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PTP demise thread

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
- FAQ https://pastebin.com/thLgSkNE
- WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers
- PYRAMID https://uploadir.com/u/pdmhcfez
- TEN CURRY COMMANDMENTS https://pastebin.com/raw/dBbdE73M
- TEN NEON COMMANDMENTS https://pastebin.com/raw/Ud2pGYaE

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.

Previous >>71010511

>PassThePopcorn: Just to provide everyone an update: We are likely looking at 3+ days of downtime while we work on restoring services. We will be back.

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Sysops in jail

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refugee invites when

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stupid pirates don't you know your harming the economy

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>anime up
>normieshit down

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Again how do i join ggn quickly

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I'd advise everyone to exit the IRC. It is most likely a honey pot at this point.

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Good tracker for documentries?

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my biggest concern is how do they know exactly how much days of downtime would they have?
looks scary

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Estimation given by the FBI's coders.

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Well that was easy. When was the last time they opened?

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22 Sep 2018

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I'm guessing they'll open in September again?

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it's over

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>windows vista
based as fuck

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Is awesomeHD still functioning?

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give me the link nigga i'm trying to watch the new catch 22, haven't used my account in years

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Thanks brother. And what's the deal with PTP are they actually fucked?

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>Seeding as a ratiolet

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no it's just a bunch of fearmongering niggers seething they're not on ptp

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see the OP
>Just to provide everyone an update: We are likely looking at 3+ days of downtime while we work on restoring services. We will be back.

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based private indexer user. no need to be restricted to torrents.

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When PTP comes back, I'm going to buy another hard drive that same day and I'm going to download every single one of my 240 bookmarks.

This shit freaks me the fuck out.

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I hope they extend the freelech becaues of this downtime.

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Private tracker keks

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PTP is fine you cucks

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I commented on that tweet. lel

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is that a day or two beyond the original 3 day estimate, or just a day or two total?

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hes such a cuck

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It's an estimate. Try running a website. Any website. And hardware issues and downtime within a 10 year period is completely normal.


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Awesome, thanks!

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It's fucking over bros...

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>he doesn't know gordonquid
>Literally one of the 1%
>fucks everybody's wives
>he is the cucker, not the cucked

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No servers sounds like a hardware issue to me. :^)

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hes a fag from france who has literal autism and got cucked out of the amazon request thread by most people so he begs for shit.

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>tfw the only cabal tracker you're in is getting secretly raided by the Chinese

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I don't understand how someone into private trackers isn't already hoarding a lifetime of media. The free internet obviously isn't going to last much long.

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>this is where gordonquid watches his illegal movies from PTP


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>watches modern wrestling
>loves made for tv movies
makes sense

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>Probably doesn't even have composite cables

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nigga the PS2 uses its own connector that can go to composite, s-video, or component iirc. its pretty based

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I meant component. But the one that comes with the original ps2 is trash. My eyes don't even work while looking at the fucking screen

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It's EU, so it's SCART.

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regardless you have to be poor as fuck to connect that to an LCD monitor lmao. only good for a trinitron or something

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>listen to obscure local band
>remember song
>look it up but can't find them anywhere
>one (1) song on youtube, not it
>literally nowhere to buy CD
>find guy on discogs who has it (only one who does)
>ask him how to buy it
>idk lol
>Can you give me a copy?
>WTF piracy is wrong!
>then can I buy it from you?
>NOPE you should have purchased it when they sold it
>actual band members are fucking dead
I actually PM'd the radio host about it and she said yes she had it but, she obviously doesn't want to lose her job.

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If something isn't being produced anymore, why the fuck SHOULDN'T they be allowed to give it out?

It's more exposure to something you can't even buy anyway, so what would it matter?

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Nice kino station. Does this fag live in some destitute ex-soviet country?

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PTP raided

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The worst part about this PTP downtime is that the IRC is still up but I haven't logged into the IRC server in so long that my nick is no longer registered and so I can't even idle there anyway. Fucking hell.

Ah, an African country.

