then I guess my fluorescent lightbulb is just as bad as a several gigawatt chemical laser, right?

honest to god, for millennia people didn't know about internal terminal cancer. They thought that people were just supposed to die at 50 and that anyone who lives longer were blessed by gods, all because they were too afraid to do biopsies and test bodies. So, now that we do biopsies on living people with cancers, everyone is surprised that we're riddled with cancer? The sun causes cancer, rocks cause cancer, dust causes cancer, meat causes cancer, water causes cancer, everything causes cancer because SPOILER ALERT: EVERYONE DIES AND EVEN MOST HEALTHY PEOPLE DIE OF CANCER

you talk about this shit like it's abnormal, for a tiny, slightly higher rate of cancer in a neighborhood where 40 new potential carcinogen sources are added every week for decades. Grow up. There's no conspiracy to blast everyone (yeah, EVERYONE) with a death ray or rage beam or behavioral bullshit laser. You're just fucking children who can't tell truth from fiction, or peer-reviewed studies from hoaxes.

>> No.71359443

Hey, rationality police, can you explain this for me? Here in Norway we had a big study where all the people who live near high power lines were correlated to health data. There was much amazement when we found a 58% higher risk of breast cancer in the women who lived closer than 100m to high voltage lines. I was connected to the board that handled this here, and basically the whole energy infrastructure of Norway was changed because of this study (who covered several tens of thousands subjects,) and now you're not allowed to build houses within 100m of high power lines or build such power lines within 100m of populated areas.

Again, I have to point out that personally I don't know if 5G is dangerous or not, I feel I have to point this out because I know you I fucking love science redditors will sperg out on me if I don't. But the high power lines here are 50hz if I remember correctly, so wouldn't that mean it's non-ionizing? What is your opinion of the study and do you think we were wrong in changing our societal policies when we found a 58% increase in cancers for people living near these lines?

Here's the study:

>> No.71359452
File: 113 KB, 646x667, shinjyo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Our intention was to examine whether there were health impacts on residents from RF-EMFs emitted by the mobile phone base station erected on the roof of their condominium building. We conducted thorough research on whether there were any other factors to account for the improvements of the residents’ health other than the removal of the base station.

>The results of this case report indicate that health problems of the residents were associated with the operation of the mobile phone base station and that these problems improved after its removal. Although this report is not a double-blind study, it can be used as an example indicating the potential effects of RF-EMFs emitted from mobile phone base stations erected on the roofs of condominium buildings on human health. It is imperative that further detailed research is conducted regarding the impact of RF-EMFs on human health.

Blow it our your dilated hole, industry shill faggot

>> No.71359460


The part I love, the part I love SO MUCH is that these shitposters in this thread and onthis board would never deny that a random bit flip can happen, that data that should remain pristine for a hundred years will eventually randomly succumb to entropy, but NONE of them think that it's possible for a random occurence to take place in our DNA, despite the fact that there's billions of more variables and interactions in that data than the PC's

>> No.71359474
File: 41 KB, 519x370, glioma incidence UK 1995-2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep on war-gaming that science you actual bottom feeder nigger

You deserve to be tortured to death and God willing it will happen

>> No.71359495

Negative emotions cause cancer. The more you fear 5G, the more likely you will get cancer.

>> No.71359596

lrn2 fftshift(), nub

>> No.71359614

>MRI machines are unsafe because railguns exist

>> No.71359646
File: 172 KB, 1946x1178, hierarchy-of-evidence2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>case report
Into the trash it goes.

>> No.71359648

address any of the text in the image
alternatively, debunk the site it's from: wi-cancer.info

no industry shill ever touches this website, i wonder why

>> No.71359661
File: 28 KB, 200x200, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still seething about the NTP study
you're following this topic very closely across boards, aren't you industry shill?

>> No.71359667

why do we even drink water? what if we find out in the future that drinking water was DIRECTLY linked to cancer? :scream: Why do we even drink it?

>> No.71359685


High-power lines emit x-rays through arcing fields around the wires. The more power, the more X-rays, the more IONIZING RADIATION, which can cause cancers.

Low power rf sources in normal atmospheric conditions produce no ill effects, because they do not produce ionizing radiation.


