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so, what does your day to day look like as a software engineer? is it anything like this?

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when will this forced diversity quota in Silicon Valley bubble pop? i mean companies like Facebook and Google literally budget these people are separate expenses, apart from the actual developers to fulfill government mandates and quotes, and to virtue signal. when does the money run out?

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this is advert to get girls into 'tech'

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i'm so angry right now

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about to
they are already getting sued for discrimination and the cases goe through (see James Demoore case for one), there is no such thing as "positive" discrimination - it's racist and it's illegal

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How does she get any work done with all the meal and snack breaks she takes, I counted a solid 3 hours of actual work accounted for. Also she thinks 12:15 in the afternoon is 12:15am

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>Also she thinks 12:15 in the afternoon is 12:15am
what do you expect from a female "engineer" who wears low cut shirts and a choker to her fucking playground of an office

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The funny thing is that Google checked of there is a wage gap and they've realized they pay more to women. They have raise to many man. Kek

Her virgin orbiter does it for her.

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These lifestyle video will probably unironically draw more women into tech than any of the meme programs designed to get them interested.

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Holy fuck did she do like 1 or 2 hours of actual work in that entire day? Most jobs try to squeeze every microsecond out of you and want you to work at home for free.

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>eating while working on desk
absolutely horrible work environment.

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And will probably disappoint them even more.

Why do we need to encourage anyone to join? Just put up a good offer and candidates will come by themselves.

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it's toxic day.

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>Why do we need to encourage anyone to join?
because 'equality'

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the ironic thing is that the interviews at airbnb are usually really tough. I doubt she'd pass if it she didn't have a vagina.

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My office is basically the same, engineer in Boston. All the perks like the free lattes and snacks make you starry eyed right away, but at the end of the day after a while they lose their appeal and the most important thing is finding a good place to work with good people, free popcorn every day doesn't mean shit but companies use stuff like that to boost their appearance in this competition of who has the hippest office these days.

The only perk worth it imo is having a nice cafeteria you can get good food at every day for cheap, my cafeteria serves shit like a restaurant and is cheaper than fast food which is super nice, everything else like the free lattes and snacks loses its appeal over time like I said. Also, why the fuck does she eat at her desk that's gross and makes the working area smell like food for everyone else.

Other than that, I have my own office with a closing door, as does every engineer where I work which is worth 10x more than any other perk.

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fuck women and fuck technology
fuck everything already
tired of seeing all these stupid fucking meme le ebin software engineer bullshit videos.
Buying myself a motorcycle and going full rogue cross country

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>Wake up at 5:30 am
>Get shower, eat oatmeal
>In car by 6:00am
>Inside office building by 6:30am
>2.5 hours of uninterrupted work before annoying coworkers show up
>9:00, hey anon, I got a question, interrupts my hard earned concentration
>10:00 "stand up" meeting (protip: everyone sits)
>12:00, eat lunch at my desk
>12:00 - 4, ignore emails and IM messages while implementing features
>4:00 lunge out the door before anyone notices I've left so I don't get any last minute questions on my way out
>Home by 5:00, eat dinner
>6:00 - 11:00, take online classes, browse 4chan.

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Lol dumb zoomer of only you knew. You first days will be in hell.

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>wearing a choker to work

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It probably is, I can't fathom this being a real job. It's a "viral" recruitment campaign. I don't what kind of people they hope to get from this, but eh.

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it's a fucking clownshow.

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Hard for women to get into tech because there's so many incels who hates women or orbits them.
That's why there's so many female only companies and events.

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Tech vloggers need to be shot.

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>wake up groggy at 4 p.m.
>have breakfast and take a poo
>leave for work at 5:30 p.m.
>return home at 7:00 a.m.
>eat supper and browse reddit
>go to sleep at 8 a.m.
I can't even take breaks at work.

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>who hates women or orbits them
why don't they just make separate women only offices

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The better question is why can't nerds behave like normal decent human beings?

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>Never shows her screen or any of her work

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because human nature

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wrong post. meant OP

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>show employers proprietary code to a million people on youtube
>get sued

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Fuck this industry and fuck nerd culture.

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Why won't these females make their own female-only companies and show how strong can they be without males? Or maybe it's these orbiters that actually do their job?

If they are majority then they are the normal ones.
Assimilate or fuck off.

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I wasn't sure what to post in this thread so I'm just going to answer "this"

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>why do women never want anything to do with me?

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Who are you quoting?

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>all pictures she's just by herself

lmfao what a loser loner

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whomst art thou quoting and women scare me too much

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This is the only female programmer I like

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I browse youtube on my phone for 5 hours, vape for 2 hours, eat lunch for 1 hours.

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>so, what does your day to day look like as a software engineer?
show up at work
unpack my laptop
go for a cigarette break with whoever came at work earlier
go back, read email, browse youtube, have a cigarette break
go back, go for breakfast, sit 1 hour chatting with people
real work starts now
work for 3 hours with cigarette break every 30 minutes
go for lunch
30 minutes of work, spend the rest of the day watching yt.

