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>e3 slide leak
>16c/32t 4.7ghz turbo

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nice photoshop

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This has to be fake......RIGHT?

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nobody needs more than 10 cores and one intel core at 5GHz is worth 2 amd cores at 4.7GHz anyways.

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6 cores? What do you need 4 cores for? Are't 2 cores enough? Here's your 1 core CPU bro

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keeping seething, amdrones, i'll soon be enjoying your salty tears once your bubble bursts again, just like in times of c2d :^)

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>keeping seething, amdrones, i'll soon be enjoying your salty tears once your bubble bursts again, just like in times of c2d :^)

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This implies that they have a 10nm product that's not DOA. Ice Lake-U is a paper launch.

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Intel will become 10nm superpower in 2030, you'll see

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all those cores and nothing outside or rendering and VMs to take advantage.

AMD is really e-peening here. hell not even the 8700k is hampered by anything in gaming.

game devs need to get onboard or intel and amd need to cut the "more coars" shit and focus on ultra fast quads cores.

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> @
You need to go back.

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Imagine 4k video encoding while streaming
Imagine the workloads

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>I don't understand physics.

Inturds really are dumb.

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This tbqh. The last paradigm defining thing to come out was speedmonster quad core 6700k.

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the 8700k is already choking on plenty of stuff compared to a 9700k

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Physics don't matter

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Just like how Intel destroyed their name with the Pentium 4 by trying to go beyond 4GHz?

You're the ones who don't realize that Intel is only throwing 5GHz because they're limited.

The same fucking logic worked with the Intel bruteforcing Pentium 4's with MOAR GHz when they were faced with Athlon 64 X2's? Right Inturds?

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>still can't reach 5Ghz

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>not 5Ghz
guess adored was wrong again.

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how is a 6700k in any way impressive it's barely faster than a 4790k

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>doesn't know that AMD reached 5GHz first.
>Muh Nigguhertz

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Doesn't need 5Ghz. It already curb stomps the 9900k at 4.7.

Abd look at the TDP. 105W for 16 cores.

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5GHz superpower by 2038

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>trusting AMD's TDP
kek, remember 9590?

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why stop 4.7 ghz? why not 5,6 or 10?

The sky's the limit when you're photoshopping

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>16 cores
>gaming cpu


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kek, remember 9900k?

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>nigger calls kettle black.

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>companies never market to retard gaymurs with more money than sense

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Yup. And the 9590 not over clocked took the rated 125w. When you over locked it to 5+Ghz it took 250w.

Your point?

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40 hardware security vulnerabilities has been delivered to your Intel CPU. Thanks for defending Intel online

/Intel Damage Control Team

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>Imagine being a technology grognard
256k is all you will ever need!

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>tfw you realize that games being developed for the PS5 and Xbox "Two" are designed to maximize 16 threads.

Inturds got fucking worked. Imagine buying 8/8 CPU's and realizing that new games ported from the PS5 and new Xbox are optimized to make use of 16 threads

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meh, I'll believe it when I see it
not sure if games will keep scaling very well beyond what's being done already

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Imagine thinking they could brute force a super clocked 8/8 to equal a power sipping 8/16.

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you realize that API's are moving towards parallel computing and that both Vulkan and DX12 are doing optimizations to improve multi-core performance.

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What you need 16 cores for. I’d rather prefer 8 cores + navi apu.

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>3.5 GHz base
>4.7 GHz boost

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buy a PS5

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No way my shit x470 k4 will run it so I'll just stay with my 2700x until 5ghz+ is possible

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yes, but they also relieve overhead, and amdahl's law exists

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If it is videocardz then it is 100% true, literally only site I trust with leaks in tech industry.

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9590 was not rated at 125w - it was rated for 220w which is roughly what it pulls under stock conditions. This massive leap in TDP vs the 8xxx chips is why only a handful of motherboards supported them (mostly asus) precisely because it wasn't a bullshit number.

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Can't wait for 240hz ips to come out and jizz all over it hnng get one of these fuckers at 5ghz+ oc

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699$, calling it now. AMD will take a premius but not too much.

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Low boost duration is the simplest answer. Intel does it that way as once you start loading all cores you can't maintain TDP at such high clocks for very long. Its why AVX fucking annihilates Intel TDP numbers and chips will throttle below base clocks to stop them from melting as it is so stressful.

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kek. you niggers won't buy an AMD cpu running at 1Ghz while killing the 9900kelvin at 5.2Ghz in gayman benchmarks

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>Frequency doesn't matter!11

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Good thing about gaming fx boards is that they had great caps. Mine still run fine since 2013 on the original caps.

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It really doesn't because if it did. Intel would've not switched it up and just tried to reach 10GHz and burned their fabs trying to do it against the Athlon 64.

Also, Imagine trying to justify Ice Lake's clocks vs your current lineup next year.

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I say 999. Threadripper was a 1200 dollar chip.

