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>get duped by shills on /g/
>fall for the AMD Ryzen meme
>copying files results in erratic drops in speed
>right clicking takes 15 seconds to open the menu
>shitty linux drivers
My PC is not even a week old

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>Removable disk
The initial transfer was cached to RAM. Everything after that is how shitty your flash drive is. Brainlet.

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Don't take advice from people on /g/ when it comes to BUYING tech. Remember that a lot of people here unironically still use CRT monitors for personal use. Intel and Nvidia are extremely popular and AMD is not for a reason (because they work).

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I’m using USB 3.0

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>flash drive with sustained 10MB/s write speed
Shitposting aside, that's actually not that bad.

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Scan your computer for retarded users.

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get m.2

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that doesn't mean jack shit if your shitty flash drive has shitty flash and a shitty controller.

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>CPU drivers

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>use shitty chink USB device
>hurr it's AMD


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>>use shitty CHINK USB device
You're saying that as if there were some non-chink ones that aren't shit.

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shouldn't matter for sequential
this garbage 32GB flash drive I have was bought years ago and still 4x the sequential writes of OP's garbage.

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>he fell for the loonix meme

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SanDisk is burger.

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>shitty linux drivers
>using Wangdows
>My PC
>no evidence that he's actually running a Ryzen system

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where have i seen this thread before

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How is it not bad? Even my 128GB low profile USB 3.1 flash drive from several years ago can easily do over 100MB/s sustained write. Literally copied a 60GB game folder with only going as low as 70MB/s once.

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to be fair, that's a synthetic test

My 120GB USB 3.0 drive is MUCH faster in synthetics and even it can't do real world transfers at much more than ~80MB/s

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and here's a 32GB Sandisk

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>a-sync is useless
Lol, I don't even know what to say, bait so bad nobody even bothered

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>thinks using USB3.0 guaranteed good throughput

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hurr. this is >>71221463.

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And this is >>71221503. Stop using garbage hubs.

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a single large file is not the same as a real world transfer.

It can do a large file at 300MB/s+

Try copying a large 10-20GB game, something with lots of files of varying sizes and types. That'll slow it right down.

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Kys, fucking retarded.

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It's 99% likely that your USB """3.0""" flash zip diskette drive can't even reach full USB 2.0 speeds

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big difference between the cheap chink shit they sell by the 1000 for 1$ each and a name brand one that has some measure of backing behind it.

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Just to be clear, we're talking about actual, small, little usb thumb drives, not basically-external-sata-3-ssd, right?

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well, when games don't support it its a useless feature.

like if nvidia marketed rtx/gtx and only did it with the full physics suite but no game ever did more then basic collision detection.

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128GB USB 3.1 flash drive.

Sandisk extreme Pro 3.1


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>muh real world
you mean sequential vs 4KB. I would expect a arch linux user to be absolutely retarded. You can tell instantly from OP's transfer graph that he wasn't transferring a bunch of tiny files.

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Why would you do such a thing? Come on the internet and just lie?! Who would even think of such a thing! Holy shit, I just have no words, didn't your mother teach you better? You almost had me return this CPU.

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If it can't fit on my keys, I might as well get actual sata ssd with external enclosure, which will be 1/3 cheaper and double the size.
(exactly what I've done, actually)

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Nothing to do with games supporting it. It's a transparent feature, it will work just as well with OPG/D3D games from 20 years ago, decades before A-Sync was even used. It even works with video, literally .avi files from 1993 if you want to.
A-Sync like FreeSync and G-Sync are just a adaptive synchronization feature that works on your monitor, not even on your computer itself.

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>If it can't fit on my keys
So you finally admit to using a garbage flash drive. Seriously kys.

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>If it can't fit on my keys
Hurr. See: >>71221696


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>If it can't fit on my keys
Hurr. See: >>71221730


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Lmao, it's not even that large, and it has a hole for a lanyard or similar so could easily put onto a keyring.

