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New research just came out showing that advertising literally causes mental illness!

>Advertising as a major source of human dissatisfaction: Cross-national evidence on one million Europeans

>Although the negative impact of conspicuous consumption has been discussed for more than a century, the link between advertising and individual is not well understood. This column uses longitudinal data for 27 countries in Europe linking change in life satisfaction to variation in advertising spend. The results show a large negative correlation that cannot be attributed to the business cycle or individual characteristics.


you're running ad blocking software, right /g/?
you've also installed ad blockers on all of your family's devices, right anon?

ps: install AdNauseam to actually fight these bastards.

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"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won't."

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Maybe you will not, i m already rock star, i have my rock moves.

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I wouldn't know, I haven't seen an advertisement in a few months.

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>we've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars
lol no we haven't

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based af


what was his name, /g/?

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the american dream has been dead longer than you think.

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Jack Mehoff.

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Chuck Palahniuk

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>mental illness is not real
>we live in a society

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post 'em

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i literally haven't seen an online advertisement for nearly two decades. i don't watch tv, i get content online from my favourite sources as .mkv files. all ads are blocked. i feel kinda bad for people that don't know any better and just tolerate this shit. i've lost track of the amount of browsers i had to configure for inexperienced users because they didn't know about adblockers to begin with.

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>what was his name, /g/?
monkey prong country

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identical to mine

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Reminder that adblocking is literally stealing, you are stealing the revenue of the advertiser and the host.
Disable your adblockers right now you disgusting pirates

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lmao, the EU is gonna ban ads next. That'll be fucking hilarious

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Why do you feel that way? The revenue isn't going to the user nor is it being taken from the producer. It doesn't feel like a fair comparison to me.

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I decided to charge money for every ad I saw, it didn't seem fair that only the people showing me ads make money. I haven't actually gotten anyone to pay up though so I've simply resorted to blocking them.

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>never see ads
>still mentally ill

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mark fisher capitalist realism

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Add are bandwidth thieves and contribute to global warming by increasing the resource usage. It's only moral to block them.

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I bet you can't see a single webpage without something breaking and not working right.

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how do I block ads on youtube app? (iOS or android)

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I remember this from somewhere...

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I had my mom coming for a visit.

I'm so used of never having to see any ads that i just don't think about it anymore, my phone has adaway, my browser all the necessaries. Adds in my digital life hardly exist anymore. Then i saw my mom looking at her weather app on her phone
A weather app, a fucking weather app, half it's screen was filled with ads, why do people put up with that? The day i can't block ads on my devices is the day i'll live without devices. Marketing is one of the worst cancers in the world and it has to be chemo'd hard, fuck advertisements fuck all that shit.

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Use newpipe

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>you're running ad blocking software, right /g/?
anon, you're so naive

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I use Brave.

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So in capitalism we get ads instead of communist propaganda and other more vitriolic messages? Seems like the lesser of all evils. Anyway, just man up. Imagine being affected by ads.

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So she's using a chinkphone right? I've never seen ads on my apps like that.

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don't use the app. use the browser + adguard filters. or use brave.

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a samsung

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use newpipe
root yer phone and install adaway

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>a samsung
fuck man... there's no hope for secure that shit. many samsung phones comes with Facebook preloaded and you can't remove it. FB tracks everything and even records your mic.

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That's disgusting. But what is she going to do? i can't maintain it for her since we live +1000kms apart.She already told me multiple times she was talking about pillows and she saw ads for pillows, talking about changing her tires and she saw ad for tires.

Creepy shit man, this is just a cliché recipe for a dysutopian nightmare.

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Scamsung has over 200 bloatware apks by default.

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advertising is not the problem, though; it's people's passivity. People listen to playlists, turn on the radio, watch what's on, and take what's given to them without actually taking an interest. so when they see ads that instead of just giving them something, explicitly instruct them what to do, their inherent free will and semblance of thought start to fight back.

however, if you let advertisements affect your overall life satisfaction, you need to rethink everything. I'll equate satisfaction and happiness in saying that my happiness is so great, such petty persuasions cannot affect me.

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I see shit like that happen to people every other day. here's one from plebbit from yesterday. some people end up thinking they're going insane from all these (((coincidences))). it's a form of "gaslighting" (look that term up).

it's impossible to have a private phone from companies which rely on advertising for revenue.

no matter what you do, they have 1000s of engineers ready to find ways to fuck you again.

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You might think you're above propoganda nad advertising, but you're not.These companies have a lot of money to blow on how to manipulate people like you. You're being influenced constantly and you don't even realize it.

Or maybe you are mr Strong and happy, but you're the minority by large. Most people do not have the intelligence or emotional control to resist these things.

We're all in this together man, don't be so cynical.

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>it's impossible to have a private phone from companies which rely on advertising for revenue.

which is every phone/tech company.

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You don't even know how dumb you are. You are so dumb that you actually think you're somehow above human failings and cognitive biases.
Incidentally, you're one of the people who's easiest to influence.

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no, not every one.

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then how about this: I noticed early on that constant exposure advertisements is unhealthy, so I actively pursued methods to reduce my exposure i.e. adblockers, etc. My main point still stands that people are too passive; I should clarify that yes, of course, advertisements do affect me but do not affect my happiness. Most people's happiness is too weakly-based.

In the article, the author speaks of 'relativistic' preferences. comparing yourself to others before deciding your own satisfaction. My train of thought is quite different. Satisfaction comes from within. As per the article, if I saw my neighbor or coworker buy a new car at the same time as myself, I'd see our successes as results of our individual achievements and be happy together.