>sample size: 122 people, results taken over a course of less than a year, and didn't account for any new symptoms after the towers were removed

so basically it's as biased a study can get in favor of RF emissions hurting people. Especially in japan, a place known for good healthcare and clean living, where an illness can come and go in a couple of days with appropriate, low cost care.


You deserve to be shown reason. Not that I personally give a shit about your uneducated ass.

>> No.71359724

Because it's the equivalent of a physicist addressing time cube

>> No.71359733


>> No.71359741
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It’s pretty good. Only commie trannies complain about it because they could handle the bantz

>> No.71359742

>High-power lines emit x-rays through arcing fields around the wires. The more power, the more X-rays, the more IONIZING RADIATION, which can cause cancers.
>Low power rf sources in normal atmospheric conditions produce no ill effects, because they do not produce ionizing radiation.
Ok, so where is the divide then and how can you know the effect just doesn't become more subtle when power is reduced? Again, I have no idea if 5G is dangerous, I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.71359745
File: 89 KB, 500x564, trollface-smug-pepe-the-frog-54122682.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, I fucking got you. I got all of you on the hook.

How can you be so fucking gullible and sensitive?

>> No.71359768

>muh power

This statement misrepresents risk to the brain from the whole-body exposures used in the NTP study. While the exposure limit to RF radiation in the US is 0.08 W/kg averaged over the whole body, the localized exposure limit is 1.6 W/kg averaged over any one gram of tissue. Body tissues located nearest to the cell phone antenna receive much higher exposures than tissues located distant from the antenna. Thus, when an individual uses a cell phone and holds it next to his or her head, exposure to the brain will be much higher than exposures averaged over the whole body. When considering organ-specific risk (e.g., risk to the brain) from cell phone RF, the important measure of exposure is the SAR value of 1.6 W/kg averaged over any gram of tissue. In the NTP study in which animals were exposed to whole-body RF at SARs of 1.5, 3, and 6.0 W/kg, exposures in the brain were within 10% of the whole-body exposure levels. Therefore, in the NTP study, exposure intensities in the brain of rats were similar to or only slightly higher than localized human exposures from cell phones held next to the head.


>> No.71359784

>so basically it's as biased a study can get in favor of RF emissions hurting people. Especially in japan, a place known for good healthcare and clean living, where an illness can come and go in a couple of days with appropriate, low cost care.
pilpul tier cope
enjoy the gallows

>> No.71359803


what the fuck are you even saying anymore

meme magic isn't more funny after the millionth time, you know.

>> No.71359820
File: 2.17 MB, 250x250, 1537221007531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep playing dumb

>> No.71359846

>thousands of peer-reviewed studies are the equivalent of timecube

>> No.71359856

It's really good.
Ignore the "le virtue" fags. They self insert politics into anything.

>> No.71359879


kek that gave me a good laugh xD

>> No.71359882

no one cares retard

lol there are studies up on the IEEE website about 5g you fucking brainlet. Do some research or off yourself no-techie.

>> No.71359901


it's observable in anything over 100MW, especially if the voltage is in excess of 100k volts. That clicking you hear under HV power lines is the electricity arcing to the air.

The effects drop off to negligible under 4000 volts and in my country at least, the highest voltage you're allowed to run unshielded above a street is 1000 volts. I personally can have that routed into my house safely if need be, but it gets shielded regardless and usually stepped down to ~400v for most houses.

t. electrical engineer who's been out of that work a couple years

>> No.71359918


not a lick of heeb on me, nigger. enjoy your tinfoil hat tho.

>> No.71359930

ok chaim

>> No.71359933

>Microwave heats up from the inside
Only if what you're heating is about 2 mm thick. Microwaves heat precisely because they fail to penetrate.

>> No.71359958

> The experts were advised to assign a rank of “1” if they considered that the job involved exposure above background level (0.1 µT) for less than 4 hours a week, a rank of “2” for 4 or more hours and less than 24 hours per week, and a rank of “3” for 24 or more hours per week.
>If they considered

>Women were considered to be unexposed if their residential exposure was less than 0.05 µT
Which is 1/1000th of the strength of earth's magnetic field. How do they expect to get useful results from such a small value?

