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It has even more trackers than fucking Brave. Says a lot about the supposed free and unbotneted Firefox alternative

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What's the alternative then?

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I use chrome lol

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Icecat (also desktop version) is a fucking waste of time!.
It does not improve the "privacy" of firefox in any way and add more unnecessary bloat and tracking.
Just stay on firefox or another normie browser and don't draw attention (don't do weird shit)

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Based & bromitepilled

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Nuuu! This can't be true!

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Really you shouldn't browse the web at all on Android if you care about your privacy in the slightest.

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Desktop version works perfectly fine. But I agree with OP here, they did a poor job on android

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God I wish this wasn’t true, I wish Android was more secure

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Bromite is great software, especially if you use Bromite Webview with some decent browser like Yuzu.

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>muh tracker
Telemetry is off in IceCat and all references go the servers it must connect to are removed. It doesn't matter if that file exists because IceCat won't connect to it at all.

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Use KDE Connect to open links on your desktop.

>chrome clone without addons is a proper alternative


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>Use KDE Connect to open links on your desktop.
We're talking about browsing on mobile, not on desktop. What's the alternative?

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Kill yourself shill

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Don't browse on mobile because it's retarded. All websites are shit on phones. Use apps.

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>installed Bromite Webview
>instantly started getting those long was fading captchas
Yep, it's definitely working.

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>using android in 2019
Please tell me you don’t do this.

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What's wrong with Firefox?

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Every OS is tracked. And I'm not trying to take over the world, plus I'm an Android groupie, so, no.

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This makes literally no sense. You are either a complete shill or a complete retard. Icecat is fully open source and has no binary/proprietary blobs and is the best privacy browser out there. Period. Nothing beats it.

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Perform the tests yourself. Why don't you? Because you're dumb and don't want to face the facts or worse, a shill.

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