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>He uses the Linux Operating System and trusts it, despite not paying for it

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I'd hit that

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Well, yes.
It's not like handing over money suddenly makes something trustworthy, it just means you spent money on it.

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But Bill, I didn't pay for VScode and is probably MS best software in years. Meanwhile, other paid MS software products fails all the time to a ton of people and corporations.

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>He uses the Windows Operating System and trusts it, even though Microsoft clearly doesn't.

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Never underestimate autism and free time. Saviors of humanity

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There is no such thing as the "Linux operating system".

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Don't be a pragmatic retard, nobody cares about your political distros.

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I trust open source operating systems because their code can can be scrutinized. I cannot scrutunize closed source Windows code so I don't trust Windows or Bill Gates. I trust Linux.

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>despite not paying for it
B-b-b-but you told me that I do pay for it, Bill. You said that it was only free if my time was worthless, so I'm paying for it with my time.

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But I paid for RHEL.

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But did you scrutinize it yourself AND compiled everything yourself, including the compiler?
Otherwise you're replacing one obscurity with another obscurity, still relying on other people and still carelessly trusting.

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Wew lad, that's like paying for those bootleg cartridges while fully knowing they're fakes.

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Except I get enterprise support

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/thread sage

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I did.

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No you didn't.

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nigger how can a compiler turn something into spyware

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>he trusts windows update with all his files
>he hosts servers on windows then gets surprised at downtime and data loss from automatic forced shutdowns
>he trusts bitlocker after FBI forcibly shut down Truecrypt, extorted the developers, and replaced their site with an ad for bitlocker

Imagine using an operating system with known backdoors that go years without being patched.

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so when micoshaft products shit on your day its like having two dicks in your ass and you paid for it to happen

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In theory you could build a malicious compiler that discretely pipes all the output to a file to be sent to another machine without the user knowing

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Should be required reading for all computer security professionals

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>he interacts with human beings and trust them, despite deceiful/harmful behavior being in their very nature

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nigger, the compiler produces machine code. It can literally put pedo porn on your hello world to send you to jail, if it's programmed to do so.

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yes i did

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Daily reminder: If something is free, the product is you.

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Reminder that paying for something doesn't mean you aren't screwed over. See Microsoft and Apple.

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In the same way, you can't trust your cpu to not execute malicious instructions when it detects a pattern.
So you either reinvent ~80 years of computer science advancements, or you kill yourself out of paranoia.

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Daily corollary to daily reminder: you're the product, whether or not you pay.

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You get what you pay for (nothing)

If you don't pay for it, you're the product

As the common saying goes: Time is money (you only use Linux if your time isn't worth anything)

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Serves literal malware ads.

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But everyone pirates windows. Pirating is free.

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Can't believe some people don't use adblockers. I literally can't recall the last time I saw an ad on pc or phone.

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I don't pay for Windows too.

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This. Lots of people pay for Windows 10, it still spies on you.

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I've never paid for any operating system though, Bill

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