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>no clocks specified

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this it boys
we witnessing the end of intel consumer cpus

buy your amd stocks now

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>The next-gen entry level part is faster than the top-end last-gen part
Incels BTFO!

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>ENTRY LEVEL 3300 faster than 2700x
It's over, Intel is finished.

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I don't want to upgrade my r5 1600 yet

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>still using 6700k but not enough money to do a full system upgrade
Life is suffering

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Damn that's some overkill

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Bought last month r5 2600

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>tfw I will finally have a reason to upgrade from my 2500k
It's been so long.

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It's literally shit.

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How's the 6700k? I know its an amazing CPU worthy of its number, unlike 7th, 8th, 9th bullshit.
Is the 6900k 20% better?

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>mfw I updated my B450 motherboard bios last week to support "Upcoming AMD Ryzen CPUs"
Feels good to be an AMDChad.
Only have to change my cpu.

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>Still coasting the ol' 4790k

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Even entry level zen2 engineering sample was faster than an i9

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3300 is entry level my shitel friend. Midrange crushes 9900k.

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Stop running an insecure system anon, you need to disable that Hyper treading.

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Hope you guys didn't wait on this for gaming

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I never hear about the 5th generation. Did they skip it?

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Take in count the R3 3300 will cost 99US$, a fifth of the 9900K

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Virgin $579 vs Chad $99

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Slapping more cores isn't going to improve your frame rate over 12 threads, You can keep it.

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Why didnt you JUST WAIT

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So amd next-gen 6c12t is still slower than LAST gen intel 6c12t?

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It specifically says 3.2-3.99

Which shouldn't score that high on that benchmark

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Holy fuck, I can't wait until I can slap in a 3950x or whatever 180w TR4 part they come out with

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No it was midrange, r5 3600 most likely

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No. It's just that they released only two Broadwell desktop chips around the same time as Skylake. There are a lot of mobile Broadwell chips though.

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At a third of the price, yes.

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Yeah let's just ignore the fact that this 3300 entry level cpu is gonna be cheap and performing this good.

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Actually considering building an amd rig after all this intel bullshit.

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>intel shills are getting so desperate that they're comparing entry level chips to high-end intel offerings at over triple the price
The cope levels are reaching critical mass.

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This is the cpu I've been waiting for

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That's 90% of /g/ not everyone renders weifu's all day

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The APU specs still seem wrong. More likely those are the following gen's APUs due to binning requiring them to use 12nm this time around.

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>mfw all those leaked benchmarks are probably using DDR4 with shitty JEDEC standard timings
>mfw I have a pair of 3466mhz 14 15 15 15 35 modules
Incels are gonna get btfo hard.

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Here come the cliche drone bot's

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Gib milkies

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>Here come the cliche drone bot's

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>My 375 dollar CPU is 3% faster than this entry level CPU that costs 100 dollars

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That's intards for you.

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>max frequency 4.7GHz vs 4GHz

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jewtel jizz tim pozzed 14nm+++++++++++++ housefire ring -3 rootkit delidded lapped chiller AIDS speed holes israel botnet

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>I9-9900K and 9990X
How the fuck do you run that thing without burning the socket? I know shit stops working at 100c. I remember back when the QX9650 and QX9770X and QX9880 were the only housefires in town and those shits only took 150 watts when overclocked, meanwhile the current gen trash eats up 380 watts despite being on a better lirography and more "modern".

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wait... 6-core ryzen 3, does that mean we will see quad-core Athlons? Holy shit, Intel is kill.

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It's under volted to 1.32v it doesn't get hotter than 83c

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>6c Ryzen 3
>8c Ryzen 5
>12c Ryzen 7
>16c Ryzen 9
hnnnng now gimme clockspeeds at 5Ghz

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>single core performance barely increased
well, looks like I'll be buying Intel again, since single core is the only thing that matters in real world usage.

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The entry level 3300 is just 4 Ghz not 4.7 ghz. IPC wise, they're same now. Now if 3600X can reach 4.7Ghz, it will be same as 9900K. That's the big deal here.

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>i'm poor

nice argument

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That's a 50w TDP Chip beating a higher clocked 105w TDP chip in single core.

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OK? But what if I don't care about TDP and I just want the best possible single core performance?

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Just buy the 105W version, monkey. probably 4.8-5ghz

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Also likely has half the cache as the 2700X.

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Also it directly contradicts what is already proven, and that if the 3200g and 3400g being slightly higher clocked 2200g/2400g in 12nm.

Wccftech is so fucking shit, 90% of their leaks are fake.

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>frame rate

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ok but what if i do not care about 5ghz but i underclock it to 1ghz and i need the best 1ghz performance?

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Then you're jumping the gun on shitting on it. Wait for the high end chips. Or go ahead and buy your house fires.

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>Imagine the 1000w draw and 200c space heater.

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Don't worry anon, as a fellow 6700k owner even with HT turned off it's still a workhorse cpu.

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Several other facets of the leaked lineup are also questionable. The pricing model outlined in the leak would bring twice the number of cores to market within similar price ranges of the current AMD chips, which is highly unlikely given what we said above about the higher cost of 7nm production. AMD did turn the industry on its ear with its revolutionary pricing model with the first-gen Ryzen processors, but that release represented an entire reset of the company’s lineup.

Now the company is bringing an iterative update to market, meaning that such radical changes to its product stack would impact its existing lineup. Bringing 3000-series processors to market at these prices would cannibalize the company’s existing lineup, meaning it would have to purge its entire supply chain to avoid having unsellable excess inventory. That isn’t likely.

AMD also recently stated during its 50th Anniversary luncheon that its 7nm products all carry a 50%, or higher, margin. That makes the promise of extreme price drops even more questionable.
We don’t think this leak is accurate, especially given the nature of the disclosure and the pricing model.

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Just add roughly 50 more burgers to the price list

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If you want to overclock an AMD processor, you need to replace the entire cooling unit. Thus it actually, in the end, costs more than the Intel rig as is. ...and Intel upgrades its chipsets more often an so it has better compatibility with newer graphics systems and such and somehow this greater compatibility and computing power is a loss?

You are treating Intel like Hillary Clinton was treated in the last election... Intel's processor and stock cooling unit has faster game speeds and better chipsets... Yet somehow Ryzen wins because it is 30 bucks cheaper? Tripe...

Intel's bios upgrades are more frequent also, this means more reliability if you own a business; how much is that peace of mind worth?