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There are female only events, but there are no female only companies. The closest you can find are female owned companies which hire more than the industry average of women.

>Why won't these females make their own female-only companies
Because that would be fucking stupid. Every corporate leader (male or female) knows both men and women can bring commensurate value to a company. They're not going to shackle their hiring to prove an angry guy on the Internet wrong.

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You don't network much do you

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this will get you even more mad
she didn't even get IT education, she hated coding, she simply 'jumped into start-up world'

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God I wish that where me.

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>10:00 wake up
>11:00 arrive to office
>11:10 browse news
>12:00 am standup
>12:15 go for lunch
>13:00 browse 4chan
>14:00 rice desktop or do some shit script for giggles
>15:00 actually work for 1-2 hours
>17:00 go back home
>smoke weed
>play games
>watch anime with friends
>watch YouTube in bed
>go to sleep

Something like this.

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Don't think like that anon!
You have a ton of untapped potential.
You're not her, but you can be a really great you.

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1. What statement do you disagree with?
2. What networking have you done that tells you otherwise?

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Does anyone ITT actually work the whole 6/8/whatever hours worth of work? or does everyone here just have impostor syndrome?

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there were attempts at female only tech companies - they failed

some 'media' outlettes are pretty much female only

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So you don't, as I expected

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i dont understand something about these videos, or these companies in general. facebook/twitter/airbnb any of these companies, have made their product already, their product barely changes at all, and barely has changed in the time it has existed, the changes that have been done are simple and were done in one go.

what do these people do all day?
>product design meeting
they literally have no product, its the users of their platform that have a product and manicure the profile page to sell said product., so what do all these thousands of people do all god damn day??

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But I want to be a girl so bad.

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I have no clue. I've always wanted to. It's an irrational impulse.

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Please help. I'm 35, and I cannot find a woman who isn't completely obsessed with herself. The girls who are in their 20s are massively narcissistic whores who just want to get wasted and fuck, and the girls who are in their 30s are almost universally single moms who are super fucking bitter and carrying immense baggage from a decade of being a massively narcissistic whore who only wants to get wasted and fuck, but now they also want you to raise someone else's kids.

I just want a humble, feminine woman who isn't constantly in selfie mode, and who hasn't seen more bell ends than weekends. Do such females exist?

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>Do such females exist?
They do. I have been with one for almost ten years and we just had our first child together. She's the only one I've ever met.

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Are they actually the way you describe them or do you only assume they are?
I know plenty of girls who do not drink and for the most part just go to work and hang with their friends and a few older women who are not single moms. As a matter of fact most women I know are unlike you're description.

It sounds like you're the bitter one projecting your negativity on women and/or simply ignoring any women who do not fit the archetypes you described.

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That must be hard to deal with.

There are women like that. They're need to be found, like a scavenger hunt :).

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all you gotta do is, move to the midwest.

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They are definitely busy developing more advanced botnet.

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>software “engineer”
>still at the mercy of a unionized tradesman

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Hopefully never. I just wear a dress to work and reap the benefits

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why do they eat/drink so much in these crappy videos?
my lunch consists of eating cold chef boyardee out of the can

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based provocateur

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currently I do, and my last job. but they seem to be out of the norm.
also right now i'm doing a lot of braindead testing that I can do for 8 hours.
if its actually interesting design work more like 2-4 per day
if i had a good nights sleep.

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flash news, not everyone in the IT dept us a fecking beckbeard

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I'm unemployed right now but i did in all my past jobs.

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how about 12hr/6 days during crunch months

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you are not wrong.

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I've only ever done manual labor jobs designed for the dregs of society and you typically are always doing something other wise you get fired
can't wait for a job where you sit all day doing pretty much nothing

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and she is russian :D :D

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Yea. Even though Russian women are retarded as well, they are not retarded enough not to realize that they aren't men.

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I am pretty sure that there are some people just changing the colour of the buttons of a static page that is accessed by 0,1% of the users, but there also are people who would work on their APIs - facebook devs working on react. Also do not forget about stuff like machine learning - there would be some people literally working on smarter botnets.

Do not look at these companies products as one thing. Thing about the support suit of products that they use and also future products that they plan to use. Google has a search engine + colab + firebase + docs + gmail + youtube + android + ............. 1000 more products. You may only use the search engine, chrome and android, but I am also interested in colab and firebase. A developer working on them would actually have tasks that are meaningful and not just making a gay logo for pride month.

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ДA, бaзиpaнo

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Something I always asked myself. Why are they called engineers. Do they have atleast a BSc in Science? Have they studied advanced calculus and physics?
Honest question.

>> No.71335959

>advanced calculus and physics
in uni, you study some advanced maths, but not too much...