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>one intel core at 5GHz is worth 2 amd cores at 4.7GHz
* in amount of power draw (higer is better)
ayy lmao

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what a beast

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Bruh that 72MB of cache and 4.7Ghz single core
>but I bet it all-core turbos to 4.3Ghz with PBO

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so this basicly confirms that 5.0 ghz is pretty much feasable

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likely 749$, half the cost of intels 16-core

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4.6 All-core. AMD just needed to reach a single-core parity with Intel. Better Multithreading would do the rest.

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no (you) for you!

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The 3.2C could be overclocked to over 4GHz.

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yes even fucking 2xxx ryzen on LPP had a 300-350mhz headroom

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Amdahl's law is complete bullshit for the specific realm of graphics pipelines, game engines, etc. There are certainly algorithms which must be run in a serial fashion, but a vast majority of the slow parts can be trivially parallelized if the developers know what they are doing. Ray tracing is a great example of something that scales linearly basically out to infinity.

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oh no, you sound like that retard youtuber moore's law is dead

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find me a 4.6ghz 2700x lmao

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>there's still a market for threadripper

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>16 cores 32 threads

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and you sound like a retarded NEET who failed out of college after a sad attempt at an engineering degree.
>muh academia theory concepts applied universally without any regard for context

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Future proofing for multi platform ports from the PS5 and the new Xbox.

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Because if you bought kaby lake 4 core shit in 2017 you got fucked hard.

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>focus on ultra fast quads cores

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kaby lake is great - EOL in under a year and no upgrade path.

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the context was specifically related to workloads that aren't particularly parallelizable
add more "cores" to a gpu and performance scales almost linearly, yes, but you're just being a gigantic retard in not realizing what dx12 and vulkan do with more threads

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AMD is already implementing infinity fabric on Apple GPUs

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~$660 would be same price/core as 3700x/3900x so something between 649 and 699 seems kikely

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700+ is more likely

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They've already implemented it on Vega.

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single core boost probably

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>3.9 beats 4.8 ghz

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16 core 4.7ghz 105w tdp
This is too good to be true. Convince me I'm wrong /g/, please.

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That's an interconnect between the GPUs not on them. It's on the card, like crossfire but for HPC GPGPU

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We don't know the price, probably around 700 burgers

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>”making use of 16 threads” means the same as actually gaining benefit from
16 cores


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>irrelevant game
>irrelevant CPUs
you're not even trying

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It's much lower all core boost speeds. Until you over clock it, then you're pushing 200w through 16 cores at 4.7Ghz all core.

>> No.71343792

more PCIe lanes and memory channels are still a big benefit for HEDT workloads

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Yeah, maybe if AMD finds a way to manufacture game developers
Studios do everything they can to keep developing on old shitty engines for as long as they can

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Just because I want to be pleasantly surprised if it's cheaper. Remember, AMD has to increase revenue.

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Will perform worse in games than any quadcore with higher clock rate while probably costing twice as much

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Guess the price
My bet is $999

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Are you dumb?

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same, i'd like to go back to a single GPU setup for KVM without getting raped by intel. if amd does 8c/16t apu i'll preorder it

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>AMD: here's Threadripper, the single most powerful CPU you can fit in a desktop case.
>AMD: but watch this *destroys threadripper with basic desktop Ryzen*
>Intel: *quietely cries in the corner*

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Even if you were to perfectly develop a game, trying to achieve nothing but making use of as many cores as possible, you would never end up even close to utilizing 16. There is only so much shit that you can parallelize in a game. It’s not possible to utilize that much.

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>Thinks he can brute force ryzen with corelakes
It's so cute when intcels lose their minds

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>Ray Tracing

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that would be fucking hilarious if they do a benchmarks against threadripper instead of intel

literally nuclear level of seething will ensure

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>no arguments
>better post the jew hehehe

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We don't know, could be anywhere from $600 to $1000

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>AMD has been hiding their best of the best CPU for a fucking E3 conference, when they had more coverage a few weeks ago on the keynote.
>"Gaming CPU" even though no game uses 16 cores and most games arent CPU bound
>Probably 700-800 dollars which is far outside the usual market for gaming.
I dont buy it. Not because i dont think AMD can make such hardware, but because i think the marketing is fucking retarded.

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that guy is fucking delusional

>> No.71343890

I'm an AMD fan. but
>not naming it 3900FX

Would've been awesome

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Of course the marketing is retarded. It's AMD.

>> No.71343907

16 cores for $450 is fucking retarded, the prices are way too low

>> No.71343913

>The authenticity of the slide could not be confirmed in such a short time, but we decided to publish it regardless. Take it with a grain of salt :)
i hope it's legit but no guarantees

>> No.71343914

It'll be 1.000 since it's higher core count at higher clocks, so they're binned parts, and on top of that AMD can market this against intel as having double the cores compared to the intel counterpart for the same price, so it's better at produtivity and at the same time I'll be much better at gaming for that clockspeed.

>> No.71343915

so far amd is doubling the price for double the cores

so 700-800 is realistic

>> No.71343919

With black label branding for golden samples to hit 5.0Ghz.

