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>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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Is this malware?

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why does my bg on arch go like this after inactivity/ screen lock

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I saw a person on Amazon doing this with some fancy speakers. Why? Is this like cheap bi-wiring?

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Is it worth learning Latex to build a CV? Not sure how difficult it is or if it's just overkill.
But I feel like the things I make in *office just look like shit all the time.

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No. It looks like that speaker is made to support bi-amping or bi-wiring, but whoever took that picture is in fact using a single amp and a single speaker cable and as such has connected both inputs to the same cable. My speakers support that too, except they come with metal pieces to connect the inputs if you're using a single amp, so that you don't have to fuck with running wires from one set to the other. You just need to connect both pairs of terminals for the entire speaker to work.

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I thought about getting electrolysis on my face so I never have to shave again.

Is this viable or am I retarded

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I figured that was the case. If the speakers I showed don't have the metal plate, then you have to get creative, right?

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why do people here always carry knives and guns when they go out?

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I had too much caffeine and feel sick. What do?

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I guess so, though if the speakers have screw terminals you don't need any fancy connectors, you can just use another 2 short pieces of wire. I'm guessing the ones in the picture do also have screw connectors, the guy just used banana plugs or whatever those are.

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Thanks for the help anon.
So wait, I just saw this which is the actual post system in the back. So just by having that metal connector it's already ready to go, right? So you would just need one cable from the terminal to the receiver?

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We usually do programming on uni on universities PCs, and one girl brought her own laptop.
She was about to enter directory called XXXXX where she had pre-completed tasks, and professor told her "Don't even think about entering the XXXXX directory, ms. Student".
Since it's her own laptop, she didn't have surveillance software they use installed.
How did he know she was about to cheat? They say he had no way of seein her screen. Is it possible through network or what?

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Gigabyte DS3H B450M or Asus Prime B45M-A?

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It doesn't take seeing the screen to know that the laptop of her own doesn't have the software restrictions of the uni PC's.

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Yes, you just need to keep those metal connectors in place and connect your cable to one red and one black terminal.

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I'm gonna guess they monitor the network traffic and they saw an unknown PC tried to access that folder and I'm also guessing her PC's name was her own name which is how he precisely knew it was her.

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How are the Verbatim "archival" series discs for archival?

I have some data I would like to archive for 10+ years. It is a small amount (under 2 GB) and mostly small files. Some reasons I am considering these:
>supposed to be the best for lifespan other than M-disc
>Don't have to buy a new dvd drive (would like to use m-disk, but would need a new drive)
>Don't have bluray drive
>DVD drives are far more common than bluray drives, bluray drives also have dvd compatibility
>cheap compared to anything else for the small amount of data I have

Any comment or suggestions?

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The Cloud(tm)

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Can anyone help give me some ideas on why my GPU is randomly dropping to near 0% usage during gaming causing frame drops?
I don't think it's temperature because the frame drops happen on less heavy games too. I don't think its a crypto miner because I scanned the shit out of my computer. I don't think it's the CPU because there's no succint CPU pattern I can glean from when the frame drops happen. It's not memory or RAM either. I don't think its age because I'm not getting any artifacting during gaming, just frame drops.
So my best guesses are that it's a faulty NVIDIA driver fucking with my 980 Ti or something to do with the power and voltage of the GPU. Or maybe power of the CPU. It still could be temperature, but I will need to turn down the temperature limit on Afterburner to make sure.

I'm going to do some Hardware Monitoring tonight to get a log.
And please AMD fanboys, I can't afford any GPU, so no I'm not going to just trash my current one and buy AMD if it's an actually fixable problem.

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Anyone know if I'll be able to fit an xfx rx580 8gb in a thermaltake core v1? I'm the faggot who's mobo blew last night and I figure I may as well upgrade my case while I'm out buying a new mobo

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This wouldn't happen if you either bought a good psu or a Ryzen igpu

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Archival CDs are a complete meme. Just write to a regular CD and leave it in a cool dry place where it wont get jostled and it will last until the end of time if you don't fuck with it.

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Why My older CDs have visual wear then

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Because they have been used. If you leave them in a case and never touch them after the original write they will stay new.

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I recommend Taiyo Yuden. I haven't been able to find a good source for JVC Taiyo Yuden DVDRs online, but you can find the CMC Taiyos which are nearly just as good. They're expensive but excellent.

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So they stay usable as long as I don't use them? Nice, very useful.

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ok retard, whats your use case?

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You're the retard, look at what you've just said

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ha no

Interesting. These disks won't be used more than once every 2 years so they sould be ok then. All of my regular DVDs do seem to work, but they are also not scratched of UV exposed.

There do seem to be a lot of fakes around

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Normal CDs/DVDs will work fine, as long as they are stored properly. Don't let (((them))) trick you into buying fancy discs

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Latex is not nearly as complex as some people make it out to be, especially for something like a CV. Initially it might take you a while to get to grips with it but once you're finished with your CV you'll have all the main concepts down. Start with a template you find online and play around with it.

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What do the cool kids use these days, Docker, runc or cri-o?

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I have a good PSU.

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Please help, I was playing Outward split screen with my brother today, and my computer crashed to black, no BSOD or error message. I thought I had mistakenly hit the power button with my chair or leg, but after trying to restart it, the fans kicked on like it was going to boot, but no BIOS beeps and then it turned back off. I tried powering on again, but this time not even the fans kicked on. Now all that happens is when I flick my PSU's switch, the mobo will light up for a second and then turn off, no LEDs on my power button either, but my DAC that's plugged in will get enough power to have it's on button on. I've tried unplugging the PSU and holding the button to drain residual charge, no dice, tried switching outlets and surge protectors, no dice. Can anyone help me out? If I was getting BIOS beeps I'd have something to go off, but I'm guessing since it won't POST I'm looking at either a fried mobo, or fired CPU. The CPU being fried would surprise me though, I make sure to monitor temps on Ryzen master and since undervolting I've never seen it go above 70. Here's my build

2600x with wraith spire
gigabyte b450
xfx rx580
EVGA 650 G3
intel 660p SSD
ballistix RAM 16gb

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I know I posted this yesterday, but I've been trying to troubleshot since and almost all tips involve a computer that will atleast attempt to boot, mine won't do shit except flash the mobo light for half a second, not even the case or CPU fans will spin. I really don't want to take this to a computer shop and pay 25 burgers for some shit I could figure out on my own but in over a decade of owning PC's I have never had or seen such catastrophic failure out of nowhere. when it failed it didn't even blue screen, it straight up crashed to black

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even if your CPU was fried, you could still get into the BIOS. this is likely a PSU problem if your computer just suddenly turned off.

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I've been reading about doing the paperclip test for PSU's, but my power supply is 2cool4school and all the cables are black, how can I tell which wire is supposed to be green and which one is black?

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does the windows built-in battery saver help save battery ?

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get a multimeter and check the voltages. Should be a 12v, 5v, and 3.3v

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If I buy a domain name for a year, am I pretty much guaranteed to be able to renew that forever?
As in is there a possibility someone could come in and take it off me around before the expiration ends?
Is it safer to buy for 5/10 years if that's the case?

Thinking about using my domain for email, and obviously don't want to lose it.

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thank you anon. Thankfully my PSU comes with a 24-pin dongle test piece for just such an occasion, and after testing it with that and calling EVGA it's for sure, my PSU is dead as a doornail after only 2 months of use. Really disappointing considering I fell for the meme of buying a top of the line piece only for it to fail like chinkshit. Thank you anons for the replies, I've been thinking about killing myself recently, and having this happen to me didn't help at all, but with it figured out atleast I only have to cope with my thoughts for about a week or so.