Easily fits in my pocket and has fantastic speeds, especially for my primary use-case of transferring UHD bluray rips to my friends with shit internet.

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again, thanks for admitting you bought a garbage flash drive.

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Mine is 128GB. Size makes a difference with flash storage when it comes to performance.
As you can see, here's a cache disabled real world benchmark on said drive: >>71221730

Here's your (You) too.

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nobody gives a fuck about your shitposts. either berate OP for being a retard or get the fuck out.

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It's okay to be wrong, anon. I recommend smashing your face against the wall.

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I have this too and I'm using a Xeon E3-1231v3.
It's not an AMD issue.

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>literally not knowing anything about what the fuck is wrong with his PC, blaming CPU for everything and complaining about brands on 4chan

Jesus christ OP do some research before shitposting, CPU's don't do jack shit in file transfer, get a fucking good SSD and get the hell out of the internet.


>CPU drivers

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Your USB is a piece of shit. It went fast at the start until you filled device and operating system buffers, then it dropped to the actual speed of the flash memory. Buy a less garbage USB stick next time instead of blaming your CPU.

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saturday night /g/ is worst /g/
actually weekend 4chan sucks in general
how do people like this even find this website

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>being this fucking clueless about technology on a technology board

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this is literally a windows issue

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this has nothing to do with ryzen
your USB has tiny cache and you're retarded
also, use teracopy

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Teracopy still uses Windows in the backend, it just has better overtop features.
Also, it takes longer.

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>Also, it takes longer.

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LMAO my shit asymmetrical upload speed is still twice as fast as your plugged in speed

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You're implying weekday /g/ is any better
This place has gone down the shitter and I've only been here for 3-4 years

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I copied a 20GB file from my computer to my NAS both with Explorer and Teracopy. Explorer took about 5m10s and Teracopy around 6m15s.

Teracopy remains superior in its features, and it can certainly save time if you are effectively syncing files by copying by difference, etc, but in raw speed it is slower than Explorer.

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4KB is just a particular size used for tests retard...

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Shoo intel shill. Go away.

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you have to go back. but before that, understand that 4KB testing is to show small file random I/O testing, while sequential is for large files.

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Works on my machine. Maybe you just suck with computers.

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>copying by difference,etc
what? I've never used teracopy so redpill me on it

>> No.71222810

If you're copying a bunch of files that may have been updated and a bunch that haven't you can choose to overwrite by date or size or whatever so that it'll only copy the the modified files.
Obviously this is faster than overwriting all the files or deciding file by file as you would need to in Explorer these days.

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However most of my file transfers are all clean (moving games around storage) so teracopy really just slows me down. Can't complain about explorer (in this case, at least)

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The prompt they added when you copy/\move files to ask if you want to use Teracopy or Explorer is kinda useful.
It is a second to make the choice, but probably in the long run you'll save time over using just one or the other.

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can anyone recommend me any good USB devices? mine is reaching life's end

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Teracopy does NOT SYNC. The author of Teracopy refuses to implement sync features.

How exactly are you syncing it?

>> No.71223573

I'm copying a bunch of files to an SD card which I use at work. Sometimes I modify some of the files at work, so when I come home I just copy the directories and choose to overwrite older files which will only copy the files that are newer from the SD card.

It's not a proper sync facility, but it works. You can do practically the same in Explorer but it is more clunky.

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>be me
>be chink mc chinkenstien
>buy a lot of 10,000 flash drives
>all usb 2.0
>buy a lot of 10,000 usb 3.0 cases
>tell chinks for 1 usd I want them to put shit into the 3.0 casings
>sell to walmart for 100k USD
>repeat process

aside from that, USB drives have a stupid small cache size and like someone else pointed out original transfer was copy to ram

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Reminds me of https://warosu.org/g/thread/S71138733#p71139275

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OP is a faggot running Intel Cope Lake.