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>he doesn't have a bouncer

>> No.71039688

Maybe you should have got it then, huh?

>> No.71039712

what band/album
sometimes people in /mu/ sharethreads can find crazy shit. also slsk

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I already posted there, made a decent request on RED, and the only thing on SLSK was the same song on youtube. Probably a youtube rip desu.
I've even setup alerts on ebay & amazon but nothing.

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wait is PTP actually kill

>> No.71039826

>>find guy on discogs who has it (only one who does)
>>ask him how to buy it
>>idk lol
>>Can you give me a copy?
>>WTF piracy is wrong!
>>then can I buy it from you?
>>NOPE you should have purchased it when they sold it
this guy should be beaten

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What are good backup movie trackers for PTP? Obviously I can't get into HDBits. Is Awesome-HD any good?

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How will I watch my movie if PTP is down?

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Hahahaha what a fucking shithead. Look at that shitty TV.

>> No.71039905

BHD if you really want 4k remuxes.

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Poor guy is probably on some welfare benefit. AAH ou RSA maitre course bordel de merde.

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AHD is the indian version of hdb.
>Bloated encodes
>Dead tracker. 10000 registered users but only 5000 active.
>Stalled development. They have the worst and ugliest Gazelle implementation of the cabal trackers
>Full blu-rays aren't allowed
>Their good internals have moved to hdb. Only the curry and bloated groups stay
>Non-existant library. They don't care about retention, except for their shitty internals and users are only seedbox pump n dumping to become hd-kings and get into hdb

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>be me
>some asshole messages me about CD
>rude as shit
>demands I make him a rip
>doesn't mention what format
>has nothing to offer in return
>tell him he should have bought it when it came out
>wants to buy it, offers me $5
>retails for $35
>spazs out calls me an asshole

mfw I got the final laugh and I don't even own the album

>> No.71040098

I would say which, but I already posted about it here. And it's a local band.
You could simply look up the request and post my username now. And my city.
No thanks.

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>ADC head honcho is unwell again
Another non-shit sysop should be hired already and maybe animay should be demoted for spreading FUD

>> No.71040242

The sysop doesn't want to let go of the site due to either paranoia, or much more likely at this point, an ego complex. AsianCinema has a long way to go for it to be a replacement, but maybe a replacement has to be made. Both have/had Paypal donations too which is fucking retarded.

>> No.71040256

paypal is based
i donation on whatcd using paypal
i wish sights would bring it back because fuck learning about cryptocoin dogshit
no donations from me until that is fixed

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should just move shit to avistaz, ptp and btn while working on a new tracker.

>> No.71040275

does ptp and btn allow customs? and honestly, neither have good retention on raw disc dumps like adc had. avistaz retention is pretty bad too.

>> No.71040300

they dont allow fan edits. i know ptp allows hybrid remuxes and encodes.

>> No.71040386

wait ptp does. i remember downloading some japanese dvd5 and dvd9 that were customs from adc.

>> No.71040461

Reminder that the "we'll be back" message on ADC was put up april 1st :^)

>> No.71040490

PTP sometimes allows custom stuff. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the rules are applied. It's also possible that PTP's torrent checkers no idea when some foreign film is a custom job unless it's obviously labeled as such.

It's like how their torrent checkers failed to notice at least one Chinese user flooding the site with SD encodes of Hong Kong movies but a bunch of them had Mandarin dubs instead of the original Cantonese audio. I had to report the few that I downloaded and messaged the guy about making sure his rips include the original language.

ADC isn't coming back. The site's userbase was shrinking more and more every month, which is never a good thing when it already had a very niche group of people interested in it. An extended downtime like this is probably the final nail in the coffin. The site might come back, but a lot of the users won't.

>> No.71040533

Nuh-uh! AHD is resuming it's rightful place as the leading movie tracker in the world! It's going to be awesome!

>> No.71040546

Doesn't AHD have rules against SD encodes or something? (ie banning most older movies)

>> No.71040555

all the custom stuff i downloaded were just discs with subs. nothing too different.