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>all clock speed are equal in terms of performance

Jesus christ fucking kill me this board is dumb as a brick in heat

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>like hillary was treated

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I know this is bait but here's your (You)

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top kek, is this a new pasta?

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>If you want to overclock an AMD processor, you need to replace the entire cooling unit.
Current Intel CPUs are literally reaching 100 degrees delicious with water cooling.

>> No.71112966

*degrees celsius
Yes I'm phone posting.

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Good bait pasta desu

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I thought only 2000s AMD was this retarded. Did Intel and AMD switch creative visions?

2000s AMD and ATI - runs naturally hotter and consumes more watts and still fails at delivering stability and performance. 50% of them die off while the other half magically live to this day. Also obsessed with cores.
2000s Intel and Nvidia fewer cores, runs far cooler, doesn't eat as much watts, somehow good performance, 90% of its CPUs and GPUs are still functional.

2016s it's opposites decade.

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It's real. From the comments section of the Ryzen Vs Intel article on Tom's Hardware

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Link to article?

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Finally something worth to replace 2500K if true

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Here you go my friend


The comments section is a cesspit

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Toppest of keks, gonna need some popcorn

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Holy shit, that's impressive, but 2700X owners are going to be mad since they won't be able to sell it anymore.

Imagine first gen ryzen prices.

>> No.71113130

This is Matisse, you sperg.

>> No.71113144

thanks, Intelbro

>> No.71113150

Cant beleive you actually got memed into that shit

>> No.71113158

Very based to upgrade your cpu every gen lol lol based underdog supporter

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Exactly. $99 for this CPU is great. Dat value tho

>> No.71113418

Anyone remember the 28-core at 5GHz intel CPU?

Was that a huge success? How many units did they sell?

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>worst CPU in the lineup compared to the best CPU
>intel barely wins
lmao they're so fucking shit it's unreal, you're right.

>> No.71113462

Have they confirmed prices for zen 2? What about their new gpu range? Fuck intel and fuck nvidia, fucking greedy bastards.

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3.2 base, 4 boost

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Ryzen 2 is going to lead to levels of intelaviv shilling that shouldn't even be possible

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>Entry level 99$ scrub at lower clocks is faster than my 5820k @ 4.2Ghz

Finally the eternal wait™ is coming to an end.
It's time to move aside for the new generation my old friend.

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oy vey

>> No.71113498

I think it never released anon.

>> No.71113508

Why do people buy AMD? Not even a shill but I hear people nonstop complain about crashes, BSODs, stuttering, inability to update, freezing. Anytime you bring them up /pol/ just calls you moshe

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2700x shill here, fuck you intel jews and get fucked, hope you all hang yourselves. hahaah faggots haha

>> No.71113515

>overclocked highest end intel consumer cpu with a overlock that costs $500 (cooler not included)
>a fucking $99 bottom of the barrel zen 2 with low clocks

>> No.71113523

They were early adopters before the software ecosystem had a chance to catch up. Now that it's caught up those problems are long gone.

>> No.71113530

Tbh I've never had an AMD part. I'm just so fucking sick of intel and nvidias jewing that I will take the risk.

If the 3700x is priced slightly above the 2700x I will be upgrading my entire rig to be all AMD.

Swapping out my old 4670k for the 3700x and my old 760 for whatever the 1080 tier card they offer - assuming it isn't over priced.

>> No.71113536

w-would I be safeu on a 1600

>> No.71113541

Thanks for cutting off your boost clocks. It really adds to that je ne sais quoi... Shit? To your whole opinion.

>> No.71113548

>barely better
>clocked almost a ghz higher
intelfags on suicide watch in 24 hours

>> No.71113553

Yes. You're safe on any ryzen cpu now.

>> No.71113558

25 hours to go before everything Ryzen 3000 ought to be revealed. Navi is probably going to have to wait for E3.

>> No.71113570

Delete this thread hater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joceU1k8CZY

>> No.71113575

Will it let me get lower than 500ns average interrupt to DPC latency like my Intel friends getting 250ns?

>> No.71113576

you got fucked as well. Good luck trying to sell your shitty 2700X that gets destroyed by a fucking Ryzen 3 3300X

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>6 cores gotta be a ryzen fi-
>Ryzen motherfucking 3
Someone fucking explain me this shit

>> No.71113623

Yeah, the sample was running shit 2660mhz ram.


Here's a comparison between the sample and a r5 2600 clocked to 4ghz and the same ram speed as the Zen 2 sample (2660mhz). The sample beats the 2600 easily.

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If anyone thinks these are going to be cheaper than their equivalent last-gen model they are insane.

6 cores for $230 just like the last 6-core was $230 just like the last 6-core was $230.

>> No.71113648

This is like asking if my car will go fast if I use 91 octane.

Too many variables left out.

>> No.71113650


They just decided it was time for even the poorest of users to move to the glorious 6 core standard.
Also they're fucking Intel over in every way imaginable in doing this. Imagine if they match or surpass Intel's single core performance.
There's going to be zero reason to buy Intel from this point on if the pricing on these is right.

>> No.71113658

>m-my i9 crushes that e-entry level CPU

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Will you EVER learn?

>> No.71113683

>double the cores
>double the threads
>double the AGU/ALUs for each of those threads
>4x wider the FPU
>capable of 4.6Ghz
>4x faster memory interface
Did you really not know why?

>I remember back when the QX9650
I remember back when I ran a Q6700 at 3.6Ghz to mine dogecoin with my 1GB 7770 and forgot to turn the system fans on while I went camping for a weekend.
The CPU hovered between 99 and 102C and the GPU was stuck solid at 98C for 3 whole days and everything was peachy.

I made a cool $2200 from that because, even with my shitastic hardware, I started mining early enough.

>> No.71113692


>> No.71113695

When 2950x came out it was 899$, where as the 1950x was 999$ at launch.
It's entirely possible that they will end up selling the new ones for cheaper than the last gen.

>> No.71113718

this is it intel is done only thing left is the pricing will seal the deal

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>the ps5 is gonna be riding, at the bare minimum, on one of these things
The dead of (intel) pc gaming

>> No.71113727

This is the best bait ITT. Have (You) for effort.

>> No.71113728

I'm still on Core 2 Quad, and even though I have the money to upgrade, I'd feel pretty dumb getting a 9900k now if Zen2 is what it's hyped up to be.