> The matrix was based on job titles and industry branch only, and no individual measurements were made.
So they made up data

>> No.71359959

But that doesn't answer my question at all. If the effect just became more subtle it would only be detected in population-wide studies with population-wide control groups not exposed to EM radiation, which is impossible to do. If this was true, then everything electrical would be a problem of course, not just 5G, but I find it tenuous to claim that there simply CAN'T be negative effects at least on population-wide or inter-generational scales.

Also I don't see why would you even mention being an electrical engineer. Does electrical engineers research the bio-mechanical effects of radiation now?

>> No.71359982
File: 1.39 MB, 452x306, 1559659001811.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based boomer Dyatlov

>> No.71359984

Are you saying the data is made up? I mean, the result was pretty clear. I'm not a scientist, but a politician and we had to judge this shit, it's not some fringe research team, it's from the biggest state university here in Norway. Of our entire female population cancer incidence, the 20.000 women who live withing 100m of high power lines had 58% more cancers. The job stuff was incidental to this result and was for fine-tuning the result within this group.

>> No.71359996

the earth's magnetic field is non-polarized and therefore non-harmful
and no the earth's magnetic field is not as strong as you claim at all

>> No.71360002

>still doesn't post any proof of his figures
>quotes some quack
archaic type cell radiation, is no longer used

directly radiated throughout entire body

also while fetuses, resulting in low birth weight

effect of birth weight not controlled for/studied

dose: 10 min every 10 min, for 18 hours a day

5 to 7 days a week

for their entire life (at 2 years, euthanized)

>> No.71360007
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>I'm not a scientist, but a politician
Literal scum of the earth
Please stay as far away from science and technology as humanly possible

>> No.71360015

>archaic type
much less harmful than modern signals

you are not addressing the PhD's points and as such I will accept your concession

>> No.71360023

the most delusional /g/ post ever

>> No.71360031
File: 251 KB, 512x512, 1535386678482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the earth's magnetic field is non-polarized and therefore non-harmful
What the fuck

>> No.71360033

enraged retard response.
try refuting his argument instead of getting your tranny diaper in a bunch.

>> No.71360036
File: 152 KB, 929x768, thonk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to be faiiir the sun does in fact cause cancer

>> No.71360038

>argument from authority
>much less harmful than modern signals
[Citation needed]

>> No.71360041

Ok, because we decided to take this study seriously and changed the infrastructure to not build high power lines closer than 100m from populated areas? What's the problem, who gets hurt by this? Should we have taken advice from some random faggot on 4chan instead of our top university? As far as I'm concerned it's you who have a anti-scientific attitude towards things.

>> No.71360049


It doesn't drop off at lower voltages, it fucking stops because the insulation becomes effective at those voltages. Maybe there is a very, very minute effect we've yet to see over multiple generations but I doubt it. Hell I doubt we'd be able to test for it without it being within margin of error anyways. My background was just as relevant as your "being connected to the board that handled it" claim. You clearly know jack shit about electricity and I do, and I know very little about exactly how radiation causes cancer (that isn't commonplace) so I figured I should mention it.

wait a sec isn't the primary bio-mechanical effect of ionizing EM radiation the breakdown of DNA inside of a cell? Did I just casually know your thesis or did I just watch a tv show about something vaguely related?

Get fucked.

>> No.71360053

>Everyone who disagrees with me is an industry tranny
Do you have any other material?

>> No.71360065

There is a minimum amount of power you need in order to generate x-rays. If you're below that, no x-rays can be produced at all.

>> No.71360073

you have made two posts without refuting scientific data.
It was an insult, but if you're actually trans that's just fucking funny.