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you bring up free and g, I don't think we are talking about the same kind of sync

asynchronous compute, as in the shit amd has hardware scheduler for instead of software and is able to get up to around 12-13% more performance for and few games use or implement it well to the point its a marketing gimmick.

free and g sync are turned on by the gpu, and enableded across the board and how much its enabled keeps going up every time, does it work with windowed games now?
due to no need for game support for the feature to work, its FAR less of a gimmick at least opposed to a-sync where you have a sub 20% market share and are trying to get a feature only you support implemented.

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you have to reinstall windows when switching retard

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Let me tell you about cheap USB3.0 drive

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so i herd you liek mudkips

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oh my god i hope this post is genuine

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That's not a CPU issue you dumbfuck, it's the same with my i5 9600k and any shitty USB.

>> No.71226514

simply ebin, bravo sir

>> No.71226526

That's fucking nothing, my shitty Cruzer gets 2.5 mb/s write.

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u herd rong muthafucka

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>blames amd because his flash drive is slow

>> No.71227214

this is literally


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>the absolute state of Intlel shills

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I don't think this is real or not.

>> No.71228329

>does not know what buffering is

>> No.71228410

>he took the bait
how's life of a man with negative iq going?

>> No.71228419

Why is this board so retarded now?

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>> No.71228457

I know its been braindead retarded for a few years but now is still valid.
It seems to be getting worse too.

>> No.71228479

Nice try, Intel shill. Enjoy losing your job because your employer is an incompetent pile of lying shit.

>> No.71228512

Youre literally part of the problem

>> No.71228621

>a few years
Nigga I've been here since 2010 at least. It's always been like this.

>> No.71228741

> it's always been like this
as long as i can remember.

>> No.71228937

I thought that too, turns out it's just that FAT32 is shit and I got 4x the speed from Ext2

>> No.71228970

Based Tom

>> No.71229366

AMD GPUs are trash compared to Nvidia

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>board is majority-Indians who shill whatever is the cheapest tech like outdated Thinkpads, Linux, shitty Chinese androids, AMD and shit on anyone who buys high quality tech
>surprised when it doesn't work out in the real world

>> No.71229475

except for Apple, which is undeniably shit

>> No.71229562

T. Poo

>> No.71229568

>Thinkpads, Linux, shitty Chinese androids, AMD are shit
>Apple isn't

>> No.71229602

1. use syncthing (if you're allowed)
2. this is literally the use-case for Microsoft Briefcase

>> No.71229609

unf unf

>> No.71229716

That's not me who responded to you, but Apple products are not bad they are just overpriced. If Apple products were priced correctly, there would be objections to it.

Most of the crying about Apple is from people who pride themselves on being value oriented.

>> No.71229726

if you don't buy hardware based on value/price, then no matter if you're rich or poor, you're a dumbass

>> No.71229736

That's not how life works.

>> No.71229750

yes it is, the only reason why anyone wouldn't buy something without looking for value/price is to flaunt how much money they have, which is even more reason to call them a dumbass

>> No.71229808

You can live in that fantasy world of yours while people around you buy houses with nice views, nicer looking cars and pay for hotels with nicer looking interiors when they vacation and you'll see how much of a dumbass you look like complaining about value/price arguments.

>> No.71229869

>houses with nice views
nice views count towards value
>nicer looking cars
nice looks count towards value
>hotels with nicer looking interiors
same as above

you can't even understand what I said, let alone construct a valid argument

>> No.71231263


You bought shit, you get shit. Next time buy a non-value non-poorfags external storage medium.

>> No.71231290

Doesn't matter if it's shit flash and a shit controller
Go shove an old m.2 drive into a m.2 to 3.1 gen 2/3.2 gen 2/whatever you want to call the fucking 10gbit enclosure. You'll get way better transfer speeds, even when the dram cache runs out

>> No.71233377

Can confirm lower speeds on i7 6700k.

>> No.71235006

>I'm retarded and it's /g/'s fault

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