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>Subversive tranny trying to impose his code of conduct (rules for the goyim) is a kike

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>twitter screenshot
Stay in /pol/, retard.

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>trying to impose his code of conduct (rules for the goyim) is a kike


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I don't care. Fuck off back to /pol/

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go dilate somewhere else, discord trannies

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not technology

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omg bro. suite blahg. i'll be sure to let everyone know about this inconsequential tweet from two weeks ago because it's totally a new development in the github code of conduct nonsense, which is itself definitely not really old and tired news that millions of people have known about since 2014. thank you for doing such amazing work.

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link or fake

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>survive WWII
>your grandson voluntarily chops off his own dick anyways

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The irony.

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Is that your only argument? a decade old picture from reddit (nothing to do with 4chan)?


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My grandparents had me hold down a chicken while they slit their throats and I had to collect the blood onto a bowl before we cooked it.

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>Shaping the person I am today
A deranged communist tranny
Thanks grandma!

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NPC memes are literally NPC behaviour, magapede. A group of sheep that think they are special by calling others sheep. It seems ironic you cannot escape the group-think behaviour and find solace in the sense of community your herd-like memes provide.

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nice projection

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>lying for attention

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Self-awareness is not the same as projection but from your quick, angry non sequitur reply I'm guessing I struck a nerve in your little brain.


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discord trannies get the fuck off my board

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and you keep projecting lol

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>WW11 hero
>and concentration camp survivor
So which is it? can't be both.

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Political twitter screencaps actually do better on /v/, curiosly enough.

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Ironically, NPCfags are the biggest NPC

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Literally just ignore them. They're only after attention obviously.

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They do better in all low-IQ boards.
Intelligent people don't give a fuck about Twitter or anything that goes on in there.

Twitter is where mouth breathers go to argue with each other and find stupid shit to be outraged about.

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>Stay in /pol/, retard.

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Trump is the greatest Israeli lobbyist that ever got to the US Presidency. Supports Israeli settlement expansion, recognized Jerusalem as capital breaking 60 years of US policy on the matter, pulled out of UNESCO because "muh Palestine", pulled out of the Iran deal because Bibi told him to, and kowtowed to the Saudi royal because of his importance to US-Israeli interests in the region. Jared Kushner basically runs the Presidency with Trump as the figurehead.

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>Anti Social
>messias complex
>Want to blend people to follow own rules
Oh is Jew.

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Is it just me or is /pol/ seriously losing influence? Seems like the rest of 4chan has turned against them.

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gets it

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>high *average* IQ
I'm not saying places like /v/ and /tv/ are filled with modern day Newtons but whoever made this chart was either intentionally cooking the books or outright retarded.

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there is a very good chance she's lying. having a grandparent who survived the holocaust is like having a ferrari to the sjw. for some reason they think it makes their opinions more valid or some shit. over 98% of the 1.2 million survivors of camps were dead by 2017.

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/pol/ is pure trash. as bad as - if not worse than - real life nogs, and the caricatures of jews which they seem to worship. it is possible to be deeply right-wing without being a barely literate animal. read amren. read occidental dissent. read amerika. stop obsessing over dead /x/ tier theories and attempting to shill your pseudo-ideology on other boards, you dumb fuk'n /pol/acks. wpww.

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/lit/ does seem to be overrated there imho. To be fair the poll was done before /his/ existed. Most of the intelligent humanities people moved from /lit/ to /his/ when the latter was created.

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idiot, just because the picture claims research was done doesn't mean it was actually done. no board on 4chan has an average over 90 i can guarantee it.

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Hi /leftypol/. We don't want you here either, quibbling about politics on the internet is for people who can't justify their own opinions to themselves and project their insufficiencies onto others.

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Americans are mostly German so they deserve this treatment.

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It's based on a weighted average. That is, the average for the site is an index number called "100" which may not correspond to the "100" average of the general population. Our "100" may be in the 90s of the general population.

Also, it's excellent bait to trigger the /pol/tards don't take it too seriously. In general lines it's correct IMHO.

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If you can’t stand up for yourself you deserve this.

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you have the reading comprehension of a four year-old american black girl from detroit

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Said the guy getting paid to advertise virally. You so slick nigga.

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great technology related thread you got going on here

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Is it 50 bucks amonth. This is lomtest

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Always. Every time someone does something major to fuck over tech, destroy privacy, or personal freedoms on computers, it's ALWAYS a Jew.

Every time. EVERY single time. Why?

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>defending this tranny kike

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Your gunna have to fistfitevsoon whiteboard. We’re smarter than you.

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so interesting that:
>eff's board is almost all jews


>richard stallman is a jew

you fucking moron

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411 was an Israeli spy tech to fuck over American business. Ask me why.

