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Enough said.

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Idk that sounds racist

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>disables hyperthreading

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All cores are equal but some are more equal than others.

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someone post the picture of Rome with Hitler superimposed onto the chiplets

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Innovative btw

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reminder that amds "7nm" is comparable in density to intel's "14nm" and that they use different metrics

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>not all cores are created equal
I agree. Kiketel cores are no where near ayymd cores in terms of performance dependability.

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source? not that i don't believe you but i genuinely thought AMD had a more advanced manufacturing process which allowed them to produce 7nm chips

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reminder that the "density" all intel shills moan about is related to inter-transistor density, not the actual node. Just yet another lying tactic from tech illiterate intelkikes.

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isn't inter-transistor density what you want? i thought that, if it could be cooled, the more transistors the better

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>Not all cores are created equal, ours spy on you aUM#$&U*(V&(*&&(@#@[email protected][email protected] HARDWARE ERROR
Intel is dead.

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>not all cores are created equal

sure, some of them are created to process the mitigation of security flaws

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>isn't inter-transistor density what you want
>the more transistors, the better
Imagine filling up a box by putting 500 balls inside a box as opposed to putting 100 bigger balls inside the exact same box.
The intel shills are basically complaining that in both cases, the box is full and that the density inside the box is the same.

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>being retarded
yea I guess if you're retarded and don't understand dies or transistors your analogy makes sense

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I hope you actually get paid for shilling 24/7 you stupid hasbarakike.
Where's the proof he other guy asked for, hmm?

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i just want to read comfy white papers pls no bully me or each other

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>some of them are created to provide NSA/Mossad backdoors

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>Spreadfast app
Jesus Christ, Intel is seething as fuck to put out such bad damage control.

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But some cores perform almost as good while being half the price.

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Reminder that TSMC's 7nm is in fact comparable to Intel's 10 nm.

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> Intel's new marketing strategy is literally just cope.

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keximus maximus

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they can't be serious

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What the FUCK do they mean by that?

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If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.

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>Cores, clock speed, and caches don't matter!
Intel is worse than it's competitor than bulldozer at this point, at least AMD was cheap, Intel wants top dollar for less performance.

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