>> No.71113757

Please Mommy Su. I'm begging you. Stop teasing me. GIVE ME RELEASE MOMMY. 12c/16c benches FUCKING WHEN? It's like I've been edging for literal months and I'm soon going to be given the opportunity to erupt like a fucking geyser

>> No.71113772

Nobody cares. They're still going to be garbage compared to Intel CPUs for gaming, and that's all that matters on the desktop. Cope harder, AMD shills.

>> No.71113793

tick tock goy.
23 hours until intel is dead.

>> No.71113805

The Zen+ lineup was cheaper because it was using the exact same fabrication chain (I mean the interposer and packaging), "12nm" is a costless design library improvement (similar to the HDL "shrink" they used for their Kaveri APUs), and since Epyc was yet to be adopted in relevant scale AMD had to do something with all those dies.

Really, it was a great marketing move, to give Intel a huge finger and say "Here's thirty-two-fucking-cores for the same price as your 14", while also clearing out otherwise unsold/unsellable chips because everyone just bought a 1600/1700/1800, I'm waiting for 7nm, fuck off!

7nm is not going to be a threepeat of more for less, I know that's been the mantra everywhere.
7nm is brand spanking new, AMD hasn't recouped design costs via their GPU side a'la the Polaris > Zen > Zen+ progression, and they're now using a more complicated packaging design with the Master I/O die system.

Again, $230 for a high quality 6-core just like the last was $230, and the one before that was $230, and the...

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File: 277 KB, 1180x896, a literal cooler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intel's stock cooling
you mean this one?

>> No.71113831

>kaveri is HDL
I meant to say Carrizo - haven't payed mind to APUs in a long time now.

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File: 73 KB, 700x565, 1558545774096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unless I'm miscalculating, that means a 12.5% IPC gain. If the same IPC gain can be expected in gaming (which is reasonable since we're comparing single thread performance), then the 5Ghz 12 core chip will match/beat the 9900k in gaming performance. I did some calculations a while ago and came to the conclusion that at 5ghz 13% IPC gain was necessary to match the 9900k in games.


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Never forget!

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>> No.71113852

so how much is /g/ willing to pay for their chip of choice? I'd pay a max of $800 for the 16c32t if it exists. $600 for the 12c24t otherwise. I've got a fat pocket of cash I've been sitting on saved for a rainy day and this is it. Gonna throw like $1000 away for chip and board. Already purchased a 2x16GB kit of Samsung B-die CL14 3200MHz RAM a month or so ago.

>> No.71113864


>> No.71113868

A 16 core chip is reasonably priced at $500 like the 1800X was when new if AMD feels like it.

>> No.71113874

This poster is a data collector for AMD's marketing department.
Tell him 16 cores for $1 or your mother will die in her sleep tonight.

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File: 2.97 MB, 720x404, 1549512693449.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71113893

>console makers acknowledge the superiority of ayymd
>scientists acknowledge the superiority of ayymd
>big corporations acknowledge the superiority of ayymd
>fucking google acknowledges the superiority of ayymd
>delusional incel+novideo jews still shills their housefire benchmarks everywhere and act smug

>> No.71113897

3, 6 4 7



>> No.71113899

I'm really hoping so. Another anon mentioned that 14nm shrink down to 12nm wasn't really anything spectacular changed. But 7nm is brand spanking new. Hoping that doesn't translate to inflated cost.
Oh no, you got me. Whatever shall I do? Real talk though I've been waiting for this sort of upgrade since forever.

>> No.71113904


>> No.71113909

>crashes, BSODs, stuttering, inability to update, freezing
Stop reading /r/intel, what the fuck

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>Mfw consoles are finally going to have a non shit CPU to work with.
Maybe we're finally going to see some improvement with games and even heavier multi thread utilization as the hardware isn't so limited.

I'll be willing to drop 900€ on the 16/32 model and that's about the price I'm expecting it to cost. Anything less and it's a pleasant surprise.
If I go for the 12 core option then it's max 700€ for that.

>> No.71113925

>consoles getting non shit CPUs
>heavier multi-thread utilization
Fucking finally. Just imagining a world where programs/games are looking to use 12+ threads would be fantastic. Games would make a huge jump forward.

>> No.71113933

What's great about the new consoles is how quickly everyone's machine is going to be obsolete.

>> No.71113937

b-but sharing workload properly over multiple cores is anti-semitic.

>> No.71113949

So glad i wasted $1000 on my 2700x setup. Thanks AMD.

>> No.71113960

It'll be 399 merican

>> No.71113964

Just think of the 6 gorillion cores and threads out there that aren't getting their fair share of load processing though anon. Don't you want to make sure that 6 trillion gorillian cores get their fair share?

If if makes you feel better, you can go watch a bunch of videos on youtube with ads still enabled so youtube gets their cut.

>> No.71113970

just sell the chip and buy a new one with like overall +/- 20/50 buckaroos. You are not a trade-let, are you anon?

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Don't fucking blow this up sony, announce b/c and no jewish strings attached.
We'll be back to 5 year cycles, as it should be.

>> No.71113976

it's not wasted anon. There is just better coming out. Do you also get angry when new cars come out? Or new phones? Besides, you should be a consumerist whore and buy every single generation the day it comes out regardless of your needs or financial situation. You can always put it on credit lol.

>> No.71114010

> Athlon: 4c
> Ryzen 3: 6c
> Ryzen 5: 8c
> Ryzen 7: 12c
> Ryzen 9: 16c

>> No.71114011

The best part about that demo is that cooler uses a refrigerant that is banned in the US & EU.

>> No.71114012

The PS5 is going to have a 1080-equivalent GPU and an 8-core 3-3.5Ghz Zen2 equivalent CPU that both hit twice as hard as their PC parts, 16GB of RAM of which 12GB is for VRAM, and sell for $500.

So, like I said, the new consoles are going to obsolete everyone's machine.
There's no chance in hell you can build a PC that even -matches- the PS5 in real game performance for less than $1400 in 2020.

>> No.71114021

so for a second let's say the 16c32t chip is real regardless of clock. Is this chip going to be memory bandwidth starved? If you remember when the Threadripper WX2990 (32c64t) was memory starved on the X399 platform that had quad channel. 16c32t on AM4 is literally half the core/threads and half the bandwidth (since it's only dual channel).

>> No.71114043

It will cost 99 bucks.

