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Confess your tech sins

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I installed gentoo just for a neofetch screenshot to post on the desktop thread

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did you not just use a VM?

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I don't know a tenth (10th) of what the stuff posted here means. I don't know what libraries are, or queries, or really what a kernel does, or a script. I come here for normie stuff like advice and sometimes post a reply in disgust if I see someone like something I have heard panned before.

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I prefer convenience and functionality over placebo freedom.

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I use a mixture of proprietary and free software and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I consider free software to be an interesting methodology, not a moral stand.

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examples anon?

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i really like manjaro

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I stole confidential data and almost sold it to another defense contractor

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I'm a man.

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I'm too lazy to practice basic computer security.

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I ditched Microsoft Windows. And now Microsoft are really nice to me. And I ignore them. And switch on my Linux computer. And ignore them even more and they are even nicer to me. I don't feel bad but they are using a lot of energy to be nice to me and Microsoft might regret it one day when they run out of juice.

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I use Windows 10.
Thinking of going onto some form of Linux though because I like the look of some versions of it.

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I run a business from a laptop and I don't back anything up anywhere else.

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I'm a Microsoft guy, they've got some cool stuff.

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i still have a galaxy S5

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i wrote this and will likely never make it any better

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I stream music and movies, play video games, use social media. I don't obsess over not being able to see the source code of a program I run. I turn off personalised ads and other data collection when possible, I don't give any personal information further than my name, phone number or country, I turn off unneccessary permissions for apps on my phone and I read privacy policies, so I am not neglectful of my privacy.

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To be honest thats what I do as well.

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Same. I've been a Mac and Linux guy in the past, but Microsoft really has the best platform right now. WSL was a brilliant move on their part.

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Galaxy S3 here

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go on....

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a fucking huwhite male!!!!

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how are they nice, email you all the time?

bold and chad move

I don't know what that says

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I believe that creators of Java are subhuman scum, and the whole Java ecosystem is for making sweatshops to employ plentiful. easily replaceable sub 100 IQ coders, like slavs

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i use google, microsoft and other similar botnets and i don't care.

I'm too lazy for backups

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libraries are reusable code that are cross-shared between programs. For example a math library can provide math functions for any program that calls it. you break things up into libraries for cross-sharing, for dynamic loading (load the needed function only when needed) and also so that you don't have to bundle everything into one huge program file. In windows it's often in the form of dll files (dynamically linked libraries)

query is when you ask something from a program or a system. it's usually a term for a database search.
example: SELECT usernames FROM table roster WHERE registrationdate after 5/1/2019
in practice you have a nice web form where you click selections and enter values into boxes, but when you send it over to the server, behind the scenes it processes the values as queries in the database

a kernel provides the lowest, most basic functions of an operating system. it schedules processes, manages memory, and manages communications between processes. depending on what you include in the definition of kernel, it also passes messages between processes and hardware. obviously all these are very important, so a kernel has to be rock-stable because everything else in the OS relies on it.

a script is a series of human-readable text commands. it's not compiled code. compiled code is binary (hexadecimal, not human readable).

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wow, thanks helpful fren, that really made me smile. hecking good explanations.

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it might be outdated AF, whatever, at least i can take the battery out

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I used a fully tweaked Gentoo laptop with tiling window managers and minimalist software for 4 years and didn't really have any major problems with it.
I switched to Arch and Gnome recently on a whim after trying it. Everything just werks and I don't have to spend hours configuring if I want to change something small.

>sometimes post a reply in disgust if I see someone like something I have heard panned before.
and this is how things like PHP or systemd get a bad reputation. one dude, or a small minority of people have a bone to pick with it, and then people start parroting that opinion. eventually it becomes widespread and people develop an instinctive negative reaction for reasons they can't verbalize other than "I heard it was bad". try not to do this unless you're consciously memeing.

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>and this is how things like PHP or systemd get a bad reputation. one dude, or a small minority of people have a bone to pick with it, and then people start parroting that opinion. eventually it becomes widespread and people develop an instinctive negative reaction for reasons they can't verbalize other than "I heard it was bad". try not to do this unless you're consciously memeing.

I agree with this so much. Systemd is a mild annoyance if you have to rewrite some init scripts. But I'm not gonna change my entire operating system over this.