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anyone else having an issue with chrome where clicking a bookmark randomly redirects to gmail?

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Should I use zsh or bash? I'm using the default bash right now but I kinda wanna use zsh because of the cool powerlevel9k theme. I'm on Arch if it makes any difference

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Does anyone have that screencap of iknowwhatyoudownload.com where the ip has a bunch of really nasty & illegal porn torrents. I remember one of them was called something like "maybe legal redhead fucks dead cow under overpass" or something like that.

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how do I download the entire CSS file of tomorrow (using 4chan-x right now) just so I can change all color values and feed it back to 4chan-x?

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Probably a bug in a screensaver setting. If it's in, turn off screensaver

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3000mhz ram in a single 8gb stick is just 3000mhz. But I if buy a 2x8gb set at 3000mhz does that mean the total for both is 3000 or individually

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I found this when googling so i think its either and issue with gnome of the current nvidia driver https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1809407

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Docker, but then again maybe I'm not cool.
Better question may be what are businesses using.

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Are ssd prices bound to drop in the near future? I'm super late to the party, but I just got a 500gb ssd added to my case. The only downside to the thing is that it has highlighted just how much of a background hum my old hdd (which is now used purely for storage) adds while it's spinning. Or rather, how much quieter things get when it spins down after not being in use for a while. It's not that awful, any moderate amount of background noise will drown it out pretty effectively, but I'm still gonna look into replacing it with another ssd sometime in the future.

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Book recommendations for a hobbyist Dev looking to get into reverse engineering and pen testing? My ASM knowledge isn't that strong, regardless of arch, but I really want to participate in a CTF by the end of the year. I'm 26 with a background in sysadmin work.

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I am writing a report where I compare the performance of an ARM processor and and x86-64 processor.
I want to take price and power consumption into the calculation of performance.
Performance is measured with a benchmark and also to see how many seconds on average it takes to run a certain set of programs.
I know that to find the performance-cost/power ratio for the benchmark is to divide its result by cost/power, as the higher the cost/power the more it drags down the ratio.
But what about measuring in seconds? As the less seconds it takes, the better the performance. But dividing an already fast processor by a large number would produce an even smaller number and wouldn't provide any sort of proper ratio right?

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Is there any tool that allows me to see separately the light sources from a directx game? Like their positions and how many are there.

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My motherboard says it can support up to 1600MHz of memory. Does that mean I'm supposed to get two 800MHz RAM sticks or could I go the full hog with 1600MHz each?

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Oh hey. I didn't think another retard would have the same question as mine.

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>Are ssd prices bound to drop in the near future?
the prices already dropped like 50% compared to last year, don't expect them to get much cheaper any time soon. seriously
you can look up price histories on pcpartpicker, i randomly chose the samsung 860 evo for this screenshot.

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you'd need the sdk of the game engine the game uses, for example valve's source sdk comes with the hammer editor which should allow you to view the light sources of any source engine map if i'm not mistaken.
i don't a tool that works with every engine exists.

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but how? it was on her drive, she was acessing it locally.
how did he see it and the exact name of folder if she didn't have monitoring software?

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is it possible to replace the OS on a smart tv?
I was thinking it'd be cool to use it as a huge pc screen, then torrent to an external harddrive(for maximum media consumption)
I could just connect my laptop to run an emulator, but is it possible to install an emulator directly to my smart tv?
it's a roku-tv which seems like a flimsy/hackable OS.

obvs I'm not that savvy or I'd just figure it out myself.

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the style editor in the firefox dev tools can do that, but why aren't you just using the oneechan/stylechan editor? pic related.

anyway... https://p.teknik.io/cGOZ5

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I'm casting and controlling my Android phone using scrcpy on a desktop at work via USB. Obviously, desktop is connected to company's network, but I'm using my mobile data to browse and stuff on my phone.
Is there any way my employer can see what I'm browsing on my phone? What should I watch for?

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When ordering RAM sticks, are the advertised 1600Mhz technically two 800Mhz or are they bother going to individually be 1600mhz?
Without overclocking, the total memory my mobo can handle is 1600.

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Apologies, missquote

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It's like cars on a highway. If you have two, you can carry more people, but they don't go twice as fast.

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Not gonna happen. You're stuck with what it comes with forever. Which sucks, because all the things are wrong with "smart" tvs, but nobody sells them without anymore. I'd fucking kill for a hard switch that lets you disable that shit.

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You can get a TB for like $80 now. I'd say we're pretty much there. Most of the upcoming price drops are going to be in god awful QLC.

>> No.71191241

I mean do you know this?
Because I'm pretty sure[see: totally speculating] it could be reverse engineered, and then you'd have a tv with greatly augmented functionality.
and lets be real it's only a matter of time before TV's with custom OS's are widely available.

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Yes, I know I'm not smart, but please I want an answer on the very bottom.

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I have a 254 gigabyte SSD. The usable space on the SSD is 232 gigabytes, and I've used up about 171 gigabytes of space.
How many gigabytes should I leave free on my SSD to be safe? I want to install a game with about 40 gigabytes of space but I've seen people suggest that you leave between 15 and 25 percent of your hard drive open.

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Shit, it's a custom engine so there's absolutely no way to decompile or edit the maps. Thanks for the info anyway dude.

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>oneechan/stylechan editor

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Roku doesn't have any open sauce components. Complete black box with no relation to any understood OS. And even android based ones aren't releasing the closed blobs, and they're generally getting forked even harder by the various manufacturers. It is totally possible to install a botnet on most of these shitty IOT devices, so in theory you could do something, but demand isn't really there. They're running on shitty, very customized hardware with many different model variants on the market, with more coming all the time, and stand alone devices that work better are cheap as fuck. It is supremely dumb that we've started pairing cheap, weak and quickly obsolete components to expensive ones that should last a really long time.

>> No.71191349

Yes, retards often have the same questions.

>> No.71191368

in essence isn't a smart tv just a big monitor with a tiny PC strapped to it though? couldn't you just remove the tiny PC and then do whatever you want to it?

>I realise this is oversimplistic, but it's better than pretending I know what I'm talking about.

>> No.71191424

I wish. If you did somehow manage to slice out the circuitry, the "monitor" part wouldn't even turn on. You'd have to replace most of what makes it a tv.

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So each stick is 3000mhz and that's all the motherboard sees?

>> No.71191619

How do I scan qr codes on an old android phone?

>> No.71191624

is there a root general? looking for a new phone and i want to unlock the bootloader but im a pleb. please reply

>> No.71191715

here's the original script:

and here's the fork with the fix for 4channel if you don't want to do it yourself:

i don't think anyone backed up stylechan, disable the mascots in oneechan and it's the same thing.

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i thought i had a you

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I swear I'm not trying to spam.

Did I leave anything out? Do you think average people can follow it?

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It must feel bad desu.

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Alright, so I have been curious about this for a while now, but what is the point of the ability of turning your HZ down from 60 to 59 or even 50HZ? What could this possibly do if you have a 60HZ monitor?

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pic-related should be arriving tomorrow and I wanted to know if I can access the internet on it without a SIM card

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If you have two matching sticks in the correct slots, you get a minor performance boost from dual channel.

>> No.71191931

Video content that is made to run at a certain framerate will look uneven unless the monitor's refresh rate is a multiple of that framerate.