>> No.71114044

Didn't that turn out to be a Windows scheduling problem rather than a memory bandwidth one? I'm sure Wendell went into some detail about it a while back.

>> No.71114056

no it was still memory starved. It's just that consumer versions of Windows (non server) have problem with NUMA based scheduling so a shit load of corse and threads weren't getting utilized during benches.

>> No.71114067

I think the asymmetric memory access hurts the 2990wx more than being memory starved.

>> No.71114078

true and being honest, I doubt I'd honestly be running any major benches/software that would actually stress memory to it's max. Still would be nice to know.

>> No.71114086

Oh you meant the other way around.
I just don't wanna get THAT hyped with the whole thing, I mean, this benchmark is basically the 1st tangible spec on any _similar_ part the ps5 will have.
Another thing I thought while typing this: do you think sony/ms had any direct(ish) part on the developing of zen 2? THAT would be the proverbial final nail.

>> No.71114089

nah. They will not move away from unified memory And you're referencing to the PS5 Pro.

>> No.71114100
File: 266 KB, 626x650, 1558823788844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PS5 Pro

>> No.71114109

Yes, there will be two PS5, one for 1080p and another for 4k and streaming.

>> No.71114112

I'm honestly surprised they even bother with custom hardware anymore. Sort of like how certain companies made "steam boxes" which were just plain old PC parts in a custom shell, I figured MS and Sony would eventually do the same. Soldered GTX1060 and 8 core Ryzen chip inside a fancy looking case/box and running their own proprietary OS.

>> No.71114116

That matches with the comments from people with Rome samples, so you're most likely right.

>> No.71114118

Kek. Tell me about it. These dumbfucks are no longer capable of anything but shit flinging based on what their favourite (((YouTube))) shill told them. Even the most basic level of analysis and inference is beyond them.

>> No.71114137

They did the same thing they are planning to do now with 10nm: release only tiny mobile parts to get decent yields and calm down investors mad about the problems with the fabs.

>> No.71114143

>two key pieces of the puzzle for the PS5 being revealed
>the next-gen machine will make use of a third-generation, 8-core AMD [Zen2 chip]
>a customized Radeon Navi GPU capable of ray tracing
Show me Sony discussing a PS5 and PS5 Pro or go back to /v/ you babbyshit

We all wished for the days to again be when consoles were super-powerful graphics pumping machines for the price, and we sure got them!

>> No.71114153

>people actually think AMD will be selling a $99 cpu that beats their $300 cpu that just got released last year

>> No.71114155

>custom hardware
I mean, its just a R5 + some differently clocked Navi, long gone are the times of the Emotion Engine or the CELL.
And it kinda sucks.

>> No.71114164

Well, I mean the R3-1200 outperformed the FX-8350

>> No.71114170

Steam boxes were horseshit, to be sure.
The consoles use completely customized API libraries and have specialized processing hardware,
Like the Xbox 1X which has dedicated draw-call processors.
Half the reason the consoles are as powerful as they -seem- compared to their same-spec PC parts is because porting has to hack around the special API commands that Vulkan/DirectX do not use, and Sony/MSoft obviously keep that special sauce apart from the common PC programming.
Refer to above

>> No.71114187

So when are they finally coming out? I'm already sure I'm getting Zentoo but they just need to release them.

>> No.71114196
File: 83 KB, 653x726, 1491349230554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You better delete that, Anon.

On a serious note, I love my 8350 system but that ryzen 8 core for the cost of a 2600 is just so juicy.

>> No.71114210

Is DDR4 2133 good enough for ryzen 2600?

>> No.71114225

Ideally you'll want at least 2666, you wouldn't run an i5 2500K with 1066-DDR3, now would you?

>> No.71114228

shameful truth anon. I had an FX-8350 sitting in a 990FX Sabertooth motherboard clocked to 5.5GHz until I popped some VRM's shooting for 5.6GHz like a neanderthal. 250w power usage and it still lost to a stock i5-3570k in gaming lol.

>> No.71114239
File: 9 KB, 814x217, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so worse than an i3 and mobile i7?

>> No.71114243

Oh yeah the IPC of an FX core is absolutely hilarious, 4.8GHz with one core per module is what it takes to match a stock 2500K

>> No.71114249

Geekbench is most sensitive to memory speed. Comparisons are pointless if the CPUs don't have the same ram speed.

>> No.71114250

no, 3200 is minimum

>> No.71114257

you think a fucking mobile processor will have faster ram than a desktop processor?

>> No.71114284

Looks at this.

It's the same CPU (my r5 2600) in both cases. The only difference is ram speed. The score changes a lot just because of that.

>> No.71114288



>> No.71114340

Well, yeah 2666 is the ideal minimum speed for a Zen chip, but,
To be fair the 27% increase in RAM speed only gave you a 10% increase in core speed,
And from benchmarkers I know that there are diminishing returns as you go up the scale.

2133 is good enough for a smartphone, not a computer.

>> No.71114341
File: 48 KB, 895x1005, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71114342
File: 32 KB, 893x31, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this absolute unit. With the latest AdoredTV video it's pretty much confirmed, so how will intel respond to it?

>> No.71114359

>so how will intel respond to it?
by suing everyone

>> No.71114361

That's an entirely different OS, retard. Bench a Ryzen CPU on Linux and it would score significantly higher than the same CPU on Windows.

>> No.71114366

6600k here. I plan on spending $500 for new mobo, CPU, and RAM. Shit is gonna be so cash.

>> No.71114372

>when are they finally coming out
tomorrow nigga

>> No.71114373
File: 52 KB, 890x1051, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71114403

I bet that cheap R3 sample would beat that score if it clocked that high.

>> No.71114412

My goodness. Does this mean that going from a 2600 to 3600X would actually be a worthwhile upgrade?

>> No.71114417

That NUC is using 2400Mhz RAM OC'd to 2666 (it's misreading the RAM speed)
And do please note that it's within margin of error.
That's the stock single-core turbo, same as on the Macbook Pro

You're fuckin' A right it does

>> No.71114426

>That's the stock single-core turbo, same as on the Macbook Pro
And the single clock of the sample is only 4ghz. So again, I think if the sample was clocked at 4.5ghz, it would beat that single core score.

>> No.71114429

Either that or the price of the 2700X starts to fall after a little while like RYZEN 1000, and you upgrade to that on your current board

Basically you win when you have AMD.