I have both BSc and MSc and never ever called myself an "engineer". I never called myself "intelligent" too and my opinion about myself is that I am a brainlet, which is my main motivation to not call myself titles that I expect smart people to use.

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>I never called myself "intelligent" too and my opinion about myself is that I am a brainlet
which basically means you're not a brainlet. Anyone who thinks of him as "intelligent" is literally a brainlet.

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you have not seen my code...... you too would call me a brainlet in a second.

Let me describe you the following:
It took me 5 days to set up a vue.js + bootstrap front end page that sends post requests to a firebase backend.

By /g/ standards I am black.

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she eats alone at her desk..that's pretty sad. i think that says it all.

My day is actually similar to this, go to work, code all morning, or maybe the odd meeting once in a while, but rarely. Chef serves lunch and everyone in the company eats together, go for a walk to get a coffee with others, back to our desks for more stackoverflow, maybe take a break and go to the gym, or keep coding and then go home. rise repeat.

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>be Wal-Mart employee
>be call sales associate
>be imageboard janitor
>be called sanitation engineer
Words have lost their meaning a long time ago.

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>By /g/ standards I am black.
you've probably done more than 90% of /g/ posers. the majority of posters here just parrot shit.

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I have years of experience with Java and Scala and I was confused as fuck when I was confronted with modern frontend development. To this day, everything related to node.js confuses me, it's horrible.

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Fucking based

I've never seen a female engineer in the office past 6 pm

>> No.71336116

thank you anons :D . I guess there is some hope for me.

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Why are so many software devs salary slaves, surely anyone with a half decent idea and minimly viable product should be able to at least start a subsistence business they can call their own.

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It's funny because actual female developers use very little social media. And they're cuter. Pic related was a PhD intern we had.

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They do, its HR department

>> No.71336234

wew based.

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>are they actually the way you describe them?

yes. that's why I described them that way.

>> No.71337080

I fucking hate videos like this. I've been trying to see what different careers like this and have been trying to see if there are any videos explaining what people do in their career. But every one of these fucking 'day in the life' videos have nothing to do with their work. I don't care what you eat for lunch or what your morning routine is or how you spend time with friends, talk about the fucking work you do.

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is she extremely smart or being an engineer is a meme now?

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no anon, we need more hackers when the transexual super conglomerates take over the world. WE CYBERPUNK NOW

>> No.71337139

She hates programming and never studied CS. She basically make mobile apps lmao

>> No.71337142

Brah you suffer from imposter syndrome. You've done more than 99% of /g/.

>> No.71337150

based queen of tech

>> No.71337177

I honestly could, but I get done everything I need to do for the day in like 4 hours and fuck around for the rest

>> No.71337178

>talk about the fucking work you do
that's the joke

>> No.71337191

Normies are flooding into tech so expect a lot more of their narcissistic shit like this

>> No.71337196

Everything is a meme.
Most people are borderline useless regardless of their titles or occupation.
You get a group of anybody together and 80% of them are floating along dependent on the other 20% actually knowing what they are doing.

>> No.71337242

I think you're looking in the wrong places for love mate.

That sounds nice, wholesome and gave me some hope. I hope you, your wife and your children have a blessed and wonderful life

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Cute shoes, but the companies that I've worked for who have all had their products 'complete' usually need developers to either maintain code (fix the bad programming that the previous devs have done - this usually causes a cycle), fix existing bugs that have been around for more than a decade, or fulfill specific requests by different clients.

>> No.71337349

>is she extremely smart
yes. companies like airbnb have very high hiring bars.
you need to be able to solve things like this in 30 minutes just to get by first round interviews.

>> No.71337374

so you are telling me that the 13% of the programmers are doing 60% of the work?

>> No.71337387

nah, that shit is for nerds

>> No.71337478

eh, the people who stay late at work are spineless faggots who are fine being exploited for free labor

>> No.71337487

implying that anon isn't cyberpunk on his badass bike

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>eat at her desk, drink at her desk
She surely works more than /g/
Isn't health to sit hours and hours without moving

>> No.71337689

she cute

>> No.71337703

>and will probably disappoint them
This is why I'm against any job advertising which isn't just a call to attention for work force gaps.

>> No.71337707

>all these women programming
>im 25 and cant focus long enough to learn
>even when i give an effort and try nothing sticks

I hate being a brainlet

>> No.71337721

What do you expect? She's a programmer.

>> No.71337731

I work from home so I spend most of my day sitting on the couch in my underwear waiting for an email to come in.

>> No.71337785

Wake up at 8:30, show up to work at 10:00~, read HN/blogs unti 12:30~, talk to coworkers about current work, fix bugs or program a new feature until 2:00, go home for lunch, come back at 3:30, work until 7:30, advancement meeting with team, go home 8:30~

>> No.71337801

>large social media platforms
It's true that front end developers like she is doesn't seem to make much sense. But these sites do a ton of A/B testing and small iterations to try to improve their product by slight margins.
Large changes are frowned upon because they imply risks. But an improvement that may seem completely insignificant makes a difference at their scale.

