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Why GIMP gets all that hate? It's a perfectly fine tool for image editing, photo correction, etc.

The absolutely best thing you can get for free.

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Krita and psdfiddle are unironically way better, gimp is the ultimate retard detector

P.S. Sage

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Any specific examples of how they are better?

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I get Photoshop and all Adobe products for free so I don't know what you are on about.

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Blender is actually industry competitive once you learn the unique interface (not even an issue with 2.8 really).

GIMP on the other hand could never survive as paid software. The fact that it's free is all it has going for it. Even basic tasks like rescaling layers suck ass compared to Photoshop.

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gimp is great for sergey shops

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Go fuck yourself, smartass. I swear, each time there is a discussion about FOSS alternatives to popular proprietary software, some asshole just has to point out that he pirates it, so technically he gets it for free.
Congratulations, you broke the system, you are a true hackerman and cyberpunk dude, you can dab all over us geeks.

Everyone is well aware that your can pirate proprietary software. There are a bunch of other pros and cons to proprietary and FOSS software than just price.

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Blender is amazing, I agree.

As for GIMP, I mostly do basic cropping, color correction, white balance and such things. It works for me, but I don't know how more sophisticated tasks compare.

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this one was also made in gimp

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GIMP is fairly decent for a couple of things, but not suitable for professional work.

>no CMYK support
>no 32 bpp support
>no layer styles
>no adjustment layers
>no smart filters
>no clipping masks
>gradient maps can't be edited after being applied
>can't edit rotated text without losing your rotation
>can't select multiple layers at once
>no shape tool, need to go the extra mile just to create a circle

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Are there any decent FOSS alternatives?

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It's his elder brother — ЁMIИЁM

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You mean, ЇMIИЇM?

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Because people pretend GIMP and Photoshop are meant for the same thing. GIMP by design only have a subset of Photoshop features. If you want to draw or animate, find something else.

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No it's their sister's pseudonym

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Sage is not a downvote, ledditor

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i don't know how to use this shit. how do i learn? i need to edit images for my job (well, don't need to, but it would be a decent help), but i cant use any image editing software at all

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There are a bunch of manuals and tutorial on their website, did you check them out?

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Because its a cornerstone of the biggest problem with open source projects.

> Small open source project gains popularity
> coolman49 comes in and adds some stupid shit to the code
> stupid shit is small so nobody notices
> over the course of several years hundreds of coolman49s come in and slowly build a mound of problems at the programs very foundation
> modern day, project has grown absurdly large
> due to the bureaucracy that comes with large open source projects, all the stupid shit coolman49 added will never be removed

and thats why GIMP is shit, use affinity.

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I can use GIMP for simple thing and not have my information sold or I can pirate Photoshop, have it install a metric ton of bloat, and have my information sold. Tough choice.

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Can forking be a solution?

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At times, yes, but the coolman49 effect will kick in as soon as the fork gains traction, and the situation repeats once again.

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Normies just don't like using it for more than 5 minutes because the UI doesn't have as many pretty pictures to tell you what to click on to do what you want like Photoshit.

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Get a better commit implementation policy in fork? Just don't accept commits from coolman49's unless they are properly considered.

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That's not an argument. And, as was stated in this thread, drawing a fucking circle takes just too much fucking effort, That bad UI.

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This vs. a bunch of pajeets writing shit code and stealing all your information

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do you have any objective data that would support your shitpost?

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You are like a leech on the ass of computer technology. You produce nothing, add nothing, you are broke, you havent even bothered to get off your ass and earn some money. I bet you are using a dell dual core - fag

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Not him, but from what I can gather Krita is pretty good, but it's meant for drawing, not image editing, so he is talking bullshit.

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>too much effort
Maybe if you're a brainlet that doesn't know how to use the software, sure.

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I am pretty sure you mean MahnaMahna

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A word from our sponsors:
That comment was brought to you by the years 2005, 2007, and 2012

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this comment is written by a shill working for Adobe

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Well, I'm LITERALLY a brainlet and missing a part of my skull, so excuse me.

Last time I had to read a manual on how to draw a circle, and it involved going to some menu to draw a line to the shape of selection or something.

I'm pretty sure you are pressing some keyboard shortcut at the same time as you making a circle selection.

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It's for drawing, not general image editing.

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Not knowing the difference between a photo editor and a paint program is the de factor tard detector.

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I find gimp superior for creating circles.