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Ah, okay, I was actually curious what the case was, and I really appreciate the simple and polite answer!

>> No.71191983

thanks anon

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How come whenever I'm eating chicken my cat always stands nearby and meows constantly

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I'm building my first ever pc but so far I've only put together :
-Power supply

After hooking up all the correct cables I tired turning it on bit nothing happens.
The power button switch will light up for a moment, but the fans wont turn on.

Is my PSU a dud or will it not start without more components?

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I don't know if this is a good place to ask, but what are some good external HDD ? i want to buy one at 100$ , at with 3/4 TB, is pic related good ? if not, recommend me something good.

>> No.71192028

thanks anon, it's great making me wonder why it's not built into 4chan-x

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Also forgot to mention I do have the processor installed as well.

All thats left is graphics card and RAM but I dont have those yet.

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I use datalifeplus discs, both the 4.7GiB and 8.5GiB variants. It's been said that these are the best in the business for longevity. I've heard that some of those other discs with the more extravagant package design aren't actually manufactured by Verbatim yet still has the branding.

>> No.71192131

Am I allowed to work remotely if I am currently serving time in prison? We have unrestricted internet access here though it is monitored.

>> No.71192171

Probably depends more on the rules at your particular facility. I don't think there's a law against hiring incarcerated people in general but many companies won't want to for obvious reasons. You might have more work finding contract based work, or even stuff like Amazon's mechanical turk (is that still a thing?)

>> No.71192172

Are they garnishing your wages?

>> No.71192190

She wants some meat. Feed her some.

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I've been using the WD 2TB Easy store for about a year now and it's been working wonders for me. Filled it up to about 80%, so I bought a 4tb a couple weeks ago.

>> No.71192350

Interesting, thanks for the suggestion

>> No.71192358

Check PC partpicker to see if somebody did that combo.
You download a qr scanner.

>> No.71192391


Not if you're trying to access the internet from the sim card, but yes.

>> No.71192441

Which one is good?

>> No.71192494

I just use one called QR Scanner, from F-Droid.

>> No.71192597

I know plenty of people who use them, what's wrong with them?

>> No.71192650

Have you and plenty of people been living under a rock? Governments suspect China for spying with Huawei electronics.

>> No.71192667

Oh they're good phones, no doubt. Good luck with your security updates though.

>> No.71192669

Oh yeah someone did mention that today, oh well I don't really care desu

>> No.71192703

Is this it? How well does it work?

>> No.71192715
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what do? works fine on /int/ and /g/ but not /b/

>> No.71192716

How do I move a window into the bottom right corner in vim if I have 3 windows open?

>> No.71192718

There's literally no.proof of this and its literally just Samsung and Google trying to get rid of a Chinese company from dominating the tech industry in the US.

>> No.71192731

Yes, it just works. All it needs to do is open the camera, find a code, and decode it and let you follow the link.

>> No.71192751

t. Xi Jinping

>> No.71192819

Open a fourth window on the bottom left, then the third in the right, then close the bottom left window.

>> No.71193061

I got an x86 tablet and the touchscreen is wonky but the Wacom pen is flawless. I like to deactivate the touchscreen and use just the pen which is comfy, but there's one issue. Scroll bars are on the right and I'm a lefty. How do I switch scroll bars to the left universally on Windows?

>> No.71193064

If I have an old wireless card plugged into my WLAN mini pcie slot, but not connected with cables - and disable it in the bios - will it still draw any power? I ask because I can't remove it lol.

>> No.71193095

Should I worry about the wasp nest right outside my bedroom window? (2nd floor of apartment complex) They don't seem to be doing any harm right now and sometimes it's fun to watch them fly about and do wasp shit as I sit at my desk but I worry one of them will find its way through a gap on my window screen some day and sting me or something. Do you think this is likely or am I being paranoid?

>> No.71193147

What's a good C REPL I can run under Linux.

>> No.71193196

Lenovo K3 note with Ressurection Remix.
I can't fuckng disable double tap to unlock no matter what. I disabled setting wherever I could find it, edited generics.kl in root and tried to find a bunch of other suggested files with no success. Also tried a bunch of shitty apps that did nothing.
Send help I already spent 4 hours in google.

>> No.71193208

Im using the submix magisk module for screencam to record internal audio. Despite the media volume slider being at maximum, the audio it records is quiet as fuck as if the media rocker was only at 10% of the real volume.
Without using the submix recording option the peak volume is loud as intended at maximum
How do i increase submix internal audio volume for screencam?
On Pie

>> No.71193251

XDA thread for the rom is probably the only place you stand a chance of getting useful information.

>> No.71193361

Does using edge on my surface actually make the battery last longer as claimed?
Is YouTube sabotaged on edge?

>> No.71193569

Does anyone know why I would get an "undefined reference to `main'" as an error from cmake if I just have a main function that looks like this

int main(){

at the bottom of my source code file?

>> No.71193575

i'm not sure, sorry.
according to https://github.com/KevinParnell/OneeChan
adding the following to your ublock origin rules fixes it

@@||4chan.org^*$csp=default-src 'self' * data: 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'
@@||4channel.org^*$csp=default-src 'self' * data: 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'

however i'm fairly sure i fixed it in another way and i'm not sure if the fix above is safe or the preferred way of doing it. i don't remember what i did, but i don't have the rules above anywhere in my filters.

you may want to check the archive https://warosu.org/g/ or ask again until someone else gives you a better answer than me. it's not the first time i see this question, but i really can't remember what i did.

>> No.71193594

This is the exact error:

/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/Scrt1.o: In function `_start':
(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
CMakeFiles/vision_func.dir/build.make:121: recipe for target 'vision_func' failed
make[2]: *** [vision_func] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:67: recipe for target 'CMakeFiles/vision_func.dir/all' failed
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/vision_func.dir/all] Error 2
Makefile:83: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

I don't know what "/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/Scrt1.o" is

>> No.71193648

thanks, seems to have fixed it

>> No.71193697

I have lineage 16 from a few months ago. Looking at the changelog there are some big changes for my device.
If i use the Lineageis "Updater"
Do i just let it download and then it flashes? What about twrp? What about magisk? Does it maintain those or do i also have to do gaaps? Its going fro m16 to 16, just a nightly build
There is zero documentation for this on their website.

>> No.71193996
File: 18 KB, 513x300, 665654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one having problems with captcha?

When I try to posting on /b/ the squares to select on the captcha just dissapears over and over

I don't have this problems on another boards.

>> No.71194038

My bank allows me to generate disposable credit cards to buy safely online.
Can't I just use it to benefit from free trials forever? Spotify, for example. What's the catch?

>> No.71194065
File: 400 KB, 960x1600, 1557787168942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I shut down my pc from the options like usual, when I did so every light shut off simultaneously even the indicator leds.
This was not a surge as neither my breaker or my surge protector were tripped and all other electronics plugged into the same circuit are undamaged.
My AX1600i is the problem. It will not power back on and the self test lights are inactive.

So my questions are, can I fix this, how likely is it that the capacitors discharged and fried my components, and what is the likely cause of failure?

thanks in advance

>> No.71194079
File: 125 KB, 570x718, 155603754876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get cancer for stay sitting aside a modem with the wifi ON? Modem it's 60 cm away from me

>> No.71194087

How do i use Kodi? Like, setup general streams for my family? I know i need to install addons, but am not sure which ones, and how

>> No.71194114

what is threadripper?

>> No.71194203

it's a meme
it's a cpu
search it for more

>> No.71194216

is it on all amd cpus or is it just some fancy special version of already existing cpus?