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I use Atom simply because it feels comfy

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>consciously memeing
worry not, it is clear I am being a snobby fag.

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I use Arch Linux as my daily driver distro.

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I don't know how to code, like at all.

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That's not a sin. A sin would be using the distro /g/ wants you to use instead of what you want to use.

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I use C# almost exclusively and I'm not ashamed at all.

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I have a pop socket on my phone that I remove every night to use my wireless charging pad

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I ironically shill shit I don't like so it gets a bad rep here

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I own fruit computer and phone.
I buy my music on iTunes
I pay to Netflix and Microsoft Office subscription.

I forgot my Facebook account password and security key and I recovered my account with My real id photo. I sent to Facebook help.

I hate loonix people and fsf. I believe intellectual property is really important in digital world.

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I use Windows 10 1903 and it just werks on my machine™.
Freetards unironically kys

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Mostly based but why bother buying music instead of just streaming it

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>I buy my music on iTunes
Only sin there. Who buys digital music? It's not 2006 anymore.

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Bc I have an iPod classic.

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The real sin is in how flawless/easy it was for me to set Arch up...

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I LARP to my tech friends as a software dev whereas I actually just enter data into spreadsheets and make pretty pivot tables for $176k per year. It takes me 2 hours of work a day, the rest is spent watching anime.
It feels lifeless as fuck I thought money was supposed to make you happy?

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I literally ripped the CPU out of my VPCF1290X, and it was not a cheap laptop. Pins came out of the cpu.


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Bro what is your job, and I do I break in to that?

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I really liked the idea of the Windows 8 start screen and I'm sad it didn't catch on.

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I use my pc almost all day yet use it for nothing productive. I'm wasting the people's electricity and bandwith. If I were to disappear, absolutely nothing of value would be lost.

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i didn't install ganu+linos on my proprietary hardware

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I still don't know how to organize beyond MVC

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"Senior Project Engineer" in construction firm. I'm 25 hahahhahahahha

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I save the PayPal username/passwords from client's PCs.

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based and comfyposter

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I only ever 'wrote' code using ctrl c and ctrl v from stackoverflow and github

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I fucking hate vim

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I can't into git

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Id do the same

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I have a 20tb NAS filled with HD and uhd pornography, think I need and 80tb setup

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i only come here to shitpost and have only an above average understanding of technology
my greatest accomplishment technology wise is fixing a windows 10 bluescreen by just deleting the file (of unknown importance) that was causing the issue via the terminal

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>bought an intel cpu
>with no hyperthreading
>installed it into unsupported motherboard with some duct tape
>flashed patched bios from some shady russian website
>installed mac os on it

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Forgive me...
>I use the Gnome desktop environment and like it!

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i learned bunch of stuff a few years back and never bothered to keep up with progress
doesnt matter though because work love what im doing because my managers are even further behind
all it will take is a few new employees with a bit of knowledge to blow me the fuck out and expose my lack of research

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I'm wasting my talent and skills by being a volNEET.
I'm not getting any mentalbux, although I plan to try that in nearby future.

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post benis

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I use Gentoo on my work desktop, and Ubuntu on my home desktop.

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I don't comment my code

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what do you do with it ?

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It's ok anon, nobody knows everything. You can always ask, and google is always there.

btw how old are you?

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The only account I use on my home desktop is Administrator and the password is jkl.

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based and chadpilled

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I downloaded arch using a youtube video that said to install gnome and am too lazy to switch it now

>> No.71304907

I've only bought pre-builts my whole life until around last year.

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your real sin is being a /(v)gaymer

>> No.71304976

I'm too lazy/paranoid to sell my old GPU's until they lose most of their value.

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MVC is still the best web server organization setup. Everything else is wankery.

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I've only ever built my own machines but a couple years ago when I needed a new server I just bought a refurbished HP machine from Microcenter and everything was so convenient.

Last year I bought a laptop and I don't work on a desktop anymore.

I never cared much for hardware internals, but I never thought I'd go laptop-only for general use.

