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Talk me into upgrading.

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upgrade or your mom dies

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if you don't upgrade to ryzen all the cool kids on /g/ are gonna laugh at you. you don't want the cool kids laughing at you, do you?

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Upgrade to Ryzen 2500X

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this but unironically.

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Wouldn't i be better off getting 1700X instead anyway?

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you need to upgrade to keep the economy going.

Spending all your money will help the economy to grow.

The economy can only increase if people keep spending.

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Don't. I'm still rocking mine as my main device. Literally 0 progress has been made in cpu technology.
>B-but muh gaaaames
That's why I bought a PS4, so I can play with toys sometimes.

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Digits. 2500 CPUs are never obsolete.

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Don't think I'll upgrade any time soon.

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also think before you purchase.

Match up performance and price.

can be deceiving thinking you'll get something better because you pay more

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No, there's no reason to.
Unless you are a consumist piece of shit, then you should fucking die.

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It's not like core counts have been doubled in the past 2 years and are gonna double again july of course not

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>comparing 6 cores to 8 cores
Are you autistic anon? That's not how that works

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>tfw never bought sandy when it was new
>tfw never got to have a viable gaming rig until 2017 because Intel milked quad core into the fucking ground

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literal 0 effective performance increase

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Go with the AMD R5 or just get an epyc.

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Literal autism

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>2018 CPU only 29% faster
Holy kek, unless you're getting ryzen for multicore an old ass Sandy setup still works, especially at 1080p.

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I thought the same thing until my motherboard died and I slapped in a optiplex board with a 2600 and all the newer programs/games optimized for more cores ran way better

I'll be upgrading to a new amd CPU if they live up to the hype.

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>Sandy boomer
>Want to go for Ryzen but would have to pay shitload of cash to replace CPU,Mobo, ram and cooling

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Showing an I5 and asking people to talk you into upgrading
is exactly like walking naked into a room and
asking "Guys be honest, have I got a small willy"?

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Intel had 6-cores since Nehalem, 8-cores since Broadwell.

It's not Intel's fault you can't afford it.

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Now show the frames that are above average and below average.
2600k is going to be choppy as shit, even if it averages out to something normal.

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Intel has 8 cores since Sandy Bridge-E, 12 cores since Ivy Bridge-E, 18 cores since Haswell-E (apply to HEDT)

You can put a Xeon E5 into X79/X99 you know

Only at X299 was socket R demoted to consumer/workstation only.

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Except when you are running VMs, an internet browser, and listening to music.

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Why would you upgrade, you're a faggot that only plays gay ass indie games like undertale, you dont need to upgrade.

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>More cores
>More expensive
>No performance difference for 99% of users

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>buys pozzed hardware that can barely run few shitty exclusive games at 30fps
>I'm smart, I save 100$ on pc building just by spending only 400$ on a doa console
people like you should be eradicated from the genetic pool

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>what is IPC
>what are higher clock counts period

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>>what is IPC
a meaningless buzzword used by gamers who just repeat whatever their favorite tech youtuber says
>>what are higher clock counts period
meaningless shit treated by retards who don't understand processors as performance rating

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look at this rich cunt with his i5

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>Literally 0 progress has been made in cpu technology.
Sounds like you've got it all figured out, anon. I wish I could be that smart.

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>used by gamers
>meaningless shit
At least now we know you're a baiting retard, thanks.

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Just study hard and do DMT

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nobody who actually understands computers and how they work would throw around nebulous non-metrics like that, let alone seriously use clock speed as an argument for anything. you sound like the kind of gullible idiot who bought a Pentium 4 in the 2000s just because the numbers were bigger

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Why are you here? Go away.

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>that desktop
>that browser

you purposely launched a vm to screenshot this bait. i applaud you, anon.

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>shitload of cash
mobo 100$
ram sub 100$
cpu 150-180$
cooling not needed critically as it comes with stock cooler

shit load of cash... wha-what...

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Got a SAN attached to that beast?

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IPC is something fucking AMD poos bring up, its a fucking buzzword it means nothing.

People used to talk about bus speeds and actual use cases now they poo about with IPC and random ass meaningless statistics.

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Based mac OS 9 poster, I hope windows 7 can shitpost in 2029.

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how are bus speeds useful per se when bus width can vary?

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To anyone looking for a semi-serious answer, if you're looking to play games like battlefield or squad or anything with high player count, a new i7 will be beneficial to your minimum FPS.

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very based

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It's much more straightforward to quantify a transfer rate of a data bus than it is to develop some weasily fuck-off average of performance based on some arbitrary mix of diverse instructions.

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you're fine until zen2

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I use one of these for my Minecraft server PC

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the absolute state of australians

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Wait for zen2.

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>Being so poor you can't even activate Windows for free

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>he doesn't buy a console when its lifespan has ended so it's not only dirt cheap but you have access to the whole catalogue of games from its generation for like $5 each without needing to get hyped by future releases

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I still run a i7 960 since 10 years and i still handles the future well, since Intel doin nothing spectacular in the future, I might gona go with AMD after they released the new Zen2 CPUs

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Too much for barely a change

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I don't think a 2500K supports the BMI2 instruction set.