>does a tracker with HD in the name allow SD content

>> No.71040567


>does Awesome HD allow SD content

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>tfw no good site to look for movies since ptp is down

>> No.71040861

They'll just have to adjust and learn to love the SD. Or create ASD, the perfect companion site to AHD.

>> No.71041009

i miss x264me, my anons

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>tfw have a backlog that would take me weeks to watch if I started right now and played them back to back

>> No.71041030

>tfw me too but I feel like I'm addicted to finding even more stuff to download

>> No.71041058

It's more about the chase than the catch anon. Embrace the hunt. I got plenty of shit movies I've downloaded to encode that I'll never watch.

>> No.71041101

bros pls tell me society glitch is gonna come back...

>> No.71041149

society glitch is gonna come back

>> No.71041168

thnx bb

>> No.71041311

>ADC isn't coming back. The site's userbase was shrinking more and more every month, which is never a good thing when it already had a very niche group of people interested in it. An extended downtime like this is probably the final nail in the coffin. The site might come back, but a lot of the users won't.
Immediate database backup when?

>> No.71041322


Your 10 gig bounty is wasted now please fuck off

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You do realize that it'd take ten seconds to find you with all the details you've already mentioned right?

>> No.71041382

I got a spare 15 seconds, go for it anon

Let's take turns on guessing which gay ass metal band it is

>> No.71041451

Send me a RED invite then LMFAO

>> No.71041455

post that email anon

>> No.71041459


>> No.71041464

[email protected]

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What's y'all's favorite VPN? I've been debating between NordVPN and running a VPN out of a Raspberry Pi hooked up to this douchebag I know's wifi.

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>> No.71041515

>ptp goes down for 3 days
>not using based ahd

>> No.71041525

>AHD has everything

>> No.71041529

the selection is shit, man

>> No.71041536

not hard to beat nothing at all

>> No.71041559

>he's not on HDB

>> No.71041576

hdb is the orpheus of movie trackers

>> No.71041588

hdb is the 2nd best movie tracker right now

>> No.71041599

>hdb is the orpheus of movie trackers
more like waffles

>> No.71041619

Where does HDB recruit from

>> No.71041631

ptp and ahd

>> No.71041635


>> No.71041719

I really loved APL & OPS but now Spine seems to be alone to run the site and it doesn't have many free time to spend on OPS. Athena left. Isitmadness who was the lead developer hasn't contributed for months (more than 5 months !)
There are no moderators on the forum. Some topics are controlled by a bigot & homophobic minority and nobody cares... This is really sad.

>> No.71041721

just waiting til november

>> No.71041914

oops is a pile of shit that won't last another month

>we require lineage for Web uploads
lol fuck off!

>> No.71041924

>There are no moderators on the forum. Some topics are controlled by a bigot & homophobic minority and nobody cares...
Sounds fucking awesome actually.

>> No.71041957

its hard for staffs to motivate themselves and give their time and efforts to a site no one gives a shit about.

>> No.71041981

Why did TehConnection have to die, bros?

>> No.71041986

Why did PTP have to die, bros?

>> No.71042055

i hate orpheus
i can't wait until it is dead for good

>> No.71042068

It's better off without you

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>> No.71042114

thanks for the tokies!

>> No.71042136

Where is KG recruiting rn?

>> No.71042161


>> No.71042172

How am I supposed to join PTP IRC if Hummingbird is down?

>> No.71042208

makes sense now

>> No.71042616

lol, that never will die probably ptp will die first

>> No.71042795

Is joining BaconBits worth it?

>> No.71042848

>babys first tracker
Eh. Idk. I'm not in it personally but the community is probably the least cancerous out of all the private trackers

>> No.71042866

Depends on your situation. If you're new to private trackers and want more accounts and content, yes. If you have PTP, BTN, BIB, KG etc, no.

>> No.71043090

Now we can have downtime drama.