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have you considered making youtube tutorials?

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speaking of which - can you automate the steps into a macro?

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meh just use the shapes options of the gradient tool.

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what about automating clicks in general?

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I have seen a few gimp-fu scripts for circles.

Speaking of automation, do any of the competitors have scripting support? I have found gimp-fu to be essential for the game I am making.

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I just searched online, they do.

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i know how to make a circle and you're doing it wrong
ih asking about macros so i don't have to click the same shit over and over

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not really, I mostly use the warp transform and clone tools,
I don't know how to use 95% of the tools

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>no shape tool, need to go the extra mile just to create a circle
gimp is great and it misses some features for professional editing, but that is not a valid criticism.

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>doing it wrong
>click the same shit over and over
Where in the video did I do this, besides to make the circles by drawing them.

You can make macros very easil;y with gimp-fu and key binding.

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>I don't know how to use 95% of the tools
Ditto. The true sign of a Gimp user.

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No professional will ever use Gimp, ever.

They don't listen to artists, Adobe does, and so do the Affinity guys for that matter. Blender Foundation also listen to 3D artists, which is why it's become such a great software in the last 6-7 years.

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Go on /3/ and you'll see this exact same post made about Blender. Wretched board.

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You cannot adjust the stoke width or make the stroke dotted once it's been applied. Also, resizing it any larger will cause pixelation. It's a terrible alternative to a proper shape tool.

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Fuck off back to biz stinky linky. Still 1k eoy r..right?

>t.jason parser

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>* rasterisation intensifies *
PaintDOTnet is better than this shit.

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keep crying for gimp users

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The reason Gimp is looked down upon is that it wants users to adopt to its way of working. Gimp is made by programmers for other programmers. Artists and other content creators don't seem to be a part of the Gimp community and it seems like Gimp is fine with that.

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You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It's sad you don't know the difference.

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... & finally updated after 6 years!

Version 2 is comfy.

I hope Gimp devs start listening to AUtists ... I mean artists.

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So the issue is manly with UI, not functionality?

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UI and features, like applying non destructive filters, vector shapes instead of raster ones, masks
Gimp could be a really powerful tool if they wanted it to be but it doesn't seem like the developers want to reach a broader audience. I could be wrong about this, it could also be that they want to but lack the resources and expertise to do so

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If gimp is so shitty, why does it scare adobe so much they need to sponsor this tread here every single day?

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It's very good considering it's free. I use it all the time.

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cranky because you cant crack adobe on linux

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Everyone knows what sage is, stop pretending like knowing that makes you any better than the rest of us degenerates.

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It's fine for my use case, shitposting.

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As soon as you drag one of the nodes on the live image, it becomes the new "custom" gradient. The custom gradient can be further edited by moving the nodes, or by using the zoomable edit gradient tool. Duplicate and rename the custom ones you want to save.

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Guys, I Meme Post!

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Stay brainlet, photofag.

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Honestly that's laughable when krita exist.

Gimp should just curl up and go now. Its outclassed in it's own foss space.

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But you can.

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>krita and gimp do the same things

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>It's for drawing, not general image editing.

Krita ia for drawing AND image editing.
It has most of the powerful features PS has.
It has blending options like photoshop does.
It has liquify and all sorts of editing.
It's transform too is actually good.
And it loads faster than gimp.

Krita is better than GIMP at everything.

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Krita is great, mostly for all the brush presets, but I don't use it much because I don't have much digital painting talent.
You can improve gimp's painting capability a bit by adding the brush presets available in windows>dockable dialogs>tool presets. You will also find mypaint brushes there, if available, as well.
Still won't be as good for painting as krita, tho. But if you think krita is a better option than gimp for editing photos, you obviously don't know much about either program.

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I'm willing to wager that 99.9% of the GIMP hate comes from Adobe shills.

>> No.71329085

Krita does what GIMP does, but better.

Honestly it's a ps competitor at this point.

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"This is better because I said so." <- You. Ultimate edge cringe.

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Name something you think krita cant do.

>> No.71329105

why do you think cracks are even possible?

>> No.71329119

>And the absolute best thing is that you can get it for free.
That's not at all what's best about that sort of software you AAASSSSSSS

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I think they're also the guys telling people krita is the best foss photo editor. Anything to steer you away from gimp.

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Except it doesn't and they're for different things, even being outright advertised as so.

