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*randomly shits itself*
*everyone blames you*

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>be retard
>shit breaks

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>be retard
>use terminal/server OS for desktop

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>Linux breaks
>wtf is this piece of shit, how can anyone use this, freetards explain yourselves

>Windows breaks
>oh microsoft, you so zany!

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GNU/Linux doesn't """randomly""" break, it's a fucking OS, not magic.

That's the way to go if you want stability.

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>performs poorly
>"Dude ur LITERALLY retarded for not rooting it and installing custom firmware from Rhajeesh" "Huh what do you mean banking app?"

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What was the last time Windows actually broke that isn't some obscure bug nobody but vir/g/ins are aware of?
Windows 10 has been the smoothest experience ever for every tech illiterate out there. It's install and go.

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That time when Windows 10 erased your documents.

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You mean Windows NT? Besides, if windows breaks yourself you better hope you have a direct solution. Most of the time fixing a windows installation involves booting up a recovery disk to access the terminal. And then you have to deal with the horrors of the windows subsystem. It's a miracle that linux, as complicated as it is, is even able to be understood unlike the enigmatic complexity of windows, whose own developers have long forgotten the mechanisms of. In fact many bugs on Linux are fixed by the users. A task that wouldn't be possible if not for it's simplicity.

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>What was the last time Windows actually broke that isn't some obscure bug nobody but vir/g/ins are aware of?
Not the guy you are responding to, but last time I installed Windows 10 (about 2 years ago), it would immediately after installation download and install Windows updates, which included a broken update for my Ethernet NIC, which made Windows shit itself on the next reboot and I had no network connectivity whatsoever. The solution was to take the computer offline and reinstall Windows, disable updates and only then bring it online. Me and the sysadmin eventually figured out a way to blacklist that particular update. AFAIK there were never a fix for the broken Ethernet driver update, at least for around a year. I've changed job since and haven't used Windows since, so I don't know if it was finally fixed.

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every few months a simple Windows 10 update becomes a disaster and eventually gets delayed until pajeets at microshit figure out what happened

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Stop uising meme distros
And install xubuntu

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The only time W10 was a disaster was just after launch and only with W7 -> W10 installs rather than clean ones.

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A quick search for "Windows update breaks" on Google disproves that.

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Out of the 3 times I installed W10, 2 installations gave me serious issues. One got stuck in a permanent update loop and the other refused to configure administrative settings properly and shat itself on non-english characters.

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It's actually a Mainframe OS you dork

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>he doesn't know about bsod

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When windows is brought up suddenly every linux user becomes a poweruser and a programmer

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Well, it is a matter of fact that most people using Linux on their desktop tend to be more computer literate and proficient than their Windows counterparts.

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Yeah but the majority of linux users arent programmers

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Sure, but at the very least all linux users are the kind of people who can install their own OS. On Windows that's maybe a quarter of users, and I'm being generous here.

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Ofcourse a quarter of windows users know how to install an os, windows has more than a billion users and a large chunk of them (if not the majority) Use it on laptops only

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I would think that a majority of Linux users on /g/ are programmers, studying programming or at least know how to program. But I'll admit that this is just a hunch.

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It probably doesn't work as well for people who like doing obscure shit like programmers and such. I've never had it break either but I also have never tried anything out of the ordinary for a Windows user

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Hi Microsoft. Hope you are having a nice day.

Regards, Linux user.

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>what was the last time windows actually broke that isn't some obscure bug nobody but vir/g/ins are aware of?
oh, so it's OK if windows sometimes breaks? lmao
>windows 10 has been the smoothest experience
not for me, no. At least, compared to linux
here's my experience:
- explorer.exe crashes when opening folder of many pictures on NVMe SSD (works fine on linux)
- if it doesn't crash, lags, like opening on HDD
- install updates; reboot few times
- want to shut down computer? nope, install updates first
god forbid you'll use windows 10 with hdd (disk usage 100%)
or using windows 10 with slow internet (downloads updates or features whenever it wants)
I'd say, that only reason (for me) to use windows is video games, it's smoother than linux (because some games doesn't work on wine stable or as intended), even then I have random game crashes

windows is shit, if you disagree, you don't really belong on /g/ (mind the sticky); >>>/v/ is more your audience, buddy.