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i use wps and i think its the best office alternative

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could use some code review. like why the fuck do you have 2 booleans that are basically the inverse of eachother? (isFocused, isNotFocused). You're mixing code styles in checkSearchBox. What the fuck are t_ and end? Rename those to something that makes sense. You're not disposing of your old timer operations, so a double tap would fuck it up. What is the purpose of waitForDestroy?

fix ur PR before merging into dev

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I can't code for shit.

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33 and never have owned a smartphone because of mostly pathetic money reasons.

>> No.71305671

I almost bought a older ipad to spoof in pokemon go

>> No.71305693

i bought a macbook a while back and i like it

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My preferred method of communication (besides in-person) is Facebook Messenger. I keep notifications silenced on my phone and unless I am expecting a business call or an SMS verification code, I don't answer the phone or even text messages. Just Messenger.

>> No.71305739

I still use tor to browse illegal onion sites. On a separate windows xp machine

>> No.71305746

I'm currently using Chrome

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what, besides piracy and shitposting on the internet?

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I still havent set up TempleOS on a VM and made offerings to God.

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hahahaha what an IDIOT!!

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Chadly. Hope its a Lenovo Thinkpad

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I like how the replies to this one descend in quality at a perfect ratio

>intricately explains concepts for the anon 1 by 1
>provides commentary on 1 aspect of the post
>simple but wholesome "its ok"

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still better than what 90% of this board can do.

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I'm a full-time PHP dev and I don't mind Javascript either

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I don't care if people like different software or hardware than I like.

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I use Windows Server with CentOS in hyperV
Powershell is useful
.NET Core is good
I bandaid fix everything now because I don't give a fuck as long as it works.

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Ubuntu machine is for gaymen so i wanted it to work ootb. Im most familiar with gentoo though, so its actually faster for me to use it at work than anything else. (I know gentoo because i use it on my laptop.)

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I use end-of-line style braces.

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I keep my backups on a ZFS array. It's had a faulted drive for like a week now and I haven't bothered to crack open that machine and replace it, even though I have a drive sitting in a static bag on the shelf, ready to use.

in my defense it was a three-way mirror anyway, it's still redundant

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I've playing vidya nonstop since proton came to linux

>> No.71306931

mah nigga

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I still use an Intel cpu...

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Despite calling myself an audiophile, I don't make playlists for music. I individually search for each song I want to listen to next.

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I dont secure the hard disks in my computer. One is just sitting in the case, another needs an adaptor I'm not buying.

I'm sure I'll reap the rewards for my laziness soon enough.

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I want to use Windows 3.11 as a main OS but I'm too stupid to figure out how to do it

>> No.71307411

>Despite calling myself an audiophile, I don't make playlists for music. I individually search for each song I want to listen to next.
That is true audiophile behavior, in my opinion. Every song is selected by you every time. If you could, you'd probably select every note.

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I don't run Gentoo, I'm too lazy to learn it.

>> No.71307450

I fried my motherboard once trying to dick with the RAM. I took some extra sticks out of an older work computer but apparently my motherboard has some weird specific shaped slots cause only the one 8gb stick that was in there seemed to fit and the grove in the middle was like a half a millimeter too far to the side. After that the computer would turn on but not display anything. I’m not sure what happened exactly but I was spooked to mess with hardware after that.

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You probably tried to put DDR3 in a DDR4.

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I don't give a shit about what /g/ says about street shitting, I am a proud Java developer. Furthermore, I am a cuck with a premium blacked subscription and I don't care what the Linux users have to say about me.

>> No.71307481

I changed all my passwords recently with lastpass. I also made variants of the same main password but in remixed sections of 5 that way I know it kinda but don’t.

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Most of /g/ is like that. Dont feel bad, anon.

>> No.71307556

Is it really that simple? Please teach me, I can’t code at all!

>> No.71307559

i have a few hundred thousand credit card numbers from my old work, complete with expiry dates, cardholder name, email address and password for their account
haven't done anything with it though

>> No.71307603

I actually want to get blacked. Not cucked, that's no fun. I want the nigger dick in my ass. Cumming. Unironically. I'm a real person. Guess what languages I program in. You'll guess wrong.

>> No.71307613

Spooky hackerman

>> No.71307629 [DELETED] 

Is ther

>> No.71307654

I actually read and finished SICP.