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Imagine actually defending all the evil shit Jews and Israel do, and how hard they are pushing to destroy all personal privacy and freedom on computers

Just imagine doing that

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People who only go to 1 or 2 boards make broad assumptions about other boards based on real life stereotypes. /lit/ is about being bookish so they must be smart, /sci/ is about science so obviously it can't be flawed in any way, etc. The more boards you go to the more you realise that quality, intelligent posts are, always have been, and always will be diamonds in a sea of shitposting retards, regardless of the board.

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>random single examples disprove the larger trend!
>literally no one in the EFF is Jewish
Wow, a lying Israeli astroturfer. What a shocker.

The public is turning against you. Better redouble those propaganda efforts, because next time you aren't just going to get kicked out.

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You have to go back

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this board, like Israel belongs to the chosen such as myself. Goyim get out

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>paying attention to them gives their "arguments" oxygen...

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I post in /his/ a lot though. I can vouch for the fact that it is one of the few decent boards in the site and most threads are quality discussion. /lit/ is alright, /g/ is 50/50 shitposting/quality, /k/ and /sci/ were very good back in the day but I haven't posted there in years.

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Nsa is exactly the same piece of faggot shit. Legal corporate spying and you can’t even complain.

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9 out of 10 members on the eff board of directors are jewish. they fight for privacy, even that of /pol/acks. the aclu is run by jews, yet they defend the rights of anyone to demonstrate publicly, including neo-nazis. they also defend the right to carry firearms (along with a bunch of other rights that you might not like, but that's the nature of attempting to defend individual freedom). richard stallman is a jew, as are many of his minions.

please tell me more about jews are a monolith and there aren't conservative jews, libertarian jews, pro-white jews, pro-privacy jews etc...

please, enlighten us with your misinformed garbage.

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i wanted to prove you wrong so i went to /po/ to see how nice an origami board must be. you're right, it's all shit.

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>>literally no one in the EFF is Jewish
are you retarded or just a terrible liar?


9 out of 10 are jews. 9 out of 10.

>> No.71151651

all of those conflicting points of view benefit jews, duh.

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aclu no longer sees the first amendment as a priority.
eff is corporatist controlled oppo garbage for wealthy technocrats to virtue signal

fsf is the real shit and stallman is a based nigga

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not only 9 out 10 board members are jewish, but just look at all the jewish surnames here:

- https://www.eff.org/about/special-counsel (about half of 'em are jews)

- https://www.eff.org/about/advisoryboard (about half of 'em are jews)

- https://www.eff.org/about/staff (at-least eight jews)

and to recap

- https://www.eff.org/about/board (90% jewish)

next you'll tell me that the eff doesn't actually care about and fight for privacy

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not all jews are bad, but most all bad people are jews

>> No.71151678

>stallman is a based nigga
strangely, stallman is a hyper-liberal jewish deviant, yet he's one of this biggest advocates for digital privacy alive. go figure.

>> No.71151679

Don't bother.

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It's all so tiresome

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the eff doesn't actually care about and fight for privacy.
they fight for the sake of big corporations to be unhindered by regulations, or for regulations that further the interests of established corporations by shutting out competition

>> No.71151699

Anti-Semite think it’s because of nepotism.

>> No.71151702

Why the fuck are jews always so over-represented in positions of power and influence, anyway? Fuck off with the /pol/ conspiracy shit, but there's got to be a down-to-earth reason.

>> No.71151715

Well it’s because they are better than you. Isn’t that the logical conclusion. Maybe supreme?

>> No.71151721

So i assume we all accept that there is nothing we can do about it?

>> No.71151722

weev is a jewish nazi, and soros was in the SS.
one of the nazi "aryan superman" propaganda guys was actually a jew.
zionists loved hitler, and even made medallions in his honor.

>> No.71151724

>for the sake of big corporations to be unhindered by regulations
you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. research what they've done.

>> No.71151725

they seek the positions of power because of their neurotic upbringing of us vs them mentality

>> No.71151726

nepotism is deeply ingrained in their religion. that's not a conspiracy either, jews are often the first to cite it as the cause and many jews find it embarrassing.

>> No.71151732

All jews are bad. 99 percent literally mutilate kids. There is like MAYBE one decent jew per 100k. Not enough to bear mention.

>> No.71151738

Hit;er was a tweaker.

>> No.71151740

they are smarter than the goyim.

>> No.71151741

Huge emphasis on education, community orientation. Latter is kind of dying out, though, over 70% of non-Orthodox Jews in the US marry non-Jews nowadays.

>> No.71151745

wonderful example of someone with no critical thinking skills whatsoever. even contradicts himself in his exaggerative proclamations.

>> No.71151750

Hitler* autocorrect just really hates that guys’ name.

>> No.71151755

and an art school drop out who literally went to jail to do medium hard time for not paying his fines.

>> No.71151761

hitler loved to have fat women shit on him and was a pedophile rapist incest faggot who had one ball and ate sòybeans, haha what a degenerate!
he also was a vegan and animal rights activist, haha imagine

>> No.71151763

you fuckers and your mutilation without anesthesia meme actually scared me. i ended up doing a ton of research because i was worried babies were being circumcised brutally. it's all lies you fuckers tell just because you hate jews. i couldn't find anywhere that was performing circumcision on babies without anesthetic. shut the fuck up about this because it's not true. if you don't believe me call a hospital and talk to the doctors and notice how shocked they are at the thought of it.