>> No.71194291

How are RAID's stripe size and a file system's allocation unit size/block size related?
Should the sizes match each other?

>> No.71194307
File: 224 KB, 191x199, 1522988218942.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my situation:
I have a Plex server. I also use that server for torrents, and so I use a VPN as well. I want to have my Plex run through my regular network adapter while I have everything else run through my VPN.

Additionally, the drives for Plex stuff and for torrents are the same. As I am a brainlet, I'm not sure if it's okay to use the regular "just run plex in a VM and torrents on host" solution because I'll need to mount the filesystems in both the guest and the host. I'm not sure if that's safe or can lead to data corruption.

This brings me to my question:
How can I achieve running Plex via regular adapter and torrents via VPN adapter safely? I hope someone has experience with this, it's been driving me nuts for a while.

>> No.71194337

Threadripper is AMD's version of Intel's Xeon
Those are brands of special super high end CPUs with a shitload of cores and threads for Servers or other specialized stations.
Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. They also need special Mobos, maybe RAM too i think

>> No.71194367

so it doesn't effect the newly announced amd line?

>> No.71194378

not an expert, but i'd have plex on the host, and a vm for torrents and vpn.
i'd use a shared folder. or instead of the shared folder, you could have a second set of drives for the vm and to act as a backup.

>> No.71194397
File: 62 KB, 892x684, samsung 128GB sd card.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My phone's SD card is broken, all my pics/videos are still there but whenever I try and download a new image it gets deleted after a couple of seconds.

Is there anyway I can fix this?

>> No.71194414

Can I do a shared folder for the whole drive? I'm not sure if there are any drawbacks to that.
I would get another drive and use that for the VM but I'm already at capacity with drive bays so that's a tad out of the question.

>> No.71194425
File: 80 KB, 1686x808, ryzen 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The newly announced line will have its own Ryzen Threadripper Gen 3 line, but afaik its not announced yet.

See pic related for example. Thats the current Ryzen gen 2 family.
The "normal" part of it ranges from the 2300X to the 2700X, then there is a leap to the "Threadripper" part.

So far, AMD only announced the best CPUs of the "normal" part, they have yet to announce the lower end 3300-3600s, and the super high end threadrippers 3920-3990.

its not a technology, its just the name of a product. Like calling i7, i9, i5, etc.

>> No.71194434

I'm starting to learn c++ and just reading about the basics now. Are pointers just needed for writing optimized /special-purpose programs, or do I need to be proficient with them even writing basic stuff for personal use? The guide I'm using introduced pointers before it introduced classes so they sound pretty important.

>> No.71194437

ok I see. I was initially thinking it was like hyperthreading or something

>> No.71194458


>> No.71194478

Define basic stuff.

>> No.71194491

Any use case that justifies c++ is probably going to need pointers. Doing something as simple a

>> No.71194504

Doing something as simple as writing a c++ function to be called from python code needs pointers (that's what I'm working on right now).

>> No.71194584

Was messing with permissions of C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator folder and now task scheduler does not recognize any tasks in this folder, even after setting permissions back to default. Is there anything vital in here or is it ok that they've all been effectively disabled?

>> No.71194648

Ultimately I want to use it to make an application that sends/receives stuff from a webform, but I feel like that's a ways off from where I am. I understand there are better and easier languages for this, but part of this is also personal growth.

Anyway I'm imagining that most commonly used classes and functions already exist in some common header file, and if those are already optimized then my need for pointers would be minimal right? Or am I way off? I've only done high level languages before so in my head the stock header files are analagous to packages or libraries.

Well shit. Needed how, like full on memory management or just a couple of obscure but necessary uses?

>> No.71194680

>Well shit. Needed how, like full on memory management or just a couple of obscure but necessary uses?
Take a look at this web page.
Anything with * or & is a pointer. As you can, doing the absolute most simple, basic extension of python with c++ requires heavy use of pointers.

>> No.71194767

maybe its a virus?

>> No.71194865
File: 3 KB, 139x49, input.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ReText's fakeVim mode has this nifty thing where the current command is shown on the bar. Is there a similar config setting for Vim's Airline or any of the statusbar plugins? Or even the default Vim settings?

>> No.71194872

Down that road I go then I guess. Gonna read up on them some more. Thanks for the heads-up.

>> No.71194964

so I replace my PSU, and now it still won't POST unless I don't plug the PSU into my GPU(XFX rx580). I can leave it in the PCIE slot and plug in my CPU/MOBO connecters and the computer will atleast boot, I'm guessing my GPU is just fucking fucked? I tried a different PCIE slot, no dice, tried using the dongle splitter it came with to connect to psu, no dice there either. This just all seems really strange to me, wouldn't the computer still be able to atleast POST if the GPU is fucked? I'm completely at a loss here

>> No.71195007

Build it again, maybe something is touching something that shouldn't be touched. The same thing happened to me when I put together my brother's computer. I never figured out what was wrong.

>> No.71195119

Why does my Win10 VM not have the option to connect to a wireless display? Is it a driver thing, and if so, how can I fool it into working?

>> No.71195125

do you have the adapter/dongel for the wireless display available to the vm?

>> No.71195161

It's a laptop on the same network that I want to project to. Or even a smart TV, hypothetically.

>> No.71195228

so i graduated with a computer science degree.
I had 2 jobs, both with the title of "software engineer"
In both jobs, i did webdev stuff.
I might be retarded for asking this, but are there other paths for software engineering?
Like i know machine learning, AI, etc all exist.
But everything ive ever done had some tie in to web stuff. Even the basic ass ML stuff that ive applied to web stuff.

>> No.71195278

so what is the recommended gpu and cpu temp monitoring program?
I have been using afterburner for gpu but it doesn't tell me cpu

>> No.71195284

They exist but you might have to move. The vast majority of software engineering is web based but there are firmware jobs at most placed fairly commonly. But AI and all that shit is either self-started or deep in the labs of Google, Microsoft, et al.

>> No.71195310

Embedded systems and IoT, although that might be more ECE (electrical and computer engineering). Maybe you just need to look for the right companies? Someone has to write the drivers for printers...

>> No.71195321

/spg/ is useless

>> No.71195364

now I tried pulling the GPU and booting into BIOS from the mobo's built in HDMI, and even that won't work. I've tried clearing cmos, and various methods of booting, but nothing will come up on the monitor. Does that mean my motherboard is fucked? is it the thing that's keeping my computer from POSTing when the GPU is inserted? Or does it mean both my motherboard AND my GPU are fucked? I'm confused as hell and can't seem to find any info on what the fuck might be going wrong with my system and its driving me crazy. I'm just a poor burger student and my summer semester starts on tuesday

>> No.71195384

Give me one good reason not to buy this i9-9900k/RTX2080 rig for $600 under component price. Currently using Ryzen 7 2700X/GTX1060.

All premium parts, no skimping anywhere.

>> No.71195419

because the 9900k got btfo by AMD's new CPU's releasing in literally just a couple weeks

>> No.71195438

Yeah, but the i9 isn't $600. it's still a good parts buy.

>> No.71195452

im in the middle of one of the bigger hubs of tech jobs.

I dont know a better place that wouldnt cost more.

Anyway, i heard someone say web dev isnt real software engineering, and that confused me. Yeah its not the hardest shit, but its like... 90% of jobs. I look online and every posting for a software engineer is basically webdev, or webdev with a flavor on it.