>> No.71114434

>AMD 7nm beats a 14nm+++++ laptop chip
what an achievement

>> No.71114462

You do know Intel's process is called +++ because it has been refined many time to achieve high clock speeds, right? It only lose to TSMC's 7nm process when it comes to density but it doesn't lose in clock speed.

>> No.71114477

It's also a 30w (intel TDP) part on 14nm so I don't see your point in comparing the two.
If the CPU was rated up for 65w and given adequate cooling it would probably run 4.4Ghz all day, versus hitting 4.1Ghz when cold and slowing down to 3.8 when hot.

Look at it this way - Anon's 2600 at 4Ghz does 5,000 points in GeekBench, while example 8559u does 5500 at same/similar speeds.
Anon's 2600 uses ~100 watts, the 8559u uses ~45

>> No.71114506

Intel wins again baby

>> No.71114513

>Anon's 2600 at 4Ghz does 5,000 points in GeekBench, while example 8559u does 5500 at same/similar speeds.
It's not at the same speed though. The 8559u is clocked 500mhz higher.

>It's also a 30w (intel TDP) part on 14nm so I don't see your point in comparing the two.
I'm not the one who was comparing it, anon. I was replying to the anon who tried to made the comparison.

>> No.71114522

As. I said.
The 8559u's 4-core turbo speed is 4.1Ghz (and probably lower when the NUC gets hot)
Anon's 2600 is 4.05Ghz

>> No.71114527

8-bit yeah sure, but them the MSX came up...

>> No.71114537
File: 48 KB, 600x426, hmmmmm-neat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Metal Gear series, for example, was first written for MSX hardware.

>> No.71114538

>The 8559u's 4-core turbo speed is 4.1Ghz
We're comparing single core turbo and it's boosting to 4.5ghz as you can see in >>71114373.

>> No.71114545 [DELETED] 

>The 8559u's 4-core turbo speed is 4.1Ghz
We're comparing single-core turbo, anon. It's boosting to 4.5ghz as you can see in >>71114373

>> No.71114552
File: 92 KB, 1028x1222, really a head scratcher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71114570

You get that result because the single core turbo is higher that the all-core turbo. Single core is 4.5ghz and all-core must be around 3.8ghz, maybe lower.

>> No.71114595

I divided the Multi-Core score by the number of cores in that picture.
You're an idiot.

>> No.71114601

> tfw 2200G is literally an athlon now

>> No.71114609

>I divided the Multi-Core score by the number of cores in that picture.
I know. And you got 4662 instead of 5470. That's because the all-core turbo is lower than the single core turbo.

>You're an idiot.
Suck my dick, fag.

>> No.71114617

Being this delusional

>> No.71114688

So now that they're taking over the CPU industry, how is their new GPUs looking? I'm thinking of doing an AMD computer with my tax returns.

>> No.71114689

> you got 4662 instead of 5470. That's because...
No, it's because hyperthreading splits the resources and causes any given thread to perform lower than a single-thread test.
The multi-thread test is pushing 12 threads on the Ryzen and 8 on the Intel.

Look, I was being nice before, because the per-core difference was only 10% when comparing the Ryzen's 5000 at 4.025Ghz to the Intel's 5560 at 4.5Ghz

But you had to say some dumbass shit,
So I used the example which shows that per-core, under damn-similar clockspeeds, on the same test, Intel is better by 15%. Per core.

Let me show you some fucking math because you're such an idiot, that obviously they should have held you back in grade school:
>4.5/4.025Ghz = 1.11
>11% faster
Thus, when normalizing the Intel part to the Ryzen clock speed, the Intel part and Ryzen part have -the SAME performance-
But wait there's more!
>4.1/4.025Ghz = 1.02
>2% faster
>18650/4(cores) = 4662
>24500/6(cores) = 4086
>4662/4086 = 1.14
>14% faster (per-core in a multi-threaded test) at only 2% faster clock speed

You're. A fucking. Idiot.

>> No.71114693

Do we really believe that a 99 dollar 6 core chip is going to have better performance than the 2700x?

>> No.71114702

absolute dogshit, and if the leaks are right, navi will be too

>> No.71114709


>> No.71114710

My bad I used 5560 instead of 5470,
Which puts it at 9%, not 11%, but that's still such a close (clockspeed normalized) score that it's practically the same.

>> No.71114770

You're more retarded than I thought. Geekbench doesn't scale linearly with multiple cores. The more cores the CPU has, the lower the scaling. That's why a 4-core CPU has better multicore scaling than a 6-cores. Heck, the Ryzen 2700x (8 cores at 4ghz) does around 25500 in Geekbench, which is worse scaling than the Ryzen 5 2600 gets.

If you want to make a good comparison, look for CPUs with the same number of cores at the same speed.

>> No.71114773

Yes. AMD played the long game and won.

>> No.71114811

I heard that the 7nm chip lineup actually performs better, but everyone is pissed that it doesn't have certain things like Raytracing. Though I'm pretty sure I heard it from Linus so I take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.71114825

raytracing is a fucking meme

>> No.71114827

After architectural improvements and a transistor size shrink and a change from a low-power focused process to a high-performance one? If mid-tier Ryzen 3000 doesn't take a fat shit on top-tier Ryzen 2000 then Zen 2 is an abject failure.
As to the supposed R3, I don't know where the low end will fall but I don't think that the idea is wholly unreasonable. Everything was stagnant for years prior to Zen 1 and the market is just getting moving again. People have forgotten how big generational performance jumps used to be after repeated gens of "3% faster, $30 more" and total irrelevance of the competition.
I would expect equivalent Ryzen 3000 SKUs to be more expensive though.

>> No.71114855

Realtime raytracing is the holy grail of graphics technology. The current implementation however is still in its infancy. I'd give it 2 more generations of GPUs before it becomes worth the performance hit.

>> No.71114865
File: 47 KB, 1024x617, 1556635968772m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he didnt buy amd stocks back in 2015

>> No.71114882
File: 55 KB, 1211x693, 1178h98v7h34985hnb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The math seems to check out for my argument.

>> No.71114892

Now disable HT and see how it performs lol

>> No.71114977





So coffeelake has a 04% lead on multicore IPC at 6 cores. It's probably dude to lower default memory latency on the coffeelake system. Geekbench is very sensitive on that. Still, it's not a big gap. And this was an R5 2600. Zen 2 will do better.

>> No.71115017
File: 12 KB, 300x293, tellme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71115079

geekbench doesn't scale linearly with either cores or clocks dingus.