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>explorer.exe crashes when opening folder of many pictures on NVMe SSD
no it doesnt
>if it doesnt crash, lags like opening on HDD
i never had windows crash or lag on me
>install updates
If you decide to ignore every single update and stack them up a year later they will take time to install with an HDD
>want to shut down computer? nope install updates first
You have the option to shut down your pc without installing an update first
>god forbid you'll use windows 10 with hdd (disk usage 100%)
yes this is a legit issue with windows 10 and it can be fixed by using an SSD
>using windows 10 with slow internet (downloads updates or features whenever it wants)
uhhh no it doesnt is windows, how can slow internet make it windows 10 go autistic?
I'd say, that only reason (for me) to use windows is video games, it's smoother than linux (because some games doesn't work on wine stable or as intended), even then I have random game crashes
I never had a game crash on me but yeah windows supports any and every kind of software natively while linux needs emulators like wine and virtual machines for software that it doesnt support

Your post in a nutshell
windows 10 bad linux good
anyone who likes windows 10 deserves to go to the /vg/ulags

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>You mean Windows NT?
No one would be stupid enough to use Windows on a server.

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>lalalala your issues don't count because I say so
Honest to god shilling, I hope you're getting paid at least.

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moot was

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No, 4chan was run on macOS. But not anymore.

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The "hosted on 8 mac minis" was clearly a joke, are you positively retarded?

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You're doing the exact same thing but you're shilling for linux

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>Stop using meme distros
>And install a meme spinoff of a meme distro based on a tranny meme distro with a meme DE

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lol, you still think it was a joke? Holy fucking worked. I guess that's all I can expect from some newfag who never even worked with moot.

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Nobody has a stake in you using linux.

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>lol, you still think it was a joke?
You really think moot would do something like that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

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I know the truth, you newfags don't.

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Do you seriously believe that 4chan was hosted in moots basement on a cluster of mac minis in 2012, when it hit over 200 million unique visitors every day? That was clearly a joke.

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I guess you really think the storage was an USB stick too, don't you?

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I saw it myself in New York.
lol get worked

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>I saw it myself in New York.
Cool story bro

>lol get worked
That's what moot actually claimed (although everyone except literal retards knew he was joking). See pic in >>71045657

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see >>71045679

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see >>71045802

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Stop flirting with me, faggot.

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Notice me, senpai!

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4chan doesn't need too much storage, it says 1095GB active content on the front page but keep in mind there was no built in archive, no .webms and most people used shitty jpegs

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>list my issues I had with windows 10
why would you defend something you don't know? these were my issues, obviously, experience might wary from user to user, because not everyone are using same hardware or same software has installed.

you know how I know you're retarded and do not belong on /g/? by this sentence:
>but yeah, WINDOWS SUPPORTS any and every kind of software natively
>devs makes software for windows
most retarded thing to say
you're literally one of clowns who blames linux if they try to use some hardware where manufacturers do not support linux and don't have linux drivers

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You aren't an oldfag just because you post old pictures.

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No, but at least I'm not autistic and think everything moot says is automatically true when he's achieved the biggest troll of them all and selling this cesspool to hiroshima nagasaki for over a million dollars when it was worth shit.

Also, 4chan clearly used cloudflare in 2012 you dumb shit.

See above

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Not talking about 2012, you newfag.

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It was never hosted on a mac mini cluster... Just stop already, this is retarded.

>> No.71045885

You weren't there. You're chatting bollocks.

>> No.71045902

See >>71045657

Stop impersonating 4chan staff.

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Wrong. I never referred to that image. Such a newfag.
Nup, just know moot unlike you.

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What OS was he running on them then?

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He used cloudflare for DDoS mitigation not hosting, moot would never lie to us btw.

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OS X Server.

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Yeah, he hosted everything off an USB stick too!!!

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Moot has always run a LAMP stack retard

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he used freebsd on his cluster

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For me it was a couple of days ago when I plugged my phone into a USB3.0 extension card in my laptop, which instantly made it bluescreen. Before that, it was about a year ago when I did a clean install of 10, and it picked the wrong sound driver out of the 2 that were supposedly compatible. I could switch it in device manager and have it work for a while, until it was reset by updates. Eventually it got fixed after reinstalling the whole OS.

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That's all I have

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LOL!! You sure got mad! I was only baiting, newfags like you.

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Okay, thanks. I also think moot may have switched to nginx at some point too, do you know anything about which server implementation he used?

