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So what's the catch?


Does this CPU really fire at 4ghz on each core? There's no way something this good is this affordable.

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They suck, that's the catch. Just because it had a high GHz doesn't mean shit! There IPC is bad, you could game/work alot better on a 7th gen i3, not to mention ddr3 ram is all u can run

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I used an fx4130 on a devuan desktop, it wasn't bad. Cost me 40 bux as well last year so I guess it was OK. Can't say the same for people who bought it new and paid hundreds though

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The catch is that even an OC-ed r3 1200 destroys it in every aspect.
t. fx-8120 owner

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oh, an 9900ks ancestor

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that's a shit CPU. AMD FX is garbage and I say this as a guy who was deep into the FX train. That "8 core" CPU gets its ass kicked by the R3-1200.

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Still more secure than intlul, they're getting closer and closer to Bulldozer with every patch kek

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Fx is the last amd cpu without PSP. If you want a ME free intel you've to go back to netburst.

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It is functionally closer to a 4 core multi-threaded CPU than an 8 core with bad IPC to boot. Get a Ryzen 1600 for $120 US if you want good value

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To explain the shit better, performance is not just number of cores or clock speed, its a math.
It's basically:
Clock * number of cores * number of instruction pipelines * how often it can fill those pipelines * usefulness of every instruction

The FX got great clock and number of cores, but it severely lacks on the pipeline filling part because it's cores are bizarre siamese twins that share many parts such as the floating point unit, so in many tasks one of the cores just halt the other.

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Hell, you can get one with a wraith cooler for $20 less


If it's all you can afford...

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They still sell brand new fx?

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There are probably a few million of them unsold.

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>he thinks his shitty 8120 bulldozer is even remotely comparable to a piledriver fx 8350

t. Fx8350 owner with gtx 1070 in my VR rig.

>So what's the catch?
It's old, power hungry and outclassed by a ryzen that costs $20-30 more. That being said it will decimate anything in AMD's budget offerings and still does 1080p gaming on high settings just fine. Also great for having dozens of porn windows open at the same time.

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>Does this CPU really fire at 4ghz on each core?
imagine being this new. still thats a great price for one of their last versatile processors

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I say it again, but if you don't care about the AMD PSP stuff, and don't want to run older software, buy a ryzen 3000 rig, otherwise FX still has it's uses, but you don't need to be using it if your OS is windows 10.

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I'm on an FX 8320e. I'm just being autistic but is it worthwhile to upgrade to an 8350? 8370? These get mentioned all the time but never the "e" variants, I feel so lonely.
Or should I wait for based Ryzen 3600G ??

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Depends on if the rig is still performing up to snuffm the 8370 is the same as any piledriver, but it seems to be a better piece of silicon, clocking a 100mhz higher turbo clock with the same voltage, which means my 8350 that does 4.6 at 1.45 volts, may do 4.7GHz at 1.45v on an 8370, it's the same silicon as a 9370/9590 but with a 125w TDP at stock.

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OC it to 5 ghz and it's ok, but you need a nuclear reactor and access to Pluto's north pole

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What's your power supply and cooler?

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>5 ghz
That sould be ideal, but 4.5GHz on the 8350 is still the ideal overclock on air, if you can get to 4.6GHz with 1.45v with a nice mobo on air that's even better, but 4.5Ghz will do, it's 1/8th faster, basically another core added.

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>t. 13 year old

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>not to mention ddr3 ram

Cool! 16GB for 65 bucks!


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>32Gb of high speed DDR3 for $130
Based FX, still a good server chip and you can cache stuff to the RAM if you have a lot of it.

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Unironically. Virtual machines loved the 8350

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