>> No.71151764


>no goyim we dont mutilate kids

Time is coming jew.

>> No.71151768

higher average IQ helps

>> No.71151773

like most of /g/ then.
autism and adhd are a scourge

>> No.71151774

Ahaha that’s bullshit but I believe it.

>> No.71151775

>amputating healthy functional body parts isnt barbaric mutilation

I hope you kill yourself you retarded kike. Even the recent Denmark study shows it increases autism risk too.

Suffer a painful death you kid mutilation apologist freak. Fucking die slowly.

>> No.71151783

no it was full on meth. Funny thing he had a fetish for Jewish doctors.

>> No.71151813

stop lying. you're not convincing anyone you're just hurting yourself.

>> No.71151818

No I’m serious like every single doctor he had was Jewish.

>> No.71151820

nah probably more like 70%

>> No.71151824

>Chop dicks or die tryin.
Peculiar people

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Evidence and fact isnt on your side. The practice will die out and hopefully you absolutely scumbag awful "people" die with it.

No. 99 percent. Unless you can prove 30 percent dont mutilate kids and thinks its abhorrent. If they did think that they wouldn't be eager to call themselves jews either.

>> No.71151851

Brew yourself a pot of coffee and read Ron Unz's "Myth of American Meritocracy":


It's a long read but it's worth it. The tl;dr of it is that Jews as a group were massively discriminated against by WASPs in Ivy League admissions but when the barriers broke down in the mid-20th century, they gradually took control of those institutions and admissions are now massively biased in favour of Jews in the Ivy League. They stand to lose the most from making admissions purely based on academic merit, with Asians standing to gain the most, whence the ongoing Harvard affirmative action lawsuit.

>> No.71151860

I’m furious that i’m Circumcised. This is some Jewish plastic surgery pyramid scam.

>> No.71151873

They cut off the good part of my dick. What do bros.

>> No.71151874

Same here. Only reason I havent sudokud is the hope that stem cell medicine, whether it be foregen or something else, can make me normal in the coming decade or so. If it wasnt for that I may have necked myself

We need to start putting people to death for it. No excuse anymore with the internet and info out there. Anyone doing it is committing an act far worse than rape

>> No.71151883

Jews are fags

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Hope for medicine like this, donate, be an activist online or in person or both.

Raise awareness and end it. More people who recognize the issue means more effort into fixing it and stopping it

Thats an insult to even the most flaming faggot alive.

>> No.71151901

I’m just kidding. I know I can never be restored to the natural state. I can only laugh in this clown world now

>> No.71151941

Never say never. There is no reason why it couldn't work, its probably just a matter of time.

>> No.71151949

You know how I got these scars?
Proceeds to make up stories because we live in a society.

>> No.71151951

My life would be so much easier if I didn't have to hate jews.
But every time... every time... evey god damn time...

>> No.71151955

I’m not delusional anon.

>> No.71151978

White men a privileged you cracker ass cut dick.

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I'm not either, read the faq on their site and look at what has been accomplished already using similar methods. Its very possible in a decade or so that it will be available.

One of the only things I'm fucking holding out for in this shit world.

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Seething /pol/cucks, go back and stay there.

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Fuck you

>> No.71152036

i hate fags.

>> No.71152051

Jews cut christians dicks. Every single time they are born. Why is this?

>> No.71152058


Look who showed up when the facts of their "people" are put out for all to see. What a shock.

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File: 42 KB, 400x400, 0D3E072D-2C19-4BC4-9317-443BF155ECEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do jews do things to the Christians? Y0u cut my dick send all the hobos you got faggot.

>> No.71152097

This is meant for >>71152058
Look at this faggot. I got a gun.

>> No.71152234

Just because they chopped the tip of my dick off and splashed around in a bunch of water doesn’t make me Catholic. You got that fuckboi.

>> No.71152314

IDE tear your eyes out for funsies

>> No.71152620

>muh fronthole

>> No.71152622

Schizo kikes ruin another thread

>> No.71152640

>this wasn't a shit thread from the moment It was created

>> No.71152703

>Jews were the only people who got sent to concentration camps
Is this really what American education is like?

>> No.71152798

>anyone in this thread ever implied that
>the tweet implied that

>> No.71152832

>not wanting /pol/cucks shitting up your board with their fee fees means you're a tranny
don't pull a muscle stretching

>> No.71152930

Don't japs, gooks, and whites have higher IQ?

>> No.71152942

They do. The Ashkenazi high IQ thing is a myth. Look at Israeli IQ if you want a real idea of what Jewish IQ is. All the studies that purport their IQ being really high, as in Asian level, are absolutely bogus.