>> No.71307660

Don't worry, most people post without even knowing ehat they are talking about.

>> No.71307663

*Is there a way to make tor more like a default browser for downloading and not just viewing? I use chrome too but with a bunch of privacy extensions and just wanna browse normie sites like youtube with as much anonymity as possible.

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>> No.71307685

im not gay

>> No.71307689

Yeah thx, I'm almost clueless. More of a software man/vidya steam squatter

>> No.71307698

>tfw you been an iPhone user all your life
>tfw you want to make the switch but can’t let go of iMessage and Snapchat optimization
Why was I born an iTard and not an Android nigger like most of the world?

>> No.71307703

Same, I’d hold onto stuff like that just to feel like I have power but be too scared cause I don’t wanna go to prison.

>> No.71307741

I've seen one dude on here use Windows 2000 as his main OS, and I know there's a way of somewhat living comfortably on Windows 98 through KernelEx, but 3.11 might be going a bit too far. Getting web browsing set up on it is probably hell since it wasn't designed for it like 95 was, and even if you do get it working you won't be able to get on modern sites since the browsers of the time weren't ready for modern CSS fuckery or https taking over http. If you just like the aesthetic then install your favorite distro, put Xfce on it, and customize it until it looks and behaves like 3.11's UI

>> No.71307753

I shilled Arch for a while, but luckily I later redeemed myself after discovering Gentoo.

>> No.71307776

I unironically copy everything Luke Smith uses

>> No.71307797

I did for a while too, but quickly overcame that phase.

>> No.71307815

when I was young I'd ddos blacks in an online community as soon as they'd try to talk on voice using booters with trials off hackforums

>> No.71307923

0. After all this time I still use fucking windows because it came pre-installed and I'm just too lazy to switch to a proper operating system. And I don't even play gaymes anymore.
1. After ages procrastinating choosing a language to learn to program in, I finally started a few days ago. And I went with [spoilers]python[/spoilers]
2. I'm fully aware that spoilers don't work on /g/.

>> No.71307931

I don't want to do web browsing on it, I just want to use it as a workstation. An Office suite and a printer is all I need.

>> No.71307964

I tried to use Xfce to make it like 3.11, and I got it pretty darn close, but I couldn't find anything like progman in GNU/Linux.

>> No.71308031

>I couldn't find anything like progman in GNU/Linux
you could probably write one yourself, file managers are fairly easy to make

as for intending to only use your computer for office things, Windows 3.11 coupled with whatever version of Office was around at the time would probably be fine, but I have limited knowledge of what Office was like back then so you might end up with not having features that you liked from later versions of Office included in your setup. Also, if you somehow manage to send someone one of the files you make, there's no guarantee that the recipient will be able to open it since it was written using ancient technology.

>> No.71308129

>you could probably write one yourself, file managers are fairly easy to make
You're probably right, but I'm a bit of a simpleton when it comes to this sort of thing.

I found 4.0 on winworldpc; apparently it was released in 93, when was the era of 3.11. It has Excel, Powerpoint, and Word as standard; I never tried custom setup. I wouldn't be sending anyone anything I create in Office - I'd only be printing.
Thanks for the discussion btw anon. It's not everyday someone wants to discuss Windows 3.x here.

>> No.71308164

>It's not everyday someone wants to discuss Windows 3.x here
I find that hard to believe, a lot of this board is people who either were kids when 3.11 was around or (like me) have a passive interest in it having been kids when 9x/2000 was the dominant OS and then finding out about 3.11 and how it looks similar to 9x but not quit

>> No.71308188

There are some people show like to discuss such things (such as us), but the vast majority here prefer GNU/Linux and the like.

>> No.71308199

I have countless domain names that I don't use.

>> No.71308260

I dont know how to install a cpu heat sync so i just have my pc laying on its side with gravity doings its thing

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I resigned myself to the botnet, even though I'm knowledgeable and skilled and could probably go full paranoia with de-botnetting.

It's just more convenient to be one of the herd.

>> No.71309283

This makes up for the other stuff. The classic is a head above any other music player.

