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name a comfier device to spend the entire weekend shitposting from under the blankets in your bed

protip you cant

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Prestigio SmartBook 141 C2

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amazon fire 7

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Galaxy Note 7

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>not shitposting from your e-reader

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I wish it had OLED though

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I'll allow it

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Asus Zenfone 6

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>under the blankets
what are you, six? hiding from the boogeyman?

post a timestamped pic of your ipad or delete the thread faggot

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>cold climates don’t exist
absolute brainlet

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this EXCEPT it is very fragile that makes it little less comfier

t. pro pad

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Haha u shitpost on fourchannel thats so epic for the win my brodude oof. Brofist from fellow red dittor see u on r/4chan!

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Dafuq is a red dit?
Nine G A G navy was here

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I have a 7" Fire. It's chunky, sluggish, and the weirdness of the aspect ratio is amplified by the small size of the unit. And their "blue shade" filter for night viewing, wtf?

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>he is so fucking small he still fits under his blanket
fucking american midgets I swear

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their build in night light filter is the most fucking retarded piece of trash I've ever seen. not even usable on the lowest tint level

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can't you install stock android or something on it? tried their shitty fireos few years back, and couldn't stand it at all.

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just admit to your internet addiction anon, denial is unhealthy

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You get what you pay for 30 brit coinz
Seriously for that prce a simple reading/emulation thing i cannot deny its awsome. I like the low end nature of it, goes well with lo-fi music blasting from its mono speaker. It also is very durable, for the cost its brilliant especially for poorfags.

Im not sure, i looked it up and android/other oses is possible if you dont update past a certain point, you need a pc to do it and it should be easy with a guide. I will do it to mine but im too lazy atm.

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Yes its shit just use another solution,

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Typing any text of any sort of significant length on a touchscreen is an abomination and in absolutely no way comfy. Spending your weekend typing on a touchscreen sounds utterly awful.

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>mfw poorfags don't know the feel of browsing /g/ on a Pro-Motion(tm) True Tone(tm) Retina(tm) Display

oh I am laffin

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too poor to afford heat lmao

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>no 4chan app allowed on the app store

Yeah no.

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>shitposting all weekend
>without a keyboard
if i'm on my phone and want to write more than 2 sentences, i'll take out my laptop. fuck touchscreens

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>using 4chan apps


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Original ee pcs were super comfy.

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Ive read about a jailbreak for it. But never got around to trying it. Not a whole lot of motivation when I already have an iPad.

I found it at a thrift store for $10 and still feel “meh” about it. I have a kindle paperwhite and feel more excited at the idea of that one for a lo-fi tablet experience.

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You’re shitposting, not writing a novel.

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Back in the day I was able to watch youtube on it. Fucking HTML5.

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spotted the wagie

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My ThinkPad x220

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Lenono Thinkpad X230
Nothing is more cancer than typing on a touchscreen.

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blocks ur path

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Use mpv on a minimal distro

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 8BitDo gamepad for Fortnite and Minecraft.

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yes and?

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>Getting Started bookmark

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>having the bookmark bar enabled at all
what are you, 45?

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Tab S4 can do multitasking much better and isn't a locked down garbage paperweight.

Though I will happily say it does have a superior art tools in the form of Clip Studio Pro

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Have an old iPad air from 2014, typing from it right now and new iPad air from 2018 in case the other stops working and updating too.

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multitasking is useless without tablet apps

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Not a fan of the full glass back.

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Each to their own, im atleast not buying any new devices for a while

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>wasting $800 to shitpost when you can just use a PC

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5 years ago is like half a decade in tech years.

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>5 years ago is like half a decade in tech years.
uh. can't argue with that

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Okay? I can have 5+ apps at once that are tablet apps. I don't understand what your point is

Didn't even know it was glass but I get your point. I'm the same way with the iPad Pro. For art it's nice but the glass screen and the pencil being hard plastic drives me insane but it's definitely amaing for CSP

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OP here: I'm gay btw, not sure if that matters. Also I have aids from being raped by a wild pack of rabbid niggers at my local gay night club. I have they rape me again the next time I go, I love big huge black cocks.

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Who gives a shit what you're actually writing? Typing anything beyond a couple of words or a short phrase is fucking awful on a touchscreen. Spending your day typing on one would be horrendous.

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OP here

I can smell the poo stink on your streets from here

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Poorfags will never EVER know that feel

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Can someone recommend a non apple tablet to be comfy and shitpost from? Something that I can read comics/books/manga on too?

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try not being poor

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Any device that doesn't break if you look at it for too long.

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ipad 2018

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1 gigs of RAM on it.

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wait, really? my phone is older and has 3 gigs of ram

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Price range?
Also factor in that you'll pay $20 for a bluetooth keyboard to actually type on properly

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>try not being poor
I am not gonna throw my money at overprices junk.

200-300USD android tablet preferred.

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USA do?

Expect it to last you 3+ years if you don't drop it. I think after OS install you get like 25ish GB but you can always get an SD card if you want.
Also Samsung is pretty easy to root if you care about that

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Sorry you can't afford the best

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Thanks bro, Rooting it was a option for sure.

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I mean used ipad is not even expensive

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It's not winter anywhere people actually live rn

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galaxy tab s5e

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>shilling overpriced ifag shit
amerite /g/uys

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I sleep in on weekends, I wake up at 6 and work out instead of waking up at 4:30

"Not getting out of bed" is one of the most mind boggling things people say. You're admitting you don't have any personal responsibility or life skills

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I go to sleep at 4:30
Ideally till about 12 on weekends unless i have plans

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Too big. I'd prefer my iPhone 8+, so it's easier to one-hand. If I need something that big, I'd just break out my 8770w.