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File: 197 KB, 785x731, crying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seething /pol/cucks, go back and stay there.

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File: 157 KB, 665x800, 1514653620200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop bullying me! this is my safe space!

>> No.71153024

below yellows, above whites

>> No.71153058

Lololololol /pol/ is le onions boi now

>> No.71153073

Why aren't chinks the top 1%, then?

>> No.71153075

>average IQ on some boards are 3 sigma above mu
I've always wondered why Americans inflate their IQ scores?? It's supposed to be adjusted for the population mean of 100 with a population standard deviation of 15, and is generally normal distributed when the sample size is large enough. This graph would indicate a non-normal drop tail distribution.

But then again, it's just some random bar plot that someone just typed in values at random, isn't it?

>> No.71153079

>above whites

Try again kike. Again, look at Israel. They are not above whites.

To act like low IQ Arabs with more European mixture will somehow have higher IQ than pure Europeans is fucking stupid

>> No.71153088

they are literally blocked from uni because they are too successful

>> No.71153099

Imagine reaching this fucking far to justify your obnoxious shitposting

This is the technology board, nobody gives a fuck


>> No.71153108

Not him but Ashkenazi jews != all of israel.

>> No.71153154

True. Israel is a little over half mizrahi and sephardi jews, with decent sized pockets of black jews and slavic half-jews, and of-course arabs. All of them bring the average IQ way down.

>> No.71153163

fuck off from 4chan reddit

>> No.71153170

There are MANY there. Ever wonder why they dont separate IQ there to ruin the myth of Ashkenazi high IQ?

Again, it is absolutely stupid to think a lower IQ race with mixed European ancestry means higher ancestry than someone who is more European, that is fucking stupid.

>> No.71153198

Ashkenazi jews only account for roughly 49 percent of israel's population. Again, why do you think you have any clue what you're talking about?

>> No.71153210

Fuck off from 4chins tumblr faggot

>> No.71153225

>ver wonder why they dont separate IQ there to ruin the myth of Ashkenazi high IQ?
They do though.


>> No.71153234

Ashkenazis are European, you retard. They didn't move to Israel until the previous century.

>> No.71153244

Why dont you have a clue what youre talking about dumbass? 49 percent is a lot even if that is correct, and as I said there is no case where mixing a lower IQ race and a higher one results in an average IQ HIGHER than the highest IQ mixed race. That is fucking asinine.

Read above. I dont care for bogus studies on this. Its absolutely nonsensical lunacy and directly antithetical to basic common knowledge on IQ and heritability.

>> No.71153247

Well, europeans mutts with a good amount of Mediterranean and semitic admixture.

>> No.71153254

They are ethnically Jewish "retard" there are visible differences from ashkenazi and actual European whites. They look like god damn rats for a reason.

>> No.71153259

>Read above. I dont care for bogus studies on this
If you're going blindly to dismiss all evidence I present because it doesn't fit your narrative, and favour your own """"""common knowledge""""", then you're a disingenuous cunt and you should fuck off back to >>>/pol/.
This board is for grown ups.

>> No.71153263

I'm an orthodox Jew, and I can confirm that orthodox bris milot are performed without anaesthesia. But the baby doesn't care lmao he's a fucking baby
When I was eight days old I had my foreskin cut off, and it's pretty funny how that upsets some closet tranny in Mississippi. I'm fine with it, everyone I know with a bris is fine with it, the only ones who are salty about it are the cucks here. And besides, it's a small price to pay for having a part in an international conspiracy, no? All your shekels and medias are have belong to us, goyim
עם ישראל חי

>> No.71153267

actually there is, take a look at jews for example

>> No.71153284

You have been repeatedly touting israel as an example of Ashkenazi intelligence being a myth. When it is pointed out to you that ashkenazi jews only constitute half or a little less of the israeli population, you backtrack and start mumbling about so-called common sense. That is the type of debating Hitler despised the jews for. You're wrong and stupid. Be a man and own up to it, or continue being a worthless braindead faggot. The choice is yours.

>> No.71153292

No, Europeans that converted to judaism. You think 1500 year long history in Europe had little impact on their genetics? That's fucking retarded. They're basically polacks, the only difference between them and other polacks is a belief in a dead kike on sticks.

There are visible differences between slavs and germans too, but they are both European groups.

>> No.71153306

>I'm an orthodox Jew
You wouldn't be on the Internet then.

>But the baby doesn't care lmao he's a fucking baby
Jewish compassion everyone.

>I'm fine with it, everyone I know with a bris is fine with it,

>> No.71153309

You are a moron for believing this shit, especially the fact that there are moron out pretending to be smart and smart pretending to be an idiot and idiot pretending to be a moron.

>> No.71153310

If you ignore all historical context then that's a perfectly valid wrong belief.

>> No.71153322


Cherry picked "tests" on Jewish IQ to promote their fucking myth that flies in the face of basic logic isn't evidence.