>> No.71309357


>> No.71309655 [DELETED] 

Own and use Macbook Air and iMac. Think it's super comfy, have owned MBP

Dislike GPL and FSF
Uses Linux on a second machine (don't touch windows partition)
If I wrote some important code I woudn't bother with an GPL incompatible licence I'd just make an anti-GPL BSD/MIT licence.
>May not be run on a system running on a GPL, or other copyleft, licensed kernel.
>Code may not be used with GPL code.

>> No.71309659

I still use Windows 7 and I don't wanna leave.

>> No.71309670

You are way too nice

>> No.71309681

i dont know anything about computers still shitposting here

>> No.71309700

I write fortran and use ed, my sin is being old and useless.

>> No.71310069

I change directory one level at a time like karly kloss. im almost middle aged and been using linux for like 25 years...

cd ..
cd ..
cd code

I don't know why I do it, I've been using Linux since I was 10 and nobody told me not to so I just kept doing it all my life.

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I paid an extra $400 for a prebuilt because I was too lazy to put a machine together.

>> No.71310103

Bad habits don't fix themselves.
You have to force self to do the right thing once in a while to ever improve.

I only recently learned what the correct hand position on keyboard is. At 27 lvl
I have to force self to use the correct fingers, but it does work and I'm improving pretty fast.

>> No.71310550

its baffles me that there are people like this here. i mean whats the fun in shitposting without actually knowing what you shitpost about? these things are pretty basic too, you could actually learn all of this stuff in a couple of days but i guess dumbposting is easier.

>> No.71310560


>> No.71310570

this is ok i guess, I have seen waaaay worse.

>> No.71310581

me too anon. i switched completely and I use a riced out i3 setup on top of it too. never been happier. Oh and its a work computer, I actually get payed to rice out my shit, life is good felas

>> No.71310588

I buy shit on sale that I don't need pretty often. Since it's tech I'll use it eventually. Finally used the $80 250GB SSD from last year I bought "on sale".

>> No.71310635

Information is only a short search away on the internet, christ man.

>> No.71310654

Technology holds no sacrality in my life

>> No.71310678

I use the same three passwords for basically everything. It actually makes me feel very uncomfortable and paranoid but I never do anything about it. I chastise others for not being safe enough on the internet but I guess I'm just as bad.

>> No.71310699

Are those passwords 20 characters long?

>> No.71310718

I spent $5000 on a workstation PC and I only use it to listen to ASMR and jerk off

>> No.71310731

They range between 10-15 characters

>> No.71310742

Ok then it's not quite as bad as it could've been.

>> No.71311053

I did that with arch and mint for a year. i was just too lazy to reinstall my home desktop

>> No.71311073

>pathetic money reasons
just say you are poor, its not that pathetic

>> No.71311087

i hate audiofags so god damned much

>> No.71311102


>> No.71311116

lol i do that too

>> No.71311212

The crime here is Facebook. Why not call/text your friends/loved ones? Are they not your real "friends"?

>> No.71311233

So what? Obsessing about being efficient will only stress you out vs just working.

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I bought an Alienware. Aurora R5.

>> No.71311328

For defensive purposes....?

>> No.71311347

Me too.

I collect them because I think "That would be a fun project" and then I make about 10% of said projects, but it's cheap to keep the domains and I like looking at them, so I do.

>> No.71311521

Based, when I was younger I was very much against syncing stuff, went out of my way to disable certain features on phones/pcs, but holy shit is it convenient. Glad I embraced it, life is easier now

>> No.71312310

Neofetch doesn't have a flag for other distros? -d or -D on screenfetch if i remember correctly.

>> No.71312754

I don't know shit about programming and whatnot. I mostly came here for /sqt/ and humour threads

>> No.71312858

i run mismatched sticks of ram in my mac mini (20gb total) and use my airpods frequently

>> No.71312966

I own the iPhone XR

>> No.71312984

Install Replicant on it

>> No.71313045

I unironically use Gnome and fucking love it, I use Arch btw

>> No.71313155

I have only used Windows for the past 20 years since my first PC and have never really tried Linux because I like my propriety software.

>> No.71313198

I bought a motherboard with an m.2 slot thinking it would support SSDs.
It's only for wifi.

>> No.71313215

Do you not miss the ease and agility of using keyboard shortcuts?