>> No.71360083

The latest science confirms that modulated, data-bearing RF/microwave signals deliver brutal micro-shocks to the DNA within living cells. The European REFLEX studies of 2004 clearly demonstrated that a mere 24-hour exposure to the 1.8 gigahertz (GHz), one of the lethal frequencies flowing through Stockholm Central, inflicts the same catastrophic damage to human DNA as 1600 chest X-rays. SOURCE: https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/pdfs/20041222_reflex.pdf

Many other recent studies confirm that microwaves across the megahertz and gigahertz spectrum effectively ravage the genetic material in human cells. Dr. Henry Lai, whose research at the University of Washington produced some of these studies, confirms: “....Critical genetic mutations in one single cell are sufficient to lead to cancer.” SOURCE: http://www.eloverkanslig.se/rapporter/Bioinitiative/section_6.pdf

>> No.71360085

For the 100th time I have not and do not claim 5G is dangerous, I'm trying to talk about this in more general terms but I guess your zealotry prevents this. You're a very impolite and irrational person and you seem to not want to answer any of my questions so I don't see why we should continue arguing.

>> No.71360095

>Spamming "tranny industry shill" at everyone who laughs at you
>Scientific evidence
Of you having a few spare chromosomes maybe

>> No.71360096

keep in mind the signals were much less modulated than modern LTE signals. LTE signals do as much damage at 20 mV as continuous wave at 100 V, with much more diverse and unpredictable effects

>> No.71360098

Yeah, that's a proper answer. If it's like that then it's like that. Like I said I have no idea.

>> No.71360123

it's been 3 posts and you're still ignoring the research presented.
Why the fuck are you mad at the tranny shit? It was a jab. Don't tell me you're actually offended.

>> No.71360140

Lots of trannies around these here parts, Anon.

>> No.71360146

corporations hire women, faggots and trannies because they are NPCs and do what they're told

this NPC is instructed to derail threads when defeated and, when the BTFO is severe enough, spam scat or gore as was witnessed in /sci/ a few hours back

>> No.71360183

yeah. They probably have Lain as their avatar.

It must baffles me that they're ignoring data from a major university and the actual IEEE website.
Mind blowing.
I guess when you ruin your body permanently you don't care if the rest of the population dies with you.

>> No.71360200
File: 115 KB, 714x481, b2e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just kys already stupid npc tranny

>> No.71360206

lets all love lain

>> No.71360212

>in vitro study
in trasho more like, is this seriously the best you have?

>> No.71360213

I've never actually seen that weebshit, but I too have noticed that there seems to be a very high correlation between Lain, autism and trannyhood. Is Lain some sort of subliminal biowarfare from the eternal nip?

>> No.71360217

see image in

to witness what the 5G discord tranny NPC was doing earlier to get the topic censored from /sci/

>> No.71360227

Is tranny the only insult you know? Is your "evidence" so weak that you can't defend it and instead resort to spamming the same insult hundreds of times?
Funny you call people mad when you get ass devastated about 4chan not taking you seriously enough to spend all day spamming /sci/ and /g/

>Wojak spammer
>Calling other people tranny
No U

>> No.71360234
File: 1.22 MB, 292x278, tip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big yikes

>> No.71360236

>blatant samefagging again
>pretending you didn't start spamming your thread over and over out of pure rage after the based mods cleaned out your trash
seek help

>> No.71360249
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oh no no nooo oh oh ohhh

look at the top of his servo box

>> No.71360250

Is a single post considered spam nowadays, zoomie?

>> No.71360252

Tell me, anon. What do you think would happen fi you microwaved a living creature? You dumbfuck nigger.

>> No.71360254

Dude, everyone hates trannies. No need to sperg out about samfagging because of some trannie bants.

>> No.71360265

Thread not great not terrible.

>> No.71360269


>> No.71360272


>> No.71360273

>tfw one of your favorite anime gets ruined by schizos
things were better.

The show itself is fine. I could see how someone mentally ill would get influenced by it, though.
Lain didn't start attracting these people en mass until the past few years. Probably a social media thing.

Lainchan is also a real treat.

>> No.71360289

no I could call you a retarded faggot too. I could call you a dirt eating bootlicker. But that's not the point.

It's been 4 posts and you still refuse to address the data presented by politician-anon.
I don't even like politicians.

>> No.71360296

>The show itself is fine. I could see how someone mentally ill would get influenced by it, though.
Is it about trannies?

>> No.71360301

Microwaves resonate with water molecules. Makes water molecules move. Water molecules transfer heat to their surrouding. Heating the object. Misconception that it heats up from inside it is the water that gets energy.