I bet you believe the APA is unbiased too when theyre the only ones ruling about circumcision not damaging sexual function and just so happen to have many jews in their ranks. Total coincidence.


Because looking at overall IQ and not cherry picked tests tells a different story.

>> No.71153328

>orthodox jews don't use computers

Even the dalai fucking lama browses 4chan you mongrel cunt.

>> No.71153337

Highlight the genetical difference between poles and Ashkenazi jews then. Because all ethnicity studies show that they are so to say the same, although Ashkenazi has a slightly higher occurrence of near-sightedness and a couple of other "traits" because their group is relatively confined in terms of inter-breeding.

>> No.71153350

maybe circumcision is what is giving them a higher IQ

>> No.71153355

How can we discuss IQ if you're going to dismiss IQ tests as a Jewish trick?

False analogy, Dalai Llama is not an orthodox jew. Hasidic jews are discouraged to interact with outsiders to such an extent that hasidic jews living in London for example barely know how to speak English, despite their families having lived there for centuries.

>> No.71153359

Please continue your ESL classes

>ethnicity studies
Please reconsider getting a liberal arts degree

>> No.71153360

>You wouldn't be on the internet then
Stormfags once again show they have no damn idea what they're talking about and hate what they don't understand.
>Every other part of your post
Stay mad onions goy

>> No.71153366


>> No.71153371

Orthodox Jews are not necessarily chossidic. You, however, are necessarily retarded. Whatsmore, plenty of hassidic Jews I know use the internet. You're thinking of charedi Jews, and even then there are a lot of different people out there man

>> No.71153374

Ashkenazi jews are more likely to be purer Europeans than cucked Euros that accepted immigration and interbreeding.


>> No.71153386

Hasidic Jews are a small subset of Orthodox Judaism. Most orthodox jews are in-fact not Hasidic. Most orthodox jews use computers and cell phones and so on and so on. On-top of this, many hasidic jews (including one major sect, Chabad) actually embrace modern technology as well. So again, you have no understanding of the world around you, and need to read and study a whole lot more before you start touting your misinformed opinions as incontrovertible facts.

>> No.71153387

I think you are retarded if you think >>71153360 is an actual orthodox jew and not someone larping on 4chan.

>> No.71153401

Make up your god damned mind.

>> No.71153405

No because then america would be above Europe

I'm saying Jewish IQ tests are a trick, do you also blindly trust IQ tests coming out of China? What about north Korea? You have to also take into account what you know about general groups and heritability.

>> No.71153406

Holy fuck lol. It means English as a Second Language you fucking shitskin. Anyone who speaks English as their first language knows this, unless they're completely retarded and living in a bunker.

>> No.71153409

like clockwork, except the clocks tell you about jewish conspiracies

>> No.71153411
File: 7 KB, 200x240, 10338691_1385748315048315_7973501384417161085_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Head on up to your mom's kitchen, grab the sharpest knife you can and slit your wrists. Trust me when I say it is truly is for the betterment of mankind.

>> No.71153421

Based grannypede. Would rater spend time with her than a faggot tranny any day.

>> No.71153422

no, because goblin

>> No.71153425

>I'm saying Jewish IQ tests are a trick, do you also blindly trust IQ tests coming out of China?
The studies have been conducted in the US as well, retard. Either read the god damned article or fuck off back to /pol/

>> No.71153439

That pic gives me uncanny valley as a motherfucker. How does her collar area move opposite her head and neck?

>> No.71153443

or do you not even know the most basic undermining of the white man's supremacy by the jew rats

>> No.71153447

>being a mutt or britbong is preferable

>> No.71153456
File: 35 KB, 480x481, eqbc0flpv4e01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two separate posters, both expressing essentially the same point. It's only your fault that you can't into reading comprehension.

>IQ tests are a trick
Alright Tyrone. You must go back.

>> No.71153460

No shit.
Not even close, summerchild. Hitler loved actual methamphetamine. Half the old videos of him he is damn near shaking he is so spun out.

>> No.71153464


>> No.71153467

Youre dumb you can find plenty of info on how mixture of white Americans is actually pretty low. This is a dumb meme.


Wow idiot not sure what kind of point you were trying to make here but you failed epically. The us is also where the APA is who did the bogus circ studies mentioned earlier.

>> No.71153482

Go back to the_donald you illiterate philo semitic dumb fuck

>> No.71153483

>both expressing essentially the same point
Except they expressed contradictory posts, one saying that only hasidic jews (one of the two biggest orthodox jewish sects) avoid internet, and the other saying that the other of the two major orthodox jewish sects avoid it. Maybe you should try to read yourself, faggot?

>> No.71153487
File: 870 KB, 4608x3456, lmaog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But that other guy said exactly the same thing as me wtf

>> No.71153489

dios mio, what round table of jews spoon fed you that nonsense? wake up, little lamb

>> No.71153498

>But that other guy said exactly the same thing as me wtf
See >>71153483
You literally said opposite things, one saying that "no only group B avoids it, not group A" and the other one saying "yeah? But that's only group A, you should really look at group B and C instead"

>> No.71153505
File: 95 KB, 625x833, DQrEO54XUAAKcH8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating mouth breathing idiots means you're a philo-semite

You're full on potato status at this point Jamal.