>> No.71313231
File: 123 KB, 403x1000, 1385330325742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People like you make this place nice

>> No.71313267

I would say weeks to days. While the individual pieces are pretty easy to explain, a broader, true true understanding of material is a bit harder and requires more context.

>> No.71313271

Gnome has plenty of good keyboard shortcuts, obviously not as many as many desktops but certainly more good ones than say Windows

>> No.71313355

I pronounced 'tracert' as 'trace ert' for years. I also thought Linux had high security standards and all code was audited by the various distro's.

>> No.71313377

I bought a pre-built all-in-one Gateway.

>> No.71313383

Oh, and I also thought PGP actually did what it was supposed to do (offer trust and privacy).

>> No.71313400

It is when I'm a damn pathetic neet

>> No.71313405
File: 75 KB, 448x545, 1546664348937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After 8 years of using windows, I've switched to Mac and I'm enjoying it

>> No.71313546

Did you find the v2 plana?

>> No.71313560

My nigga. Running lineage os on it

>> No.71313561
File: 94 KB, 702x486, 1549507503575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

very based. I learned things too

>> No.71313651
File: 202 KB, 774x565, 1559161697130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand a thing about code. My thinkpad is overheating just 1hr in prob because I don't clean it. I'm afraid of cleaning it and breaking something.

>> No.71313662

no and go fuck yourself

>> No.71313775

buy an ssd its fucking insane lmao
also learn python they teach it to 14 year olds now

>> No.71314010

i know you posted this to pretend its bad but in reality you are proud of it
but, anon, i gotta tell you, that is really fucking shitty code rofl

>> No.71314133


Yeah but sometimes people can tell by other things. Like if my kernel version is "4.20.xyz-manjaro" people are going to realize I'm not running Arch (or whatever other distro.)

>> No.71314187

I've honestly put worst code into to production, but that was back when I was doing freelance work for rich "startup" kiddies who thought they were gonna be the next facebook.

>> No.71314382

>And now Microsoft are really nice to me.
Wait until you have to install one of their products.

>> No.71314409

I work as PHP backend web dev only because i'm afraid of being too dumb for more "complex" projects

>> No.71314831
File: 127 KB, 334x346, 1559765999139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a script is a series of human-readable text commands. it's not compiled code. compiled code is binary (hexadecimal, not human readable).

Unless you can do the math, which, as far as I know about binary numbers, doesn't seem hard

>> No.71315077

I fap and porrly clean my hand
my mouse is fucking disgusting piece of dried semen

I internally laugh when other people use my pc

>> No.71315166

ok but what the fuck does it do tho

>> No.71315574

I'm running an outdated linux server that still has the dirtycow bug and im too lazy to replace it

>> No.71315679

I used to be really interested in technology and then I got laid and suddenly couldn't bring myself to give a shit anymore, but still come here because the autistic distro/OS shit wars are funny.

>> No.71315704

I use Windows on my desktops and laptops because it works. I spend all day troubleshooting obscure problems and I don’t need that shit at home. I don’t care if the NSA watches me jack off.

>> No.71315741

>Changing a line takes you hours
Confess your IQ, too

>> No.71315768

im using windows atm

>> No.71315782
File: 23 KB, 400x400, 1524439656093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whenever I try to program anything less trivial than a script that parses JSONs, I lock up with code quality concerns.
I spend hours obsessing over minute details and then get them wrong.

There was a time when I could YOLO moderately-good code in bulk.

>> No.71315888

I stole a wireless-router when I have a project at client.

>> No.71315932
File: 183 KB, 1300x956, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71316038

I want to do this. I just need to get a hold of his code

>> No.71316140

i use apt and debian repositories on gentoo

>> No.71316439

There's no way they'd buy it from you, they'd turn you over immediately.

>> No.71318013

I don't seed my torrents

>> No.71318172


>> No.71318212

I use Windows 10 because it's too much work to use a Linux distro as well as me being lazy

>> No.71318544

we do the same but with other passwords. all kinds of stuff.
"hey we need to change something, can you log in?" "i'll just give you the password"
i hate it desu.
>t. jr. sysadmin

>> No.71319675


>> No.71319796

Anon forgive me for I don't know shit.

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