>> No.71343939

16 cores are guaranteed, we don't know boost clocks

>> No.71343940

That's because AMD saw intlel couldn't compete and decided to sandbag and increase the prices
And the r9 3850x that overclocks to 5ghz was saved for the next year https://twitter.com/BitsAndChipsEng/status/1133044083772088322

>> No.71343941

It was 1000 you naga.

>> No.71343955

You're thinking about running asynchronously(like i/o not blocking game logic), which has always been done, but there's plenty of stuff that scales to any number of cores like physics and enemy AI.

>> No.71343971

I'm calling Photoshop. No way AMD marketing is this dumb, marketing 16 core for gaming instead of workstations. I'm seriously hyped and it's probably my next upgrade but it's really not that great for gaming when you have 8 cores already.

>> No.71343978

>needs 50% more cores and smt to overcome a 23% frequency advantage
Really great stuff.

>> No.71343990

>Account made for fun, don't take all our tweets so seriously. ;)

>> No.71344000

>completely misses point that they're on the similar price bracket, with the Kaby Lake even pricier.

Being an Inturd really does give you low IQ.

>> No.71344002

>>there's still a market for threadripper
my pcie based fpgas and my xeon phi cannot run on consumeshit motherboards, due to big BARs.
So yeah, there's market for threadripper.

>> No.71344007

wtf i thought moar niggahurtz = better

>> No.71344022

>it's cheaper and faster but somehow that's a bad thing because it has more cores

>> No.71344029


>> No.71344044

>Account made for fun, don't take all our tweets so seriously. ;)
if you used twiter you'd know that's standard fare for any non official PR account just like "opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent [X]" where X is the company/association

>> No.71344049

The fact that they sell them at lesser margins isn't exactly a technical achievement.

>> No.71344068

>The fact that they sell them at lesser margins isn't exactly a technical achievement
wrong. They can sell it cheaper because they have better yields than intel. You fucking retard, part of the reason why intel is stuck on 14nm, is because they can't produce 10nm reliably. Are you really this braindead brand loyalty faggot?

>> No.71344079

now i really want to know what the deal is with the fucking 3800x.
half the cores, lower clocks and same tdp.

>> No.71344088

Which is exactly what would bring you performance increases if you had more cores. Uselessly spreading shit across cores just for the sake of doing it wont bring you performance.
Destiny 2 was specifically developed with as much multithreading as possible, they went all out on this approach.
And yet, it gains no benefit from 6 cores on.

>> No.71344097

Next month this time you'll find out

>> No.71344099 [DELETED] 

3700X and 3800X = 1700X and 1800X

>> No.71344145

It's not even about intel vs amd. God you guys are some huge fucking autists.
It about not dropping 1k onto a 16 core CPU for GAMING purposes you fucking mong

>> No.71344161

Half the price

>> No.71344163

If AMD gives a chip a 105w TDP then odds are its power draw is actually going to be in that range. The 1800X and 2700X pull 110-115w~ if you absolutely hammer them in a 100% FPU load torture test.
If legit this is a 16core/32 thread part, consuming under 125w, all core boost will probably hit 4ghz easy. Nobody has anything that can touch this.

Only faggots who watch AdoredTV think this is disappointing.

>> No.71344168

>now i really want to know what the deal is with the fucking 3800x
it has to do with better binning obviously but mostly with the new auto-oc thingy (forgot the name)

A higher tdp= more headroom for all core boost and quad core boost and whatnot

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>AMD having 90%+ yields and being able to sell a CPU with more cores and SMT cheaper than the Intlel counterpart (because that one has shit yields) is not a technical achievement
You are dumb, really, really dumb.

>> No.71344228

>They can sell it cheaper because they have better yields than intel.
You don't actually know that, that's just pure speculation. It's just as possible that Intel is simply milking their customers more, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if that were the actual case.

But even if you're right, then there's still no reason to assume that the higher yields (which would, in themselves, be a technical achievement) would have to come at the cost of a worse microarchitecture.

>and SMT cheaper
SMT is cheap for both AMD and Intel, it's just that Intel fuses it off more aggressively for artificial product segmentation.

>> No.71344246

I literally just sold my last intel rig and bought (ANOTHER) one.
Why would I pay $500 for a processor with 1/2 as much pcie lanes and memory slots? I used this product launch to buy another threadripper on the cheap .. funded in part by getting rid of an intel machine. AMD still gets revenue here...

>> No.71344252

I'm terms of gaming, yeah you don't need more than 6 cores really but in terms of 3d rendering to have 16 core all running reasonably fast is really good and appealing

>> No.71344321

Doing multiple things at once without slowing any of them down has been the dream since the first dual cores came out. How hard is this to understand?

>> No.71344330

It's not speculation.. it's a reasoned assertion.
Because you have no clue about chip manuf, you state this. If you were aware, you wouldn't state this. Yield shrinks with die size thus why AMD with with MCM to begin with. You essentially don't even know the basics of what you're talking about. So kindly stfu brainlet

>> No.71344337

All those VRMs, WTF is this?