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a rock64 is my minecraft server

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you should at least consider getting a 2600k, the extra threads are well worth it.

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I owned a 920, I didn't bother with the Intel Extreme CPUs back then.

Although I almost bought the 5820k but I settled for the 4770k.

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You can get a PS4 pro/Xbox One S plus a handful of games for that money

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mein Bruder!

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>Talk me into upgrading.
Not my job.

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If you don't play new gaymes and have a mid-tier VGA, you have no real reason to upgrade. The 2500k was probably my best IT choice, but I have to say, that newer games will eat that 4 core, even OC'd.
t. 7700K owner

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>tfw got nonk version
I can get 3670k for 50 bucks, should i go for it or just save money and make a full upgrade to 2nd gen ryzen oc?

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You're vulnerable to a lot of shit and AMD is really competitive now.

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Yeah but in return you didn't have to spend any money on CPU and motherboard in the last 8 years. Sandyvagbros have effectively jumped at least one upgrade.

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Who here team /Intel 2500K and waiting out for Ryzen 3000 benchmarks/?

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>n-no progress has been made
>slower than my laptop


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"3670K" doesn't exist. If you mean the 3570K it's not worth it, same thread count as the 2500K, only with slightly higher stock clock (but your 2500K is probably overclocked anyway). The only worthwhile upgrade I see on the 1155 socket is an 8 thread CPU like the 3770K, but in my eyes those are way too expensive for the small performance gain.

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Probably pretty evenly matched when overclocked, maybe even edging out your CPU. I've had like 30% gains in CPU benchmarks at 4.3 GHz on my 2500K compared to stock.

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How much more worth is it to have the k version? I autisticly bought the non k cuz "overclocking is bad bro"

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imagine being so fat that you need a cpu to calculate your body mass index

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>upgrade from 3570k to 8600k
>get (((mitigated)))

At least it's still better FPS in CSGO than the equivilant Ryzen. Oh wait I stopped playing games.

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No, get a 3700X.

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>considering AMD over Intel
lmao, the absolute state of /g/.

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>peak overclocked bench
Can’t you read?

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Who 7600K overclocked to 4.6GHz here?

Could probably push it to 5GHz, but no real need. 1.2V as well.

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Been using mine since 2011. Not feeling any kind of slowdown at all. Normally at this point a computer should be feeling horribly sluggish and making you pull your hair out for an upgrade, but at the current rate I could see myself still using this in another 10 years time

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And now you know the real reason behind meltdown and zombieload

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Any x79/x99 cpu second hand/used under 200/300 $ worth getting? Asking cuss I have seen some cheap x79/x99 mobos around me but there is alsofound a deal on a delidded 9900k cpu that can do 5.1 stable at 1,36 V for about 350$ or a lil over

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>not 2600k
>costa rica

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Any x79/x99 cpu second hand/used under 200/300 $ worth getting? Asking because I have seen some cheap x79/x99 mobos around me but I also found a deal on a delidded 9900k cpu that can do 5.1 stable at 1,36 V for about 350$ or a lil over

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How can I upgrade my willy?

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m.2 is pretty cool, though I'd wait for PCIE 4.0

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Upgrade to make AMDrones seeth.

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Been running one of these for like 4 years at 4.7GHz (4.8 for a few months but bumped it down for stability and heat).
It's pretty good desu.

>> No.71092704

Mine's only at 4.3GHz with a +0.050 voltage bump, basically never goes over 60°C. Hell, the fan hardly even has to spin up.

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honestly i'd buy one just for the cool box I can make D&D props with

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I had one and went to a 2600k just to max out what I could do on the socket. That being said with all the exploits being exposed I will probably go Zen2 just to get off the platform. I suppose if all you do is play bought games and watch movies you're fine on it but since it's in the wild i'm expecting various apps and especially pirated crap to start using those exploits.

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I ran my 2500k for 8 years at 4.5 under 1.3 volts as a daily driver on air with a mid range board that has shitty 4+1+1 phase control and is still alive. It's not like you have to put a water loop on it to get all the raw performance you can from it.

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2600k is best 1155 chip out there really. It clocks as high as 2700k despite some claiming that 2700k is binned better. It beats Ivy Bridge because they intentionally removed the soldered IHS that allowed Sandy Bridge to clock as high as it does.

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I'm still on mine now but I'm absolutely terrified of even being on the internet. The exploits are in the wild now so you could get fucked at any second.

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I'm only running legit apps for now and all the games I play are purchased. As long as you aren't going to questionable sites and installing warez you should be fine.

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>roll 2d12
>we don't have a dice
>roll 2i9 instead

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Don't upgrade, it is #NEVEROBSOLETE

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Same. I do not know why I need to upgrade. Mine is an I7 from 2014.

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Unless you want video rendering and/or high end emulation don't bother

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