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What now, intelfags?

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>This is particularly bad timing for Intel, because AMD is about to release a raft of cutting-edge 7-nanometer chips for both desktop and server applications. Intel, meanwhile, is still using near-ancient (in microarchitecture terms) 14-nanometer tech. Considering Intel's problems and depending on the speed of its new chips, AMD could fly past its rival, performance-wise, and seriously cut into its sales.

theyre finished

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>trusting a woman in tech

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Huawei banned, AMD next?

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Fake news.

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She's just an executive so it's fine.

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Imagine intelfarts if Intel would care about security and instead of focusing on performance would make sane, secure CPUs with lower performance

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have sex incel
>Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, California

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She's Dr. Women to you, dumb neet

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Would you trust an engineer or a used car salesman for a tech company?

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High end is nice, but when are they making an Atom-like low-power X86/64? I need a new tablet.

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>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>Heat doesn't matter!
>1771w cooler doesn't matter!
>Server space doesn't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>Free RAID doesn't matter!
>NVMe RAID doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>IPC doesn't matter!
>7nm doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>HEDT doesn't matter!
>Stock coolers don't matter!
>Security doesn't matter!
>Games don't always matter!
>Enterprise doesn't matter!
>Hyperthreading doesn't matter!
>VMware doesn't matter!
>MySQL doesn't matter!
>Unix doesn't matter!
>Linux doesn't matter!
>Waffer yields don't matter!
>Benchmarks after full patches don't matter!
>Asian markets don't matter!
>Own fabrics doens't matter!
>Chipset lithography doesn't matter!
>Cray doesn't matter!
>Cisco doesn't matter!
>HPE doesn't matter!
>AZURE doesn't matter!
>5nm doesn't matter!
>TDP doens't matter!
>10nm doesn't always matter!
>Cache doesn't matter!
>Integrated graphics doesn't matter!
>PCI-Express 4.0 doesn't matter!
>Germany doesn't matter!
>Processors doesn't matter!
>Custom Foundry Business doesn't matter
>Framerate doesn't matter!
>Amazon sales don't matter!
>Prime95 AVX doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Large corporations don't matter!
>*NEW* Your DATA doesn't matter!
>*NEW* Context switch duration doesn't matter!

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More like none of these researchers bothered looking at AMD yet.

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>AMD CEO - Masters degree in electrical engineering
>Intel CEO - Master of Business Administration

Which one sounds more scammy?

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She's a man you faggot.

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AMD is in fact confirmed to not be affected by these exploits since they rely on Intel's shitty "features".

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>American multinational

Yeah, right

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RIP in peace, Intel.

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If you have an Intel CPU and read this post, answer this question. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

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>"t-t-hey're also immune to #1 gaming CPU"

Bahahahaha get fucked Intelliots, enjoy 25% worse performance from all these 30+ hardware security vulnerabilities (and daily reminder Intel has knowingly been selling insecure processors (they knew about Spectre and Meltdown months before Coffee Lake launch but rushed the product launch by a couple of months to make sure people got scammed before news broke, which is why Kaby Lake only had a life cycle of 7 fucking months when Intel standard is 1 year per CPU family))

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just delid and delap it bro lol

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>openly slandering our lord and savior
Where are the jannies when you need them?

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``i can't read: the post''

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have sex

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my first adult PC was an AMD Athlon XP 2000+
my second was an AMD Athlon XP-mobile 2400+ that i ran in a desktop motherboard overclocked (they overclocked better than the desktop versions).
After that it was quad-core core 2 duo, and then i7, then i5 haswell.
So yeah, i've owned intel for a while but it looks like it might finally be time to go back to AMD again

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>women in tech are based now
The mental gymnastics of AMDrones are impressive

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have sex

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How my fx 8350 compare to new intel bugged cpus?

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AMD+Nvidia master race

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Why wouldn't they be? AMD fixes their speed holes, Intel chooses to ignore them for additional performance.

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Intel shills would gladly upload all their passwords on the internet as long as they get +5% better single core.

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Pure coincidence

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have sex

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lol cope

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have sex

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you don't deserve sex, but have it anyways

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Back to >>>/pol/ you fucking cancer.

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cut off your own cock then eat it

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doesn't matter

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delid dis

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>>trusting a woman in tech
Undoubtedly more successful than you. And 95% of the population.

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Zen 2 can't come soon enough. Pic related.

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Stop generalizing, incel.