>> No.71344365

Gaming is not that important. I downclock my GPU and rate restrict its FPS. Why? Because I have a 27" IPS monitor @ 60hz that maxes out at 60fps and I don't want my room to turn into an inferno. I use a computer for way more important shit than gaming... More cores are used to accelerate my work. Even a quad core from 5 years ago can handle retarded ass games. Game engines change now that core counts are higher. Games are a hobby not my life. 10% of my compute time is spent gaming. I could give a fuck less about a 8700k. I can see how some basement dwelling sperg who plays vidya all day does though

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>>71343338 (falseflagging)
I love delusional intelfags on damage control coping with their buyer remorse

>> No.71344372

AYYYMDDD housefire
it's named so for a reason

>> No.71344373

>It's not speculation.. it's a reasoned assertion.
Only about Xeon (or the Xeon i9s) vs. TR/Epyc. There's absolutely no reason to assume Ryzen sees better yields than the i5/i7. If anything, Zeppelin is a (much) larger die (213 mm2) than the 4C Skylake client die (122 mm2), and Intel's 14 nm line having probably an order of magnitude more traffic than GloFo's, it's likely to be better tuned for higher yields as well.

>> No.71344405

60 hz monitors don't "max out" at 60fps. Higher fps still reduces your input lagg and increases the chances of your monitor displaying more recent frames.

>> No.71344417

Are you retarded? Zen 2 is more expensive than the equivalent ryzen/+ to make. Theres no way they would take something thats more expensive to make then double the quality for free

>> No.71344421

How am I false flagging if I own a 2700x?
I am waiting for that magical 5ghz+ 240fps goodness no point settling for 144hz now

>> No.71344425

Anon, look at those fucking 1% Lows

>> No.71344434

2x300W house fire

>> No.71344451

dumbest fucking post in this thread

>> No.71344479

>history doesn't matter!

>> No.71344502

So will the 3700X be shit or what?

>> No.71344511

No, you are the one who's retarded if you think they are not getting at least a 100% profit from the cost of the cpu's. They just upped the prices because they know intel can't compete, but if intel were able to compete, they would've released the 3000 series for cheaper

>> No.71344521

>it's a reasoned assertion
So it's speculation.

>> No.71344523

It will be good. How good remains to be seen.

>> No.71344538

one of the higher ups on radeon said that chiplet design for gpus are nice for enterprise, datacenter and compute workloads, not so much for gaymen
considering that a gpu taking 1 ms extra to render a frame will make their gpu appeae lower on muh benchmarks, and that latency is one of the interconnect's drawbacks, we'll probably not see consumer cheap chiplet gpus any time soon

>> No.71344562

what's the benefit of more cores for the average guy who plays games and browses the internet? how many cores do I really need nowadays?

>> No.71344574

> not realizing that this is a factor that I don't care about...
> OMG, you're missing out on 1-5 FPS
I don't care was the point. I use my computer to compute not drool over vidya performance thus why I have a 60hz IPS to begin with.
> Only about Xeon (or the Xeon i9s) vs. TR/Epyc.
Stop posting you fucking idiot.
> There's absolutely no reason to assume Ryzen sees better yields than the i5/i7.
Assume? There's published numbers. AMD has higher yields retard. This was known 2 years ago. Where the fuck have you been? Assume? AMD has a completely different design/fab process. Of course the yields are different.
> And Intel's 14 nm line having probably an order of magnitude more traffic than GloFo's, it's likely to be better tuned for higher yields as well.
And this is you doubling down on retardation. Intel has a more costly fab process/design. That's all that matters. This was established by industry numbers.

>> No.71344580

>some tech illiterate retards are still blindly regurgitating AdoredTV's asspulled nonsense about yields being impossibly high
The chiplets aren't going to have high yields. They're probably getting 30-40% known good candidates per wafer, and thats if they're extremely lucky.
AMD is bumping up prices on their premium SKUs because they fucking need to, you dumb spergs. You can't hope to remain a competitive force in this industry when your net revenue is only
$1-$2 billion per year.

>> No.71344581

Fanboys fighting over their favourite brands is some sort of meta troll, right? Or are they paid shills? I can't understand what's happening ITT.

>> No.71344591

> this is what occurs when you try to have a discussion with a retard
Yes anon I know...
Now it's a fact : https://www.globalspec.com/reference/50021/203279/5-8-chip-size-and-yield

How does it feel retard?

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intcel cope

>> No.71344617

>intel hasn't been able to get higher frequencies unless turning into a housefire
>amd has managed to cram more and more cores in their cpus for cheap
at this rate, that performance difference will only grow bigger in favor of amd

>> No.71344625

>Adored paypig thinks everyone is an intel shill
Pathetic. Keep grasping at those straws.

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>> No.71344644

If the 65w tdp is anywhere close to reality it could be the perf/W king second to none.

>> No.71344653

> pulling numbers out of your ass..
It was asserted that yields on Ryzen were 80%+.
Zen 2 is considered to be in the neighborhood of 70%.

I really need to avoid idiots. It serves no purpose reading this dumb fuck garbage.

>> No.71344657


>> No.71344663

8 cores, 16 threads. Smooth buttery frame rates.