Me personally, im fullstack, so ive always been working on backend, frontend, database, and a tiddlywink of devops. I always thought that was a good place to be in, but i guess not.

>> No.71195464

Try firmware engineering too.

>> No.71195786

I want to write a blockchain to store music in abc notation, it's an ascii type of notation. I don't see a need for pow, but how would this be done?

>> No.71196021
File: 15 KB, 335x315, 19748463_1940721165956856_3317879482963911801_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a laptop for gaming (already have a desktop for it too, but I travel for work). No one seems to be coming out with new cards in this range.

Budget is $700, could push to $750
I'm REALLY tempted to get this. What do you think? If not, what do you suggest?


>> No.71196213

Drag it into virustotal.com and find out.

>> No.71196225

Learn to shave/Use a safety razor

>> No.71196232

I think it needs a CPU, but I'm retarded too. Try rebuilding and following a youtube guide

>> No.71196244
File: 227 KB, 2000x2000, 14202260a4caa942f50a2f0e9c38e62d5c8e7f47345ad7d84f51e8d4fc6b942a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71196255


I love that site.

>> No.71196271


>> No.71196336
File: 55 KB, 750x750, 13ED01CA-D453-46B7-B6E5-C47D0C6F01C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After researching for weeks I’ve modified some lists that I found on pcpartpicker to make this:


Tips? I want to game at 60/1080 but I don’t know if this is overkill or not. I want to play classics like Stalker or anything else I missed, roguelikes, and Mordhau. I’ve watched some videos on the Ryzen 1600/rx570 and it looks really good too. Coming from console so I’m mostly striving for higher FPS and I don’t need to see Lara Croft’s individual arm pit hairs

>> No.71196357

that's exactly my build minus a 2600x that I have. I get stable as fuck 60fps at 1080p in mordhau, even after disabling core performance boost for less worrisome temps. I wouldn't say it's overkill though. If I were you I would wait until new ryzen drops, you'll be able to pick up all them bits for cheap as fuck. my build grenaded though and now i want to kill myself

>> No.71196376

Windows Update isn't working on Windows 10, it's giving me an error 0x80070015.
I've tried the troubleshooter, adding networkservice and localservice to administrators, and have made sure Diagnostic Policy Service is running.
Has anyone else run into this issue before?

>> No.71196394

>windows update error
yes, literally every single winfag ever. just don't update.

>> No.71196431


>> No.71196571

>but I travel for work
Do you plan to be gaming in buses/planes/trains/etc?
If not, why not just build a mini ITX desktop, put a handle on top of the case and bring a small monitor with you?

>> No.71196694

because that's a pain in the dick. Not that anon but I've traveled for work. You end up with 8 hours to kill on your hotel every day and you don't want to have to deal with explaining to the diversity hires at the TSA what an ITX form factor is when you could just slide your laptop through the machine and be on your way. Also a monitor on its own is easily damaged when slung around by diversity hires at luggage handling where your laptop is safely in your carry-on.

>> No.71196816
File: 87 KB, 645x773, 1509538200522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried updating my mainboard bios, now it finished but won't post, the CPU debug led is blinking. I googled a bit and removed cmos battery once but it's still the same. How fucked am I?
MSI B350M Mortar + Ryzen 5 1600

>> No.71196824

How hard would it be to install lineage OS on a moto g3? Im kinda of a retard when it comes to technology. I usually lurk here to learn(im not a good learner)

>> No.71196995

how do kernels work with different hardware right off the bat? doesn't every piece of hardware needs its own device driver? for example, linux will work with any keyboard and screen

>> No.71197066

How do people learn new software, for example tmux? Their GitHub page literally tells you to RTFM but the man page is enormous with hundreds of commands and no short introduction for beginners.
Surely there's a better way than reading the entire man page? With the hundreds of commands I'll never use and no way of knowing which ones are the most important.

>> No.71197095

What the actual fuck do I do with a MacBook Pro? A 2017 model was handed to me for free by a tard because it has a broken screen. It runs perfectly with an external monitor. After toying with it, there doesn't seem to be anything beyond web browsing and art. I'll be torrenting Pro Tools and Logic Pro X later, but what the fuck else can I do with this thing? I'm open to suggestions and am considering flipping it.
I'm used to Arch for productivity and Windows for gayming if that's of any use.

>> No.71197183

No dude, I need a laptop.


>> No.71197205

in general there are usually getting started or quick start guides, man pages also sometimes have an examples section at the bottom
if those aren't useful you could always try youtube

>> No.71197269

is there like a cad software or something where you can design computer components and send off the diagrams or info to a company to have them manufacture it for you?

>> No.71197448

How can I tell if I've been Scroogled?

>> No.71197708

I accidentally uninstalled Nvidia control panel.

I'm using LTSC and the only option to reinstall it is through the shitty Microsoft store, but I keep getting an error when trying to log in.

Is there any way to manually install it?

>> No.71197845

give it to me straight, is it fucked?

>> No.71197903
File: 196 KB, 720x400, stack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a name for this type of big boombox? I want one.

>> No.71198093
File: 74 KB, 1041x717, ip-address-is-google.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to set my host file to redirect random shit I type in my address window to the IP addresses of websites.

So I ping my website and copy the IP address in and the website immediately slaps my shit. Almost all websites won't let me do this. Is there some way of formatting this so that it will work?

>> No.71198191


>> No.71198211

if this doesn't make sense after reading: servers won't respond to a mismatched Host header
what is google supposed to serve you when you request "Host: sky.net?"
it's not the same thing as when you request "Host: google.com"

>> No.71198243

>what is google supposed to serve you when you request
they don't know either, which is why you get a 404
apache/nginx/whatever their HTTP server is isn't configured to serve a website for "sky.net"

>> No.71198295

how do I make a wordfilter that replaces pythonic with niggerlicious?

>> No.71198317

You can install Windows and Linux on Macbooks if you make their USB installer bootable via EFI, just shrink the Mac partition so you have some free space and hold down Alt when it's booting up. Broadcom wifi card on Linux might suck and you'll need a WM/DE that does HiDPI well if you want to replace the screen.

>> No.71198329
File: 124 KB, 1065x619, ip-address-is-catbox.moe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, that makes it pretty clear what I'm trying to do should not work. A final question Just out of curiosity; I also attempted this with catbox.moe, which did work. What would your guess be as to that?

>> No.71198354
File: 11 KB, 801x92, Screenshot_2019-05-31 Module ngx_http_core_module.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably default_server if nginx, or default vhost/site if apache

>> No.71198359

that may or may not be it, just my guess though, I don't run a public-facing web server
just my guess based off reading the config/docs & experience with HTTP requests

>> No.71198440
File: 24 KB, 480x516, catok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Appreciate the insight, you have good one anon.

>> No.71198454

you too, anon, glad I could help

>> No.71198554

Why do people LARP so much here?
According to most, you're all sysadmins, master embedded developers, super hackers, etc., yet you spout inane shit all the time.

>> No.71198607

Does anyone here have expierence with shipping a PC?
I'm going to the UK (from mainland europe) for at least a year and wonder if it would be a good idea to ship my PC or if I should just use my laptop for that time.

>> No.71198642

anyone has that Win 10 installation chart that has a list of good software for win and windows versions without cortana, store etc.

>> No.71198655

me, I'm a master shitposter

>> No.71198657

So I have a choice of 2 out of these 3 electives the electives being networks, data science and computer security.

Which are the best two in terms of useful knowledge for employment?
Data science sounds nice but I don't know what it would involve. Are they all good options or is one better than the others?