>> No.71153514

Proof that jews can't use technology, that pic is so out of focus I can barely see the date.

>ArtScroll Series (R)
>the international edition
kek, larping intensifies I guess

>> No.71153520

>blah blah blah my nana was a jew blah blah :praise:
>t. literally left my own kids and wife to become a tranny and rant on the intertubes about shit that don't matter
mentally ill folk should not be allowed to own a device with access to the internet.

>> No.71153530

go easy, his foreskin is draining his IQ as we speak

>> No.71153547

Neither of us said that, reread. I said that orthodox Jews aren't necessarily chossidic Jews, that chassidic Jews often still use the internet, and that the term you're looking for is chareidi because those are the ultra-orthodox that can be seen in the funky outfits, and even some charedi still use the internet.

>> No.71153548


>> No.71153557

No you dumb child. We were both pointing out that it's sheer stupidity to think that most orthodox jews avoid technology. We were explaining that many orthodox jews use technology. There's nothing contradictory in either post, nor do they contradict each other. Your brain just can't process more than one or two adjectives at a time because you're a confirmed shitskin with poor English skills and a severe lack of reading comprehension.

>> No.71153562

Child mutilation isn't funny. I dont have a foreskin either thanks to kike doctors and gullible stupid christfag parents.

Youre a fucking mouth breather. Go suck some more jew dick you trump miga praising brainlet.

>> No.71153566

That pic is out of focus because it doesn't matter
Idk where you got "international" edition from, that's the interlinear edition. Would you like me to provide you with more pictures of my beautiful sefarim :^)

>> No.71153569

Whatever dude, you're clearly making shit up as you go. I don't even care anymore. You're retarded if you think the other anon is an actual orthodox jew.

>> No.71153571

Judaism is a highly learned religion that encourages literacy and which permits money-lending, which are obvious advantages when a society/village/community starts growing and needs administrators/lenders/merchants. Historic (dis)advantages contribute to present day (in)equalities.

>> No.71153576


>> No.71153582

They're not sending their best my friend. Fukn lel.

>> No.71153586

I AM that other Anon, homie. I even provided my siddur with a screen cap. You're just taking the classic retarded stance of refusing to believe anything because it doesn't fit your narrative

>> No.71153587

it's probably just because they're God's chosen people tbqhwufamalam

>> No.71153613

Shaquonda, it's time to go pick up that welfare check. Please put the money toward more tutoring sessions and classes. You gotta get a better grasp of how civilized humans speak if you're gonna get ahead. You can't just sit around larping all day.

>> No.71153645

thankfully we have big brained Jewish shadowmasters to provide him with such an opportunity

>> No.71153664

Now we're finally getting somewhere! This is meta.

>> No.71153696

Fag, go dilate

>> No.71153803

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Social Justice. But it's the warriors who get far too zealous and start seeing enemies and perceived wrongs wherever they look, and ironically, don't look inward enough.

>> No.71153860
File: 1.26 MB, 1800x2400, IMG_20190528_0256580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now a sefarim thread
Books that make /pol/acks seethe

>> No.71153881
File: 841 KB, 1800x2400, IMG_20190528_0258190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some faves. Aggadah is neat to read, as is ANE literature, especially when it's related to the OT.

>> No.71153897
File: 676 KB, 1800x2400, IMG_20190528_0257293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is another handy text to have around. Strangely I've actually used it to brush up on my leyning. It doubles as a tikkun (obviously not the samaritan side of it).

>> No.71153925
File: 898 KB, 1500x2000, IMG_20190528_0258344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the only sefer I bring with me when I travel. Conservative Jews write fantastic, insightful and historically rich commentary, and I have sefaria on my phone for anything else I need.

>> No.71153968

This was my first tikkun. I've had it for 21 years. Oy is it banged up under the cover.

>> No.71153971
File: 3.36 MB, 1920x1080, 1541994432104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything in this world more vile and pathetic than an antisemite?

>> No.71153984
File: 1.27 MB, 1600x2133, IMG_20190528_0312177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic

>> No.71153997

>literally says its required to mutilate 8 day old boys
>proud of owning it

Hope you die someday soon kike

A jew

>> No.71154013

This dude must have gotten his dick WRECKED


>> No.71154050

Your dick is rekt too you retarded jew. There is nothing funny or good about mutilating kids. I really hope you get what you deserve.

>> No.71154070
File: 3.70 MB, 4896x3672, IMG_20190528_0322245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jews dominate the alt-right too BTW. Here's a picture of one of my favorite Jared Taylor works right next to Pirkei Avot. /pol/ack, you are safe nowhere. We control /pol/. Cry some more about your broken dick you pathetic loser.