>> No.71344667

if u dont care why are u opening your dog mouth? we are on the bleeding edge here discussing a bleeding edge CPU none cares about ur personalitly pcmasterrace vidya larp go fuck off to reddit with that

>> No.71344671

Will it be good for overclocking considering it's TDP?

>> No.71344689
File: 1.05 MB, 801x1500, 1559067704246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71344707

There's so much sopa in this macaco

>> No.71344714

>single core is enough for everyone
- Anand the Pajeet Shimpi,moments after he was ordered to commence damage control after the release of the first multicore x86 cpu.

>> No.71344734

Not him but he's right about needing to bump prices up. Wafers are more expensive, lower yields per chiplet than the entire zen 1 die. Add on the IO die, then the placement onto the interposer, and then for the 12 and 16 cores add on a second chiplet and an multiplied rate of failure for the placement.

There's no way Zen 2 isn't significantly more expensive to make than Zen 1/+ chips, especially the 12 and 16 cores. Wouldn't be surprised if it's 3x the cost to AMD as the 2700x. Still plenty profitable I'm sure, but it's already a deadly amount of value for AMD. The AdoredTV prices were just absolute nonsense expecting 12C gold for $300

>> No.71344759

The Zeppelin die had good yields because the 14LPP process was extremely mature already when GloFo licensed it from Samsung. They had Samsung engineers present who oversaw operations and periodically ran test wafers to ensure yields were consistent across all of their 14nm facilities around the world.
7nm has drastically more lith masks, and its a fucking immersion litho process, you cluessly negroid retard. It will never, ever be a high yield node.
There is literally nothing anywhere to substantiate this retarded claim of a 70% yields. Its something that AdoredTV literally pulled out of his ass because he didn't understand how defect binning works. The fact that you'd blindly repeat it proves you don't understand the basics of defect binning either.

When you have an IC that will yield a potential 100 candidates per wafer, and only 33 of them are known good candidates, that means only 333 of them work. At all. That doesn't mean those 33 are simply the best possible silicon. It means those 33 are the only dies with every unit functioning necessary to boot and operate. Clock binning is taken away from this pool of candidate chips. You don't get to use every single one of these 33 dies. Some of them will fail qualifications for clocks and power despite still working.
AdoredTV is too dumb to understand a simple article on semiwiki, and you're even dumber than that for listening to him

>> No.71344777

I plan to get the 3900x. Is it stupid or?

>> No.71344783
File: 96 KB, 867x685, t4g36ba8qi221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71344796

Do you have a feasible use-case? If you're doing shit like video editing or 3D modelling then it's a more solid buy but if you're only gaming just get the 3700/3800X

>> No.71344820

It's from bitsandchips not adored

>> No.71344830

fake and gayz

>> No.71344838

Not sure where you need 16 cores for gayming but hey that thing's gonna be a beast for a lot of other purposes. AMD just kinda casually dunking on 4-digit price Xeons.

>> No.71344839

AMD was like
>I got i9900k problems but Intel ain't one

>> No.71344853

Bitsandchips reports rumor content for clicks like everyone else, retard. The claim is from AdoredTV.
You might as well start sourcing wccftech.

>> No.71344861

Why would more ever be stupid? If you can afford it, get it. Especially if you multi-task and leave programs open a lot.

>> No.71344868


>> No.71344943

Given Su has stated - on record - that the competition can't compete AMD is straight up preparing the warmachine for another holocaust. The ryzen vs Intel's desktop chips is just a sideshow - the real apocalypse is what Rome is going to do.

>> No.71344951


>> No.71344972

and when intel delivers the c2d2 i'll buy one of those too WHOA mind blowing. you fucking retard

>> No.71344973
File: 908 KB, 405x720, 1551399319800.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Marketing a 16 core to gamers

>> No.71344981

And Intel is doubling down with security issues, forcing even more industries to switch over to EPYC
What we are witnessing here is the beginning of the end for intel
They are going to be IBM tier within 5-10 years

>> No.71344987

Based ginger gril

>> No.71345006
File: 27 KB, 425x521, DdbrF_UV4AAQJT5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Marketing a 16 core to gamers
it actually makes sense since intel is left with only enthusiast gaymurz in the desktop segment

No point in marketing towards "productivity people" since that demographic is 100% AYMD by now already

>> No.71345023


>> No.71345043

GAYMES gamer games
GAMER games games gaming gamer games


>> No.71345054
File: 65 KB, 1024x736, 1510633104044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What an absolute great time to be alive!
AMD is really killing it and I just hope Intel tries its best as well
Competition between the corps is giving us some really neat stuff atm

>> No.71345067

ryzen for life
fuck hotfixes
fuck nsa
gas the jews

>> No.71345124

>I don't know anything about parallel computing, but I'm going to make very bold claims regardless

>> No.71345191
File: 15 KB, 184x190, 1559686646874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it is a single 8 core chiplet which means no core to core communication latency like ryzen 1 and 2, which in turn means it will perform significantly better in latency sensitive workloads(like vidya or other single threaded applications).
The higher TDP might be due to a more aggressive boost algorithm in addition to being on a single chiplet, which removes area from the CPU package making it harder to cool (thus higher TDP).