>> No.71198669

I moved the tower on my desk slightly to the left two days ago, the weight had it sorta stick to the desk, so it tilted a little, very much a little. Black screen, had to reboot.
Yesterday I got a bad pool header bsod, first bsod in ten years, it means the ram got fucked up by the jolt so I had to spend half an hour to reinstall the four ram sticks from scratch.

tl;dr you can ship it but I recommend to take out the major slots (ram, gpu) and possibly the heatsink, put them back when you get the unit. Rest shouldn't have problems.

>> No.71198773

I'm supposed to get up in about an hour to go to the Programming Languages lecture, but I haven't slept shit, and have been sleeping terribly the last few days. I actually feel sick because of this. Going to the class is not compulsory, and it is close to the end of the semester. Should I just not go? There is a small chance that they make a quiz.

>> No.71198935

I've been there.

Two ways of looking at it: go, you don't have to put up with it much longer; don't go, it's near the end anyway. Assuming this is university, make sure you have somebody you can lean on if you don't go so you don't fall behind.

Your call, sometimes its better to push through and get little bit done, sometimes its better to rest and get a foothold for the next day. Consider popping an email to the lecturer you can't make it and see if they can record the lecture for you / give you the lecture slides.

>> No.71199063

is it a good idea to hoard data on microsd cards ?

>> No.71199195

Is CCleaner still any good or is that spyware now too?

>> No.71199208

You know how lossy audio files lose quality when you burn them to a CD and rip them again?

Does anything similar happen when transferring from SSD to USB drive and back?

>> No.71199263

Your employer could capture the desktop's screen (and keyboard, mouse, ...).
They can also listen to mobile network traffic and detect devices with heavy traffic, but it seems very unlikely they'd do this.

>> No.71199272

Very (very) rarely it might get copied over wrong, but otherwise no.

>> No.71199279

Is your cat black?

>> No.71199287

bought by Avast and collects tons of data
use BleachBit

>> No.71199293

>You know how lossy audio files lose quality when you burn them to a CD and rip them again?
That should depend on how you burn them. If you burn digital copies of the lossy file, there's no loss in quality. There's only a loss in quality when you transcode.

>> No.71199485

You're more likely to get cancer from the sun.

>> No.71199528

Can you elaborate? Why do you need a blockchain, why do you need multiple nodes?

>> No.71199553

Isn't that pretty likely though?

>> No.71199584

I need a "free" cloud host that has like 100gb of space.
I dont care about ads or botnet w/e it will be pgp encrypted before being uploaded. Just need some extra space to unload data to for a month or so

>> No.71199594

I can't view anything hosted on 4chan.org on my desktop but I can view it on my phone using the same connection. I get a server not found message on my browser.
What may cause this?

>> No.71199610

Any malicious ad blockers that blocked the whole host?
Maybe a wrong hosts file entry?
A shitty DNS server that gives out the wrong IP?

Can you ping it?

>> No.71199630

Different DNS settings for your desktop?

>> No.71199639

Cannot ping it, I can ping 4channel though
The windows troubleshooter is saying that the dns server is not responding
But then why would it work on my phone with the same connection?

>> No.71199644

I'm sorry I don't know much about this. It was working yesterday, any way I can reset the settings?

>> No.71199667

I have a 4 year old computer. I doubt the specs matter but here they are: i74790k, gigabyte z97, 16gb ddr3, gtx970, win10.

Thing is about 2 years ago I had to remove the motherboard to fiddle with the I/O shield. It's possible the nobs that are supposed to suspend it briefly touched a part of the mobo they're not supposed to, I'm not entirely sure.

Ever since then the computer has had trouble starting up. It runs perfectly fine once it does start up, but after I shut it down it usually won't start up again. It doesn't even load the BIOS, the fans just keep spinning at full speed and USB-connected devices don't get power. I have to hold down the power button to shut it down for good and try again. Usually it works on the 2nd try, if not I have to powercycle the PSU after which it will always work. Like I said once started up it runs fine and I don't have any performance issues or crashes.

What could cause this? Motherboard? Bad memory sticks?

>> No.71199673

Personally I'd use openNIC DNS, but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.71199683

Thanks man, I'll have a look

>> No.71199694

That fixed it, thanks a lot anon

>> No.71199948

try re-seating the memory sticks, they can come loose sometimes

>> No.71199961
File: 4 KB, 352x163, explorer_VDhgMfoPZ9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My USB and my Kindle are both giving me this error when I plug them into my computer. I don't have any other USB 1.0 devices or I'd try them out, but my two USB 2.0 Externals still work fine and have write access.
Any clues?

>> No.71200008

>Move into shitty house
>Humid as shit
>motherboard dead 2 weeks later
>buy new motherboard
>psu dies
>buy new one
>motherboard dies not long after
>order new one
>ups loses it for a month
>get 2 by shipping error
> both doa LOL XD
>buy one from local computer store
>dies a year later
>buy one from china
>house fries it
>buy another from china plus surge protector a day later
>works for a year
>humidity returns
>lol psu is too
>buy new motherboard cooler and psu
>Good for 2 days
>also buy dehumidifyer
>room is 70% humid
>Runs for 4 hours
>room at 53%
>Wake up
>bucket full
>room is at 80%
>its FUCKING dead today

Motherboard might be ok but who knows. Tested psu on other computer and wont boot. Tried jump starting psu and nothing.

All motherboards have been msi and psus until latest one has been evga

Current build
Motherboard msi gaming 5 (3rd) one
Psu- cosair cx650m
Ram- cruical balistix sport 16
Cpu- i5 4690k
Gpu- 1060 6gb
Cooler hyper 212 evo
500 and1tb gb ssd

I really hate being alive desu.

>> No.71200017

I've done that. At first I thought that's what I had to do to get it started up again until I realized a simple power cycle of the PSU did the trick.

>> No.71200052

I live somewhere that is frequently 100 humidity in the summer and I love it so I keep all the windows in my house open 24/7 and I've never had a humidity related issue with my computer. That doesn't sound normal.
You either have bad luck or there is some other factor you need to find.

>> No.71200129
File: 168 KB, 657x627, 1515867822564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On android, is it safe to remove the device health services app?

>> No.71200153

Im at a loss. Im gonna have ask my friend to take me to micro center again and buy a psu. If that doesnt work, guess i'll buy another motherboard maybe under a different brand this time.

Also will add that everything in my room is powered by a single extension cord. Dont know if thats related but, nothing else connected to it has broken besides my pc.

Also tried different outlets upstairs and still nothing.


>> No.71200234

My python webscraping script is coming along. Can't figure out how to properly deal with UnicodeEncodeError. If I encode my scraped results in utf-8, it shits up é è and \n in the pasted txt. latin-1 just crashes.

Can't I just filter out any Unicode char?

>> No.71200302

>Can't I just filter out any Unicode char?
.encode('ascii', 'ignore')
>pasted txt
what's wrong with
with open('file.bin', 'wb') as f:

if you're just writing to a file and not actually printing output
stop using windows

>> No.71200402


>> No.71200414

>.encode('ascii', 'ignore')
this works well but it also removes é è and disables \n

>if you're just writing to a file and not actually printing output
are you suggesting that I use .bin instead of .txt and it would just solve my problem?

>stop using windows
it doesn't actually crash, it simply gives me the same UnicodeEncodeError
I'll be trashing windows pretty soon since we can't install W7 on new hardware. Been fucking around with different distros liveusb for years but I'm getting ready for the big jump now.