The majority of work is on the backend. Where you look to improve performance of the system to leave more room for user data analytics. That stuff is costly and they do it for a chance of cents when you click an ad for instance. And power savings is what they often tout. It's hard to know what's actually big for them.

Can you imagine how much good shit you'd find if you actually paid Google to give you the shit you want? Like you tip them whenever you find something of high quality that you like?
There's so much good stuff but the only place I find that is by using carefully curated social media accounts or following specific sources that tend to have high quality content.
If I could just pay Google to give me that shit I'd be so happy.

On top of that they should let you list your skills in a very detailed way. Most of what I find outside of those sources I mentioned is either way above my head or way way below me. If they could figure out the sweet spot for me that'd be great.

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If people are regularly working late at your job it means your boss is fucking stupid and can't prioritize resources and manpower effectively

Staying late isn't a selfless sacrifice, it's taking it up the ass

>> No.71337819

At least you've acknowledged that you're not actually smart. The good news is you can get smart. The bad news is it's hard. The good news is once you get a good enough momentum, things pick up from there.

>> No.71337843

I work in academia as a E.E. Ph.D.; I have my own office.

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Working overtime is compensated by law in most developed nations. And yes it's obviously a management fuck up but if you've ever had to plan big projects you'd know it's really hard.
Imagine if they overestimate time and then you've got a week with nothing to do.
They can't just keep your money for that week. That's why overtime is more common than these gaps. And those gaps are usually not explicit. It looks like you being given time to make sure something is actually good.

>> No.71337870

>Working overtime is compensated by law in most developed nations.
In the US if youre a salaried employee (most programming jobs) you do not get compensated because expected overtime is usually "an expected part of the job" specified in the contract.

>> No.71337880

>be /g/
>brainlets think female techie is a brainlet
>has a chemical engineering degree and is a software eng
>be /g/

>> No.71337907

I did say most countries. Not most people employed in the developed world.
If you're working mandatory overtime without any sort of bonus that's pretty fucked.

In my contract overtime is ~2x the pay. But the reality of the situation is that I get to pick when I work and my boss expects me to push hours around in their favor.

>> No.71337918

this is pretty much my exact schedule when I actually make it in to work.

the alternative schedule is
>11:00 wake up
>11:01 send wfh email
>11:02 smoke weed
>11:20 go back to sleep

when is someone gonna make a realistic "day in the life of an engineer" video? I hate seeing these engineers that try so fucking hard.

>> No.71337926

There probably is but YouTube hides it from us because it's some small amateur video.

>> No.71337940

nice. do you get shit for being gone by 4 though?

>> No.71337944

dude her nails are red before she leaves home
and at the office they're gray

>> No.71337951

yes, yes, I'm sure that's why.

>> No.71337971

>salary slave

People outside of silicon valley just don't get it.

Valley engineers are NOT salary slaves. Check levels.fyi.

You get insane compensation. This is one of the only times in history where "regular" salary employees can become truly independently wealthy at the same level of a small to medium size business owner.

9 out of 10 of them also do fuck all, like in this girl's vid. 10% of engineers do 50% of the work

>> No.71337974

>go home for lunch

>> No.71337977

Lmao your overtime pay is still half of an American's regular pay

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Why did airbnb choose a nutsack as their logo?

>> No.71338007

I live around 1.5km from my office, it takes me like 7 minutes to go back in my electric bicycle.

>> No.71338021

Depends on how you count. I don't think the majority of Americans are the top 10% of Americans. And yeah that's not a particularly amazing achievement obviously.

>> No.71338031

I want to be paid to eat for a living

>> No.71338061

its been commonplace in gamedev more than other software dev cause people are too enthusiastic and willing to work there that companies cant help but exploit young idiots

>> No.71338063

the good news is that technology is why you can't focus long, the bad news is that it is an addiction that you need to control

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>I do classes
>I is smart

>> No.71338105

not to generalize all women, but my female coworker is usually fucking with her nails (she'll remove the paint and redo them). probably her way of killing time

I enjoyed that, thanks anon

watching that video made me miss the days of spending most of the work day writing code when I was in college and first started working. 4 years into my career and i spend most of my day arguing with idiot senior engineers in design reviews, writing design docs, and telling idiot engineers to how fix their fuckups. feels bad man, i just wanted to be a fucking code monkey.

>> No.71338114

>Do such females exist?
not in the united states

>> No.71338127


>> No.71338159

come to Asian country and get yourself a woman raised in an educated family

>> No.71338162

By the looks of it, she is a jewish girl from Russia (I'd guess Samara) or even Ukraine. These types are known for their showy pseudointellectualism and will do and say anything to make their newfound glorious life in the US look better than it really is.

>> No.71338206

There are. But not exactly pretty.