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>> No.71043338

alright, so ptp has a few non-shit alternatives for when it has downtime (hdb, ahd), but btn doesn't.
what's your plan for btn downtime? for me, it's usenet (usenet fag just probably got an erection)

>> No.71043379

>Orpheos exists
Is it worth when you're already in RED?
https://orpheus.network/recovery.php looks kidna sketchy

>> No.71043382
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>> No.71043414

For me, it's the morethan.tv. the 2nd best TV tracker

>> No.71043677

>what's your plan for btn downtime? for me, it's usenet (usenet fag just probably got an erection)
You should be using that first and THEN BTN if you can't find it there.

>> No.71043710

Worth it for when RED goes down
Also a lot of stuff gets uploaded to both sites so you can just blow your Orpheus ratio and seed to RED

>> No.71043738

let's celebrate

>> No.71043747

Was ptp causing my pfsense box to fucking crash because my over 100+ deluge torrents were sending tracker requests every 4 fucking seconds? what the lflying fuck

>> No.71043842

>using deluge

>> No.71043847
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the ratiolets client

>> No.71043882

please do tell me in your opinion is the best

>> No.71043888

AB Legends forum.

>> No.71043977

Call it curry if you want, but I'm a bit surprised there aren't more people and activity on Orpheus. It has a bonus points system that helps avoid the shitty economy Redacted currently suffers from.

>> No.71043992

orhpeus is about 30k below user limit

>> No.71044050

>seed on RED for 2 years
>about 15GB upload
j u s t

>> No.71044078

You'd think people would be smart to have accounts at as many music trackers as possible considering what happened to What.CD.

Same problem dude. Pretty much the only time I notice people leeching the stuff I'm seeding is when freeleech tokens are given out.

>> No.71044085

it's mam-tier level of soft economy, users sniff that out and choose to punish themselves with what they perceive as the best option in red. TMs told athena about this but she was too dumb + incompetent to realise it

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Which tracker has japanese dubs of english TV shows & cartoons?

>> No.71044250

It's bizarre why RED is so resistant to a bonus points system. PTP and MAM are both top quality trackers and have generous bonus point systems. BTN is the best TV tracker and is ratioless. All 3 of these trackers have tons of activity and rarely any dead torrents.

Stuff like that shows up sometimes on MySpleen.

>> No.71044287

MAM might have been good if they did quality control. It's a trash can basically.

>> No.71044340

It's almost as though there is some kind of relationship to upload quality and request fulfillment, and the value of an uploaded bit. Seed more pleb.

>> No.71044457

I'm not on BIB so I can't compare, but I haven't found MAM to be too bad.

>> No.71044484

Relevant to my interest
I'd kill for Seinfeld and Frasier with Japanese dub

>> No.71044491

oh, the familiar face of hubris.

>> No.71044495

RED is a shit tracker. It's as simple as that. There's no reason to contribute to RED. I am Legend on AB (all anime, no shitty music transcodes) and TM on PTP and I would never upload a single torrent to RED. It's a tracker that actively promotes the use of a seedbox, because otherwise your upload will be terrible. I wish they would finally get raided so there'd be a new one. RED staff is literally niggertier.

>> No.71044594

Supposedly from AHD's HD-King forum

>> No.71044739

VPNs are shit. Instead of paying a VPN to log your data just use a seedbox. You can even have your own autistic VPN there.

>> No.71044775

Figured I'd try asking here..Is there any software to automatically make screenshots of video files in a folder/hdd? I need to prune a lot of my porn and opening all the videos to see is taking a long time..

>> No.71044783

>seed on RED for 2 years
>65gb upload
I think you havent uploaded shit
>leeching the stuff I'm seeding
are you uploading original content? Do you have original rips that you made on whatcd? I have tons of personal rips. The only real gripe I have is the faggots asking for requests. Stop giving me 10mb upload bonus for buying a fucking CD for $10 to rip the fucking flac/cue/log seriously you shitheads need to actually give something. Even the web mp3 uploads I dont give a fuck if you have 10gb upload if you want something make it worth while instead of being ungrateful fucking retards.

