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Why not yours?

Don't support jewidia

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1600x + rx580, feels goodman

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here is the deal.
i don't mind supporting amd since shiiltel needs a competitor so they stop overpricing their stuff but... as long as intels best cpu and nvidias best gpu are better, i am going to buy them.
being a poorfag is not an excuse, get a job

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I understand wanting an AMD CPU, I want one too, but stay away from their GPUs

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>Why not yours?
Because AMD only makes graphics cards which are too slow for me nowadays. I'll gladly throw my money at AMD for a 3900X and X570 mobo if the performance numbers they've been telling us are true, though.

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My next PC will be a used lenovo thinkcentre purchased for 64$ on Ebay

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>AMD only makes graphics cards which are too slow for me nowadays
What do you need RTX 2080ti levels of performance for..?

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The patrician choice.

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4K games. Even with a 2080 Ti I'd like more performance since 4K 120Hz+ monitors have been coming down in price and I'd like to get one, plus there are some games/scenes where a 2080 Ti can't keep 60FPS at 4K. I need more performance, not less.

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please dont post on this board ever again

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Too bad fucko, I'll keep posting and you'll have to live with it.

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>intel is milking us dry!!!
>i'll buy intel anyways lmao stop being poor

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Im gonna get an intel.

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>Too bad fucko, I'll keep posting and you'll have to live with it.
since when are you /v/edditors so seemingly bold and unashamed?

What changed

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you misunderstood literally everything boy

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no u're just one confused schizo retard

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and you're retardedly dumb

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Because I wanna try out 3D Vision now that it's dead and I know what to expect from it.

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enjoy your housefire

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>Don't support jewidia
I wish AMD would let me, common sense is against it for now, it was okay to get 390 instead of 970. It's not okay to get Vega 56 instead of 1070.
Hope Navi saves me from this nightmare.

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>n-no u

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I'm really looking forward too see how long it's going to take for ryzen 3 parts to decay back to msrp after the absolute hype explosion that's going to happen on 7/7

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there was no hype for zen 1, I got 1600x at MSRP

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Maybe you've heard about our big brother, /pol/? He has our back and he pretty much runs this place.

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Ryzen 1700 & Vega64 here. Looking forward to the 3000 series

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I've had a passion for technology for over 20 years and I've been posting here for like 13 years, video games are just another aspect of that. I'm not going to stop visiting the technology board, playing games, or buying hardware for that purpose because some retarded fucko thinks he has a monopoly on what uses for technology should be discussed on the technology board.

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There’s nothing wrong with video games. Stop being autistic you cunt

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Ultraslim fanless ryzen notebooks when?

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you newfag /v/edditors realize there is a specific board for your child gaymen toys right?

Do you also discuss food on /k/ ?

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My next build will definitely be Ryzen, but definitely not Radeon. I'm good on the graphics end for the next 10 years or so.

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Probably spent some time lurking /g/ and realized how fucking retarded most people here are any way.

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why does your picture look so fucked up

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AMD CPU + nvidia card(without the rtx meme).

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Hey anon. Take a breath. Relax. It's gonna be alright.

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Probably gonna pour my money into a gen 3 amd cpu, and get vega 64
the vega's sell for 250-300 dollars, so why not

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doesn't that 3570k bottleneck the 1080ti to hell?

How are you faring in gaymenz

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>AMD Videocard

Not until ROCm

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cpu, gpu no - amd's gpu's including the upcoming ones still aren't good value for money compared to nvidia's (at least if you factor in electricity over 3 years of use)

read that navi won't be great price performance ... but we'll see i'd have no prob using exclusively AMD cpu+gpu hardware otherwise

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*cpu yes

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Same, but how come AMD graphics cards such so much bawls lately? what happened?

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You should stop acting like a retard if you wish to be taken seriously. There is a board aimed at discussing video games. The discussion taking place here is not about video games, it's about the technology and hardware used to run video games. Discussing about video games themselves does not belong here, but any discussion pertaining to the technology itself is perfectly on-topic. Talking about the technical aspects and performance of the hardware used is perfectly fine, as would be talking about the technological aspects of the software itself, such as discussing game engine design.

If you cannot make this distinction in your mind, I suggest you make yourself scarce since you are not intelligent enough to contribute anything worthwhile to this board anyway and would only be capable of spewing shitpost buzzwords, as you have been doing in this very thread.

It will at 1080p, but since he doesn't need more than 60FPS he'll be mostly fine, though some games won't even manage 60 on a 3570K.

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How do you mean?

Better than with my 770. Got the Ti since it was a great deal and was hardly used. Whether the CPU is a bottleneck or not depends mostly on how CPU intensive the game is, but I imagine there's probably some. The games I play are usually not that intensive though, my next build is mostly focused on making VR good, and the Ti will be part of that build.

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>paying 1400 for a GPU

That's not called having a job, that's just called being a retard.

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my current PC is all AMD
Ryzen 1700x + Vega 64

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nvidia is still ahead of amd in videocards, but ryzen rektd intel

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Unlike you, i'm not retarded enough to throw away a good working cpu and gpu just for the sake of fanboyism. Shill.