>> No.71345206

ryzen is less expensive than zen+, including the new costs for 7nm. Chiplets are a a miracle.

>> No.71345216

based, based, based and based

>> No.71345233

3800x are bottom of the barrel chiplets.

>> No.71345250

it literally doesn't, it was used as a marketing gimmick with CPU cards way back and stuck.
Frequency is just one part of the equation for the actual output, it's a multiplier of sorts considering the amount of actual processing per cycle can be vastly different between processors even with the same number of cores.

>> No.71345265

and AMD is still beating or on par with Intel
Intel gets literally shit on by AMD's drags

>> No.71345274

Lose weight

>> No.71345284

why not?
PC players are not console games, they don't just sit at their PC and play a game without anything else open.
One of their pitches for Ryzen was using extra cores to record gameplay instead of using shitty capture like shadowplay/RElive

>> No.71345297
File: 238 KB, 1200x800, D8j5NdvXUAISh0o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71345327
File: 25 KB, 1126x119, amd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ryzen 7 3800X
>105W tdp
>Ryzen 9 3900X
>105W tdp
>Ryzen 9 3950X
>105W tdp
>the double of cores
>the same TDP
Seems legit

>> No.71345344


>> No.71345364


>> No.71345373

you think you know what you're talking about butyou don't. It seems counter-intuitive but then you remember that the same chiplet is being used for the entry level desktop up to server grade cpu's. those are a lot of sku's and Q&A brackets

>> No.71345375


>> No.71345407

>>I don't know anything about parallel computing, but I'm going to make very bold claims regardless

>> No.71345429

>What are phisics engines
>What is raytracing
All they need is MS on their side to promote CPU implementations in directx.

>> No.71345464

imagine having to pay 1 thousand dollars premium in the least for ecc support. Imagine being so lost in it that this defines his reality, he can't even cope™ with what should have always been the standard and ethical practice. he can't even understand how it's remotely possible to NOT be jewed out of his money for no good reason.

>> No.71345485


>> No.71345496
File: 81 KB, 640x800, 1560084170396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that this is proof of binning, and we'll likely be able to buy 8 core Ryzens and unlock them into 16 core

>> No.71345508

Don't forget to get some chicken from based Chick fil La

>> No.71345518

You two are fucking retarded.

A single chiplet has a lower yield than the entire Ryzen 1/+ die. The entire thing. To complete a Zen 2 package you need at least one 7nm chiplet, which has a higher wafer cost and lower yield; a 14nm IO die which is still pretty big; a substrate; and an expensive process to bond the dies together on the package, so expensive that Intel invented an entire new process for their mobile G series SoC/APUs with Vega on package rather than use the off the shelf solution. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a Zen 2 CPU costs twice as much as the equivalent Zen 1 CPU to make

Chiplets still contain 2 4-core CCXs. Zen2 hides memory latency with a significantly bigger cache.

>> No.71345531

>unlock them into 16 core
Literally impossible if they don't add a second chiplet to the 8 core parts.

I've never eaten there

>> No.71345542

No amd CPUs don't unlock since bulldozer. They literally fry inactive cores. Though there was one time with ryzen on chinese market, but that looked like some kind of marketing stunt, just like 8gb rx 480s branded as 4gb. They were literally different parts branded with the wrong number.

>> No.71345543

>inb4 $750 dollars

>> No.71345602

More like

>> No.71345616

nice and maybe

>> No.71345619

so you work for tsmc and you know exactly the yields and costs.
hint: no one knows the costrs, they are ballpark guesstimates, the older the node the better ballpark.
ryzen 1/+ were monolithic, they're way bigger. Yields for the chiplets are inherently higher due to them being way smaller. There were also lot's of variants before, where now everything is a 8 core chiplet. Fro entry level to server. As i said before, those make for lot's of binning brackets. You are nitpicking on things that indeed increase the cost marginally while you lowball how much of an impact the single chiplet design affetcs the entire fabrication process.

>> No.71345639


>> No.71345666

Its why the 9900k and 9700k have same TDP - the 9900k just spends less time at its highest pstate.

>> No.71345732

look at the base clocks and understand what tdp is

>> No.71345766

>I have no idea what TDP means

>> No.71345790

DirectX 11 took some time to be adopted and now is basicaly mandatory. This will happen to DX12 when the new consoles launch, every game will use DX12 and DX12 doesn't have the limitation of 4 cores like DX11 has.

>> No.71345817

>Yields for the chiplets are inherently higher due to them being way smaller
That's not how it works. And it hasn't been true since 20nm when cost per transistor officially went up over the old generation because smaller nodes were producing lower yields.


>There were also lot's of variants before, where now everything is a 8 core chiplet. Fro entry level to server
Which tells us nothing about yield. Ryzen 1 wasn't a small volume product. The only real impact would be up front design costs but 7nm is significantly more expensive to design for anyway so all they're doing is somewhat avoiding extra costs.

