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On linux yes. A mouse for each hand, and it was great.

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No, it's two mice competing for one arrow.
I found it amusing as a kid.

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kys stupid faggot nigger frogposter

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shut up

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>faggot nigger
Those are some very charged words, please refrain from using them in the future. Thanks.

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two mice on the same arrow, at least on windblows

t. using two mice

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I'm doing that right now. One is a USB mouse and one is a PS/2 mouse. The PS/2 mouse is a backup for when the USB craps out on the PC sometimes (old mobo).

On some games like Arma 2 you can make an ghetto steering wheel with a second optical mouse you can use to control steering for vehicles. The other mouse is the main mouse for everything else. (pic related)

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>you can make an ghetto steering wheel

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That's fucking amazing

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I like it.

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Works for Rapelay....

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very nice.

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Imagine what you could achieve with 1/10 of this guy's dedication.

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Pretty good, anon.

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my homemade fleshlight probably wouldn't have fallen apart after one use.

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Used to do this to play 2player split screen in Settlers 2.

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There's some games that support multiplayer with two mice.

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There was a point when I was working that I used both a mouse and a trackpad. I used the trackpad for gestures and the mouse for actual mouse work. Now I mostly just use my keyboard and the mouse is mostly for games.

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You can convert yours even to yoke...

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god damn chink nigger wet fags polluting my god damn boards telling people to stop posting frog jpegs

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>connecting 2 mice
>only 1 PS/2 port supporting mouse input
I am not sure what you are getting at, anon.

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Linux is a kernel. It does not even have a graphical interface which would be able to display a single cursor.

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Linux is an operating system. Go eat some foot fruit.

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No it isn't.

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kek... I still have the iso

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what the fuck

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Fucking autist
People like you is the reason normies dont know about linux

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Imagine being this stupid

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No but... it is possible through secondary software.

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When you connect a mouse to a laptop you technically have two mice now connected to the laptop (the touchpad).

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....the hell is this?

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No it's not, go eat foot lettuce

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>heh nothin personnel kid

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Sasuga Anon

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jesus lol

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>an ghetto steering wheel

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extremely based

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anon is based

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Get raped and kill yourself, you retarded fucking faggot sack of nigger shit with down syndrome.

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You hold the controller like a steering wheel, baka.

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OP have you ever had the chance to do a bit of work with a laptop? Just wondering

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I always roll with two mice; ones a kensington trackball for comfy browsing, while i have a gaymen mouse with lights and buttons all over to compete.

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I'm not going to make fun of you. Good job, anon! That was marvelously clever.

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what a fucking beast.

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These are honestly amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with a keyboard.

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You can have two pointers quite easily: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multi-pointer_X
However, it doesn't really do much in most applications except letting each mouse's pointer move independently. For clicks and mouseover, most programs just recognize the most recently active pointer.

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thats fucking awesome anon.

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I highly respect you both, and will now be fashioning my own ghetto controllers

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I can't even imagine what it'd be useful for. Maybe for a game that two people control different cursors.

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Best timeline.

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Both wired?

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Which is a good thing

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Put me in the screen cap with brainlets who never heard of diy arcade controllers

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>On some games like Arma 2 you can make an ghetto steering wheel with a second optical mouse you can use to control steering for vehicles.
Absolutely fucking genius I gotta try this.

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>OP's post is directly board related
>yours is a low effort shitpost to fit in with other redditor newfags

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If I remember correctly, you may need to do a custom setting for it in Arma 2. It would be a simple setting for the driving land vehicles or whatever.

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Have you never had a laptop with a mouse connected? They just both control the pointer.

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I tried it, both mice moved just one cursor arrow on screen.

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I used to feel clever when I swapped between controller and M+KB controls in GTA Online when on driving or on foot, respectively. This is the next level.

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Oh that's fine I'll figure it out. Thanks for the tip.

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Good stuff annon

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Yeah, and thinkpads have three in this case.

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Of course I find this out shortly after buying an actual wheel controller

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>that monitor
>steering wheel
Are you Russian?

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Linus is a techtip

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You win interwebs holy shit.

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based, but unironically

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>When you buy a 2k usd racing setup but you get lapped in Forza by a guy with a dirty pickle bucket lid.

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*audible kek*

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I actually have that config in my bedroom, where both TV and desktop screen are connected to the same machine.
So it just ontrols the same mouse cursor, but it would be fun if I could have 2.

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>gaming on non proprietary wheel
>laps guy with 3k setup in forza
absolutely based /v/ eternally btfo

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It'd be neat to have games that supported it.

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Serf City supports it.

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Oh right split screen too. A SHMUP might work. 1 person pilots the ship while every other player who has a mouse hooked to the PC controls an additional weapon that can fire from their side of the ship. More usb ports with mice = more guns to fire. Left or right mouse button for different mode of fire with mouse wheel to control power level/fire rate.