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>anime fag going off about how /v/ is so unashamed of themselves


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>Can't even You the right post

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the main reason why my CPU + GPU combo will be AMD is because

>release a fast CPU
>5 patches later it loses 50% performance
>lol no hyperthreading

>install any rolling release distro
>everything works
>update system
>nothing fucking works anymore
>have to do nomodeset
>have to run circles through hacks and workarounds
>have to spend nights on Gentoo, Debian and Arch forums

>it just werks

Fuck Intel and Nvidia and their subpar products.

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>have owned multiple ATI and AMD video cards over the years
>no problems
W-what's wrong with them? I thought the drivers and control software was pretty rough around the time AMD bought ATI, but it all seems sorted now.

I've also had multiple nVidia cars, and they were fine, too (except for being a mediocre value).

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>Do you also discuss food on /k/ ?
I guess /k/ isn't allowed to discuss MREs and maybe get some cross-posting from /out/ goin on? Jesus you're autistic.

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You're just buying nvidia for brand identity at this point.

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It is starting (emphasis on starting) to get some traction. Still far behind cuda though.

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>boards can only talk about what they’re named after, nothing else
This isn’t reddit you faggot, as long as it has some relation to the general topic it’s fine. Now go back to your hug box.

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>he fell for 4k meme

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Please delid dis post immediately and support Israel, sir.

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R5 2600+ RX 570 4GB Reporting in, everything works fine.

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Can you shills come up with anything different? It's the same crap over and over again and it's actually becoming cringe at this point.

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So does an old 486. Just because it works doesn't mean it's any good.

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Terrible point. If an old 486 did what you needed it to, what reason would there be to change it?

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I bought an Udoo Bolt for my next desktop. The fancier one. Never Intel again.

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I’ve serviced embedded 286s recently, just chugging away and doing their job.

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>Im gonna get an intel.

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Trust us, goy.

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It's the same samefag from every single shill thread. Color me tickled.

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My 3570 bottlenecked a 290x if I didn’t shut down all the other apps before I loaded a game. You gotta get a better chip.

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2 (You)s from me, good job anon.

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Imagine having a wojak shill folder on your desktop ready to go at a moments notice. kek

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It’s great, Intel has been fucking everybody over for far too long and Untel shills infest every corner of the Internet. They will just lie right to your face about anything.

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I have an AMD R7-1700X and a Nvidia RTX 2080Ti. I'm waiting on 3rd gen Ryzen to hit and then I'd have a Ryzen R9-3900X. I would have gotten a Radeon VII if it performed better, but it doesn't. Nothing AMD makes on the GPU side even comes close. Hell for how much I paid for my 2080Ti, I could have gotten 2x Radeon 7's if they still supported Xfire, but they don't. Unfortunately AMD isn't for people like me on the very tip top of GPUs. They're king of the middle though. RX570/590 and Vega 56/64 are fantastic performance for the money.

That and I'm sort if trapped due to already owning a 165HZ G-SYNC having 1440p panel.

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imagine working at intel or AMD and instead of getting to participate in designing CPUs or other interesting work you have to make meme graphics that promote your product and shill on /g/ all day

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I have a specific workload that benifit from AVX512, and I don't see AMD with an alternative.

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Buy hardware that respects your freedom.

>> No.71237466

Is AVX512 supported on Intel's mainstream platform?

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fuck freedom, give me performance.

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Waiting for delivery i7 9700k/rtx2080...

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I'm staying with Intel and Nvidia. because that's what I'm familiar with.

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>but stay away from their GPUs
wintard detected.

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It's going to be an absolute beast dude, You can get 5.2ghz with the 9700K with ease and get the absolute fastest of the fast. Hope you have a high refresh monitor.

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>I'm staying with Intel and Nvidia. because that's what I'm familiar with.
sounds like boomer speak.

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Imagine having a AMD gpu......

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Because he wanted the fastest you can get? Some people don't want to fuck around with second best.

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>i don't mind supporting amd since shiiltel needs a competitor so they stop overpricing their stuff but... as long as intels best cpu and nvidias best gpu are better, i am going to buy them.
You forgot the /s.

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Yeh you’d have decent drivers.

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Probably will go Nvidia because of NVENC.

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your reading comprehension is terrible.

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>he wanted the fastest you can get
I still do, which is why I always be on team bluegreen

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But muh gaymes

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They both do, The difference is a performance gap.

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>Why not yours?
Because I want maximum performance for my 165 Hz monitor and the only correct combination for this goal is AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU. Fuck fanboyism.

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i have a 4670k paired with a 1080Ti, at 1440p it is bottlenecking the GPU to hell and beyond. 4 weeks feel like an eternity of wait for Ryzen.

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NVIDIA has shitty drivers.

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good sir please delete this and do the needful
Performance doesn't matter anyway

>> No.71237763

>as long as intels best cpu
The way you type is an obvious giveaway you are a poorfag east euro at best, or a dirty pajeet at worst. You are buying nothing with your miserable worthless currency.