>> No.71338234

- get in at 9:30 to 10:30am
- get lunch at about 11:30am generally
- work interspersed
- quick sync with team at about 1:30pm
- occasional meetings now and then otherwise
- leave a little bit before 5pm

pretty chill

>> No.71338289

>It sounds like you're the bitter one projecting your negativity on women and/or simply ignoring any women who do not fit the archetypes you described.
or it could be that the media-pushed culture has infiltrated everyone he interacts with daily and he would have to go to nooks and crannies far outside his normal life to look for the ~1% or so remaining who are not as described

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>> No.71338635

where do you do online classes?

>> No.71338640


>> No.71338722

No, I actually have to get shit done.

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Wake up at 11 am
Work on shit (embedded software, webdev, server administration) till 2 at home
Eat lunch out at fancy restaurant
Continue to work on shit until inevitable client calls about shit they want developed, rolled out or changed while
finish work at around 7 or 8
Rest of the day off plus dinner out at fancy restaurant
Making 150 dollars per hour doing this pretty comfy life desu

>> No.71339382

nice. anyone gives you shit for going this early?

>> No.71339760

Imagine having a tech job and it not being your hobby lmao, it's like you're purposefully trying to fail

>> No.71339764

Bruh the code is the stuff above the terminal

>> No.71339795

Its a tech startup. They're drowning in VC money. Every other IT company on earth is going to give you biscuits and instant coffee and 10 hour work days

>> No.71339824

Bug fixing and new features.

>> No.71339835

Why do I instantly smell the odor of your obese ass in a basement
You didn't write this because you actually want a woman like that, you wrote this because you want people to tell you there's no such women anymore thanks to society. You want one go find one, stop blogging about it.

>> No.71339869

>more bell ends than weekends
my sides. show her what a poet you can be.

>> No.71339878

>be woman programmer
>have a blessed, beautiful life
>be male programmer
>be literal scum
Hear you loud and clear.

>> No.71339888

>9.5h at work
what a cuck

>> No.71339900

kek, so 99% of /g/

>> No.71339910

Engineer refers to people that actually work on things like engines not faggots typing on a keyboard

>> No.71339924

>come to an Asian country

Are you some kind of vietnamese/thai cu.ck?

>> No.71339941
File: 455 KB, 1440x1854, 20190609_170715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some companies are literally making diversity programs for women. Clown world?

>> No.71339942

who else here /suicidal cause no job/

>> No.71339943

Yes, they do, stop browsing 4chan and go out of your momas basement.

>> No.71340027

You should try to cut back, anon.

>> No.71340054

imagine being a woman who is a great engineer and having to deal with diversity hire women

>> No.71340068

a day in the life of a thot pretending to be a software engineer

also reeeee! apparently she sleeps with her phone right next to her head

>> No.71340116

Most female programmers I know are competent. They're very detail oriented and less autistic in their coding. But the best people I know are all men.

>> No.71340580

>Every other IT company on earth is going to give you biscuits and instant coffee and 10 hour work days
Nah. There's plenty of big, profitable (or not even) tech companies that have tons of ludicrous benefits and work/life balance.

>> No.71340616

Hack enough darts there bud?

>> No.71340620

Uuh easy. Get up early as fuck every morning (5:30am). Brush teeth and get dressed. Sprint out of house get on bike and cycle to train station. Spent 1h 30m in public transport. Walk to office. Hang coat. Plop laptop down on desk and connect cables. Shake the hand of colleague that always insist on doing that. Go to kitchen to make breakfast. Go back to desk and check email and slack messages, plus planning and jira board to see what work needs to be done. Do some programming untill stand up. Have a stand up of project I am currently on. Work till lunch. Have lunch with entire company (just in the office comp pays for bread and shit. Also its 30min). Go back to work. Maybe have a meeting or something. Grab so more food somewhere in the day. Go home at 4:00 (I arrived at 7:30 so thats 8h). Spend 1h 30m in public transport. Cycle home. Eat. Goof off for 2h. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. The work day is littered with small chats and meetings and discussions with co workers and smoke breaks. All in all I fucking love my job.

>> No.71340668

>salary slaves
Your average tech worker makes a pretty decent amount of money for little work. Hardly "slaves".

>start a subsistence business they can call their own
Not everyone wants to, needs to or has the skills to.

>> No.71340676

Living the dream anon

>> No.71340700

Does anyone's job actually look like this? I'm studying to be a software engineer while working shitty ass hard jobs to feed my ass and help my family pay rent and bills, and honestly I don't think I'd ever fit into such a gay lifestyle. Puppies and colleagues are faggots.

>> No.71340972

This is /g/, not /r9k/. Most g-men are well enough adjusted to their own idiosyncratic nature.

>> No.71341036

Hmm okay to be fair she graduated from Waterloo with a degree in Engineering. I have at least some respect for her education, but certainly not her job

>> No.71341057

how about most

>> No.71341076

>being in the office 8 to 7 and lunching at your desk
Yeah fuck that, looks like the amenities are paying for themselves

>> No.71341096

I spend most of my day with my feet on the table telling people what to do and talking shit. But then I'm the CTO, so there's that.

