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What are some Android apps that /g/ recommends?
I'm looking for a music player specifically, but you can post apps for whatever.

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> using Poordroid

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put down your telephone. go outside. it's summer vacation!!! have fun OP :)

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Vinyl for music
AntennaPod for podcasts

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>Using $1000 shit
>Inb4 you can't afford this expensive piece of shit reeee I like eating shit
Go back to your walled garden OS, pajeet.

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IcecatMobile - Libre browser
Vinyl Music Player - Best libre music player
ZimLX - PixelLauncher / Lawnchair, but with no blobs
K-9 Mail - Still the best email client
NetGuard - No root firewall + adblocker
NewPipe - YT mirror, no ads
Silence - SMS client with security focus
QKSMS - If you don't care for security, this is a featureful and rice friendly SMS client
Aegis - the best 2FA client

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I'm a lazy shitter who copies his music folders from laptop to smartphone and Musicolet makes playing from a folder brain dead easy so I can recommend it. Also no ads, fdroid and shit. Install it from the Google Play Store and it literally just works.

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AntennaPod is based and redpilled. Good choice, anon.

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Tachiyomi for manga and comics. Book Reader for books.

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My finals start next week, you fucking faggot. Do you think I don't want to do something fun?

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For music I use Vinyl. Works well with mih flacs

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How come TuneIn is so popular? I don't listen to podcasts but it fucking sucks for radio streaming. From 9 sites I listen to only 2 have barely working tags. When I tried using it for a week twice the app lost connection to the server and somehow that made local favourites and history inaccessible, what the fuck?
Is there any decent radio stream player with tags history and notification, lockscreen and headset controls that's not made in 2016 "for older version of android permission system"?

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hiby music. it supports iso files too.

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Simple gallery
Simple file manager
Document viewer
K-9 mail
Yalp store
Hacker's keyboard

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Clean Music
Browser NBPro

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>implying I use a smartphone
poo in loo, poorfag

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I'll give you this one faggot, but I'm no street shitter. But I guarantee you're either using a cheap ThinkPad from eBay like the rest of us, or a MacBook or some shitty gaymen desktop you wasted over $1500 on, both of which are becoming more obsolete by the month.

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What app does /g/ suggest for podcasts? I'm currently using Podcast Addict

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>tfw cheap ThinkPad
I'll give you this one faggot

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vanilla music is based

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Podcast Addict is top tier stuff.
Why would you need anything else?

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It isn't even summer yet

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Ddg browser (until I find something I like)
Book reader
Feedly (botnet)
Sync4plebbit (botnet)

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Swiftly Switch Pro (seriously check this one out)
Kiwi browser

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Lightning Browser
Simple Gallery

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Oh also youtubevanced

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Vlc best android music player

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Poweramp. Buying the unlocker is worth it.

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gadgetbridge for your chinkwatch

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Musicolet is god tier. It's only app that I use google play for.

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keyboard app recommendations?

new phone and stock kb is ugly and limited.

been sad with keyboard apps since my lg g3, good times.

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vanilla music

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Retro Music

Best and most stylish music player known to mankind

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protonmail is not in the f-droid repository, the app is closed source and uses google play services

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Why can't you edit the equiliser in most music players? that's fucking stupid

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AnySoft keyboard is all you need.

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if you're looking for a libre music player, then quite unironically cmus inside termux is your best bet
if you are fine with a proprietary one then i've heard good things about gonemad music player

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I'd use AnySoft but I'm too used to swipe typing and their beta barely works. Multiling Keyboard is free with no internet connection or trackers but it's finicky enough that I'm still using gboard/swiftkey through a firewall.

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extremely slow and sometimes straight up fails to load pages
Use bromite instead

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best way to degoogle my p10? no custom ROMs but I do still have my bootloader unlocked

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Vanilla Music. Many people here recommend Vinyl, but I personally think it is a meme.
Try out both for yourself, then make your decision. It won't take longer than 10 minutes.

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Lightning Browser

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tried it, didn't show .opus files in the library and had no idea what the fuck .cue files are
but it was the same for both Vanilla and Vinyl, so here's that

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>God tier:
X-plore (proprietary, but it's absolutely the best file manager for Android, trust me)
Termux - this will let you run nginx, youtube-dl, cmus, ffmpeg, aria2c, transmission-daemon, mpv, mpd, python, nodejs, and loads of other software you know and love from gnu/linux, locally on your device
Maps (the fork of maps.me available on f-droid, with proprietary blobs and tracking stripped out, which leaves you with a perfect offline maps application with routing and voice guidance for pedestrian, bicycle and car)
>Good tier:
RetroArch, if you're into emulation. not god tier because the android version is still rough around the edges after all these years of development but it's very usable if you can get used to the quirks
NewPipe - an alternative to the YouTube app, suffers from some issues from time to time

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vanilla cannot update the media library when I copy a new album, only if I regenerate the whole database
vinyl has none of this problem
at least on op3

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The main problem I have with Vinyl is album splitting. Most of my music library is made up of albums by various artists, and Vanilla deals with those albums well.
If this problem didn't exist, I would be using Vinyl.