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>Waffer yields
Please fix

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More cores obviously
I'm waiting for 5nm euv as 7nm non euv + isn't a big enough jump from 2700x

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How dare you say shit about Lisa su
She made the cell and a bunch of other cool mcm shit before amd and is based
Advanced mummy devices
Stupid intcel have kids
T. Virgin

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Wait for 3nm+ in 2030 dude

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>not waiting for 100um in 2040

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gee, i can't wait to pay $500 for AMD processors.

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Have sex.

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Have sex

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I tried so hard, and got so far

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But, in the end, it doesn't even matter

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I had to fall, to lose it all

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you wont notice the performance drop anyway

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But, in the end, it doesn't even matter...

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>Intel shares plummeted on Friday after a disappointing set of results from the iconic chipmaker in which it cut financial forecasts.

>Shares in the company fell by more than 10pc, putting it on track for its worst day since the 2008 financial crisis.

>On Thursday night Intel had reported an 11pc decline in profits and said that its previously fast-growing data centre business had fallen into decline.


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Get ready for another shoa

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Su has a PhD in electrical engineering iirc

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based mom

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1 Zen core = 2.5 Intel cores

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How is Intel not being sued by class action's for vandalizing their own customer's computers?

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AMDrones are Lintrash SJWs

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Is it just me or does Intel reek of low IQ? Every time I see an Intel build, my first thought is 'you only went with Intel after being fooled by other pozzed fags."

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The only way you'll ever have sex is selling your ass to jamal for $3.50, but I'd still recommend it.

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>Taiwanese American
>Got doctoral degree at electrical engineering in MIT
>Multiple awards
>CEO and president of one of the largest semiconductor companies
>Has family
If she's not based, then I don't know who is.
Tell us your achievements. I bet, you're still virgin.

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You have that so so wrong. Inturds are filling their diversity quotas while AMD are fighting against the lefty scum.

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Low intelligence subhumans are intel shills, who would have thought.

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>Whiteknighting for Chink women
How embarassing

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>actual facts
by any chance, are you retarded?

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>Advanced mummy devices

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if anything now its time to invest in Intel when their stocks are down.

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I think we should wait till 2022, when intel will be prepared to launch their 10nm with new arch

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don't you mean 14nm++++++++++++

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I don't think 14++++++ will last for long, I saw somewhere intel's roadmap, it said that by 2021 (?) they should launch 10nm, so it's probably 2022, or maybe even 2023
it can't be 9 more years, r..right..?

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Wait for Intel sekrit sauce

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She has a pHD in eletcrical engineering, she's not the Shery Sandberg or Ellen Pao type, she has the technical chops.

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What I don't get is why the fuck is Intel so slow to actually advancing their tech?
You think the Ryzen+ being 12nm should've been the kick in the ass to start caring again but it feels like Intel is actually ran by retards who think they can actually get away with constantly selling old tech.

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The last time Intel advanced their tech it sent AMD to near bankruptcy. The Athlons of old weren't as competitive as the Ryzens and Epycs of today.

If Intel advanced tech they'd be sued for sinking AMD into irrelevance.

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lol poor faggggggggggggg

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Then...why not advance tech and beat them already?
Intel keeps losing stock, it lost next gen consoles, they're losing in server and workload tech, it has a billion vulnerabilities that ruin performance, so where the fuck is their ace in the hole?

I'm just not so confident they'll get another jump on AMD like that.

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Not to mention that, if they had anything significant to show other than a date on the calendar, they'd have teased it or had some "leaks" happen about how it is going to change everything later on to soften the current blows to them.

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I think Intel just got too comfortable with their business strategy but with the way they make processors, they can't actually make 12 or 7nm with their methods, that's why they just keep pushing 14+++++++++++++

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Jim Keller the skit wrecker.

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Don't know but they fucked up their 10nm REALLY badly, TSMC's 7nm is actually slightly ahead of them now

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>Germany doesn't matter!
Nothing wrong :^)

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>who think they can actually get away with constantly selling old tech
they can because the people buying it are even stupider

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Pozzed and bluepilled

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Stop falling for the memes kid

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Have sex

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>be bored with life
>come to /g/ to see the destruction of Intel in real time

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Don't jinx it chonks!
As ayymd rises in use in business you can bet new vulnerabilities will be discovered, follow the money.

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Based and redpilled.
AMD shills will change their tune when Zen 2 is released and it's a massive disappointment.
>5 Ghz
Keep dreaming

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where's my threadripper?

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Epyc yields too good, need to wait for the shit to reach mere mortals.

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The absolute state of intel

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This only happened because AMD is shit at branch predition.
>tfw your retardation saves you
based AMD

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is the i5-2500k ok?

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Got the same CPU as you. It's gonna be a huge jump.

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