>> No.71341099

>Not devoting any time to waking

>> No.71341102


>> No.71341314

>developed nation
Pick one and just one.

>> No.71341399

Yes. They're females(male)

>> No.71341464

fuck i didn't realise computer science and programming was just eating mussels and shit
i chose the wrong course

>> No.71341517

>I'm 35
>in their 20s
>I just
become celibate you fucking loser

>> No.71341833


>> No.71341878


Can we get rough salary estimates for this amount of work you're putting in please anons?

I'm in financial services, working 45-50 hours a week (with absolutely zero downtime, even to check phone) with unpaid breaks and added responsibility, but for a salary higher than most people my age that I know. However, my work-life balance is almost nonexistent. I'd take a 20% cut if it meant I could have a schedule like some of yours.

>> No.71341986

does she even work?

>> No.71342455

>Get in at 9:30am
>Quick catch up with the team in the morning at 10am
>Work for a couple of hours
>Lunch at 12 or whenever for an hour, or however long really, nobody is keeping time
>Work for a couple more hours
>Leave at 4:30pm, sometimes earlier or later depending on what's happening

I mean the work is actually quite hard, so it's not like anyone could do it, but I'm not sure I'd be able to give up the work/life balance programming allows.

Being able to work from home whenever is a massive benefit too, if I want to work on something where I don't want people coming up to my desk, I just do it at home.

>> No.71342603

It doesn't matter how long you work but how much you can do during that time.
Even though I work 2h on average, I kept being praised for how much I do and how reliable am I. Even though I do not write myself that much, my architecture ideas and helping teammates solve problems in much shorter time saves a lot. I also personally take care of critical/hard parts and write a lot of abstraction for others to improve their productivity and decrease bugs.

>> No.71342655

Cool, so you just confirmed that there is a silicone bubble. Thnx, anon

>> No.71342865

Not him but that's not restricted to tech. As I say I'm in management in financial services and although there's hard work involved, your ability to create value for the company through your ideas, not necessarily your productivity itself, absolutely plays into how valued you are to your peers and the company.

>> No.71343968

Jesus, fuck.
Why is American office culture so cringey.

>> No.71344157

This. I've never been confronted about leaving early. Boomers and Gen Xers would never take this kind of shit from their bosses.

>> No.71344201

Water time!

>> No.71344333

i want a "a day in the life of a support/infraestructure technician". i want to see them:
- carrying 1.4kva+ UPSes, computers, color laser office multi-functional printers all day long
- smelling burnt PSUs/UPSes and shitting themselves when a PSU/UPS blows up on their face
- replacing faulty network shit in remote, dusty and sickening rack rooms or balancing themselves on top of a chair on top of fridge because someone didn't want to make a dedicated rack room
- getting eletrocuted while working with data cables in a rat infested attic
- climbing on top of water towers to install antennas
- dealing with abusive clients
- dealing with braindead clients who somehow have post-doctorate degrees but can't write their own names down without making mistakes
- getting scolded because you followed the rules instead of making an exception to a friend of your boss
- playing deathmatch with coworkers during lunch time

>> No.71344378

Some of us did. My SE degree had advanced calc, physics, crossover courses from the ME and EE curriculum... obviously I'm not capable of working as an actual ME or EE without some extra training but I have no qualms calling myself an engineer, I earned it.
At a lot of schools though it's just comp sci with a thin smear of "software process" classes to differentiate, it's crap.

>> No.71344384

Are you a googler? Some top cuties there.

>> No.71344396


im >>71338105 >>71337918

my TC is 200k-230k depending on the companies stock price. i could probably get paid more if I switched companies, but i value my work life balance over my pay

like the other guy said, even though i work very little hours i still have similar output to my peers. thats all that really matters to my manager.

>> No.71344422

>she needs to join our startup
>lets invite her
Is this satire?

>> No.71344436


>> No.71344455

No I'm ex-Microsoft. But yeah she is at Google rn. Smart girl.

>> No.71344459

Admit it anon, you're just mad because she's cute and smart at the same time

Also: she spends 10 hours at work and has all her meals at her desk. She has 0 social life. It's actually a pretty shitty work environment.

>> No.71344541

I average about 42hr/wk and last year I made 225k plus options worth about 200k. I'm out the door by 4:15 every day. Can't complain.

>> No.71344554

> 8-7
That's fucked up.
Is that m-s or m-f?
Maybe I'd be ok with it if it was monday to friday.
I work from 9-6:15 m-f 9:30-2 m-f and I already want to kill myself.
There's just not enough time in the day. I literally spend more time at work and commuting in a week than I have free time

>> No.71344582

>2.5 hours of uninterrupted work before annoying coworkers show up

I dread Mondays.
>Hey Anon, what did you do this weekend?
The ENTIRE REASON NPCs ask this is so that you return the favor and ask them, because in reality, they just want to tell you what they did

>> No.71344630

I don't actually know her but it is a small world.