>> No.71044793

kek this is amazing, who is he?

>> No.71044840
File: 1.82 MB, 2843x4045, e938b414640d183349c36fb82bcf1ab5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another day another 671mb upload on red

>> No.71044842

wrong kek

>> No.71044866

why the fish

>> No.71044884

try and script MPCHC to do it

>> No.71044899

I don't know how to script.

>> No.71044917

Are Emp admins retarded? Why the fuck do I have to write a fucking essay on how the director was feeling when I upload a scene?

>> No.71044922

she ate it?

>> No.71044945

he's you, you attention seeking cunt. fuck off

>> No.71044961

yeah actually emp is the worst fucking porn tracker ive ever been ever. I fucking got banned from leaving comments because I disagreed with one of mods about some bullshit I kept seeing on the front page. I asked them if I could get the ban removed so I can tell the uploader of whatever I am downloading an actual thanks instead of a fucking button. NOPE! YOU DIDNT LEARN YOUR LESSON GOY! BTW the ones who moderate you are literal fat retard insane clown posse fans.

>> No.71044962
File: 42 KB, 375x374, 1426164459928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ahd 10th birthday
>no fl
>get 2 invites

>> No.71045100

wow lots of trackers were created in 2009
ptp, bib, ahd

>> No.71045113 [DELETED] 

>he didn't get 500gb upload

>> No.71045120


>> No.71045131

How can it beten years old and have less than 10k users?

>> No.71045133
File: 47 KB, 399x400, 2hlf6gawj6c01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since everyone is shitting on Emp:
>be Emp user
>followed the rules, no cheating, made 2 uploads, no bad shit
>one day randomly get my account disabled
>log into IRC
>RedundantUser says "you know what you did"
>literally have no fucking clue what he's talking about
>ask him what the fuck I did wrong
>says I have multiple accounts
>I deny it and tell him if I had multiple accounts why the fuck would I keep a good ratio and upload to Emp and fill requests
>he literally says "I don't know I'm not you"
>keeps insisting, I ask him what the other account is and how I got into Emp
>he just says "I have logs" and won't tell me shit
>about to ask him why the fuck he's accusing me of this now 3 months after I joined the tracker
>he kicks me off IRC and just says "bye"
>I join again, try to explain myself
>he bans me from IRC
RedundantUser is a fucking autistic asshole. I've seen him complaining on TPS that the users are meanies and how we should be grateful for staff like him. Why the fuck do people like this admin trackers?
Not dissing all the Emp staff since usillyboy is based as fuck.

>> No.71045152

cuz its not a shit tracker like IPT lmao

>> No.71045155

Ignorance is bliss for these slavelets

>> No.71045167


Another year another 500 BP :-D

>> No.71045176

Well it does seem like you have multiple accounts even from this post, I've been on Emp for 5 years and have SEP rank and I don't even know the names of any of the admins. How does someone barely involved in the site know? Really makes you think doesn't it..

>> No.71045206

usillyboy is famous people used to post about him on here, he's the Rat Bastards guy
and I only know RedundantUser because he was the asshole who banned me in IRC

>> No.71045230

I just have a hard time believing your innocence completely, randomly getting banned just doesn't happen.

>> No.71045253

i got 2 invites, too bad theyre disabled

>> No.71045256
File: 1.03 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1533251739163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminds me of this

>> No.71045293

>all invites are required to be in the invites sub-forum
Sorry, but I don't think so, Faggot

>> No.71045295

Why did you create multiple accounts there? How dumb are you?

>> No.71045297

so who said that AHD on gazelle would fail? And who was the crazy russian admin?

>> No.71045321

I'm just as confused as you are. It doesn't help that RedundantUser was being an autist and refusing to tell me the name of my supposed other account. Just kept behaving like a robot gloating that HAHAHA U BANNED WE CAUGHT U CRIMINAL SCUM like a self-righteous douchebag and not showing me any proof.
Seriously if I wanted to sell an account I wouldn't wait 3 months to do it!
Going to try and appeal the ban when a normal person is handling appeals on IRC.