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blokada or netguard

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mine updates when i add new music

anyone kbow a good non botnet keyboard thats not hackers, simple or anysoft keyboards? all of them sort of lack features id like to have. especially spellcheck for some reason. not even the stock keyboard has spellcheck on my samdung

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>using a music player with keyboard navigation on a smart phone with touch display
Fucking retard. There is so much retardation in you, I don't know where to begin.

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Thinkpad Best pad

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once you choose an album, you generally won't look at the interface for like the next hour or so
why would i care if it has a gui or not
instead, i care about stuff like cuesheet support
good luck playing your flac+cue rips on some generic android player

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there's a way to rewind some seconds automatically everytime you pause? it's a feature I like but seems like antennapod doesn't have it

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How to add music from SDCard?

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its gonna degoogle itself soon

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I use Gboard but firewall it with afwall

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My finals ended today, good luck anon. You can do it

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T-UI Launcher - Terminal style launcher. Or just go Nova Launcher if you don't want T-UI

KLWP - Kustom Live Wallpaper

YouTube Vanced - Adblock, works nonroot and root. Cast is kinda broken atm

Poweramp - Music player

MPV - Media player

Firefox or KiwiBrowser - Kiwi is a Chromium browser w/ adblock and fast

Fasthub - Github Client
AndFTP - FTP Client

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How does this work and why?

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Tusky (Mastodon client)
Flym (Feed reader)
Red Moon ( Blue light filter)
Simple Calendar
Tutanota (email)
Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+

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Adguard best app for Android

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Does YouTube Vanced protect against data collection? I've been using newpipe and I really miss casting.

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No, use Kiwi Browser instead. It offers extension support, whereas Bromite doesn't.

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Doubt it stops data collection, I may be wrong though.

But Vanced casting is broken atm.. although it may work if you're rooted.. not sure.
I think it is an issue with MicroG :/

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Any libreoffice kinda apps that can open .docx? Most of my uni teachers keep using this shit format, but I guess not everyone has the time to learn latex

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It's not perfect, but I use it. So I can vouch for it.

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Why does my phone's browser need extensions?

I actually just downloaded it from XDA to try out and the casting is working fine. It really sucks that you can't resize the pop out player, that's one of my favorite newpipe features.

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Is the XDA one the nonroot or rooted version?

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5 years ago, maybe. Poweramp is garbage now

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I'll save you some time, by modchips and that service mode using the memory card (patched on 900xx)

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IMO Poweramp is the, if not, one of the best music players, and one of the only apps I'd ever tell anyone to purchase.

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Trips of truth

>> No.71035229

5 years ago, maybe. Poweramp is garbage now

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Please anon take a step back, a deep breath and relize how fucking retarded that is

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Kiwi browser is a closed source pos of shit

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Tell me which Android music player I can configure to start playing audio as soon as a certain bluetooth device connects?

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Most of them? BlackPlayer if you want a name.

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Music is the best player imo, no lag.

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Is there an actual good replacememt for google maps?

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>yalp store broken as of 12 hours ago
>no updates in fdroid
>no commits to yalp since 2018

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>NewPipe - YT mirror, no ads
does it allow logging in with a jewtube account or does it still need an exported list of subs?

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Any pdf viewer?
>inb4 muPDF

I need "Sharing" and/or Printing capabilities

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The unroot version without the microg files.

>> No.71036397

for editing or reading

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Just use Aurora store

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Agreed, just wish American auto worked with it

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Can you try signing into a Jewgle account and see if it works? If not, that's weird af and I'll message some devs to see why.. Maybe they can fix iunno

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why would i put my phone down if i'm going outside?

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Does anyone know how to implement push to talk for regular calls? I can't seem to find anything that does this.

On a note 9, so I can't root unfortunately.

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Wats a good ebook reader

>> No.71037017

lithium for epub, readera for everything else

>> No.71037050

Thanks ill try em

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I'm very dissatisfied with the open source keyboard choices, so I've opted to Gboard with inbound/outbound connections blocked on Afwall+
If anyone knows alternatives alls I need is swipe typing and adjustable height as features

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BTW is there a better local comics reader than Bubble? I can't get Tachiyomi to work.

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When people say simple gallery, do they mean this this one?
It might seem like a dumb question but there's some advanced scam jewery out there.

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Has anyone had a problem with wallpapers on Android Oreo? Whenever I set a wallpaper with like a lot of whites as my lock screen, the screen dims like crazy and the font colour for the time goes black instead of white. How do I fix this?