3x the cost of 14/16nm

You're just full of shit. Fuck off retard. And nice job ignoring the fact that minimum Zen 2 needs a chiplet and IO die that needs to be packaged somewhere else. The logistics of ferrying dies around for processing alone probably kills any made up bullshit cost advantage your deluded mind is making up.

>> No.71345882

Assassins Creed Unity.

>> No.71345929


>> No.71346012

What are we expecting from next-generation EPYC?

>> No.71346086

Alright guys, how is it goin

>> No.71346140


The Division 1/2 both use sixteen threads equally in DX11 and that's a fucking Ubisoft game, it's clearly doable.

>> No.71346156

>The logistics of ferrying dies around for processing alone probably kills any made up bullshit cost advantage your deluded mind is making up.
you have no idea what logistics is nor shipping costs

>> No.71346164

Using threads is actually easy. Just distribute work to a thread pool and keep it full with some random shit. Using threads efficiently, to avoid excess overhead from issuing work and retrieving results, is much harder, especially when you're running psuedo realtime workloads

>> No.71346168

To absolutely cream the 48c abomination Intel is gluing together.

>> No.71346297
File: 157 KB, 1080x1920, 10Ghzby2011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We were supposed to have 10Ghz eight years ago. Intel held it back to capitalise on the shekels

>> No.71346316

But what about thermodynamics

>> No.71346436


>> No.71346466

Wait for Intel sekrit sauce...

>> No.71346609

What are you even on about. I'm saying that "reasoned assertion" and "speculation" are the same thing.

>> No.71346647

>Assume? There's published numbers. AMD has higher yields retard.
Neither AMD nor Intel publish their yield numbers.
Who doesn't know that? Given that Zeppelin is larger than then Skylake client die, it only reinforces that the latter is cheaper.

>> No.71346675

>muh games

back to /v/ manchildren.

>> No.71346678

>intel hasn't been able to get higher frequencies unless turning into a housefire
Hardly an argument in favor of AMD, since Zen can't get higher frequencies even by turning into housefires.
>amd has managed to cram more and more cores in their cpus for cheap
See >>71344049

>> No.71347059

Enjoy losing desktop and server marketshare to Zen because of "muh niggahurtz" argument

>> No.71347160

>Neither AMD nor Intel publish their yield numbers
TSMC does you idiot
7nm is about 70%, if this goes up to 85-90% within this and next year, well will get better binned chips for the mid range, probably going to be labeled zen2+

>> No.71347256
File: 540 KB, 618x822, 1557046336671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah buddy, this is getting better by the day.
Hope they launch it at the same time with the other Ryzens.
I don't want to wait for Christmas for this to arrive. The wait has been too long already.

>> No.71347260

That's what 7nm+ in 2020 is for
5nm in 2021

>> No.71347368

Noone said it was worse overall.

>> No.71347390

How the fuck 1 core can have 2 threads?

>> No.71347392

What does TSMC's 7 nm yields have to do with a comparison between the 1600X and the 7600K?
>7nm is about 70%
What is that even supposed to mean? Since we all know that yield is highly dependent on die size, quoting percent yields on a process seems like non-information.

>> No.71347404
File: 64 KB, 691x771, 1559331696178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


תמחק את זה

>> No.71347455

I think when AMD lists this as a "gaming cpu" what they're going to imply is that this is a "streaming cpu".

Twitch streamers are this generation's version of of all those artistic photographers who spent way too much money on DSLRs thinking their equipment was holding them back from greatness. I think AMD will try to market themselves to that demographic with claims like "no more dropped frames" or "smoothest streaming experience". They could get bold and go for something aggressive like "your audience deserves the best" and try to guilt people into buying their product.

>> No.71347471

Guilt people? AMD is simply vastly superior to Intel in gaming+streaming scenarios.

>> No.71347494

4.7GHz * 16 cores = 75.2 GHz


>> No.71347499

yes, guilt people
a 7600k is all you need for streaming

>> No.71347502

>gaming+streaming scenarios.
You can't use that as an example because /g/ will instantly tell you that nobody games and streams on the same machine, said person would get a 2nd, dedicated streaming PC.

>> No.71347518 [DELETED] 

Not in reality. Even 8700k chokes with its 6 cores in gaming+streaming.

>> No.71347539

Who cares how they market it? Anything to break the hegemony of Xeon in the workstation space.

>> No.71347558
File: 2.49 MB, 320x240, 2ba2b1d08fe1c8b99fbf018920138d2eb8b99e0088871a56aebfc3b425b21d6b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a 7600k is all you need for streaming
look at this dude oh no no

>> No.71347562
File: 137 KB, 2053x1025, 1558971971271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>need a second intel pc to game and stream because of intel's garbage pozzed cores

>> No.71347577

Threadripper should really be the thing to do that, but AMD doesn't seem to give a fuck about it anymore.

>> No.71347602

If AMD were going to announce a big new CPU at E3 they would have been the primary sponsor for the PC Gaming Show like the past 2 years, where they showed off Ryzen and Polaris, but they aren't.

>> No.71347626

Anytime its been brought uip in the last 2 years /g/ always says people use two machines. I think streaming was added to the doesn't matter list.