Has a trusted source reproduced this? Who funded this? We know that sunlight damages our skin cells but 5G is less than microwaves that only react to water so why would I believe that something with lower energy would do more? Does nothing to cells because low heat is marginal and has no effect. There are bigger concerns than 5G this is a red herring. Priorities are messed up, ineffective, a wild goose chase.

>> No.71360302

seek help tranny

>> No.71360306

no it's about the internet

>> No.71360323

>muh NTP muh NTP!!!

>dosages tested ranged between 1W per Kg of bodyweight and 6W/Kg. So the very lowest dosage that they tested was the equivalent of an average-weight person being surrounded by approximately 200 cellphones transmitting at full power, 9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

>In all groups, survival rate was higher in the exposed rats than in the controls.

>Schwannomas (tumors) were found in 4 rats in the control group, or 4.4%. The numbers found in most of the various exposed groups were 1.1%, 2.2%, or 4.4%. There was one particular exposed group that did have 5.5%; 5 rats with schwannomas rather than 4 in the control group.

>The one group in which one more rat developed a schwannoma than the control was not the group exposed to highest dosages. There is no clear dose-dependant relationship between RF exposure and schwannoma development.

>study had an unusually low survival rate for their control rats. That alone could easily explain the marginally higher incidence of tumours in exposed groups - the control rats died before they had a chance to develop tumours.





>> No.71360334

>A trusted source
there are thousands of studies, dozens coming out every month that show the same thing

>inb4 (((wikipedia))) definition of "trusted source"

if you want to learn more start here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsaB7ewFsN0

>> No.71360339

Actually to be fair he did address it in a way. Like I said, I'm on the fence when it comes to 5G and my position is more general when it comes to the potential problems with EMF generally than 5G in particular. But as I've admitted several times I have no idea about this shit. I'm trying to learn, but it's not easy when what you meet is just a barrage of ad hominems and irrational spergouts. This is how people are on reddit too. Strange times.

>> No.71360340
File: 270 KB, 1185x699, 1559869677752-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word wagecattle programmed "safe" word

URGHHHH *vomits*

>> No.71360386

enjoy your "unrelated" health problems, cattle

>> No.71360396

>dead link
can trannies do anything right

>muh power
This statement misrepresents risk to the brain from the whole-body exposures used in the NTP study. While the exposure limit to RF radiation in the US is 0.08 W/kg averaged over the whole body, the localized exposure limit is 1.6 W/kg averaged over any one gram of tissue. Body tissues located nearest to the cell phone antenna receive much higher exposures than tissues located distant from the antenna. Thus, when an individual uses a cell phone and holds it next to his or her head, exposure to the brain will be much higher than exposures averaged over the whole body. When considering organ-specific risk (e.g., risk to the brain) from cell phone RF, the important measure of exposure is the SAR value of 1.6 W/kg averaged over any gram of tissue. In the NTP study in which animals were exposed to whole-body RF at SARs of 1.5, 3, and 6.0 W/kg, exposures in the brain were within 10% of the whole-body exposure levels. Therefore, in the NTP study, exposure intensities in the brain of rats were similar to or only slightly higher than localized human exposures from cell phones held next to the head

>muh survival rate was higher in exposed
Actually, there was no statistical difference in survival between control male rats and the exposure group with the highest rate of gliomas and heart schwannomas (CDMA-exposed male rats, SAR= 6.0 W/kg). Also, no glial cell hyperplasias (potential precancerous lesions) or heart schwannomas were observed in any control rat, even though glial cell hyperplasia was detected in RF-exposed rats as early at week 58 of the 2-year study and heart schwannomas were detected as early as week 70 in exposed rats. Thus, survival was sufficient to detect tumors or pre-cancerous lesions in the brain and heart of control rats.