>> No.71046303

>We write pages to disk as compressed HTML, and make use of nginx's gzip_static and gunzip modules to serve them. So every time a person posts, we regenerate the applicable reply and index HTML.

>> No.71046347

Appreciate it anon. Thanks a lot.

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Windows 10 breaks frequently but people don't specifically attribute it to win10 when it does, just 'random computer stuff'. When you use Linux you've specifically gone out of your way to install it and you're hyper aware of what's happening. With windows you're mentally turned off because you've used it your whole life. Look into baby duck syndrome - it's just to do with how people interprate user experiances, not the products themselves.

>> No.71046703

Is that also why I fucking hate all touchscreen interfaces?

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Wrong, my laptop was unusably slow and also mandatory update reminders constantly. Installed Arch and everything works as expected, albeit I accidentally cucked half my RAM which doesn't matter for what I'm using it for.

>> No.71047095

Lol 4chan is hosted in a data center in DTLA and runs on FreeBSD. Or at least it did when the whole mac mini meme came about.

>> No.71047129

>What's magisk?

>> No.71047671

See >>71046136

He was merely "pretending" to be stupid

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>Because banking is the one true task the computer must be fucking designed around.

Fucking A.

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Name 5 non-meme linux distributions.

>> No.71049230

Fedora(either normal or silverblue)

>> No.71049311

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

>> No.71049328

I only found 4
Gentoo (could use more devs though)
OpenSUSE (really pushing it)
not bad, but
Declared as a meme in my previous post.
In its current state I'd say it's a meme in total, makes much better use of the available security features than most other distros though.
No point when Gentoo exists.

>> No.71049394

Declared as meme
Meme when you can have RHEL for free with a dev pass, otherwise if you ever need to install EPEL you should just switch to Fedora.
>Debian, Slackware
see >>71049328

>> No.71049416

>Declared as meme
I don't care what you think, it is by far one of the most widely used distros on both desktop and servers.

Okay, retard. Confirmed for not knowing jack shit.

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It's inherently broken you niggerfaggot kike, and it's practically useless.

>> No.71050205

>terminal os
The absolute state

>> No.71050241

Literally noone gives a fuck about what os you use pajeet. In fact, most people here are glad you dont shit up our forums even more with inane questions. Its just funny to get (You)s by coping insecure retards like you, even if its obviously bait.

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This makes your os virtually unshittable.

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I have only identified a handful of instances where Linux "shits itself":

A. The end user did something retarded without realizing it.
B. Nvidia drivers can be a pain, and updates can make things go a little wonky. This is more on Nvidia for not following a single standard on Linux.
C. On occasion, updates on a rolling release distro can screw something up.

So, in other words, use hardware that's well supported by the OS, use a stable distribution, and don't be a retard.

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kek and this is why i use bsd

>> No.71052394

Meme status is irrelevant. Just use any distro, meme or non-meme.

>> No.71052460

Guix System and NixOS are very good distros.

>> No.71052599

>blue screens of death
>updates randomly deleting files
>forced restarts

>> No.71053627

>practically useless
>primary supported platform for games

>> No.71054590

it literally deleted my documents out of the blue after a (((forced update))), which is when i finally said "fuck this" and moved to loonix. No issues since, and the plasma thing is way comfier to use than Windows.

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> Want to change home folder name
> Google the fuck out of it
> Fuck. No simple way to do this.
> Fuck up the registry
> Edge takes several minutes to load
> Reinstall
> Uncheck all the boxes for data collection and syncing
> WTF? Now my desktop looks exactly like my laptop
> Well at least reinstalling Office was a fucking breeze.
> Reload all my backed up files.

Seriously it "just werks" but damn, I don't like not knowing what is going on under the hood.

>> No.71055129

not that I'm disagreeing with you on most of it but for the first part
>what are symlinks

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I mean I was trying to change the user profile name. I didn't want to create another admin profile to create another user profile to merge files and delete the original admin profile. You know what fuck this shit. I'm gonna shrink my windows partition and reinstall Ubuntu. I just keep wangblows so I can learn Excel for dem jobskillz.

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Windows 10 did an update and now I can’t restart my computer without disconnecting my external backup drive. Not that that drive is that useful because I was using windows backup and now that seems to be completely broken. These are both known windows 10 issues that I found people discussing on forums but there is no known solution for either of them.

>> No.71055288

you sound an awful lot like a person who has never used windows

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