>> No.71045328

300GB. Nice.

>> No.71045331

Why the fuck would I do that? I didn't

>> No.71045337

Marked. Nice.

>> No.71045381

Yeah that's why I never interact with any type of staff on trackers, too many autistic people among them. Good luck with your appeal bro

>> No.71045395

What kind of game are you playing comrade?

>> No.71045431
File: 31 KB, 526x508, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw I've only ever been banned on AB and the mods were nice to me and understood how I went wrong
why is staff culture so different on some sites?

>> No.71045437

What tracker has the most boomer users?

>> No.71045454

Porn users are degenerate and hate themselves.
Just imagine someone who DOES IT FOR FREE on a porn site.

>> No.71045466

take your salty tears to reddit, fatty

>> No.71045483
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 1558441429694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>porn users are degenerate and hate themselves

>> No.71045484


>> No.71045491

>seed on RED for 2 years
>about 500GB upload

>> No.71045515

MAM is run by grannies

>> No.71045534
File: 50 KB, 303x166, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's the comic but this is where it ends for some sites desu

also I pulled this image off of GIS and it was in this pdf

>> No.71045546

BTN too

>> No.71045575
File: 20 KB, 187x399, kqPL7gS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your trackers

P.S.: 312c is a nigger

>> No.71045621

Is baconBits worth it?

>> No.71045631

On all of these except RED, BTN, and 32P FeelsBadMan

>> No.71045642

Post your PTP username & email and if you have decent ratio I'll send you an invite for RED.

>> No.71045690 [DELETED] 

Thanks, anon!

Username: Hoshi312

Email: [email protected]

(It's a throwaway mail)

>> No.71045697

You absolute fucking retard

>> No.71045711 [DELETED] 

What, why?

>> No.71045713

>Is baconBits worth it?
Only if you barely have any trackers.

>> No.71045728


>> No.71045802
File: 8 KB, 512x512, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>archive.org link at bottom
>look up talk
>it wasn't recorded as far as I can tell
>a girl gave the talk

>>>>there are multiple talks at archivist conventions about the private tracker model for archiving

>> No.71045819

bad year for humanity

>> No.71045838

I just joined PTP recently. Most of my ratio is on a Chinese cartoon website. Also
>not falling for that fucking bait

>> No.71045886

>oppaiti.me: Error: Too many open files
is this an issue with oppai or deluge?

>> No.71045921

Thanks I deleted it

>> No.71045989

Their tracker is having huge problems lately so it's probably on their side.

>> No.71046008

Older talk with the same person.
2 guys are the brains

>> No.71046059

>not having hdb in 2019
>"PTP is enough for me"

>> No.71046162

Lol the PTP-only plebs never learn. HDB has the best uptime.

>> No.71046267


>> No.71046269


>> No.71046294

Too late, my lad. Screenshots already sent to staff.

>> No.71046345


>> No.71046369 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 1043x174, sources.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your most used private trackers and indexers. GO. I use cg the least.

>> No.71046407

Nzbs.in for sure. I've mostly been using that and then going for pts if I can't find something no meme

>> No.71046422

>ptp not even showing the favicon now
fbi took that too I suppose

>> No.71046519

>clearing your cache kills websites

>> No.71046748

>normie trackers going down
>darknet marketplaces going down
is trump actually stepping shit up? what's going on?

>> No.71046854


>> No.71047098

>ptp loses 4 months of data in their hardware failure

>> No.71047163

>ptp loses 20 years of data in their hardware failure

>> No.71047178
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, nooooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71047188
File: 45 KB, 711x669, 1793722519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PTP loses 900 years of data in their hardware failure

>> No.71047219
File: 43 KB, 570x587, 1553833574001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> disgusting pedo scum loses his head in their hardware failure

>> No.71047298

Is the best path to PTP still through What.CD?

>> No.71047326

Uhh, guys? WCD is down?

>> No.71047592

Daily reminder to NOT talk about TTG publicly.
They will ban anyone who talks about their site publicly.

