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>'Moar corez don't matter' Intards at Zen launch.

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>*NEW* Nothing matters!

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>hyper-threading is more cores
AMD niggers are truly braindead

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In the end it doesn't even matter.

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>4 core park is slower than 6 core part
Enjoy your paperweight

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Imagine being a 7700K owner.

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it seems to be staying ahead of a 6c/6t processor

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>tfw 4 core 4 thread 6700k

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Not like I didn't already regret it due to heat spikes not being dissipated fast enough to the ventilator.

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>Haha i-it won't change anything for gaming! Y-you'll see

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>Muh clock speed housefire!

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20% more FPS is 60 vs 72, practically unnoticeable. Stop sperging out over numbers that make little difference in actual context.

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>stutterfest intensifies

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you're retarded and fps is a retarded metric

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Yeah but when the difference is 5-7% at 640p it's important.

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intcels dont know how to read graphs it seems
explains a lot

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>cpu company living in your head, rent-free

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Should've tested Dwarf Fortress at 320x240.

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Holy shit that 7700k is smoked LOL

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So modern titles can saturate around 6 threads, instead of 1 like some people believe

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60Hz to 75Hz is a massive difference and you are a brainlet to argue this

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>hyperthreading is more coar
The absolute state of /g/...

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Yet even the 9700k didn't have hyperthreading.
When you see how it bricks the 7700k, you can fucking bet it will perform like shit when new consoles hit.

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Imagine Ryzen launched like 2 month later.

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>8700K doesn't have moar coars than 7700K

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Tfw, 8700k, is now equivalent to a 9600k.
Meanwhile, Zen2 will have 12-16 cores, so it probably doesn't even matter if SMT is enabled.

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It depends, but modern multiplatform games are built for 8 cores do the degree the devs can since that is what the PS4 and XBox One has.

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if that mongoloid steve wouldn't have gpu bottlenecked it we might have had a little more information

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Why would anyone disable HT?

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So you don't get owned.

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mitigate vulnerabilities

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Logical cores :)

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It's what Intel recommends to prevent yourself from getting hit by those newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

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now show how the 8700k rapes the 2700x in all benchmarks, even though it has 2 cores less

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now show how the 8700k rapes the 2700x in all benchmarks, even though it has 2 cores less

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you sure you're ready for that?
a lot of updates between now and when 8700k launched

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Fuck multicores. I want my single core CPU on 20 GHz.

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Microcode updates are out already showing 0 impact on consumer grade applications, there is no reason to disable HT

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Don't forget that it's also 6 core 14nm vs 8 core 12nm.

So even with smaller nm and more cores it loses.

But I'll wait for Zen2 to further shitpost.

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Compare prices not cores

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Snygga spel, SvenClockers.

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rape is a strong word for 8 percent advantage at DOUBLE the price

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so now cores actually don't matter?
oh I get it. They only don't matter when it's convenient for your point of view. Got it.

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>now show how the 8700k rapes the 2700x in all benchmarks, even though it has 2 cores less
Jo, det är ju verkligen relevant om man är idiot och inte kan läsa

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Stava det rätt åtminstone...

Du vet inte ens vart dansen kommer ifrån.

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Now show benchmarks with graphics set on low.

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What a disgusting language, speak English or get the fuck out of here shitskins.

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Why AMD CPUs suck on gaymes?

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They don't? Stop measuring your dick and self worth against benchmarks.

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Our languages are both related, as they are both Germanic with a lot of Latin loan words and are judges as one of the most easy languages in the world for English speakers to learn because of the similarities.

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The 8700K, 9700K and 9900K are not faster on gaymes than the 2600X and 2700X?

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stop trying to reason with /pol/tards

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Hvilket stygt språk engelsk er, bor du ta drap

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get raped by a pack of wild muzzies bruv

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That means that ryzen sucks because it can "only" do 130 fps while Intel can do 150 at 720p?

Do you even have a 144hz monitor?

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>price doesn't matter


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Not after applying all the security patches lol, enjoy your pozzed speed holes

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Hyperthreading is more cores whenever threads are not saturating every execution unit 100% of the time.

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It's funny to watch Intel dudes totally ignore the fact that Intel loses at every price point, the lead even on multicore that a 9900k may have is not worth paying 500 dollars when you can get threadripper for that much.

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maybe you should show a CPU that is at least almost equal in some task. I can show you my Adidas shoes are cheaper than a Ferrari but that doesn't really say much.

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yeah for starters one is a pair of shoes and the other a fucking car

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yet i constantly see intcels posting benchmarks over 200fps

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more cores on intel does matter
but more cores on AMD? its utterly useless and stupid

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Depends on needs. Intel still has a niche. But for 99% of people it's not worth the cost investing in that niche.

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Intel being a niche is not good, their market is supposed to be anyone who cares about decent performance, and ryzen is bringing it, a ryzen 5 2600 and an RX570 is a killer 1080p gaming machine.

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Well to be honest Intel is losing hard on both mainstream desktop and HEDT sales. Even in servers.

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>He bought a 7700K

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I don't believe the console CPUs have SMT. They surely will in the next generation though. They also run at like 1.6 ghz, at least for the launch ps4, so something like an i5-3470 at 3.6 ghz already blows away ps4 in multi-threaded performance. The nice thing is games becoming really multi threaded for conslows and giving me 300 fps in devil may cry 5.

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post less and lurk more

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no u

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Have you even heard the term “ computer architecture” you big brainlet?

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8 cores at 1.6 but the devs can use 7 for the game instead of just 4 when using DX11.

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There are plenty of DX11 games that use more than 4 threads. also DMC5 is a DX12 game.

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hyper threading doesn't matter

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Hi Pablo.

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Enjoy windows/linux crapping itself if you try to run more than one thing at the same time.

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>Server benchmarks
>THE benchmark

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He's kind of right, though. Increasing the utilization of a core is not totally unlike adding a fractional core.

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Seriously this is the last straw, my next purchase will be AMD.

>heh it's not that big of a deal if you only use trusted apps from the Microsoft store :^)
>otherwise just disable this feature you've paid $100 more for

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These have got to be the most cucked users out there. Just about the same as a 6700k but even hotter, 8700k went extra cores making it a terrible buy, and Zen was in the range of release. I don't even pity you fags, you got what you deserved.

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kek, that's true when we're talking 100+ or even 90+ fps. Telling the difference at that point is extremely difficult and I bet most wouldn't be able to tell on a blind test.

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