>> No.71154094

Mine works great, but I'm not going to post it and get my two roommates banned along with me again. It looks awesome too, and the only chicks I've been with who were weirded out by circumcision were blacks and some asians. A few russians actually too. They all hopped on for a ride in the end anyway. Get bent fag.

>> No.71154098

Your dick is broken too. Hopefully your neck is soon too you disgusting faggot. You people are truly fucking evil.

>> No.71154111


No such thing as a "fine" mutilated dick. Anyone who would do this to kids and perpetuate it should suffer a horrible death. That means basically all of you filthy kikes.

>> No.71154118

Sad incel loser mutt larping as a white boi :( I feel terrible for you. Have some vibes.

>> No.71154197

Fun circumcision fact: Circumcision has been popular throughout the middle east and africa since ancient Egypt. There are numerous reliefs that have been found throughout Egypt and the Levant which depict the act of circumcision. Sometimes it was done as a way of converting a foreigner to the local culture. Other times it was done just because the upper echelons of society thought it looked cool and was cleaner. Other times it was to cement a religious oath. Some historians believe it is also linked to indentured servitude. Either way, it's been around a long long time, millions of Jews, Muslims (it's obligatory in their religion too) and Christians still do it today, and whether it's awful or great, no one should feel ashamed for having one. Don't let the schizo /pol/ack in here tell you otherwise.

>> No.71154256

Not in the disgusting jew style you fucking retarded lying cunt. Go watch Eric Cloppers video, hes apart of your sick tribe you should feel right at home

Modern day circumcision is entirely propagated because of jews, muslims even got it from them.

Abrahamic religion is a god damn disease and I hope it all dies out.

>> No.71154311

t. /jp/

>> No.71154320

The jews got it from the egyptians and several other cultures. It's a long-standing tradition amongst a number of different ethno-religious cultures, and you can cry about it all you want, but most people didn't get a botched one so they're not all fucked up about it like you are. Take it easy fren. You're never gonna get that extra inch back, even though you clearly need it. Make the best of it, instead of shitting up 4chan with your dick tears.

>> No.71154327

Read Culture of Critique

>> No.71154329


>> No.71154338

You idiot. Modern day practiced circumcision isnt like historical circumcision now go watch the video I referenced or shut your stupid fucking kike mouth you subhuman animal.

>> No.71154342


>> No.71154343


>> No.71154354


>> No.71154356

אלוהים לקלל את זה פתיל וכל השאר מי לכתוב

>> No.71154361


>> No.71154367


>> No.71154378


>> No.71154382


>> No.71154385


>> No.71154389

I've been studying the history of near eastern and semitic cultures for over half my life. I have published once on Jewish history, and once on comparative near eastern mythology. I don't need your /x/ tier youtube videos you subliterate garbage heap of a "person". Nor do I care to hear the pathetic cries of yet another angry mini-dick who couldn't get over a clipping. Stroke your mutilated micropenis while you cry and shitpost, or just go back. It's not that I think circumcision is great, I simply could not care less about whether it sticks around or not. Keep getting bent out of shape.

>> No.71154395


>> No.71154402

Well apparently you need to study harder because you dont know anything about the reformed new version of circumcision that is practiced now.

Go watch the video and then kill yourself for being a dumb fuck. Clopper knows more on this topic than you do by a mile.

Last reply you get from me you fucking ignorant dumb fuck. Literally sticking your fingers in your ears.

>> No.71154418


>> No.71154422
File: 144 KB, 834x960, 1557037164256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is /pol/ so full of impotent rage incels

>> No.71154431


>> No.71154434


>> No.71154441


>> No.71154452


>> No.71154457

Still having trouble with the reading comprehension I see. As I've already mentioned, I could not care less about how circumcision affected you. It has left no negative mark on my life, nor on any of the people I know. It is of no consequence to me in any way, shape or form how it may differ today from the way it was practiced in ancient cultures. But you don't have to be fucking Einstein to know that it's obviously a different procedure than it was 4, 3, 2 or 1,000 years ago. I never once implied otherwise. Congratulations for needing to watch hours of video to figure out something everyone else could in one second of independent thought. Kill yourself, you useless micropenis'd trash person.

>> No.71154462


>> No.71154490
File: 121 KB, 960x640, cis-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71154491


>> No.71154497

>it doesnt effect me even though objective fact shows that thats literally impossible
>I dont care about facts but pretend to be an intellectual

Put a trip on so you can get filtered. Not even worth a (You). Literally missing the most sensitive parts of your dick and dont know what its like to be normal and actually being stupid enough to say it doesnt effect you. This really is the last response you'll get and only because I'm not (You)ing you.

>> No.71154501


>> No.71154512


>> No.71154524


>> No.71154526

Because it's her body moving the other way. Fuckin heck lad it's not that hard to figure out is it. It's also not a 'pic' is it? Because it's animated.