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The stand is super useful in bed and basically can stay any position. My favorite 3 positions are put it on my belly, on my knees or lying to on side and use a wireless trackball.

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I've been using pixel c for many years.

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Anything with a keyboard.

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Since this is the token Macfag troll thread I figure I'll ask here.
I just got a damaged 2015 Macbook Air from a computer recycling place for free. Caveat is the entire display unit is wrecked. The computer is 100% functional and in good shape, can be used connected to an external display, keyboard and trackpad are fine. The screen just doesn't turn on, and the aluminum housing is badly dented.
Is it worth $230~ USD to purchase a replacement screen unit to salvage this thing?

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Tablets are the only thing Windows is good for

>> No.71109545

well at least you're not poor

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what sort of a nu--onions-male thread is this?
>wasting weekend on shitposting instead of being productive
>getting comfy with a device that's supposed to substitute reality for plebs who can't afford anything else
>it's not even video gaming where there's some sort of challenge or interactivity

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what app are you using to browse? clover is too comfy to go to apple

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) version. Really nice for sub $300.

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>not using Surface®: The tablet that can replace your shitposting machine™

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>implying Windows on a tablet is in any way shape or form even remotely as good as Clover.
lol nah.

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I'm too much of a nig to get out of bed. Mobile posters, everyone.

>> No.71109903

>implying Clover is even worth mentioning when a desktop browser is available

>> No.71109942

Not a phoneposter so I don't know but what make Clover better than chrEdge + 4chanX in that pic?

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Clover is deprecated. The new fork that is being developed will be called Kuroba.

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Legit considering an iPad Air as a comfy device and something i can throw in my bag without it being a big deal.

>> No.71110310

>my bag
lol wut? Are you a teenager?

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Back to your designated shitting street iJeet.

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>willing to limit your shitpost power by using mobile OS

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>implying my powers know any bounds
I pull my shitposting images from my server to my tablet, just like any other device on my network.

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lol even my phone has better resolution

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What a waste

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>a tablet
Tablets are comfy fun posting/youtube devices.

>> No.71110523

>more like weekend
>also wastes entire weekend on frivolous dopamine induced activities
wagies get rekt

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i have a 2014
it’s nice enough, but not amazing
it would be worth replacing just to sell

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>doesnt even have 4chan app

>> No.71111064

A ThinkPad

>> No.71112571

I will admit, Apple makes great tablets.

>> No.71113174

fujitsu p1610

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>Whips out my Palm Pilot Personal Assistant Device
>Graphically track my shitposting at business-level speed

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>people naming laptops

>> No.71113736

>from under the blankets in your bed
You trying not to tip off your parents or something?

>> No.71113745

Yeah I've got a 2015 Kindle Fire 7"
it was the cheaper one that came with amazon ads on it
rooted that shit so quick

>> No.71113768

muh fellow african american

>yfw just buy 20$ koboglo

I can pretend studying while shitposting in my office now

>> No.71113998

What do you have in robotics and sheeeet? Drop it

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Pretty comfy desu

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cringe picture of the week
I bet you're fat too

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Bought a fire once for my kid. What a fucking pain in the ass, counter-intuitive, restricted, shitty piece of technology. Amazon took Android and made a fucking mockery of it. I had so many issues with kid profiles and installing games and trying to sideload anything. NEVER buy this fucker unless it's purely to read ebooks on, and even then go for the e-ink ones. Seriously, fuck Fires.

>> No.71114165

You forgot to mention pic name

>> No.71114183

There's the problem right there. Knew somebody who had one and it went to shit pretty quickly.

>> No.71114240

I only bought it because it was inexpensive with the ad version and I knew my 5yo would be tough on shit so didn't want to waste money. But my god, getting it to do anything you really want it to do is a nightmare. Not impossible. I'm not a moron. Just incredibly tedious and repetitive and slow as fuck moving between profiles (parent and kid). It's truly an example of what happens when a company hijacks technology and redesigns it to only work the way they think will keep you exclusively buying from them. Fuck Amazon.

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this tbqh

chromebooks are literally shitposting devices.

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>he can't play AAA gaymes on his iShit

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You can play Civilization 6 on an iPad.

>> No.71114387

Will it run Crysis?

>> No.71114390

but Civ V > CiV VI
You can't play V on iPad, iToddler.

>> No.71114515

The new 2018 air model has 2 gigs. Only the pro models get 4.

>> No.71114523

The ipad air from 2018 still outperforms them without a joke and costs a bit more.

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What can I do with it? I already have an iPhone and Mac.

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Just went to the Apple site and looked up this thing. I see they are still up to their deceptive practices.
>no mention of actual cores, caches or memory
>bionic chip, neural engine
Wtf does this shit even mean? Fuck this garbage company. iFags are just retards with stockholm syndrome.

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i've never been interested in tablets at all but i heard it's comfy to read manga on them so im thinking about getting one

>> No.71114713

Yes, they make very good book/comic readers. Just don't get an Apple one, you'll be wasting your money.

>> No.71114780


Well. that was hard.

Even if you did know the cores & caches, of what utility is that to you? Your chinese comics will render all the same.

>> No.71114868

Tell that to Apple. Every other manufacturer actually posts specs.
Sure iFag, I need a $1300 tablet for reading ebooks.

>> No.71114910

Don't buy a Tab A bro, I got the Tab S5e and it's slow as fuck due to Samsung's shitty disgusting OneUI despite having better specs. The minimum is the tab S5e, anything less will be painful.

>> No.71114914

My phone, at least when I inevitably drop it on my face my nose will remain intact.

>> No.71115052

sorry about the osteoporosis, grandma.

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