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Is there any evidence that 5g technology will be used for mind control like Alex Jones says?

Why does America fear Huawei so much?

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Retarded ignoramus
America just doesn’t want chinese government backdoored technology for national security reasons

Like in the event of them flipping a switch and bringing down infrastructure

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>Why does America fear Huawei so much?
All Chinese companies are loyal to the Chinese government because the Chinese government could shut them down at a moments notice.
If the Chinese government asks Huawei to install backdoors for spying in their networking equipment then Huawei WILL do it.

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Do American companies install backdoors for the American government?

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>America just doesn’t want chinese government backdoored technology for national security reasons
Then why don't just ban them within America?

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Possibly, we can never really be sure.
But there's little reason believe they would since they have no reason to, the American government simply cannot control corporations in the same way because the American government has to justify it's actions under laws and shit.
Meanwhile the government in China can and does punish both companies and individuals arbitarily, there's no seperation of powers or any systems at all to prevent them from coercing Huawei into complying with their requests.

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That literally what's in the process of happening.

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>American government cannot control corporations

Is that why they were able to ban American corporations from collaborating with Huawei and they arrested the daughter of the Huawei CEO?

What laws are you talking about in America that prevent the government from controlling American corporations on grounds of national security?

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Nope Trump wants to ban them on every allied nation.

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Ruskies getting cheap 5G network with no data caps while burgers make their CEOs stupid rich with expensive Pentagon approved hardware.

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America shares information with it's allies
Allies being compromised means that the US is also partially compromised.

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But that's not a (((national))) security reason anymore since it involve multiple nations outside of America.

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Putin is such a chad that he doesn't have to worry about backdoored hardware, he'll fuck 'em up if they do backdoor it.

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>But that's not a (((national))) security reason anymore
If it interferes with the ability of America to receive uncompromised intelligence from it's allies then it absolutely is.

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You've literally posted the exact same thread yesterday >>71279580
You know what to do.

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>Is that why they were able to ban American corporations from collaborating with Huawei
If you can't grasp the difference between a trade ban and something like forcing a telecom corporation to install backdoors then you're not competent to be having this conversation.

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Everything bad that is currently happening in US is because government is too weak to control corporations.

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>America can't control its corporations like China
>American government forces corporations to engage in behavior against the will of the corporation that the government deems to be a national security issue
>But that's trade goyim, not backdoors

Sure thing 80 IQ.

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Corporations are a conglomeration of people. Everything bad that is currently happening to the US is because the people as a whole are a worse people than the people of previous generations.

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Japan should restore it's military and acquire nuclear weapons. Kick american out off Asia.
Asia for Asian.

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>Corporations are a conglomeration of people
If that was the case then the people that make up the corporation would be liable for the actions of the corporation.
They are not, the corporation is a seperate entity that shields the people using it from liability.
It's impossible for a corporation to act morally because it isn't made morally accountable and thus incentivised to do immoral things.

Also your imagined golden age is a fiction you've memed up in your head, corporations prior to world war 2 were even more brutal and exploitative than they are today, they didn't hesitate to force children to do life-threateningly dangerous work and force workers to labor for 65 hours a week.
The only reason there was a relative lull in corporate cruelty is because the artificial boost of the war economy after world war 2 created so much temporary abundance it was frankly just easier to treat people semi-decently.
Now that things are getting tight again corporations are going back to acting the way they do naturally.

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>Corporations are a conglomeration of people

Jesus man

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Everything is a conglomeration of people. There is no distinction between the corporation, the law and the people. They are all inherently a function of the will of the people. And by almost all measures upward class mobility, commonly known as "The American Dream" is lower today than in previous generations.

You can claim whatever anecdotes you want about labor law and how it benefits the country but the reality is that the country is economically bifurcated more now than it was in the past.

We are a civilization that has reached its apex and is now in decline.

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nice manipulated graph that only shows data up to fucking 1985 you cuck

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>post-war economic boom proves corporations are good!

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>birth year

Another low IQ person.

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kek retard

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Too low IQ to understand my post. I never said corporations are good. I said evil and apathy are a manifestation of people, not of abstract entities.

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And I'm saying that the good conditions in the 40s and 50s had literally nothing to do with the people running corporations being less evil or apathetic and everything to do with the fact that doing good had simply become easier than doing bad for a short while.
In fact what I'm saying is that it doesn't matter one whit whether the people running a corporation are good or evil because people, especially in large groups, will always respond to incentives and the way corporations work will always incentivize them to do whatever it takes to make more money.