>muh dose dependency
who said that the dose would influence the toxic effects of the signals? the study merely reports the obvious correlation between exposure, cancer

>> No.71360418
File: 21 KB, 600x600, 1507153640780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh survival rate
There was much more than one significant result. In addition to the significant trends, the incidence of heart Schwannomas was increased significantly in male rats exposed to either GSM and CDMA-modulated RF radiation. In addition, the incidences of gliomas plus glial cell hyperplasias and Schwannomas plus Schwann cell hyperplasias (hyperplasias are proliferative preneoplastic lesions) were increased significantly with both GSM and CDMA-modulated RF radiation.

in conclusion, kill yourself 5G discord tranny
enjoy your industry collapse caused by me

>> No.71360493

The Silence of the Tranny

>> No.71360511

you're delusional op.
go to the infirmary.

>> No.71360565
File: 230 KB, 500x913, 1506514325064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shut the tranny NPC up real good

>> No.71360579


>> No.71360622

Upwards related to which point of the reference?

>> No.71360656
File: 47 KB, 406x406, They_Live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're delusional op.
>go to the infirmary.

>> No.71360696

where did 5G tranny go after xis BTFO? dilation station?

>> No.71360704
File: 30 KB, 430x469, 5g_EMC_faceshield.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came as fast as I could Katherine!
It's looking bad out there..

Have you shown Johnny our awareness group page?

>> No.71360791

you fags are like antivaxers

>> No.71360799
File: 8 KB, 473x500, 1496956600246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are your masters getting worried about the rapidly ballooning anti-5G sentiment on social media, 5G tranny?

it doesnt help your case when you get btfo'd by the actual science and start sperging out

see above redditor

>> No.71360891

>the actual science
how about you look at the frequency ranges of 5g and compare them with electromagnetic spectrum, dumb frogposter?

>> No.71360907
File: 22 KB, 347x347, boom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you having a lark, Nancy? You do remember little Johnny has crippling autism and childhood leukemia and is busy shitting his pants, right?

>> No.71360917

oh shit never mind. might as well just filter you fags out

>> No.71360930

Wow, wikipedia has really become a pure propaganda outlet. Sad.

>> No.71360948

>Can't even get past wordfilters
Go back to social media, 4chan isn't for you

>> No.71360952

my sides

>> No.71360968

actual tranny here
rent free lol

>> No.71360969

according to your theory all the objects behind the direction of the movement of the earth should be expulsed from the earth to space with an acceleration of 9.8 m / (s ^ 2)

>> No.71360978

open up your physics workbook and see yourself.

>> No.71360979
File: 54 KB, 1280x720, no_passing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm hated by everyone
>victory! xD

>> No.71360987

>dead link
Schizo should be good at googling keywords by now, here, I'll spoon-feed you
Control rats in your shit study died before they could develop the same cancer. Cope.
>no glial cell hyperplasias (potential precancerous lesions) or heart schwannomas were observed in any control rat,
Blatant lie, schwannomas were found in 4 rats in the control group
Keep grasping at straws to try and defend your shit study, schizo

>> No.71360992

You mean medical workbook I presume.

>> No.71361003
File: 42 KB, 448x539, 1533435940127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>schizo schizo schizo

>> No.71361008

It would die from heat, not from cancer.

>> No.71361012
File: 735 KB, 2383x2313, They-Live-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you fags are like antivaxers

>> No.71361027

Spin has nothing to do with the chemical structures of any radicals.

>> No.71361028
File: 7 KB, 158x153, mamma_mia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gets BTFO
>calls everyone he doesn't like a tranny
>samefags to make it look like more people agree with him even though it's obvious he's replying to himself as soon as the post cooldown will let him
>still absolutely seething that based /sci/ mods ejected him from the board
>still thinks 5G will stop being rolled out in Australia
I've never seen so much cope from one (1) schizo

>> No.71361029
File: 3.45 MB, 1920x1080, bsm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>schizo schizo schizo
Be careful mah boi, it's the mating call of the "I fucking love science" plebbitor.

>> No.71361038
File: 14 KB, 259x194, A121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tranny tranny tranny

>> No.71361048
File: 274 KB, 650x592, 1533133909191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no i was kicked off a dead board
better go to a much more popular one and win the arguments there
oh wait i already did that
5G is being rejected by councils and big cities in America are voting to look at studies and do more studies before rolling it out
seethe tranny seethe

>le tinfoil
wubba lubba dub dub trannybros!

>> No.71361052

So 3.6 R/h?