>> No.71047830

consider yourself banned :^)

>> No.71047890

I hate my dick

>> No.71047900

Do you think all that stuff shared now will be available in the next decades? There's a lot of things shared at some point 20 years ago that are impossible to get nowadays, old scene releases for example. Should you just hoard everything?

>> No.71048037

Depends on the content, for movies/tv there is no point in hoarding but porn is lost in the nether pretty quickly, especially with the newer sites like C4S/ManyVids/Pornhub etc, these sites are so big it will never be archived.

>> No.71048191

I am growing more impatient by the hour. I fucking donate monthly a pretty sizable amount of my income to PTP, this amount of downtime is just completely unacceptable. I did my fucking part, now do yours PTP staff!

>> No.71048438
File: 489 KB, 1041x946, ol dirty lava dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really wish you were trolling, but sadly there are such cucks around

>> No.71048556

think about the hundreds of scene releases that are ready to be uploaded to PTP...

>> No.71048615


>> No.71048617

Now think of all the invitations that will expire because they can't register :3

>> No.71048633

>not all of the users that got deleted from the last 6 months because of data loss

>> No.71048855

Where does MTV recruit?

>> No.71048945

They already said on their Twitter account that they expect it to be down at least 3 days. Sit tight and pray to the deity of your choice that the situation gets fixed and with no data loss.

>> No.71048969


>> No.71048978
File: 30 KB, 199x199, 1466641214841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sit tight and pray to the deity of your choice
Implying I adhere to any religion, or believe in god lol.

>> No.71049012
File: 126 KB, 957x508, thisisyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71049111

kek what is this picture? i used to watch that guy's youtube like 6-7 years ago

>> No.71049153

>got a "remove 1 hit and run" gift from AHD
>do not have and never have had any H&Rs

t-thanks i guess

>> No.71049247

Are there any good private trackers for music?

>> No.71049278


>> No.71049289


>> No.71049321


>> No.71049355

Why is Japan so cucked about piracy? Seriously, 90% of weebshit nowadays is provided by chinks and waito piggu

>> No.71049361 [DELETED] 
File: 120 KB, 1920x947, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pls gib me invite to shirry invite only slavelet job trackers

>> No.71049367

because they follow the rules mostly..

>> No.71049382

>only south park
wew lad, that answers the question about your mental maturity :^)

>> No.71049385

fuck off usenet shill

>> No.71049402

>He doesn't get irony

>> No.71049439

Just use rutracker.

>> No.71049445

Because in Japan, torrenting copyrighted material is a crime, not a civil offense like everywhere else.

>> No.71049462

I thought the Japanese used old school P2P programs like Perfect Dark as opposed to torrents?

It's weird how futuristic parts of Japan are, yet Japanese websites and software largely seem stuck in the '00s. Hell, some Japanese websites look virtually unchanged from the late '90s.

>> No.71049498

>i was merely pretending!
gud joge m8

>> No.71049539

Download a bash tutorial from IPT. That’s how I learned.

>> No.71049570

Because they don't see the internet the way you do. They are a phone nation.

>> No.71049603

Smartphones with modern web browsers have existed for over a decade. How many people in Japan are still surfing the web on their flip phones?

>> No.71049686

Their P2P are fuckng dead nowadays, even PD.

>> No.71049758

They are slowly being phased out, but it's still quite a few. They have very specific flip phones, though. Phones specifically made for their domestic market, so they are basically like smartphones. Best guess is that the early 00 designs don't really bother them on phones.

>> No.71049770

Also: Japanese are terrible at advertising and marketing. Pretty websites usually exist to fool the customer and pretend for the product to be better than it is.

>> No.71050197

we are talking about a country that is seen as one the forefronts in tech yet they close down ATMs after a certain hour.

Japan is simultaneously advanced and tech retarded at the same time.

>> No.71050297

Let's not forget censored pornography

>> No.71050537

Is it possible to search for/download movies from private trackers directly from my TV using kodi /plex or whatever, or do I have to make my own Plex server to get a Netflix-like experience?

