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Why THE FUCK are there no alternatives to Google Calendar that just fucking work


I just want a fucking calendar app on my fucking phone that can give me fucking reminders, set repeating events, AND NOT USE GOOGLE CALENDAR OR FUCKING ANYTHING FROM THEM AT ALL


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Fastmail has a decent built-in calendar

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Microsoft Exchange

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You could just use you brain to remember dates and events, or a paper calendar.

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AOSP calendar ? Sync with DAVx5

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lmao, just make your own calendar app

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literally every calendar app does this and all they syncing is the same.because they all use the same protocol.

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>he doesn't use microsoft's calander with his office 365
NEETs baka

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Just use spreadsheets

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what exactly is your problem with google calendar? the fact that it's from google?

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Jorte. Best calander app, period. I've used it for like 6 years.

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Anon I too have had problems with the same thing in the past. Firstly, not a ton of people use calendars other than the standard botnet ones, so of course there's not a lot of resources. Let me help you out.

Calendars are a bit more complex and not just >muh calendar app. The apps you use are just clients that interact with a CalDAV server somewhere at GoogleHQ. This means in order to escape the botnet you have to host your own CalDAV server. There's a lightweight one that runs on python called radicale. After you've set up your own CalDAV server, you have to install DAV from Fdroid store in order to synchronize the server with your phone. ONLY THEN you install a >muh calendar app. I recommend Etar, it's free and open source, and it closely resembles the Google one.

Godspeed, anon.

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Can anyone redpill me on org-calendar and org-agenda?

(Emacs works on termux, but it's not really viable for OP's phone use.)

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for Android there is Orgzly

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Use simple calendar from fdroid and just keep it offline. Cloud = botnet.

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calander apps are bloated, use your brain faggot

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Simple Calendar

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>I just want a fucking calendar app on my fucking phone that can give me fucking reminders, set repeating events, AND NOT USE GOOGLE CALENDAR OR FUCKING ANYTHING FROM THEM AT ALL

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Simple calendar saves your data locally. What's your problem then buddy.

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Write your own, it is baby's first app to make reminders on a calendar.

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based and redpilled

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Found you a good alternative, Anon

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If you mean calendar syncing then look at CalDav and Nextcloud. It's not that hard to set up.

The problem is that on Android if you use a different calendar app and remove/disable the Google Calendar app syncing doesn't work properly.
It shouldn't be like this, but it is. At least it was last time I tried.

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>lose your phone
>lose your whole calendar

yeah, no. pls leave your mom's basement and enter the real world.

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thats what he is saying you retard, you use DAV instead of 'Google Calendar Sync'

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No, you don't understand. Even if you use DAV you still need to keep Google Calendar.

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I guess my phone is magic then because it just werked

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GApps free? If not, did you disable/remove Google Calendar?

I know that it kinda works, but last time I tried the syncing was buggy, events to/from server were delayed and so on.
Maybe also related to Android power saving...

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There's literally an Android app called "simple calendar" that does this you brainlet.

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gapps pico package, no google calendar installed

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Which calendar app do you use?

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doesnt matter, thats not the thing that does the syncing.
for syncing I used CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync, DAVDroid was a buggy mess.

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How many times do you lose your phone you absolute imbecile?
Do you know even know what backups are?

Pic related... It's you.

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this, use titanium backup with syncopoli

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I don't have this problem on my Apple devices

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1. Install Davdroid and Simple Calendar (both on F-droid for free)
2. Set up a Nextcloud server or make a (free) account from one of the providers:

I know it sounds a bit complicated, but unless you're installing the server it's 5 minutes of work to sign up and enter the login data in Davdroid.

All free and no Google involved in any way.
Also I don't recommend proprietary nonstandard shit like something from Microsoft or some other hacky solution.

iOS has built in DAV sync, so that you don't have to install Davdroid. Everything else is the same.

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Simple Calendar

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>unironic boomer apologist

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Have you tried to search calendar on F-droid?
Simple, easy and straightforward.
Simple Calendar (Offline calendar with no ads. Organizer & reminders for appointments, events etc) - https://f-droid.org/app/com.simplemobiletools.calendar.pro

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