...Not that I'm saying Krita is bad. It's great, but it's it doesn't do image editing like Gimp. If you'd have used Gimp and Krita in the past, you'd realize this.

name something Gimp can't do.

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Gimp is in no way competing with Adobe for any market. Affinity is, Sketch is... but GIMP?

>> No.71329186

gimp resynthesizer plugin.

>> No.71329212

I mostly do colot correction, hue, white balance, levels, that kind of shit. Can Kryta do that adequately?

>> No.71329246

Can I make dumb memes in Krita? I never tried it before, but I got good at it in GIMP.

>> No.71329292

>gimp resynthesizer plugin
G'mick works in krita and it has a similar feature.
Yes ofcourse.
Krita has HSV adjustments, curves, color ballance, and so on, also it has BLENDING OPTIONS
>you can create a purple overlay layer and blend it only with certain range of values
And it also comes with G'mick so all of those features are available.

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Its better at that.

The text editing tool is just as shit as in GIMP, but you dont have to play stupid games with growing/shrinking selection, you can just stroke the layer just like in photoshop.

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Damn I guess I should give it a try then.

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gmic works in gimp too but doesn't resyn as good, and if you want to get started with plugins and addons, krita ain't gonna win that fight.
krita is for painting. gimp is for image manipulation.

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Seriously guys you're taking Krita ligthly.

Yes it is marketed towards artists (mostly because using PS is like pulling teeth, CSP is shit, Corel is dead, the rest is trash and nothing on linux) but its a powerful fucking editor. It can do plenty.
They probably don't bother with marketing to photographers because they know they are starbucks chigging apple faggots sucking Adobe dick, thinkg it's an industry and has standards.

But Krita is a lot more than you think, it's powerful.
Hell, its the first image editor with HDR features.

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>> No.71329430

Plugins are a third party.
I think Krita would get a lot more support from them if people dropped that idea.
Krita is not limited to painting, it's for painting, animation, textures and 3d stuff, integrates with Blender and whatever the fuck you use it for.

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>integrates with Blender
I'm interested, Tell me moar.

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I dint know much.

But blender can export to it and it has many features for editing textures, heightmaps and normsl maps.

They really work towards each other aiming to make a powerful foss creative stack.

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>ofnut's path scripts.
Cirlcles enough for ya?

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top fucking kek

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Can't stand those monochrome icons.

>> No.71332003

Like they stole the theme from photoshop or krita.
You can switch to the legacy icons or color icons in prefs tho.

>> No.71332025

ok but what about pinta???

>> No.71332113

>I'm pretty sure you are pressing some keyboard shortcut at the same time as you making a circle selection.
OMG!111! Pressing keys on a computer?! Waaahhhh! Too much effort!

>> No.71332255

Stop being so butthurt. I wasn't saying it was too much effort, I meant that I have no fucking clue what keys are you pressing so I can replicate it.

>> No.71332299

If only you could do the same in Krita.

>> No.71332308

Adobe products are even less suitable for professional work, as they do not respect the freedom of the user. If you want all those features added, then add them yourself, or pay someone else to add them.
>But I can't afford that!
I thought you were a professional?

>> No.71332327

it's also FLOSS, meaning that if you don't like something/see a lack of something, you can add it yourself

>> No.71332369

gimp is a great little tool, I seriously don't understand why anyone is calling it garbage. the problem with krita is that it depends on a ton of kde shit that nobody wants. it would be so much better if it was just a standard qt or gtk application and not a part of kde

>> No.71332456

I used the appimage before, and never noticed anything that didn't work properly. You can get it from the krita.org downloads page. I see there's a gmic_krita one there now too.
I'm using kde now tho so I just installed it from muh repos.

>> No.71332499

>if you don't like something/see a lack of something, you can add it yourself

We all know it's a bullshit statement. If you have a car, you can theoretically tweak any aspect of it, turn it into a streetracing beast with spoilers and hydraulics and shit, but that requires of you to be a car mechanic, which most of car users are not. A crude analogy, but you get my meaning.

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File: 431 KB, 1362x732, Green im Pepper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Appears to work perfectly well for muh.

>> No.71332560

it's easier to complain than to fix a problem

>> No.71332568

Snap and Flatpak to reduce the number of packages. :)

>> No.71332600

I will continue to use Adobe products for free until something better comes along then I'll use that instead....for free.