>> No.71200456

>this works well but it also removes é è and disables \n
I thought that was what you wanted since you said 'filter out'
no, .bin instead of .txt won't solve it
for me, writing to a file, and opening the file in a text editor has been fine
it's just been that actually trying to print unicode output to the terminal in windows shits the bed, due to default codepage/codec used or whatever

>> No.71200480

I guess try
py -mpip install win-unicode-console

>> No.71200512

also note: required to change to an actual font/codepage with unicode support in CMD, if I remember right

>> No.71200514

é è don't give me any errors, but some sick fuck put a ► in his description, and I suggest there might be other instances of such bullshit in the next couple thousand of scraped texts.
UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character '\u25ba' in position 325: character maps to <undefined>
is what I'm getting
I might end up using a try...except structure that calls for ascii ignoring only when necessary, but that's a bit nasty

>> No.71200553

I mean, I don't think this problem exists with recent python versions (3.6+)
again, try making sure you have a supported font/codepage that can display the character you're trying to encode configured in CMD, and give win-unicode-console a shot I guess

>> No.71200583

not really sure what to recommend besides more advanced googling, consulting /g/dpt/ (nothing but shitposting, but maybe you'll get an answer, maybe you'll get shit on for using python), or a different OS

>> No.71200650

What RSS reader should I use. I've not used one since Google Reader died.

>> No.71200743

I'll try later with a better CMD, thanks
for now I'm running it with the old try...except which works well

>> No.71200802

Once kodi is boot able you simply need to add a repo or two in the menu. Then you can download anything that repo has to offer.

Most you find on Google will have essential and powerful addons. Just don't go fucking with the UI if you are a noob, it can cause problems.

>> No.71200851
File: 144 KB, 1024x762, 1554008608629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /g/ I'm using FF atm. Which extensions should I use to get maximum privacy/security?


>> No.71200893

I've never seen a programming language tutorial list major syntax and their use in a list/reference format. If you know what I mean, can you post or direct me to a guide or sheet that explains common syntax better?

Syntax feels like gatekeeping between all the languages. When to use brackets and when to use parenthesis seems simple but in reality languages don't want to spell out what each part of the code does. It's like they want you to learn by doing instead of....learning.

>> No.71200918

This is exactly the reason why I'm just focusing on web languages since I can use it both online and package it for desktop use with the least amount of effort.
If I can run my application anywhere why bother learning anything else even for the sake of performance (since computers are going to have more ram and cpu power in the future anyway).

>> No.71200944


>> No.71200976

Hi /sqt/,
OS: Arch.

So I wanna backup my start-menu and start-menu settings.
Which folder holds these settings?

>> No.71200995

Fancy titles make their very basic jobs sound much more luxurious and professional. It comes with the territory of tech, glittering generalities are the lifeblood of this game. Why do you think GPUs look like alien technology instead of functional hardware? It's all about the fluff.

>> No.71201004
File: 90 KB, 777x1134, 1559273228528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you create a backup/restore image with all the programs and settings and drivers installed?
Preferably something that can be saved on USB flash drive and for Win7.
Basically my father calls me to fix his PC, once every 3 months or so, because it got infected with malware.
So I have to re-install windows then re-install all the programs he use, Personally I don't mind, but this takes too long and I have to be next to the PC.
>inb4 dad watches porn
>inb4 install AV
He get those from his students USB drives

>> No.71201012

Your PC can be taken on the plane as carry-on.

>> No.71201076

You're probably drooling all over your components without realizing it.

>> No.71201106

Such as JS?

>> No.71201225

why doesn't GDDR or HBM get used in place of regular system DDR?

a top tier set of DDR4 (dual chanel) can transfer something in the neighborhood of 35.5 GB/s while the GDDR6 in an RTX 2080 Ti has an effective memory bandwidth of 616 GB/s

what is it about graphics memory that's keeping companies from adapting it for CPU use?

>> No.71201230

Follow up question.

Would it be worth it to buy a multimeter and attempt to fix it myself.

Nope I keep a drool catcher(love napkin) around at all times.

>> No.71201260


>> No.71201295


If it's getting that fucked that often, there's a serious risk of financial information getting stolen, not to mention data corruption. Go ahead and upgrade his windows now. You'll need to in a few months anyway, and 10 is actually a significant security improvement. Flashdrives shouldn't be allowed to autorun anymore, so unless he's actually running infected exes that shouldn't do it. Try to impress on him the importance of carefully choosing what you run, and uploading shit to virustotal first.

That said, Macruim Reflect is the answer to the question the way you asked it.

>> No.71201322

Yep, considering the intepreter for JS is only going to get better (I trust the google team in charge of the V8 engine much more than myself for writing proper C code), it honestly just doesn't make it worth trying to learn C when I'm already learning JS for making desktop apps (and mobile apps as well I think).

>> No.71201370

What's a browser with good syncing support for tabs and bookmarks?
Looking for something to use on my Android phone and Windows PC.

>> No.71201437

why is it that lots of programs i try to install on linux return me with 404? even the major ones such as python pip or cinnamon ones

>> No.71201483

update your mirrorlist

>> No.71201516
File: 129 KB, 720x960, 1559139816091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

serious risk of financial information getting stolen
He don't use that PC for anything other than that.
It's a very old laptop Win7 is the latest thing it can run.
>Flashdrives shouldn't be allowed to autorun anymore
You must have never used infected flash drive in the last few years.
Malware no longer uses autorun trick, it hides the real files in a folder, and create a modified shortcut with the same name and without the shortcut arrow as well.
The only way to notice the difference is by checking the file size (useless with small sized files) or noticing the opening time is delayed.
These create images of the whole drive or the partition, right?
The what does Windows Restore does
Isn't it the same thing?

>> No.71201623

Restore just reverts parts of your file system to the way they were recently. System image does what macrium does, but very shittily.

There's very few windows 7 PCs that can't also run 10, although I would pop a cheap SSD in there. The short and tall is, if he's fucked now, he's gonna be hella fucked when all security updates are dropped completely.

>> No.71201659

>very shittily
How? I was thinking I could teach him to run a restore.
Using an imaging software seems more difficult.
>There's very few windows 7 PCs that can't also run 10
Even C2D struggle with that.

>> No.71201703

because you can't properly image or restore a partition from inside that partition also if your shit's totally fucked you can't revert to the saved image if you can't get into windows. so you want a bootable solution

>> No.71201726

>so you want a bootable solution
But Windows provide that, after you create the USB image windows promote you to create Windows Rescue DVD which is bootable.
>image or restore a partition from inside that partition
What? you mean can't restore a partition from inside the whole image?

>> No.71201728

I've done it on core 2. Main thing is you don't want to run 10 on a hard drive, although in 2019 it's really not fair to make anybody boot off a hard drive. Honestly if you can't even run a modern OS decently well, I'd say it's time to ditch the hardware. $150 on ebay will get you something that shitposts at lightning speed.

System restore is one of those windows built in apps that's weirdly prehistoric and never gets fixed. The compression is terrible, it doesn't weed out shit you don't need like hyberfil. Macrium's definitely the way to go. Its wizard is very straightforward.

>> No.71201738

the partition or drive you're imaging should be in a static state which you can't get if it's running, to image

>> No.71201744

>ditch the hardware
But it's not broken, everything works fine.

>> No.71201769

Is the ryzen 5 2600 good for the price point? It’s that or an alternative that fits the same socket

>> No.71201778

If it can't run the software he needs to run on a secure OS, then everything does not work fine. If you think you can teach him ubuntu, than more power to you.