Here's a question: do you even know your neighbor? I'd be happy if anything good happened for my neighbor. You know why? Because we're friends. "My satisfaction went down because my neighbor bought a new car." These people are mentally ill to start.

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name one

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Fair enough, i feel the same way

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completely wrong.
it is sating that "illness" is real, but that the causes of illness aren't just "chemical imbalances" any more than the cause of a homicide is just "gunshot wound"

just as the cause of death cant just be written off as natural causes, allowing a murderer to go free, we cannot ignore the intentional causes of mental distress, such as gas-lighting by other individuals, or intentional demoralization and propaganda such as by advertisers or "news" agencies.

e.g. gaslighting politics that treats dissent as "illness"
"take your meds"

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>block ads
>advertisers move to "native advertising" or "original content" AKA shilling
You just can't win.

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there are absolutely no issues with the lists hes using.
even more, i use all the regional language lists and my own custom rules, and this has never once happened.

moral is, youre a subhuman 80 iq retard, you should fucking kill yourself

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>you've also installed ad blockers on all of your family's devices, right anon?
on my mom's laptop I installed ublock origin for chrome, on her android device she has blokada installed.

if you read this anon and you have android look up blokada, it's really great

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Although interesting and useful, you shouldn't need a scientific study to tell you how something makes you feel. You shouldn't have to read the description to understand a work of art. People should be constantly evaluating their actions and activities, cutting the negatives ones out.

For example, I used reddit from 2006-2008 because it aggregated interesting links; the most interesting links and comments would get to the top. slowly, more posts became feel-good pictures, the top comment threads became shitty puns, and people started crying over points, so I left. I occasionaly take part in smaller communities.

I used to use facebook because it was a good way to keep in touch with friends and share pictures. Slowly, everyone's posts became links to news articles rather than their own experiences. I remember very clearly: one day in 2016, I thought negatively of a friend because I disagreed with the article he posted. I thought to myself, wtf? this article alone (he didn't even post an opinion) affected my opinion of the person? I immediately disabled my account. From what I hear, Big Blue now is just a lifeline for Facebook to inject ads every 3 posts. I still use the chat application to communicate to individuals or small groups.

People should always ask themselves when doing something, "Can I use this to make me better? Does this make me happier?" And at a higher level, "Is there something else that I could be doing that is more beneficial."

In making any purchase, if you don't do your own research, you've already lost.

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Fuck I hate normies
>see ad
>crave product

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>People should always ask themselves when doing something, "Can I use this to make me better? Does this make me happier?" And at a higher level, "Is there something else that I could be doing that is more beneficial."
Damn I need to leave 4chan.

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ublock experimental filters or regional filters aren't ticked. also, funny that you say that, because I thought about this before checking all these boxes. to my suprise, not only did not a single website that I use break, but most of them loaded faster aswell.

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Ok fags i don't want my phone to record what i say and to use that info for advertisement what brand should i buy

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4chan and similar types of semi-anonymous posting are beacons for myself because we're only distinguished by our content i.e. what we post not who we are. names are meaningless and for faggots. Here's a thought exercise: imagine a world where nobody was allowed a name/id. How would it be? Like dogs sniffing butts to see what the other's life is like or something more interesting?

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deal with it

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it is true though. "chemical imbalance" as a reason for depression is just a marketing line.

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Would be beacons if every molecule of goodness weren't hidden in an ocean of putrified shit

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>I don't want a botnet phone
Then don't have a phone at all. All of them are anti-privacy tracking device shit.

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i see, well i'll do that thanks anon

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I hate ads and propaganda.
How bout - no messages in public spaces except warning signs.
I think it would actually make our cities look real aesthetic instead of giant fucking billboards like they are today.

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fuck that, I'm not going to let them try to brainwash me like a dog with netwide recommendation algorithms and I'm not going to buy whatever garbage they throw at me anyway

we're at the point where nearly every creator has a patreon and it's easy to give them actually impactful revenue (not the equivalent of 5 cents in ads) if their content is meaningful to you

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IOs unironically is the lesser evil

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eat shit kike.

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I saw something similar at a diner. Evidently, there's wifi there. Some guy in the booth in front of me had a laptop. Every damn website he went to, every streaming video, every youtube vid, every fucking everything had ads. EVERYTHING. Even his fucking email page. It was like looking into a completely different reality.

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You also get propaganda with your ads, for a variety of forms of government, but never for capitalism because those who are pro-capitalism don't want other people to be pro-capitalism because that would not make them money.

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So I guess we have to creat our own wars. Look out Turkey im coming for your ass.

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Only by a small margin, if any.

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>capital's drive toward atomistic individualization
I'm pretty sure what's causing that is simply the fact that women's suffrage was poorly thought out. They were allowed to vote as individuals because men believed themselves to be voting as individuals, but in reality men were effectively voting as the representatives of the family, and women and men should ahve both been required to vote as such.
But because they didn't, policy changes immediately began to put the individual over the family and community, and the entire cultural attitude shifted to a me-first ideal (which I'm sure advertising accelerated). It's why technology caters so much to the individual to their own detriment, and harms social cohesion more than it could ever help. Corporate cohesion isn't affected as much due to money tying it together.
I suppose corporate meddling could have been responsible for the start of, and continuation of, the movement, but that's been buried so noone knows.

Tl;dr I supposed you might call all of this "capital" but I'm not sure if that's the right word, and he might just be using it because capitalism is one of his personal bogeymen.

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Go back to >>>/pol/

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>not taking something is the same as stealing
my bandwidth my rules

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>muh /pol/ boogeyman
why are you faggots so obsessed with /pol/?

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