>> No.71115149

>4.7Ghz vs 4.0

>> No.71115195

At least with amd you CAN upgrade your cpu every gen if you wanted to, rather than intels "need to buy a new cpu and motherboard every iteration" type.

>> No.71115390

Did you miss the entirety of the Pentium 4 era?

>> No.71115479

will i be able to drop this into my 2 year old motherboard?

>> No.71115499

I got it for 80$ and im fine with it, whats the problem?

>> No.71115520
File: 244 KB, 434x524, 1555370953672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>upgrading every gen

>> No.71115531

Considering the performance is jumping 10% each gen, yes?
I know you're used to intel releases where the performance jumps 0.1-2% every 3 years.

>> No.71115542

How the fuck?..

>> No.71115562
File: 28 KB, 325x222, earlphone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gr8 b8 m8 not even worth actually forming a reply but here is your (You)

>> No.71115609
File: 9 KB, 447x397, 1277285286748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So a 6c/12t at 3.2 - 4ghz(?) 50W(?) beating a 8c/16t 3.7 - 4.2ghz 105W in single and multithread


>> No.71115637

massive IPC improvements.

>> No.71115654

I haven't upgraded in 7 years, sitting on a 3570k still, but it's more that if for some strange reason someone WANTED to upgrade their cpu, they actually could without having to buy new everything.

>> No.71115706

Its cool in theory but retarded in practice. Plus bios flashing and other gayness plus loss of money on original purpose and the hassle its just dumb

>> No.71115720

>burning the socket? I know shit stops working at 100c
>metals melt at 100c
The current state of /g/

>> No.71115739

anon, electricity melts sockets, can you count how much electricity is in 100C'?

>> No.71115746

around 9000 niggawats

>> No.71115752

That's even worse

>> No.71115760

Funny how when it's in AMDs favor, /g/ suddenly feels currytech is a reliable source and geekbench is a good benchmark, but any other time they're both trash.

>> No.71115766

It's as if amd supporters enjoy curry... it really makes you think.

>> No.71115770

Fuck now I'll have to wait until July to upgrade my fx 8320e toaster

>> No.71115779

Overclock to 6ghz in the mean time

>> No.71115894

This is anti-Semitism and has been reported to both the mods and the ADL.
Delete this immediately!!!

>> No.71115905

solid bait
0/10 worst bait i ever replied to n

>> No.71115921

Read the actually article ya tit

>> No.71116047

Semiconductors act differently at high temperatures

>> No.71116088

Get the athlon classic it has great single core performance

>> No.71116116

>literally 100
and 90% of /g/ browses internet constantly. enjoy your subpar 4chan experience on your one-tab-allowed cpu, incel

>> No.71116188

This was standard fare back in the 90's and very early 2000's, then intel raped the market for well over a decade with nothing to contest them.

>> No.71116203

you're going to collapse under the weight of your own hubris, and i'm going to laugh at you

>> No.71116246

>t. Buttblasted Inturd

>> No.71116254

Base processor speed hasn't significantly increased in over ten years. The only way to get any increased performance is to overclock which kills the CPU faster; if you think overclocking was a good idea, wouldn't all these fucking processor makers be all over increasing that shit to make actual fucking speed gains over the competition? But they can't because they know it's a bad idea, and you should too.
Any "increase" a company says is just a very slight one, no doubt illustrated on a fucking chart with a skewed scale that shows, say, 3.4 as a tiny little bump and 3.41 as a fucking huge bar that breaks out of the top of the fucking chart.
Stop falling for this shit.

>> No.71116260

lmao this is amazing
tomorrow can't come soon enough

>> No.71116320

Except that you need a K cpu from Intel to overclock. I bought a Ryzen 1700 like any sane person would have, set clock to 3.6 GHz, memory to 2933 and that was it. No extra cooling needed, 300$ CPU offering the performance of a 500$ one.

>> No.71116329

Companys cant be bothered finding the sweetspott as its a huge pain in the ass.

Chipmakers also have to guarantee chip stabillity
Oc kiling the chip is the real meme

>> No.71116349

Prescott was a fratboy compared to bulldozer. Ppl with FX 8350 all either had massive tower coolers or CLC. I know because I bought a prescott CPU in 2006 and an FX 8350 in 2012

>> No.71116360

keep posting

>> No.71116390

you are miscalculating.
Score_X / Score_Y = IPC_X * Clock_X / (IPC_Y * Clock_Y)
IPC_X / IPC_Y = (Score_X / Score_Y) * (Clock_Y / Clock_X)

5061/4855 * 4.2Ghz/4Ghz = 1.0945

tl;dr it's 9.5%

>> No.71116405

11.8% better IPC
46% beller multicore IPC


>> No.71116478

Remember when just 3 years ago Intel was selling 10 cores desktop chip for $1723?

>> No.71116484

Yes yes, i remember the 6 gorrillion

>> No.71116486

>Good luck trying to sell your shitty 2700X
Why would I sell it if it works for my needs? I can always picked up the newest chip for my mobo years down the road. You are a perfect example of some goy who thinks they need to replace something when something new comes around, enjoy that intel dildo up your ass, top kek.

>> No.71116559

Not gonna lie that's pretty impressive for a 50w CPU. Maybe the time is here to replace my 4460 assuming they won't go for retarded prices.

>> No.71116599

i'm sorry Intel bros, it's like trusing that girl you've been together for years, but actually she's been taking black cocks for a long time

>> No.71116657

Nobody upgrades from gen to gen apart from a minuscule amount of people. The 3000 series are for people who have a CPU before Zen came out. You wouldn't even upgrade from an 8700K to this.

>> No.71116663

this, I have a 4670k and holy fuck I need an upgrade badly

>> No.71116681

i got a i5-6600k and fuck, it stutters in games that require more than 4 threads, it fucking sucks. Zen 2 is looking pretty damn good

>> No.71116694
File: 371 KB, 1296x900, It'sOver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can't be!

>> No.71116696

yup, 4690 reporting in, I can't wait to ditch this corelet, security hole riddled turd. The downside is its going to be worth fucking nothing on the used market. Oh well.

>> No.71116727

50w vs 200w?

>> No.71116743

if it stutters for you, imagine me. I Have only 4 physical core and I can't OC more than 4.3.