>> No.71344684

Actual day as my life as an embedded SWE
>wake up between 7 and 8 AM
>get to work between 815 - 9 AM
> read emails, check jira, prepare bullshit monologue for 10 AM standup
>shoot the shit with coworkers are they show up to the lab, get no real work done at all until standup
>10AM: say some random shit at standup
>10:15AM: finally, time to do shit
>10:15 - 11AM: mentally architect my task
>11AM - 12:30PM: work on task for day
>12:30 - 1:30: most people eat lunch now, I'm an autist wagecuck & take a 5 minute lunch at my lab desk so I can actually get work done
>1:30 - 5: continue working on the shit i need to get done while getting interrupted every half hour or so by teammate asking me a question or a meeting
>5 - (6|7): try to wrap up work, literally everyone else save a couple electrical engineers are gone by this point

I'm 23 and make $72,000

>> No.71344690

>Hey Anon, what did you do this weekend?
what's the correct response to this question?
I don't want to be an autist but I don't want to say "on both saturday and sunday I started drinking at 10, jerked off, and played video games until I passed out"

>> No.71344698

our schools are cringey and less than 10% arn't.

public school is 90% a waste of time and if you didn't even do it at all elementary school it's only an extra year in college

>> No.71344761

It means they want to make small talk. Probably have something inane they really want to share. If you don't want to engage just say something like "Yeah not much" and DO NOT ask them how theirs was.
Note that repeated usage of above technique will eventually piss them off.

>> No.71344764

Just say not much.
They really don't care what you did, they just want to reveal what they did.

>> No.71344933

What is your role?

>> No.71344938

>Note that repeated usage of above technique will eventually piss them off.
nah they'll just assume/realize youre an aspie and eventually stop asking. has worked pretty well for me so far

>> No.71345062

My disadvantage is that I want my coworkers to think I'm a normal, functional human being without having to deal with their bullshit.

>> No.71345087

>3h a day to get from and to the office
>2h a day to goof off
>love your job

>> No.71345101
File: 119 KB, 880x1033, 1558905551779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey Anon, what did you do this weekend?
>I don't want to be an autist but I don't want to say "on both saturday and sunday I started drinking at 10, jerked off, and played video games until I passed out"
Oof, this hits close to home. Can't even share my real interests because everyone is a literal boomer with kids and family. Nothing wrong with that, but I have little in common.

>> No.71345122

>normal, functional human being
unfortunately that means playing along with the inane small talk

>> No.71345138

>actual female developers use very little social media
this... non of the ~40 girls (out of 150 students) in uni in my class had eg. active instagram/facebook profile where they would spam all the nonsense statuses/pictures...
actual females in the tech industry are about the same as men... they dont care about most useless things, they have actual interesting hobbies, they don't thrive for anything the sjw is preaching and are just annoyed by them as much as we are and they loathe the kloss-style people giving them a bad name

>> No.71345168

"Quiet one"

But yeah I have the same problem where I just can't tell people I don't want to speak to them, because I'm either their manager, or they're my manager, or they're my client. Adds about 5-8 hours onto my working week and it fucking sucks. Gone are the days when I was a simple shitmuncher who could turn up, put earphones in and literally tell people I didn't have time to chat.

>> No.71345202

brasilero brasilero que amargado ctv maradona es + grande es + grande que pelé

>> No.71345290

yes and no
over the last 8 years i've lived in 3 different places

>home (and near village) - before 10 years ago, it would be what you are describing, now it's what >>71335520 is complaining about
>moved to capital - what op is describing for most random girls; work is actually pretty tame
>moved to a smaller city and am travelling weekly between countries for job = best of both worlds

>> No.71345310
File: 453 KB, 496x484, 1463875117569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>9:00 AM get to work
>check emails and slack until 9:30
>stand up
>back to desks
>try to do work for 8 hours
>just look at slack instead
>go home
>dread someone one day getting fired and no longer being able to pay rent
>wonder why I thought my procrastinating ways would suddenly end after I graduated

>> No.71345311

Just a manager, but on a self employed contract basis, so making roughly double what a perm would make in the same role, and then adding tax breaks on top meaning I take home roughly triple what a perm would make in the same role.

>> No.71345378


>> No.71345396


we work on shift, but am senior so i get to choose whichever hours i want
>6.00 shift starts
>6.15 wake up, log in, send "half day" wfh mail, go back to bed
>9.00 actually wake up, check missed conversations, mails, reply; pack up, go to office
>9.30 fucking around with colleagues, oscialising, kitchen/balcony breaks
>11.30 lunch time
>12.30 /fit/ time
>13.30 actual work
>14.30+ pack up and go home

>> No.71345557

cuántas inflaciones tenés, negro envidioso

>> No.71345644

Ah, a fellow "arrival falacy" sufferer. I always thought my personality would do a complete 180 after I reached my next big goal, never happened. Gotta work on yourself daily boyo.

