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>The multi-core speed test was particularly outstanding, with the Matisse CPU amassing 1,074 points or 161%. A much more expensive Intel Core i7-9700K scored 1,072 points in the multi-core speed test, which demonstrates the rapid pace the Ryzen 5 3600 can operate at.

Release the Cope i10

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sirs, i humbly require upon your to delete this blog entry thank

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>tfw delid haswell owner
fuck intel and fuck jannies I'm going 3900x

[This post was sponsored by AMD incorporated, not really]

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those two benchmarks on the 3600 vary pretty wildly (looking at single threaded performance) based on the RAM pairing
>114 with 2133MHz (comparable to i5-4690k)
>134 with 2666MHz (comparable to i7-7700k)

guess i'm going with 4x16GB 3600MHz

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So it should be 154 with 3200mhz? I hope

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nah, the core speed will be affected by both the CAS latency and the RAM speed, see pic. there won't be 3200MHz DDR (stock, at least) that has the same timings as the 2666MHz that guy used, so it won't be as much of a jump. i'd guess 138-140 with reasonable timings at 3200MHz

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3200mhz CL16 is standard these days without paying ridiculous premiums for CL14

Anything sub-10ns is fine and the average consumer will see zero difference

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Ryzen has its internal bus synchronized with RAM clocks. Latencies don't matter that much to it.

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yeah, i was thinking 16 when i said 'reasonable timings'. my point was that the 2666MHz the guy in the better 3600 benchmark would have probably been 13 or 14, so it would have performed better. someone else said that Ryzen benefits more from RAM clock speeds and less from latencies though, so maybe i was just wrong with what i said about latencies

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This. It's cheap as chips and is very much where diminishing returns kicks in hard. I run mine at 2933cl14 because of some of the things I used to do ran a little better like that.

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I haven't used AMD before but for Zen2 will I need to buy ram that is Ryzen specific? Or was that just for Zen1 when compatibility issues were still relevant?

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There were comparability issues for over clocking. The supported spec ram at 2666 ran fine but going above 3000 without samsung Bdie stuff was hard. I managed to get my crappy 3200cl16 stuff working on the first agesa by just dialing in the xmp profile manually and less voltage easily so I never saw the problem until the bios that supposedly fixed most of the problems.
It's a compounded problem because the performance of the cpu scaled really well with increased memory speeds up to around 3466mhz. This just came to a contrast where a lot of software on intel platforms was hardly affected by ram speed at all.
Honestly no matter what you end up getting, 3200cl16 ram is the sweet spot and just over clock it a little bit on timngs or clock and be done with it. Super overclocks for ram are not worth it for most users.

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what fucking nigger ruined the elephant with that thing on it?

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HOLY fucking shit
intel is literally on suicide watch

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Thanks for that info. In that case I'll probably get https://www.pccasegear.com/products/33135/corsair-vengeance-lpx-cmk16gx4m2b3200c16-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-black

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still using an overclocked 3570k to this day. intel has done literally nothing to innovate cpus, all my brand new AAA games still run perfectly on PC. ill only upgrade when my CPU becomes a problem in games and then ill upgrade to like a 12 core 5GHZ AMD or something

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incels btfo

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I5 2500k here
Has the time to upgrade come?

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No, wait for Zen2+ or the Intel counter assault.
Besides, DDR5 and PCI-E 5.0 will be coming out sometimes in the next year or two.

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remember kids: Intel did i9/i11

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Look at the background cpu usage, it's not at 0% for both

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Haslel i5 poorfag here, this is what I'm waiting for. Probably will be waiting another generation for DDR5 RAM to get cheaper.

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Same nigger that impregnated your mum all those years ago

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ROFLMAO what a thumbnail. i thought that dude is a giant faggot but thats pretty based

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>AMD is globalist kikes/bolsheviks
>Intel is NatSoc

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>i can't take a joke
stop being an unfunny little cunt.

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why japs have the worst teeth?

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They don't have the culture of orthodontia like most western countries, and in some cases find it cute.

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To add to this. I ended up with the worst RAM you can get for Zen1 (The Hymen stuff, R5 1600 w/ Assrock B350 Fatality K4) and couldn't clock it that high when I got it. After a BIOS update it clocked to 3200, when it was rated 3000, just by selecting the profile.

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>cinebench only CPU
no thanks I'd rather be able to play games and run adobe on my machine

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>I'd rather run games
you mean the ones where the 3800x is as fast or faster than a 9900k?

I mean why do you think they added the I/O chip? Shits and giggles? Or do you think they've just been sitting on their hands for the past 2 years? Like Intel? Hell even Zen+ had much improved latency, it was the main thing they addressed.

Admittedly I don't know about that. Their shit is horribly optimized, but at 4.6Ghz with Zen 2's IPC improvements I can't imagine you'll have trouble scrubbing through a 4k or even an 8K RAW timeline if your GPU is up to the task.

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I'm gonna upgrade cause my cpu hits 100% lags too often same with ram...16gb, software gets bloated.

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>you mean the ones where the 3800x is as fast or faster than a 9900k?
Running an online game on an empty map proves nothing, you'll see at NDA lift
>why do you think they added the I/O chip?
To save money, or rather to make more money since they increased the price of the CPU segments
>Their shit is horribly optimized
It's not, it's just memory intensive like any useful application

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>7600k does what I need it to do
I'll probably go AMD when Zen3 comes out (unless Intel somehow manages to catch up and do even better) but for now I'm fine

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>not badly optimised
>Adobe fucking Premiere
>when Da Vinci Resolve and Final Cut both exist and prove the exact opposite
Okay, now I'm convinced you're just a shill.
>they increased the price of the CPU segments
How? In what way? Because they didn't give us the 12 core for 300 dollars?
Also do you really fucking believe the I/O chip is decorative? When you can SEE that X570 has 40 fucking PCI-E lanes?
OK retard.

Good for you. How far did you clock that sucker?

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I was actually running it at stock speeds until earlier this week, and I put it at 4.5Ghz. Didn't even go past 60°C while playing Ghost Recon Wildlands so I'm pretty satisfied

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>4 threads

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I'm honestly not noticing any performance issues in games because of it. I might also be half blind, but if that makes it so I can wait longer until I upgrade that's fine by me.

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>i5 K series at stock
what's even the point
shit taste honestly

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I didn't really have any need to OC it so far, I just figured I might as well do it since it's a K series and it'd be a waste not to.
I only used Wildlands here because it's decently CPU intensive, probably the most CPU intensive game I had installed. I thought it was enjoyable if very repetitive. I played it with a friend, it was basically a bolivia driving simulator with the occasional shooting moment, all in all a nice little relaxing experience.

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>experimental technology no current game or software would economically try to take advantage of

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>multicore performance
>experimental technology

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Remove pajeet programmers, problem solved.

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Is it just me or does Intel reek of low IQ? Every time I see an Intel build, my first thought is 'you only went with Intel after being fooled by other pozzed fags."

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Ah yes, the only thing that makes sure Intel remains relevant for a few more years.

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You're still pozzed because of Intel's AIDS architecture infecting everything it touches

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please, please, please can we do this

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>it's just memory intensive like any useful application
The Adobe suit, albeit very feature complete, is a clusterfuck of shitty optimization and bloat. It's also buggy as hell.

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Very based

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Has been for some time.

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