I managed to play all the latest triple AAA titles on ultra, it wasn't a pleasure with my cpu always at 100% and my graphics card a 60%

>> No.71116753

>I Have only 4 physical core
yes me too
>and I can't OC more than 4.3
with my situtation i cant even OC at all, some retarded buying choices

>> No.71116909

Ah yes, more latency due to using more cores to do what 2 cores did a few years ago, just to say your game uses 6+ cores. What a marvelous step forward! I fucking love progress and science!

>> No.71116938

calm down piednoel

>> No.71116948

Nothing good has come from these last few years in the auto industry. Everything already has been invented. Now we get "improvements" like iPads taped to the dashboard and drive by wire so we can wait .5s after pressing the gas pedal for the throttle computer to decide whether or not to give it air.

>> No.71117022

Found the incel corelet

>> No.71117038

wtf the 6600 is only 4 core with no threads ?

>> No.71117051

i take it this means i should wait to upgrade my SHITdozer. hard to be patient with this.

>> No.71117090

No, it's not, let's just admit we're poor and we can't afford to upgrade

>> No.71117101

>with no threads
God, this board is such fucking garbage. Holy fuck.

>> No.71117112
File: 53 KB, 1208x847, fx4100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you think you're poor? just imagine

>> No.71117137
File: 996 KB, 500x300, AlBundy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still using an i3 4150

>> No.71117150

Top model will score 7k single threaded. Screencap this.

>> No.71117201
File: 25 KB, 225x350, 113429.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how 7700K owners feel these days.

>> No.71117206

Nigga just get an overclocked 8350 like how is this real lmao

>> No.71117242
File: 31 KB, 867x822, 1558864535999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> in-geekbench-4/
Geekbench is trash though.

>> No.71117265

What did you mean by this?

>> No.71117285

It gives disproportional score to hardware accelerated routines like crypto.

>> No.71117291

You're virtually advising him to burn his house down

>> No.71117296

>wtf the 6600 is only 4 core with no threads ?
lmao what? our cpus are both 4 thread, 4 cores. are you a thirdworlder or something? you cant seem to type or read english

>> No.71117305

>spending money on the am3/am3+ dead end when good cheap hardware like ryzen exists and more is just around the corner

>> No.71117346

And quite frankly, it's not even just the crypto ones. Looking at the other GB3 "benchmarks", they are mainly small kernels: not really much different from dhrystone. I suspect most of them have a code footprint that basically fits in a L1I cache.

>> No.71117369


I'm too afraid to overclock

>> No.71117389

Got mine for 240€ two weeks after it launched. It has lost 160€ of it's value. That's quite something.

>> No.71117403
File: 54 KB, 896x504, POTUS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71117405

>spending 50 bucks on a 200%+ upgrade is a waste of money when you could upgrade your entire system for 600

>> No.71117415
File: 91 KB, 818x693, 1541538120178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more frequent Microupdates means more reliability for businesses
this line right here killed my sides for good. not even the muh Hillary shit can top that

>> No.71117419

Honestly i can't understand these shills shilling amd like crazy
I bought a ryzen 2600x and a rx580
The 2600x drops fps below 30 in sc2 when there are many units
Can't even imagine what it would be with the first gen ryzen
The only thing that amd gives you over inturd is more threads for the same price, but they are weak in comparison and also they don't screw your ssd like the core i's which was a killer for me
But you shouldnt come up with this 10 fps less meme, the intel cpus are way faster on a single core and therefore also faster in mt with equal thread counts

>> No.71117432

i'm so poor that spending even 10 great british bongs would put a new ryzen cpu + motherboard out of my price bracket. i have no income.

the 8350 is only 20% faster in single-core loads anyway

>> No.71117434

I seriously can't believe this is the Ryzen 3. I'm not an intlel faggot but the it's outlandish to see the lowest entry model outperforming last year's high end model, and so easily. 7nm can't be that fucking good. This would mean the Ryzen 9 model will literally take inkeks 14nm asshole and fuck it so hard that they won't be able to recover and get put on life support while AMD keeps ahead with Zen 2+ and Zen 3. Jesus just a few hours till the Holocaust starts.

>> No.71117457

sc2 was coded by literal chimps though
not many worse examples out there

>> No.71117458

Fair enough then, although you might wanna look at 1st/2nd gen Ryzen instead of the new ones, you might get a better price/performance chip with the price cuts.

>> No.71117477
File: 503 KB, 894x477, 1554692230041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Entry level 100$ 3300 almost beats my [email protected]
Finally I can ditch this pozzed cheese wheel

>> No.71117484
File: 71 KB, 1021x494, 1558149827579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sell INTC, buy AMD.

>> No.71117514

It is a old game that runs on low threads and shows how powerfull your cpu actually is
I don't find it ok that a new cpu is as fast as ivy bridge i5s in an 7+ years old game

>> No.71117564

blame blizzard
single threaded ipc isn't going to see a magical uplift anytime soon and 6ghz seems to be a very serious limit to how fast cores are even going to go

>> No.71117565

Zen 2 will have better AVX performance than even 9900k, 2x256-bit.

Hopefully less of a housefire than 9900k.

>> No.71117591

>wanted to order pc parts like yesterday with a Ryzen 1600 at 130 dollars
>suddendly everyone tells me to wait when I want to ahve my pc now

will current AMD cpus magically become even cheaper after tomorrow??

>> No.71117619

Wait a few more days. If the new CPUs actually are that good there is not a single reason to go with anything else. And the 1600 is a shit choice if they still cost 130 dollaroos where you live.

>> No.71117644

few days? its 15 hours

>> No.71117671

hard Launch is July 7th tho.

>> No.71117676

They're actually using their pc for gaymes and enjoying it. Ryzen owners are never happy with their performance from day 1 and cope by gaslighting.

>> No.71117688

It should be easier to cool as the cores are spread out over 2 dies but 7nm hpc increases density which makes it harder to cool

>> No.71117701

I'm curious what MS ordered since they don't want a repeat of xbone being inferior in spec. Rumor currently points to both cpu and gpu using future IPs, one generation ahead of zen2 and navi.

>> No.71117728
File: 28 KB, 854x666, 1kqm080rjfd21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

arcturus is the name of a new APU, not a new generation

>> No.71117730

We're in the same boat, i'm going to upgrade my 5820k to the 3850x or 3700x. It's been a good CPU.