>> No.71361053
File: 590 KB, 800x547, cf72b5c2d29a9f19108957749c6ddffc65550b7ee100fcefd456dae4eee704a8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take meds, not hormones.

>> No.71361068

>soviet russia was not imperialist

>> No.71361081

>dead board
Then show me its body
>win the arguments
Screaming "tranny" and spamming scat doesn't mean you've "won" anything, schizo
>5G is being rejected by councils and big cities in America
[citation needed]

>> No.71361084

spot the reddit frognigger

>> No.71361098

Precisely. Thank you.

>> No.71361107

I enjoyed it a lot, but mostly just because I'd already been fascinated by the Chernobyl incident for many years prior.

As for the "virtual signalling" part, I wouldn't go so far, but it's obvious what preconceptions the writers have about the Soviet system, and not even trying to look at it from both sides always ruins a narrative, no mater what it's about. I'm also not at all a fan of the "European bleak" style, but if there's any series that it's actually a good fit for, it's this.

>> No.71361117

reminder that you were systematically humiliated this thread and nothing can stop the snowballing effect that i am doing a lot to create


>> No.71361221

Not a citation, schizo. Some soccor moms temporarily delaying 5G cells via some legal loophole won't stop the inevitable march of technological progress. People like you protested 2G, 3G and 4G rollout, all of which came ubiquitous. No matter how hard you cry on this forum and spam your jpegs you cannot stop it

>> No.71361268

>mentally ill brainlet thinks he's actually making a difference
awww cute

>> No.71361272

never before has there been such a huge backlash to your trannywaves on social media. so much backlash the jew york times and fake news media are blaming it on russian hackers

the telecoms industry has months left max and i am accelerating its demise willingly.

you are helping with your disregard of the science.

>> No.71361302

>gets scientifically btfo by a mentally ill person

>> No.71361329

>gets scientifically btfo

>> No.71361340

i'd want to forget this thread too if i was a telecoms tranny

>> No.71361355
File: 180 KB, 1599x999, 1514593169079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the telecoms industry has months left max
Imagine actually believing this jej
Leave your schizo echo chamber for once in a while, 5G has already rolled out in many places and is being enjoyed by customers while schizos like you seethe impotently on your crank health forums

>> No.71361357

And people like you were debunking people who were worried about shit everyone knew was safe and healthy 50 years ago, like cigarettes and lobotomies. Both of you are insane cultists each on your own fringe.

>> No.71361364

Read faggots

>> No.71361373

Calling others trannies and shills is not "scientifically BTFOing" anyone
>people like you were debunking people who were worried about shit everyone knew was safe and healthy 50 years ago, like cigarettes and lobotomies
[Citation needed]

>> No.71361385

>many places
in a few cities and already there are dozens of health complaints. the tech is getting rolled back and the class actions are coming

i'd want to forget this thread too if i was a telecoms tranny

>> No.71361407

>[Citation needed]
Come on, don't be a faggot.

>> No.71361409

>in a few cities and already
[citation needed]
>dozens of health complaints
Just like there was for 2G 3G and 4G, look where that got you jej
>the tech is getting rolled back and the class actions are coming
lol nope

>> No.71361436
File: 88 KB, 1298x667, this kills the 5g tranny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


7.1 million views and look at the comments

type 5G into youtube and it's all videos about the dangers with the science, all with enormous viewcounts and 97+% like ratios

this never happened for 3G or 4G


>> No.71361466
File: 298 KB, 626x778, 1518398108287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no no 5G trannies

>> No.71361477

Very based and extremely redpilled. If I was female I would let you impregnate me as much as you want and bare you many strong children.

>> No.71361490

>i submit i submit!!!
a tranny learns its place in the pecking order

>> No.71361507

I have no idea if 5G is dangerous but I wholly approve the 5G is dangerous shilling. That video aptly explains why this is a fucking privacy nightmare in the works. Just put a stop to it any way possible. Dig physical cables for everyone and make sure you have some control over the connection nodes in your house. Personally I think the 5G health shilling is a way to distract from how this is a fucking dystopian surveillance development, which no one is talking about.