>> No.71347655

Yeah people needed 2 machines back in the day when Intel was shitting out quad cores because jews.

>> No.71347656


The reason for a second streaming PC has nothing to do with performance. Streamers get a second streaming PC so their stream can stay active through any potential game crashes or required PC reboots.

Viewers are fickle retards, you can sit there and scream "I AM REBOOTING I WILL BE RIGHT BACK" but when you return you will have lost half your viewers for the night and they won't come back, the second that stream says Offline they leave.

>> No.71347680

Butthurt amdrone detected. How can you have buyer's remorse when you already own the best?

>> No.71347688

>The reason for a second streaming PC has nothing to do with performance.
although the performance might be fine enough for some/most use cases.
also your other points are also true

>> No.71347826


>> No.71347971


16 cores? Why do I need 32 cores? I better buy 64 cores or be priced out forever!

>> No.71348072

They have their own E3 event, which is good because the PC gaymen show has always been awful.
Also fuck Epic.

>> No.71348412

4.7GHz likely won't be all-core boost while sticking to the 105W TDP. Hopefully with good cooling and good power delivery the CPU will be able to hit 4.7GHz all-core though.

>> No.71348491

>Hopefully with good cooling and good power delivery the CPU will be able to hit 4.7GHz all-core though.
with normal volts and stock or oc its gonna run like 4.0-4.2 all core at best. look at the leaks before

>> No.71348516

>105W TDP
Does that mean I can use that CPU in my cheap ass B450 motherboard?
I mean, it has the same TDP as the 2700X.

>> No.71348530

What leaks? The engineering sample?

>> No.71348558

yea those

enjoy melting everything or handicapping the cpu. prolly good enough for base clocks tho

>> No.71348564

>Calls anon new fag
>Uses the @ symbol to reply
cant make this shit up

>> No.71348582

>enjoy melting everything or handicapping the cpu. prolly good enough for base clocks tho
Obviously I would leave it at stock.

>> No.71348644

The fact that an engineering sample hits 4.2GHz all-core is very good news, the finished product pretty much always clocks significantly higher.

>> No.71348697
File: 62 KB, 725x408, amd-ryzen-9-16-core-4.1-ghz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4.1 with normal volts

decent b450/350s with or without some airflow should maybe be fine with them time will tell.
a 100 dollar board with 16c and stock cooler will be pretty damn good bang for buck though lol

>> No.71348727

Too funny

>> No.71348742

Doesn't make much of a difference. That's still good for an engineering sample and bodes very well for the final CPU.

>> No.71348979

>AMD killing their Threadripper sales

>> No.71349013

based, cute and redpilled

>> No.71349040

Or start the next gen of Threadripper at 16c and run them up to 48/64c just like how threadripper and ryzen in the initial release had some overlap at 8c and the 2990WX had some overlap with the EPYCs.

>> No.71349057
File: 168 KB, 1021x503, 1558727546800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71349095
File: 1.74 MB, 1002x1484, 320601997e6bf595a9012768a5f9d41c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking Christ you people type like toddlers; stop letting fps graphs dictate your purchases. Any CPU with a midrange price ($150+) will serve you just fine even with high refresh displays. You know what is noticeable? Work that takes time and Zen bring in uncontested value.

>> No.71349131

>AMD fanboys didn't even bother with the 1800X at $499
>these same fanboys will most likely buy the better 3800X instead of the 12-core 3900X
>3950X will be like $600-$700

>> No.71349136

They want their base to hit all cores, anon. If anything I think it's a modest base, it will clock pretty well with a NH-D15 on itself.

>> No.71349138
File: 170 KB, 960x960, 1559770093877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71349234

I do it on the same machine with a 2700x no problem. Going to buy the 3950x day 0 desu
t. affiliate

>> No.71349242

the question is will I be able to use this on windows 7?

>> No.71349354

>He hasn't seen Sun's SPARC

>> No.71349383
File: 456 KB, 428x336, 1468619324317.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this bait

>> No.71349422

>and AMD is still beating or on par with Intel
Intel is still using a node from 5 years ago and its only now that AMD is beating them, with 3 Ryzen revisions and 2 node shrinks.

I wouldn't be exactly proud of that achievement. AMD just lucked out in the fabrication department, they should give TSMC a major stake in their company.

>> No.71349675
File: 66 KB, 568x612, 1491166649444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cores don't matter when you have the IPC equivalent of a 2500K

>> No.71349888

I wouldn't exactly be proud of Intel's repeated 10nm failures over those 5 years either.

>> No.71350501

AMD finally caught up without having to use dirty anti-compete/consumer tricks and without having to cut corners on securty for performance. Fuck off rabbi.

>> No.71350572

I renew my desk hardware very rarely. Im kinda excited to soon start using AMD for the first time since Athlon64.

>> No.71350669


>> No.71350767

Based and redpilled

>> No.71350883

>AMD finally caught up
After 10+ years

>> No.71351001

I'm sure Intel will finally catch up to AMD's security in another 10 years or so.

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