>> No.71154538


>> No.71154545

Oh my God bro. I don't know what I would do without that (you). Holy shit. This half-a-dick faggot just ruined my life. I'll never badmouth someone who had a botched circumcision again. I can't believe this is the last response I'll get.

>> No.71154551


>> No.71154560

Not sure, but one thing I know... Is that they respect question marks.

>> No.71154565


>> No.71154570

Look how many angry /pol/tards this post brought out. They're like cockroaches.

>> No.71154575


>> No.71154580


>> No.71154590


>> No.71154601


>> No.71154619


>> No.71154625

better to be called a nazi than to be a weak fuck like you that promotes destruction of your own kind

>> No.71154632


>> No.71154638


>> No.71154643


>> No.71154645

I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen

>> No.71154656


>> No.71154668


>> No.71154689


>> No.71154694 [DELETED] 


>> No.71154701


>> No.71154714


>> No.71154722


>> No.71154733


>> No.71154746


>> No.71154754


>> No.71154768


>> No.71154780


>> No.71154788


>> No.71154799


>> No.71154815


>> No.71154826


>> No.71154836

You do realize the population of each board varies wildly, no? /tv/ and /pol/ have all the userbase of the rest combined. A normal distribution would not apply if it's comparing boards instead of population.


>> No.71154838


>> No.71154846


>> No.71154859


>> No.71154869


>> No.71154881


>> No.71154895


>> No.71154905


>> No.71154919


>> No.71154927


>> No.71154933

This would be a fun actual study if it was truthful. 4chan isn't organized enough for reliable data like this though, so it's all made for the sake of biased shitposting.

>> No.71154943
File: 879 KB, 245x400, 1559085479165.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71154944

If we had ids and flags like /pol/ we'd be able to see that guy samefag bumping

>> No.71154952

It works, look how many triggered (You)s it got from /pol/ retards.

>> No.71154962

Why don't you stay there if you like them so much

>> No.71154976

>/pol/tard amerimutts not realizing most Christians in other countries don't circumsize, even in countries with large jewish populations
>/pol/tard amerimutts think it's all part of some jewish trick and not fucked up ideas 19 century about hygiene promoted by Kellogg (the guy from the cereals) among others
>said /pol/tards have tiny dicks with botched circumsitions and a lot of virgin rage as a result
At last I truly see.

>> No.71154985
File: 1.31 MB, 1280x1280, reel_austrayans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71154989

Nah. Discussion is mostly the same just with intermittent reeeeeing from /leftypol/

>> No.71155005

The hygiene was how it was promoted, but the religious reasons are very much prevalent.

>Kellogg (the guy from the cereals)
It was actually his brother who promoted it (although both did it), and it while it was touted as more hygienic, it was primarily touted as a way to stop young boys from masturbating. I'm not even making that up.

>> No.71155025

The Kelloggs were 7th Day Adventists though. Seems an entirely American thing seeing how other Christians don't do it.

>> No.71155028
File: 32 KB, 347x499, tedpill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leftypol is like 5 people, and this whole thread is just chock full of standard /pol/ faggetz reeing their asses off.

>> No.71155029

It literally is promoted by jews you uneducated fucking retard. The modern justifications have nothing to do with Kellogg and everything to do with Jewish control of organizations like the APA. Watch sex and circumcision an american love story and shut your stupid fucking mouth.

>> No.71155043

For sure.

It's equally promoted by muslims.

>> No.71155049

Yeah nah

>> No.71155053

>Please ignore actual relevant history and focus on this one thing that fits my narrative because I'm too retarded to incorporate new information into my world view


>> No.71155065

Ya huh

>> No.71155073

/g/ is /pol/

>> No.71155080

You dumb motherfuckers will continue to be a waste of space with your 4chins identity politics until the day you die screaming "TRANNYS!!!! TRAAAANNYSSS!!" as they lower you into your grave and the few people sorry enough to show up will wonder why your undiagnosed Aspergers wasn't taken care of sooner

>> No.71155093

Go dilate

>> No.71155096

This. I want literal underage children to leave.
I could quote all of these retards but I think this is the best example of /pol/ retsrdation. It would be funny if it was less pathetic but right now it just makes me sad.

>> No.71155100

No. It is not. /g/ is /g/. Our tribe is protected by the holy Stallman/Davis/Babu trinity.

>> No.71155104

There aren't as many Muslims here and they dont have control like jews do. It is inexcusable no matter who does it but jews pushing it is far more than muslims.

>> No.71155105

Based as fuck

>> No.71155122

Holy fuck why are there so many fucking dishonest jews and leftards spamming this thread

>> No.71155123

Similar except it was my uncle and he had me perform a procedure to take off a bulls dick pretty painlessly. And then we made a walking stick with it.

>> No.71155132

>There aren't as many Muslims here
You've clearly never been in Europe. The UK circimsizes too.

>> No.71155144
File: 15 KB, 867x201, pol on g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck, /pol/ needs to be a containment board

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