>> No.71050785

is vpn allowed on privatetracker

>> No.71051096


>> No.71051127

bitch lasagna

>> No.71051170

Browsing the sites, it depends, if they are autistic they won't allow it. But based trackers like Emp allow it.

>> No.71051332

i got a cucked isp that sells me out for a buck so i need a vpn

>> No.71051354

the latter

>> No.71051379

Yes No Maybe.

You can download everything with a VPN, and that's all that matters. Most private trackers don't allow you to browse the website using one, though.

>> No.71051544

hi, I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask @, but I'm trying to find a movie I saw years ago. not requesting anything more than to know if it's available anywhere, name is "everyone's going to die" (2013). thanks

>> No.71051620

I would tell you but ptp is dead

>> No.71051954

Are any rules on account sharing on madokami enforced?

>> No.71051970

Yes, you will be banned if you're caught account sharing.

>> No.71052004

Also, will I get caught if I just do it?

>> No.71052062

Source is that I have helped the sysop track down account sharing so he could ban them. Yes you will be caught.

>> No.71052119

What’s the point of a tracker like madokami when 32p and AB exist?

>> No.71052142

Madokami isn't a tracker? You've never had an account have you?

>> No.71052205

No, because I’m not a weeb

>> No.71052335

Should I strive for AHD or HD-T? At first I wanted to go AHD but between this >>71039957 and shit I read about resetting your pass every 2 weeks without 2FA makes it sound fucking annoying.

>> No.71052391

AHD is still better.

>> No.71052413

What happened to /pug/?

>> No.71052450

>resetting your pass every 2 weeks
every 3 months

>> No.71052648

oh, that's more doable I guess. At least it makes me check the site before disabling me for inactivity.

>> No.71052881


I'm shocked more people don't bitch about them here. The quality control is fucking crazy.

One person can up with "She fucks a dude" then get approved. Someone else can put in the site's description and still hit with a "Your torrent needs a description" warning.

If you are a person who can't decide wether or not you want a video by screenshots and contact sheet, get the fuck off the internet.

I saw them delete a Gloryhole Swallow 4K video because of a description issue.

Yeah, let's throw away the holy grail of porn because you don't mention what position she is in, fuck those assholes.

>> No.71052917


>> No.71052983

If it's allowed on your tracker, make a request for it. You never know in this day and age of stream rips. Someone made a request for WrestleMania 35 with all commentaries on XWT and someone delivered (including at least one audio steam that was traditional PPV only) in, like, thirty minutes. I'm sure getting this stuff for mainstream material would be way easier for suppliers.

>> No.71053011

>The quality control is fucking crazy.

You are an absolute retard if you think it's 'crazy'. It's actually quite minimal, and so is the tag requirement.

>by screenshots and contact sheet
Yes, because images are never broken on the internet. Absolute mong tier IQ if you can't figure out why descriptions are important.

>> No.71053091

Because the economy is literally purposely set up so that you have to slave away and cut as many corners as possible without sacrificing quality in order to so much as turn a profit.

>> No.71053177
File: 33 KB, 800x600, 58428453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much is your seedbox ratiolet?

>> No.71053244

Found Zacherley

stay mad, my friend

>> No.71053264

I just saw that image on hdbits.

>> No.71053284

>I fucking got banned from leaving comments because I disagreed with one of mods about some bullshit I kept seeing on the front page.

That isn't even close to Pedro's. I used the torrent comments to ask how that specific version of the album (a Japanese re-release) compared to other versions, since a lot of those releases were known to be duds (bit-identical to previous releases, but marked as better sounding).

And I got banned for disrespecting the uploader.

>> No.71053391

The mods and description rules are retarded but they are very clear on what they want written to be approved, and that is a description of what's happening in the scene.
Your example is actually correct because the first person described the acts performed in the scene (sex between a woman and a man) while the second put information not relevant to the scene itself.

>> No.71053468






>> No.71053820

what a bunch of fucking retards

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