>> No.71361523
File: 1.22 MB, 1015x601, 3d mapping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the health effects are real but you are also very right about the privacy concerns

>> No.71361552

Well, at least the health concerns are harder to argue. You find studies for this and studies for that and there's govt and industry shills and tinfoilers who blame the reptiloids and all sorts of disinfo and cia niggardry. It's a fucking mess.

With the privacy concerns it's easy to see that, yeah, this is going to be fucking awful and terrible. There's really no arguing it. I guess that's why they don't want to argue about that, but focus all debate into the nebulous health debate instead.

>> No.71361587

you do have a point with how the industry trannies go to extreme lengths to obfuscate the science

just check this link to see how captured the MSM is by telecoms, with regards to the 30 million dollar study that produced clear evidence that phone signals cause significant health effects at levels way below thermal:


>> No.71361674

>No guys this blatant shill site with an agenda is the real source of trustworthy information

>> No.71361678

case in point

>> No.71361696

What exactly are they shilling for though?

>> No.71361732

it's all a big conspiracy against the innocent telecoms-military-industrial complex

>> No.71361791

Now that's the good question. If I had to guess, just based on a skimming of the site, they're probably angling for grant money. I can tell you as a political scientist I've not once seen a website that looks like that which is trying to do anything other than dupe individuals for an agenda. Notice how in all of the 'about' sections they're clearly talking about a single issue, despite the organization using a name clearly intended to imply some kind of general, multi-topic area of involvement? That's usually a telltale sign of shilling. Click around a bit, they're trying to fearmonger on everything tangentially related to EM stuff they can find. They're talking about how VR is totally Google cooking the brains of children. It just so happens they've found a platform that resonates with people here.

>> No.71361819

>specious hedge-betting

>> No.71361834

If you want to believe the first official-looking site you see that confirms your biases, feel free. Just stop shitting up /g/ with it.

>> No.71361859

>"lol its biased bro trust me"
>offers no argument or refutation of any article
>literally links wikipedia
the state of (You)

>> No.71361863

Sure, that might be it. I do feel there's high political pressure and money behind a lot of shit today, so it's reasonable to be skeptical of the mainstream as well. God knows society and science has been terribly wrong before. But that said I admit I have no idea about any of this.

>> No.71362192

Because 3G and 4G were before every 30IQ subhuman and boomer had a phone. The internet used to be a nice neighborhood.

>> No.71362226

Yes and flat earth videos get similar numbers, there are 7bn people on the planet, what's your point?

>> No.71362267
File: 236 KB, 496x273, 1501947291274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only us high IQ atheist redditors know that microwaves are great to bathe living organisms in despite background microwave radiation being 0.000000001 uw/cm2 and also being unpolarized therefore much less toxic

>> No.71362300

>also being unpolarized therefore much less toxic

>> No.71362314


>> No.71362347

>Light or other electromagnetic radiation from many sources, such as the sun, flames, and incandescent lamps, consists of short wave trains with an equal mixture of polarizations;
AKA you're getting all the polarization and therefore all the harm

>> No.71362362

fucking captcha
Proof polarization causes harm?

>> No.71362387


The polarization is massively different than in nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields)

>> No.71362402

>nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic fields)
Take a physics course before you go spouting acronyms you don't understand

>> No.71362416

Your link explains polarization in the CMB, not how polarization is harmful.

>> No.71362453

"nnEMF" is not in any physics textbook shithead


polarization is harmful because it affects ion oscillation in our cells


>> No.71362469
File: 108 KB, 515x683, polarization.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71362470

>"nnEMF" is not in any physics textbook shithead
No shit retard

>> No.71362506

it is in biophysics textbooks though which is for adults not tranny autist permanent adolescents such as yourself

>> No.71362511

Post one then

>> No.71362524

i prefer to keep trash out of my field if you'll mind the pun

>> No.71362542
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, 1555045579879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Citations are youtube, conspiracy sites, "nuh uh" and calling people trannies

>> No.71362556
File: 427 KB, 800x869, loool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>citations are CNN, wikipedia and calling people schizo tinfoilers

>> No.71362582

>UR JOO!11!!!1!
Wow fagtron you sure showed me with those hot opinions

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