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Yes that is the correct one
F-droid version = play store pro version

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> I can't get Tachiyomi to work.
What happened?

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Perfect Viewer

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Any decent screen recorder that can record internal audio while still playing it? Have root and xposed

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Document Viewer it's libre, and on F-Droid.
Supports that.
>Printing capabilities
That's handled by whatever Android print service app you use. You share the document to the app and it prints it for you.
I use HP's official one, check your printer manufacturer's website to see if they have one.
Play Store version is paid. F-Droid version is free (as in beer).
Both are the exact same thing, and both are libre.

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>Document Viewer it's libre, and on F-Droid.
thanks m8

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Kdeconnect is godtier to share stuff with your pc.

>> No.71038544

BTW there is a Gnome extension that implements the protocol and provides the same functionality under gnome

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not him but I do the same thing. Gboard collects user data and stores what you type on google servers. I don't like the sound of that so I use AFWall to block internet access for the app. So while Gboard still collects data, it can't ping back to google services. I personally use Gboard cuz of theming and swype support

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Put music in folders, this players plays them. No bullshit bells and whistles.


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I use Poweramp full version for free

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I've noticed Adguard draining the battery faster, I just use Adaway.

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wow anon ur such a 1337 haxor uWu

>> No.71039149

adguard drains battery cuz it needs to use a shitty loophole to "edit" the hosts file (by running a local VPN service with an edited host file cuz it works without root access). Adaway directly edits the local host file so it doesn't need to run as a service and as a result, doesn't drain extra battery.

>> No.71039155

This is interesting, does AFWall run through Android VPN services? I assume you can't use a VPN alongside, you'd have to turn off AFWall everytime you want to turn on a VPN?

What other Google stuff can you block without losing functionality with AFWall?

>> No.71039170

AFWall runs as a service but not using android's vpn service so you can still use VPN's if you want. I don't think you can block any other google apps from the internet because they almost all require internet access to function. Gboard is just a keyboard so it doesn't really need internet. Try running your phone on airplane mode and run various google apps and see if they break maybe.

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I like Textra for sms

>> No.71039211

Why isn't clover in fdroid?

>> No.71039336

Unix Philosophy Chad - Offline Edition

Camera Roll - gallery replacement that supports, pics gifs, and vids (no network permissions)

LLcrop - loss less cropping. this lad is a genuis and its better than any proprietary cropper (no network permissions)

Binary Eye - barcode/QRcode encoder/decoder (super fast) and hotkey able flashlight (no network permissions)

Dir - minimalist replacement filemanager (no network permissions)

MuPDF mini - more minimal that MuPDF viewer (no network permissions)

Notepad - no permissions and great for input/output to Binary eye or input/output to simple clipboard

OpenAPK - replacement apk installer for sideloading/uninstalling afterwards I removed the stock managers permissions :^) (no network permission)

Scrambled Exif - removes image meta data (no network permission)

>> No.71039348


Screenshot tile - root or nonroot versions exist (no network permission)

SecScanQR - The original scanner I used. not as quick as binary eye but it can save history natively (which can be a plus or negative to idealists) and it's good to have alternatives lined up in case either dies (No network permissions)

setup simple keyboard - self explainatory, no bells no whistles. (only control vibrate permission) and I love the spacebar scrolling

share to clipboard - great to use notepad as a input or output with this (no permissions)

simple camera - responsive and to the point, and hotkey capture (no network permissions)

simple clock - replacement clock so I could remove my other one (no network permission)

simple flashlight - turns on when I open the app and turns off when I leave. has a strobe function that I disable because KISS principle. (no network permission)

simple search - replace google trash and no permissions

simple app launcher - replaced the "app tray" if your launcher doesnt have one (no permissions)

slim launcher - only the most autistic will proceed.
My layout is Browser | Notepad | Flashlight | Messages | Applications(simple app launcher) swipe left to dailer swipe right to simple camera.

That's all I need for quick tasks and I dive into the simple app launcher when I need to use something less used like Dir or camera roll which I don't like accessible on the first click anyway by normies.

Everything has a dark theme and it looks slick on my OLED screen.

Worthy mentions:
simple chess clock - only keep phone awake permission
elementary: periodic table - no permissions has search menu in alternative view and dark theme support
simple solitaire collection - based with many games to play and no ads (no network permissions)

>> No.71039422

Clipboardcleaner - cleans up clipboard for security reasons (no network permission)

>> No.71039485

Reading only

>> No.71039545

Literally best audio engine on Android. I used to be all BlackPlayer, but the difference between audio especially for Bluetooth is way better

>> No.71039777

it is

>> No.71039993

yes anon, ~kisses

>> No.71040002

Neutron player

>> No.71040154

>Camera Roll
Broken and dead, use Simple Gallery instead.