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Is this thread just viral marketing to detract from the reports of 5G radiation causing cancer?

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You're obviously not understanding what I'm saying. Corporations can only exist in as much as people are willing to create the necessary conditions for their existence. All of civilization can be reduced to the will of the people. The decline of America has nothing to do with corporations, it has to do with the decline of the morality of the common man and the ascendency, and acceptance, of evil.

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mobile tek already IS causing mind control. the whole lot is automated, your brain is not separate from the shit flying through the air.

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Based Poo dabbing on the dissidents

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There are people who were born in 2000 who have an income grandad we've moved past the 1980s now

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If you included 19 year olds the percentage earning more than their parents would be even less. Are you dull?

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Good job but are you high or something

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>Why does America fear Huawei so much?
Because they install spyware into their stuff that sends all the data back to china and the china government.
Only idiots trust electronics not made in their own country.
See Merkels phone.

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God another leftist retard.
Stop listening to retarded CNN fake news you retard. You can not be this stupid to believe CNN and their
>b-b-b-b-b global village
>Trump bad man who not like world
CNN is payed for by the Chinese government and will simply say crap like this.
They install backdoors in their stuff and only idiots would accept electronics from them. You telling NATO to watch out for this is not ((Trump)) being meany pants who hates globalism.

You realize this you retard even if you did have the most basic of knowledge about computers or where capable of coding.
Its trivial to write
if (china_gov_kill_signal) {brick_yourself();}

Now hide this in the code and obfuscate by creating a bullshit buffer overflow or something that you can blame on """incompetence""" of the corporate IT industry. They have people for this who know how to write this stuff.

You are literally advocating to accept a Trojan horse!

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Americans shouldn't be allowed to buy Chinese phones but should be allowed to buy Apple phones made in China?

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This. America apparently plans to stay a 3rd world tech country
Using that logic, pretty much everything could be labeled a national security issue. Sounds really reassuring...

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>Apple phones made in China?
My personal and I think everyone who is sane view is that no country should buy electronics from different countries this is not the 1980s with Atari and stuff where implementing back doors would be hard or make the device sluggish.
>Apple phones made in China?
Ideally you manufacture all electronics in your own country.
I see this as small steps to this end.
However get ready for USA to bullshit everyone that its super OK to buy electronics from them because the USA wants money, this is why international politics is a bunch of lies and double talk on so many layers of mind games that its not worth listening to seriously.

Like free trade its a game of how can you convince the other idiot that you robing him blind is a great thing for him and everyone.
All NATO nations are nothing more then enslaved republics and satellite state republics to the USA empire.
Welcome to real life and how the world actually works.
>Apple phones made in China?
Like i did say objectively its a bad idea however less bad then buying designed crap in china. You can argue that if you make the specification they will need to deviate form it to install back doors and this can be detected.

However I bet corporations like apple will simply phone up the republican kleptocratic corporate slave Trump and tell him that apples CEO only getting 8 private jests in 1 year is the poverty line and he needs his 10 private jets in 1 year or no donations and the economy explodes.
So the 0.01 cent more they make on making phones in china is super important and economy and other crap.

This is how business works and the economy and politics.
You can not possibly imagine how fucked this world is really.
Welcome to reality.
Everything is systemically fucked!

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You burgers are so conditioned into wars, war business and general hostility that concept of China or some other country simply wanting to work and not fuck anyone up in the process is totally incomprehensible to you.

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>You burgers are so conditioned into wars, war business and general hostility that concept of China or some other country simply wanting to work and not fuck anyone up in the process is totally incomprehensible to you.
Your social score has increased for this post.

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>muh locked boob toaster

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T cia shill

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I'm typing this on my new 5G phone. I feel completely in control. Ooh look a UFO!

> Mind message.. it feels like:


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>This is how business works and the economy and politics... in America only
Fix'd for more accuracy

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Just wait for the cia niggers to show up.

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>I live in a free country
And what would that be?
One of Americas slave states like Germany or the rest of NATO?
Russia or its slave states?
The Caliphate?

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>slave states

America is a collapsing empire. Enjoy your mental gymnastics while it lasts. The founding fathers would have shot you.

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And where do you live in?
>America is a collapsing empire.
Did I ever say its not?

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