>> No.71117782

July 7th is sunday, we dont know for sure

>> No.71117811

Why should i blame Blizzard? Should i blame CAD programs for running on low threads? I think the fault is on amds side that they are stuck in the past with the Single thread Performance
And i think you miss the point here, you buy a new cpu that should run anything and should not have problems with old programs but it turns out that the ryzen cpus can only rely on highly parallelized usage to actually mask the weak performance6

>> No.71117825

>tfw still on fx6350
is it time to upgrade? thinking about 3600

>> No.71117832

because blizzard didn't look very far ahead
not everything can be magically multithreaded, but games certainly can to an extent

>> No.71117859

describe how games can be magically multithreaded, taking into account their nature of being a big collection of mutually dependent entity states

>> No.71117890

>Why should i blame Blizzard?
Because if you ever left your basement you would already know the Intel compiler fiasko that directly affects your precious Starcraft 2. But keep blaming AMD, that should help.

>> No.71117904

gosh, this sure isn't a bad-faith post
are you willing to make the argument that SC2 could not have been optimized to make use of available logical cores?

>> No.71118010

bad faith post?

>are you willing to make the argument that SC2 could not have been optimized to make use of available logical cores?
well you are making the claim; you can suggest how it can be done. i'm tired of the "there's no such thing as a free lunch, parallelize your shit" from people who have no experience in game development. games are such a performance-sensitive area that if parallelization of game logic were at all feasible it would be commonplace. instead all you tend to see is a modest concurrent design: perhaps a thread for the renderer, a thread for the sound mixer (which is not the best of ideas because it's introducing yet more unbounded-latency system calls into a realtime arena), and a thread for the game logic. this is concurrent design, not parallelization.

there's obvious potential for parallelization in MMOs because those are effectively a bunch of separate game states taking place in different worlds. not for RTS, FPS, or whatever else.

>> No.71118050

i was tempted to upgrade when the first ryzens came out but i now im glad i didnt.

>> No.71118070

its like you claim new ryzen processors having worse single thread perf than the old shit
Do you have a stroke m8?

>> No.71118086

lmao yeah sc2 is practically ashes or total war in how well it takes advantage of extra logical cores
eat a dick you pedantic sperg

>> No.71118104

what a shit link you posted there, there is no proof of what hes saying he actually did
It's nothing new that intels compiler favors intels cpus, Anger did research it years ago
A quote from the thread "He means that if AMD didn't exist, then we wouldn't have 64 bit today. Now stop being biased"
Clueless AMD Fanboy that heard something on a Youtube channel and now spreads this like fire, in fact this retard doesen't even know shit about computers and his knowledge is based on Benchmarks and populistic phrases
Intel had their own 64bit instructions which were faster than what we have today but they werent backwards compatible to 32bit, that's why we don't have them.
Also it's not only sc2 but many more applications that aren't and can't be heavily multithreaded like CAD programs which requiere strong st Performance
And again this is a retarded Argument because by now, amd cpus should be faster than ancient inturd cpus in ST but sadly they are not

>> No.71118124

>upgrading from 5000/6000 series
Everyone seems to upgrade their parts every few years while I'm almost up to a decade now on 2500k.

the anon you replied to is just as obtuse as the blizzardtards replying in that thread.

>> No.71118132

Do they not? I get same fps drops as ivy bridge cpus in sc2, arma and other old shit on my 2600x despite my cpu is several years newer

>> No.71118133

>user renames his AMD CPU to an intel one
>magically gains 40 FPS

>> No.71118134

explain how it might be parallelized

>> No.71118162


>> No.71118176

I don't even have to
I can simply point at other rts games that take advantage of extra logical cores far better than sc2 does

>> No.71118180

I can't tell if you're only pretending to be retarded. Of course AMD can't get ahead in Starcraft 2 if it was compiled with Intel compiler which gimps 30 FPS from the AMD CPUs on purpose. The OP made a virtual machine and renamed his AMD CPU there to say "GenuineIntel" which automatically halts the gimp. No hardware changes happened.

>> No.71118216

Are you an indian? You have the same syntax as indians.
And again there is no evidence in what he claims to have done he actually did
And even if they would rename every amd cpu into intel ones amd would still be slower
Amd cpus are still slower than intel in vulkan/dx12

>> No.71118226

subtle yet effective troll my AMDbro
now when I see what you are actually doing I am actually chuckling

>> No.71118258

Jews are now saying it was 20 million who died in the holocaust. Maybe they are thinking ahead?

>> No.71118282

are you lost?

>> No.71118295

It's gonna be annuda shoa

>> No.71118308

>Should I blame Blizzard and Autodesk for being incompetent fuckwits?

>> No.71118320

>more reliability if you own a business
i actually audibly laughed, that doesn't happen much

>> No.71118327

>t. Person that calls himself a pc Expert yet doesen't know how cpus work and bases his knowledge on youtube Videos

>> No.71118342

>t. paid shill

>> No.71118348
File: 178 KB, 330x319, CP2077_Sun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone remember the 28-core at 5GHz intel CPU?
>Was that a huge success? How many units did they sell?

>> No.71118383

Back to /v/ you larping faggot

>> No.71118392

how do you know sc2 was compiled with icc and not, say, the visual c++ compiler?

>> No.71118431
File: 520 KB, 730x52, 15 hours.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71118470

Think I found your problem bro. Have you seen any of these crashes or BSODS? I've been using a phenom IIx4 965BE for 9 years and never had one freeze or "inability to update" or anything. freezing is usually bad ram. BSOD Could be caused by retards who font reinstall windows.

>> No.71118495

nice fuckin' digits anon

>> No.71118698
File: 12 KB, 188x268, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71118732

Finally I have a reason to wake up at a normal hour of the day.

>> No.71118833


Same, 2500K at 4,5ghz and I can still play everything.
Why even upgrade?

>> No.71118969

>not naming it count down to shoah
you had one job

>> No.71118991

He writes that directly in the forum post, stop backpedaling. Also even if it would be a different compiler the end result is the same, you get more FPS if you claim to have Intel CPU. That would only mean they have bribed some other software company and not just rig their own compiler. That's not even the only case of that result happening.

>> No.71119181

Maybe Moores law failed not because of microphysical limitations, but because competition stopped.

>> No.71119289

I'm still running a Q9550, I didn't want the Q9650 cause I don't have a good enough cooler. I'm actually thinking of switching to Q9550s which doesn't consume as much.

>> No.71119336

I'm on a q9450 and I want to die

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