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Are you deaf or something? cant you hear that case/laptop fans?
Just a monthly reminder to spray your fans with wd40

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how about you sit on one of those nozziles and spray your "laptop fan", pal?

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>Spraycan WD-40 for fans
Why? Just use a drop of sewing machine oil after two years or so.

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is there a difference if i spray them with wd 40 or a contact cleaner?

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WD40 is NOT a lubricant.

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I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of lubricant you want to be using on plastic.

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You dumb fuck WD is not a lubricant, get a silicone based lubricant for that

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not a good one anyway.

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If you play trombone, slide cream works great. Slide/valve oil is too thin, though

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use a thin lithium grease. kept my fans running for 20 years.

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ha! gay!

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how is that gay

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Who the fuck lubes his PC fans

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what is it then you fucking retard?

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You have to grab a silicon one

Also no I don't need to do that shit now, I recently bought some bequiet silent wings ones and they are not loud

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>his fans have bearings

It's a toolkit in a can.

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Water displacement, 40 times

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WD40 isn't a lubricant

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for me is fdb fans and lithium/ptfe grease

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