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And yet you come nowhere close to 165fps because a cpu bottleneck. A 9700K at 5.2 ghz would have trouble sustaining that kind of performance, Let alone a 2700x.

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I don't, because run out of money, gonna save up for Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

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What ram did you get? 3200-4000Mhz is optimal for the highest FPS you can get.

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i don't know about you anon, but i use something called "settings" and i tweak them instead of just putting the default "muh ultra" placebo trash.

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32gb HyperX DDR4-3000

>> No.71237981

>only lists base clocks
>does not list CPU load

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That's fine, If you're feeling ballsy you can overclock that ram pretty easily to 3600speeds. Just look for walkthroughs. I got my 3200mhz sticks to 4000mhz so easy.

>> No.71238020

What benchmark have you ever seen show cpu load? Fact is intel cpu's are being utilized more efficiently than amd's in most cases.

>> No.71238035

>If you're feeling ballsy
I never actually done it, so no.

>> No.71238046

I hope it's quadchannel

>> No.71238067

fuck off shill

mine's most likely gonna be 3700x and a used 1070ti unless something better is released

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AMD CPU + NVidia GPU is the most patrician combo for people who actually uses their GPUs for what they were intended for. The faggots on this board who buy these expensive cards and not even use them for 3D rendering or video games(which is why 90% of people buy GPUs in the first place) are literally the some of the most fucking braindead retarded shitposters I've seen. Case in point: >>71231629 >>71231283. At that point just buy a GT 710, a literal fucking display adapter, if a display is all you need a graphics card for, or better yet use the onboard one on your mobo or your CPU, you fucking cancerous fag.

>> No.71238319

Worst that could happen is you'll get memory errors if it isn't stable and possible lock ups which aren't detrimental to anything unless you're throwing to much voltage to it, But you'd have to be in the 1.6-1.7volt range which is waaaay more than you would ever need. i'm only pushing 1.42v at 4000mhz.

>> No.71238630

But intel is no longer better than amd :^)

>> No.71238723

Yeah they are, They were unfair in testing using way slower memory for intel to make their IPC look better than it is. Read up about it and do some research.

>> No.71238738

Nvidia and AMD is the way to go. RTG is just garbage.
>B-but wait for Navi, surely it won't be shit!
It'll be garbage and cost the same as Nvidia anyway.

>> No.71238833

surely amd is not that retarded, surely

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Why are people getting AMD anything for gaming? I don't get it....Brand loyalty is the most retarded thing ever and makes you regret your decisions a few years down the road when you're going to need that extra power for most CPU intensive games.

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No argument? Just the same cliche memes huh. I guess you can't have a reasonable conversation with a retarded lemming. Cope for what? lol. I have an 8 core 16 thread cpu at 5ghz all core constant and 4000mhz ram 16 cas, You're the one doing the cope poorboy.

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AMD masterrace

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I like my PC. looking forward for Zen 2 and RX 5000.

>> No.71239248

>cherrypick a single example with no RAM info from previous line of CPUs
I've used Intel CPUs for 12 years now but you're critical levels of retarded.

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File: 1.87 MB, 2259x1372, 1555209411222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here ya go. Ram speeds and all. Zen 2 is just going to be an overclocked 2700x so you can take what amd says with a grain of salt.

>> No.71239397

Blender. Blender is why.

>> No.71239417

Damn, so I'll only have 200 fps instead of 250 while having much better multicore performance? What a difficult choice.

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>security doesn't matter bro
Feels good not falling for SHITel products. Pozzed cuckolds with buyer's remorse eternally coping.

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Well if you want to compare apples to oranges, Here ya go. Comparing both 12 thread cpus and 16 thread cpu's. Multithread is 23-30% faster on top of shitting on it in single core.



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>Zen 2 is just going to be an overclocked 2700x
this is factually incorrect

>> No.71239492

Facts don't matter

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Stop kvetching

>> No.71239917

>intels best cpu
in what universe does intel have the best CPU? Fastest multicore has always been ayymd (TR 2990WX, also the fastest consumer CPU to date) and single core just became AMD territory as well. AMD wins again on temps and wattage. So tell me again, how the fuck does intel have "best cpu"?

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go back to Léddit

>> No.71240225

The only thing cringe is watching shittel faggots like you get fucked up the ass by Jews and ask for more

>> No.71240261

I never bought nor owned an AMD product like ever

AMD are for poorfags

My 9700k + 2080 setup blasts all current gen titles, by the time I upgrade I'll be buying the 4th or 5th gen RTX cards from Nvidia and whatever Lake Intel has

>> No.71240326

i bought an intel motherboard and pentium g4400 in like 2016 so i could upgrade later because my phenom died. i have a 7600k because i have no shame

but i just bought an rx590 to replace my 6950 because i don't buy nvidia graphics cards

>> No.71240366

I'll support whichever company makes the best product for me.
Enjoy making a potentially inferior purchase because of brand loyalty.

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here's a (you)

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