>> No.71201815

Sadly I need windows, most of these files are .docx than need MS word, or MS access.

>> No.71201881

pressed cd's do, recordable ones don't
they're completely different beasts

>> No.71201903

So I installed a SSD for the first ever time and I'm trying to transfer files over from my rusty 2tb hard drive so do I have to fucking make myself the owner of every single file on the hard drive? Its doing it now but I feel like its fucking gonna take forever is there a quicker way?

>> No.71202080

I'm getting into home servering, hosting some things for me and my friends.

I'm finding that as I'm building new services, I'm starting to have quite a lot of different IP addresses and port numbers to remember. How best to manage them? Short of writing it all down in a notepad.

>> No.71202118


dd -[source] -[destination]

In a Linux environment. It's bitwise copy the whole drive. Make sure you don't fuck up the syntax or switch the drives in the command or you'll nuke everything. Read the dd man page too. It'll take like 2-4 hours per 128 GB.

>> No.71202168

When running a game server like the ones in the Steam Tools menu, do they have the same hardware requirements as the game they're hosting? If I wanted to run a game server on my Ryzen 2400 server, should I be getting a GPU for it?

>> No.71202189

tl;dr I have to install windows in a vm.
Is there like a modded stripped down non shit version out there? Like one that someone was able to mod or something? thanks

>> No.71202199
File: 41 KB, 436x197, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugh. I dont have a linux install anywhere maybe I'll just format the hard drive its taking forever to do this shit am I doing the right thing?

>> No.71202266 [DELETED] 

What browser should I use?

Been using Chrome for like almost a decade and I am ignorant of everything else.

>> No.71202291

Budget is $700, could push to $750
I'm REALLY tempted to get this. What do you think? If not, what do you suggest?


>> No.71202314

What platform?

>> No.71202318

you could probably get something better look for a ryzen cpu

>> No.71202365 [DELETED] 

Windows 10

>> No.71202372


>> No.71202388 [DELETED] 


Same price, but with an IPS screen, better CPU, and included SSD (albeit much smaller).

>> No.71202401

Which one?

>> No.71202410

what upstream dns provider should I use on my pihole? is open dns good? or should i stick with gooygle

>> No.71202584

Anyone here with experience with coub's API? Does the channel timeline always list original coubs before recoubs?

>> No.71202597

do people still use Usenet

>> No.71202620

I updated lineage 16 to a new lineage 16 nightly
When i booted in to the system, root and twrp had been deleted. So i fastbooted in to bootloader and then flashed twrp and magisk again.
Then i go to boot the system and it keeps sending me back in to twrp
Is there a new workflow that i cant find documented on any wiki? I tried flashing lineage again from twrp and then booting but it just takes me to the lineage recovery

>> No.71202632

OpenDNS blocks a couple of sites and isn't open it's just Cisco, and google's google but it works. I prefer OpenNIC.

>> No.71202645

Anyone know the name of this/where to find it.
Googling it is hard apparently.

I think there was a p2p mp3 sharing program called "love" or something like that.

>> No.71202788

Fuck it Ill just use soulseek

>> No.71202808

It's a stagnating meme, doesn't grow in popularity, just holds its current members, but yes, they do

>> No.71202857

Just burn a Linux .iso to a USB and live boot then do it.

>> No.71203027

how do i activate windows 10 pro for free?

t. tech brainlet

>> No.71203140


>> No.71203152

What does /g/ recommend for mounting an (S)FTP server on android?

I'm looking for something minimal, just literally mounting internal storage and sdcard (no root).

F-Droid apps are an option.

>> No.71203155

It’s actually super easy.

>> No.71203324

thanks bro, finally the one that works

>> No.71203375

Is there any difference in performance between B350 and B450 mainboards? I'm using R5 1600 + B350M and planning to upgrade when new Ryzem comes out, is using the old mb gonna be fine?

>> No.71203644

an ssd internally reserves space, space which you can't see. even if you fill it 100%, it will still have it's reserved space
that said, there are other reasons why it's not ideal to completely fill a disk, for any kind of disk (since this is a filesystem issue), fragmentation becomes a bigger issue as you fill the disk, on an ssd this can lead to performance loss and write amplification, on a hdd, more severe performance loss
on a hdd, filling the disk also leads to performance loss even when not fragmented, as the 'end' of the disk is slower than the 'start' (the logical start is at the outermost cylinder, where there's more space per revolution)
how full is too full depends on how large the files you store are, bigger average files demands bigger free space to minimize fragmentation

>> No.71203957

Someone make a new thread!

>> No.71204061

what's the best method for me to bulk buy monitors? dont care of they're high quality really, I guess the option would be nice.
you guys have any good site recs or hidden warehouses?

>> No.71204096

contact a monitor manufacturer?

>> No.71204133

at its most basic level what is the internet?

>> No.71204160

A. A series of tubes.
B. Serious business.
C. A porn sharing network
D. All of the above

>> No.71204200

oook, one last question
how much does the sd card matter for a pihole? rn i have only a 4GiB usd card and everything it's slow

>> No.71204204

if you didnt have a serious answer why did you bother?

>> No.71204242

well i didn't lie
the internet is a big network, that's all it is
it's no different to your home router/switch, just at a much, much bigger scale
there's no magic sauce or non-replaceable component

>> No.71204253

interconnected computer networks

>> No.71204257

and given that why should any single country's government be aloud to regulate it?

>> No.71204310

globally or within their borders?
nobody owns the internet
it's a network of networks, a culmination of smaller networks, an... inter- network
"the internet" isn't one thing, it's the result of connecting many things together

>> No.71204342
File: 95 KB, 867x615, pb-pt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ive tried to make a backup of my complete system and it took almost 11 hours with aes 256 encryption. is this normal?

>> No.71204343

i mean make laws the effect everyone globally such as ther UK porn ban i just know im going to run into one of the porn license walls even though im American that and article 13

>> No.71204419

Can I run windows 10 home on a server?

>> No.71204421

>.t the Modem seller

>> No.71204424

just like any other kinds of import/export, countries should be allowed to define what is and isn't allowed to enter/exit their country via the internet
it's not an easy thing to enforce though, and such laws don't affect traffic not coming from or going to that country, though they can have side-effects felt by other countries, namely popular websites changing their behaviour to suit a countries' laws, which can be seen by users not in that country, this issue isn't unique to the internet though, products get changed worldwide to suit one country all the time

>> No.71204536


>> No.71204598

see but that mean i not5 only havew to worry about my cou9ntry restricting me but every country such as china and its nonsense about no blood or mentioning killing how many games in the future are going to be ruined for everyone cause of that shit?

>> No.71204729

Even if you don't throw in actual regulation, shit is going to be affected by preferences and market forces around the world. Like how loads of big budget movies have overly simplistic writing and shitty generic plots. That shit makes money on a global scale and has to appeal to a lot of people.

>> No.71204730

there isn't really a simple solution to this, and again, this isn't unique to the internet
as for games, bans and modified-for-specific-country games have been a thing before the internet was popular
international online multiplayer isn't an easy thing to solve in that regard either

basically, content producers/distributors must either;
- make content suitable for any country (avoid anything that makes anyone unhappy), this is probably what you don't like seeing
- make alternate versions of content for specific countries, this is a good solution, but does require more effort than some producers are willing to do
- don't sell/provide access to specific content to specific countries, companies don't like to do this, because it means missing out on large groups of customers

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