>> No.71332606

It's easier to complain than LEARN TO CODE AND DEVELOP SOPHISTICATED IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE just to get it working like you'd like to, yes.

>> No.71332687 [DELETED] 

Illegally downloading software may save you money, but it does not grant you freedom. The source code is still under Adobe's control. Try doing actual work some time instead of just shitposting

That's nice, all these criticisms have been heard countless times already.

>> No.71332708

Illegally downloading software may save you money, but it does not grant you freedom. The source code is still under Adobe's control.

That's nice, all these criticisms have been heard countless times already. Try doing actual work some time instead of just shitposting

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File: 35 KB, 700x700, Elon Musk Crocodile Smiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71332751

The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Posting image macros outside of /b/ is against the rules. Please be more mindful in your discourse.

>> No.71332843


Then pay someone else to do it. The "free" in free software means freedom, not price. People sometimes volunteer their time to work on it, but if you want stuff done faster, then you should consider paying for it.

Crowdfunding has emerged as a popular option for this, many people can together, pay a small amount of money, and pool it all together to fund work. There are no legal or social barriers to this either because the software is free and open. You just need to find someone willing to the work.

>> No.71332997

>Then pay someone else to do it
Do you fucking realize the sheer scale of a project like Gimp and how much would it cost to hire someone to actively develop it?

>> No.71333375

>I will continue to use pirated Adobe products for free until they fix the atmlib.dll crack then I'll have to download another cracked ver. with some dodgy trojan and keylogger. But I'll still have muh PS so fuck you!
Tidied that up for you a bit m8.

>> No.71333514

Yes I do and there are already people who are crowdfunded to work on it. It doesn't cost that much. It isn't even that complicated an application once you understand the backend.

>> No.71333661

>It isn't even that complicated an application once you understand the backend.
VS Code user detected....

>> No.71334989

It is already perfect. Why upgrade? Even Photoshop 7 is better than GIMP. lol

>> No.71335443

don't bother arguing with gimp users. if they were professionals who know how to use professional tools they wouldn't be living in the basement of their moms.

>> No.71335478

>Then pay someone else to do it.
that's exactly what they are doing, paying adobe or serif. are you braindead?

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File: 119 KB, 449x470, 1559876878309 copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It puts subpixel rendering on text.

>> No.71335607

until gnutards reject your code because it's too simple and functional

>> No.71335682

I don't even know what that is. I am a GNOME dev though.
Neither of those companies make products that respect the user, you should never pay them for anything.
Even if your patch is rejected, you can still easily distribute your own version.

>> No.71335704

>GNOME devs posting on /g/

>> No.71335758

if you're an actual gnome dev then hello. the foreshadowing when it comes to themes in gnome scares me. I beg you do not remove the ability to add themes. literally everyone will stop using it and there would be nothing left

>> No.71335817

CSS theming is not going anywhere.

>> No.71335830

glad to hear!

>> No.71335869

Can you convince the rest of your buds to allow a patch for xdg-decoration in wayland? I have no idea what the logic is supposed to be here. You can still have CSD but not every application is going to draw their own decorations that'd be retarded.

>> No.71336201

>I don't even know what that is. I am a GNOME dev though.
Really? Why the fuck is gnome-core such bloat then?

>> No.71336256
File: 252 KB, 1079x1194, 2n5hEa7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.56 MB, 360x640, GNOME developers in traffic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71337537

>The absolutely best thing you can get for free.
which is why Adobe shills trash it online

>> No.71337659

You can always pirate.

>> No.71337674

Since we are talking about open source, what's a good alternative for Dreamweaver?

>> No.71338097

gimp is prone to crash and clunky like hell (on both linux and win). each time you run it, it feels like starting up and navigating an old steam train.

that being said, it's still the best image editor that doesn't cost money to use, if you ask me.

>> No.71338376

Why are gimp users so delusional?

>> No.71338454

IMO they handle like ass. GIMP is good and all for what it offers, but Photoshop beats it out for most everything else.
>No Layer Styles
>Shitty smart selection
>Takes more processing power
>Takes ages to boot even on SSD
Ofc these are my own experiences, but as someone who has been using GIMP for about 4 years and recently made the switch I’ve found Photoshop does all my needs much better and produces much cleaner and professional edits. I especially love the layer styles and easier color to alpha. Plus I can actually do pixel art if I so pleased.

>> No.71338460

wanna know how i know you only use it on windows

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