>> No.71345730

let's see

>- carrying 1.4kva+ UPSes, computers, color laser office multi-functional printers all day long
done by interns/inhouse IT support
>- smelling burnt PSUs/UPSes and shitting themselves when a PSU/UPS blows up on their face
only have one huge generator for power outages in offices, all else we manage are in remote dataentres
>- replacing faulty network shit in remote, dusty and sickening rack rooms or balancing themselves on top of a chair on top of fridge because someone didn't want to make a dedicated rack room
remote, onsite team's job
>- getting eletrocuted while working with data cables in a rat infested attic
remote, onsite team's job
>- climbing on top of water towers to install antennas
remote, onsite team's job
>- dealing with abusive clients
account/sale people's job
>- dealing with braindead clients who somehow have post-doctorate degrees but can't write their own names down without making mistakes
account/sale people's job
>- getting scolded because you followed the rules instead of making an exception to a friend of your boss
i follow standards and rules set up by our engineering team because they are actually tested and they work... if anyone have issues with that, it's my teamlead's job

>> No.71345787

Not until Sex Dolls and VR Waifus become a thing.

>> No.71346105

what makes that problem hard

>> No.71346335

depends, are you female, or an actual engineer?

>> No.71346346

>I have my own office with a closing door
Fuck I'm so jealous
Open offices are hell on earth

>> No.71346378

she's still working in tech for a major company while you "nerds", "hackers" and "pro at Linux" losers sit here making desktop threads

>> No.71346389

What's her job supposed to be? She didn't do anything the whole day.

>> No.71346395

well sorry for not being a girl, i guess?

>> No.71346499
File: 20 KB, 626x551, 1450727363151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>works 9 hours a day
>no life/work clear demarcation
LMAO. American: The Post.

>> No.71346585

>>3h a day to get from and to the office
how far you life from the office? that sounds about 250-300km by car each day

>> No.71346682
File: 1.39 MB, 452x306, 1560013488247.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>work for big corp allocated in a huge client
>financial services
>do fucking nothing all day due to bureaucracy
>write a line or two of code
>getting bossed by an arrogant 23yo who specialized in a technology that doesn't exist anywhere and isn't that hard to begin with
>deadlocked in insane rituals such as pointless meetings and dailies
>slowly going insane

They took me from a job where I was producing for maybe 5~6 hours a day, promised wonders and pretty much threw me in a fridge. I've considered suicide twice.

>> No.71346709

this, I keep masturbating to shota x obasan hentai and cannot get anything done. I love technology and I hate technology


>> No.71346756

>start video
>annoying stock ukulele music starts playing
Stopped watching right there.

>> No.71346801

they have one female engineer qualified, with experience but most of the time quiet and shy. Or, a blue haired dyke without degree but with 8000 followers on Twitter and "passionate" about technology, which one do they choose?

>> No.71347071

When will they implement a darn mute button?!

>> No.71347118

Nice blog, asshole.

>> No.71347479

So you live as a NEET but earn as a full time employee?

>> No.71347874

I hope all of you fail at your goals so the healthy females of breeding age will choose to mate with me instead

>> No.71348220


I'm nothing close to obese. In decent shape, former military, living in a house that is 6 hours away from my mother's basement. Currently taking university classes to build toward a new career. I meet new girls almost every day, and they're pretty much universally insufferable. Shallow as hell and aggressively obnoxious in their political views. Like, it's hard to talk about anything without them breaking out into a hysterical tirade about Trump and the Alabama abortion law. And I'm not even in the US.

I know it really sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I promise you I'm not.

>> No.71348227

what are their thoughts on virginia abortion law?

>> No.71348233


This video actually made me respect her more.

>IT education

IT degrees are hilariously useless and definitely not necessary to start a career. Chemical engineering is much more rigorous. If someone can succeed in chemical engineering it is laughably easy to transfer the mathematical and analytical skills they gain to a software engineering career.

>> No.71348261

true and based

>> No.71348263


>my only chance is if I'm literally the last man on earth

Good luck with that.

>> No.71348316

>healthy females of breeding age
you fucking sicko

>> No.71348332
File: 629 KB, 1500x1211, olgRzOo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no qt chink programmer gf
why even live

>> No.71348385

I was replying to that other anon, but if it's by car there's no way it's that much. Any commute by car that long is always because of urban sprawl and traffic, so 1.5h one way could easily be something like 50-60 km one way at most. By train I doubt it's any more than around 70-80 km one way for those 1.5h thanks to all of the stops.

>> No.71349529

Not him but I commuted from my semi-rural English village, to a city 55 miles away, for 3 years. Started at 2pm and finished at midnight so missed rush hour traffic, and it took about 1h15min either way on a normal run.

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