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Have sex

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When I was a kid I had Settlers 2 on my IBM-compatible 486 and you could use two mice at once and play split screen with a friend, each mouse controlling one of the two pointers on the screen.

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i dont think i understand this one

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You pull/push the white tube forwards/backwards under the mouse to simulate pulling/pushing a flight yolk for a flight video sim.

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the controller is attached to a shaft over a mouse, when you turn the controller the mouse turns the car.

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Gamepad w/added gyro axis via the optical mouse sensor.

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but you can get software to do it


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i think there has to be more than 1 method to do this.

first time faced this problem was when I tried to connect 2 crt lightguns. and i did get to make both work back then.

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Actually, GNU/Linux is an operating system, or as I've taken to calling it, GNU+Linux

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I don't even have to plug in a mouse and I already have two.

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Holy shit, so many newfags here that haven't seen that pic

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Put me in the screencap

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This is why I still come here.

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(+ GNU Linux)

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am I too late for the screencap?

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I've only posted that pic like 3 times since I took it.

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please make me part of meme history and put me in the screencap

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wonder what he saw

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i bet my left nut that this guy is from ex-yu

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>Araki reacts to a doujin by CLAMP.

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What is that?

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No this one acts as a yoke

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An absolute legend

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>ghetto steering wheel
>Is an actual ghetto as fuck steering wheel
I expected something else when I read that color me surprised. Well done /g/.

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fucking kek. this is what i come here to see

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No then I'm not, but I do make lots of ghetto-type DIY stuff.

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nice try, FBI
go away, CIA
no way, NSA

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include me in the screencap for reddit

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Isn't that AMD's CEO?

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impressive shit

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posting in legendary thread

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I use a mouse and a trackball at work everyday. If the trackball had a scroll wheel, I wouldn't need the mouse.

>> No.71085334

nice attempt at obscurity, department of homeland security

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MAME cab guys figured this out decades ago

>> No.71085812

clean that fucking steering wheel

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put me on the screencap

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>steering wheel

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You forgot to say "yikes"

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based boomer

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ghetto "steering wheels" make me fucking cringe

just dont fucking do it

no matter how poor you are

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Why? If it works it works

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cause it is too fucking trash to be enjoyable

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Or just basic xorg functionality.

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I can't believe you're unironically taking this opportunity to shill some shit, kill yourself.

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Yeah na ghetto steering wheel is less cringe then buying ur pic.

>> No.71088391

I don't see how a wheel and set of pedals is cringey

>> No.71088394

sorry i was hired by thrustmaster and i am just doing my job

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handbrake with space

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So can I use 2 arrows on Linux

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tell me theres window wipers, just make my fucking week

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based ldap retard

>> No.71088956

This just by a car at that point

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Absolutely halal

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/r/ing a pic of dildos instead of paddles for >>71088180
for trying to rip on this guy>>71067290

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>poorfag cope

>> No.71089755

Damn sucka, what are you gonna do wit all then (you)s

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Spoiler: Graphical Tablets, but also touch input count as "second mouse".

Why is this /b/-tier thread still up?

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>not simply using a dualshock or xbox controller for all vehicle related stuff in arma2
You can even let it stay connected and switch to it on the fly without having to change any input settings.

>> No.71090567

I have a Logitech Rumble Pad 2 I used, but only for flying.

>> No.71091036

15 pin logitech wingman to play red baron 3d on. am i doing it right?

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IQ: 200!!!!!!!

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Did you remember to sage?

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>Why is this /b/-tier thread still up?

There seems to be a post farming (You)s.

>> No.71091931

this op is too young to post here

>> No.71091932

sure, connected to a VM

>> No.71091941

This. We'd have even more shit like ElementaryOS otherwise.

>> No.71091964

ElementaryOS is good though (except for that Desktop Icon bullshit)

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Is that a moldy bucket lid? Seriously dude.

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>playing Arma 2 server
>wander into the road after my platoon, getting stuck behind
>all of a sudden, I hear a car coming
>hear crackling noise from speakers, sounds like scraping against cardboard
>check speakers for problem
>scraping getting louder
>hear guy in microphome breathing heavily, small, short giggling
>massive scrape noise and guy exclaims in mic
>behold car Kansai drifting across the screen around me
>scraping rapidly as the guy adjusts his power steering
>car disappears around the corner as quickly as it comes

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You've gotta admire this anon who took the time to make this ghetto steering wheel but couldn't bother to actually wash the fucking pickle jar lid he used.

>> No.71094092

Fuck you I have a bloody nose and that made me snort the rag out and spray blood on my phone

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When there's a need, there's a way

>> No.71094685

That's a 5-gallon bucket lid and it was washed. lol

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This man is living in 1990's 2020

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>all those zoomers ITT who have never done anything DIY in their lives

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people like you move the world forward anon and I mean that unironically

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baking in a unforgettable bread, include me in the screencap.

>> No.71097495

posting in an ebin thread
include me in the screencap plz

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