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What do we think of Linux mint?

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a lot of people like, but personally I don't. I don't find it bad, it's just not that great

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What's "not great" about it?

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it's good but I prefer normal Debian

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It just works

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best distro if you want it to just work
plus Cinnamon is the best Linux DE

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Literally adds nothing to Debian so why would you choose it over Debian? You'll only get more problems by adding a wrapper over a wrapper of Debian.

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Cinnamon is a miracle of the universe.

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I don't get it.

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Mint is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian

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It's just a ubuntu with a fork of an old DE.
Nothing special.

I love KDE so i like Neon and Manjaro.

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Not really a fan of the distro itself, but Clem (the main developer) is extremely based.

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>plus Cinnamon is the best Linux DE
It still freezes randomly sometimes and I have to change shell and run a command to refresh it.

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That's not a frankendebian. A frankendebian is when you add Debian testing or unstable repos in Debian stable.

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Never experienced anything like that.

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Wait you're not supposed to do that?

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Another completely fucking pointless Ubuntu reskin, there must be literally hundreds of them at this point, I would say it's a waste of manpower for all of these rebrands to exist but lets be honest, none of these projects maintainers are skilled enough to be needed anywhere else.

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it doesn't do anything that great, except welcome newbies
it's based off of debian so why not just use debian? only thing it offers is the pre-installed packages which, like I said, are for newbies

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never had it freeze or crash yet

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Being friendly to newbies is a very big selling point tho, bear in mind that most PC users want something that browses, writes emails, makes thier taxes, shows some files and can do some light gaming.

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Not him but its a selling point to new users , in order to actually make it customized to your liking you will need to do MUCH more effort when compared to just installing stuff for a minimalist distro such as arch.

You can get used in mint to linux , common programs and how things generally work but as we see with a lot of technologies 'owadays personnalisation is far more important than first time experience

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I prefer Sneedian and Chubuntu

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My mega-boomer dad runs Linux Mint on his 11 year old dell Optiplex. I put it on there cuz the thing could barely handle running Windows 7 with 0 tasks running.

He uses it to surf the web, print out recipes, and check email. It is literally indestructible. Great for retards like my father who want an OS that needs 0 maintenance and has all the buttons in the right places.

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Too bloaty

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>Linux Mint
Best distro for beginners.
No need to shit on it. It works great out of the box, zero issues, large and well kept repositories.

Seriously if we want Linux to spread it's time to end with the "but muh distro is better" autism.

Normies will never install Gentoo, Arch or Void. But if Mint can get them weaned off the M$ botnet that is a good thing.

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Yes. Based.

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i prefer xubunt/mate on raspberry pi

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It's great for newbs, women and old people.

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Yes but has it occurred to you that a more advanced user's personal preference should not be restricted by what's objectively best for beginners and normies?

Linux Mint is the best distro for people who don't know and/or have no interest in knowing what they're doing. Period. Which is most people, and there's nothing wrong with that. But OP never actually asked what /g/ thinks of Mint *in reference to its unquestionable suitability as the definitive public face of the Linux desktop.* OP simply asked *what /g/ thinks of Mint.* Full stop. Unqualified. And the answer, for many of us, is that there are distros we prefer, that are just as much objectively better suited to our level of experience and idiosyncratic use cases as Mint itself is objectively better suited to the typical user.

Furthermore, muh systemd botnet.

You can install the Cinnamon desktop by itself without systemd, I'm running it on gentoo with elogind right now. But it hard-depends on polkit. I'm not especially a fan of polkit, as its design encourages userspace software to stray from the Unix philosophy and try to take too many responsibilities upon itself, which, arguably, is a flaw Cinnamon suffers from. That sort of design risks introducing the same kind of bloat and vulnerability that made me swear off systemd to begin with. In fact, I'd argue polkit itself suffers from the very same kind of mission creep. There shouldn't be a daemon capable of granting arbitrary privileges. There's nothing wrong with daemons being able to grant privileges relevant to their specific use case, but having a daemon that can grant *any* privilege you can configure it to grant is a flagrant violation of the Unix philosophy. The scope of such a daemon's influence is far too vast.

I would like to one day fork Cinnamon, remove dependencies on systemd/elogind, remove dependencies on polkit, and replace the latter with dependencies on something like gksudo.

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It's the best distro for normies and beginners. If they want to continue they should go with a more 'advanced' distro.

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I use arch with i3 and i installed mint xfce for my dads pc after his got hit by lightning

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Everything works out of the box, everything is GUI. Cinnamon used to be sexy but now it just looks dated. I could never find a way to do a dist upgrade without breaking something. I still run Mint on a T-420 with no battery that stays hooked up to the TV in the living room.
This used to happen a lot running Mint on my Toshiba Satellite.

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tried it after ubuntu because unity sucked ass, cinnamon also sucks ass i uninstalled in 30 minute of using it and i haven't used linux ever since, well until last couple of months where i realised different WMs and DEs exists like kde

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Based linux dad

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I'm running from a usbstick, no problems either.

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It's like *buntu but with more broken, "modded" packages. Their default UIs looks like junk too. There's literally no reason to ever use it.
They also were the ones who fucked up GNOME2 into the unstable junk called MATE

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Does nothing better than a buntu favor so pretty useless

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You are exactly the kind of autist I was talking about, congratulations. Cannot contain himself to type five paragraphs shitting on the distro.

I use Void. You don't need to explain all of this shit to me. Your points are valid in a thread where what's the best distro is being discussed, but on its own Mint is a fine distribution.

This kind of shit just scares away potential Linux users.

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Sneed is the key to all this

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Redundant packaging shit. Just go with Ubuntu or Debian, or their 'debian' edition.
I really like their Cinnamon tho. But been using KDE lately, it's nice to have thumbnails in the file chooser for a change, crucial for shitposting.

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Holy Based

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Tested a lot of distros and always came back to mint. It's my work machine, it's my pleasure machine.

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linux is a meme

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Debian but it's Ubuntu but it's Mint

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buy him a new computer you shithead

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It's great. I can't tell you how many system I've had that had trouble with Ubuntu, but mint worked fine on it. Be it graphics controllers or wifi.

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It's not great, but not terrible.

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Can anybody confirm? If true i will switch to loonix

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Formerly Unix

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