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There better not be any judaism in that app

>> No.71040522

What's the fastest loading/rendering pdf app?

>> No.71040541

Google PDF

>> No.71040635

What are the security concerns with QKSMS?

>> No.71040867

Best music player: Poweramp. The new UI rework is amazing, it has never had any read errors, is fully customizable and themable.
Only problem is that it's paid and proprietary

>> No.71041004

>Kiwi browser is a closed source pos of shit
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.71041011

>Why does my phone's browser need extensions?
Why not use them when you have the option? You get faster load times the more scripts you block for one.

>> No.71041175

Newpipe or vanced?

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File: 1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190520-232013_BlackPlayer_EX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use Blackplayer for music. Even though it's proprietary, it's so damn nice to use. Forgive me RMS

>> No.71041388

>Both no longer work with below KitKat
So SkyTube (not him though)

>> No.71041722

Newpipe has a better pop out viewer, can force higher resolutions, limits Google's data collection, can create playlists and subscriptions without having an account and has (shitty) soundcloud implementation

Vanced loads videos much faster, has proper comment support, can cast to smart TV's, can connect to your Google account and has the office YouTube UI

Comes down to preference really

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>thinking stats nullify stereotypes
you have to go back

>> No.71041820

Which scripts to blpck?

>> No.71041895

>icecat, zimxl not on the playstore
For what purpose
well of course that pack of kikes wouldnt let it be on there

>> No.71042892

anysoft has swipe now I think, in a new version

>> No.71042905

its also broken

>> No.71042959

Best audiobook player?

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Is there anything better than Foobar and why?

>> No.71043002

Voice is pretty good, but:
1. it phones home, so you should firewall it
2. can't disable the cover on the lock screen (this is a general problem with all audio players on Android, but I think it can be worked around)

Other than that I can't really complain too much.

>> No.71043144

>Which scripts to blpck?
Pretty much everything which doesn't break functionality (the more filters you enable, the more scripts you'll see). Something like cdn for particular sites break functionality, googleapis as well, but pretty much everything other than that doesn't.

>> No.71043199

I think you still can't login, sorry anon.

>> No.71043357

this used to be a tech board

>> No.71043377

I didn't know there was foobar mobile

>> No.71043567

>based redmoon

As someone who falls asleep browsing their weebs with their phone, one of the best apps ever.

>> No.71043768

Both Black Player and PowerAmp are better

>> No.71043820

this piece of shit doesn't support image+cue rips
whereas the desktop foobar2000 does
it's funny how foobar2000 (the real one) for windows is extremely high quality piece of software, but then the mobile version feels like a cheap knockoff, with the only things in common being the name and logo

>> No.71044072

Tachiyomi - for hentai
Clover - 4chin
Lighting browser - internet

>> No.71044272


>image+cue rips
Come on, that's pretty autistic, especially on a phone.

>> No.71044526

Because the both instantly recognized libraries on an external SDCard and shitbar2000 did not

>> No.71044607

>doesn't even support ReplayGain

Yeah, clicking two buttons is so hard. Better use some shit player instead.

>> No.71044613

You can login in with youtube vanced which is better than newpipe anyway.

>> No.71044622

Why not use the official player at that point
Show me how

>> No.71044664

>Show me how
IDK if I'm being trolled, but anyway: Settings -> Media library...

>> No.71044811

Still doesn't recognize anything on the external storage despite manually adding the directory. Fucking garbage

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Best application for reading epub/mobi and PDF if you do that.
>Rotation control
I don't know why "rotation lock" was changed to "Auto rotation" in the later versions of android, but this force the screen orientation to what you want
>Mupdf / Mupdf viewer
very light weight PDF reader with text reflow
>MX player
Best video player
>LAS (Last App Switcher)
Very great app if you do multitasking
>ES file explorer
Pre-botnet version, comes with everything.
>PD various mods
Addicting game
Chrome without the cancer

>> No.71046314

Dukto, simple gallery, animeboxes, tachiyomi, EhViewer.

>> No.71046388

The one in fdroid is obsolete. Use adamantchese fork instead.

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File: 105 KB, 648x1152, Screenshot_20190521-093351_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71046576


>> No.71046623

I use Omnichan for mobile browsing desu

>> No.71048204

bullshit. i have icecat mobile with ublock origin, umatrix, and https everywhere on my phone and that bitch flys.

quit peddling your no name garbage browser.

>> No.71048502

Mimi - The best 4chan client for Android imo

>> No.71048515

It's on the Play Store

>> No.71048693

Have they fixed the readcomicsonlins extension?

>> No.71048755

Newpipe has a legacy edition that works on my ICS Galaxy Tab.

>Newpipe has a better pop out viewer
Basically the same as Android's native
>can force higher resolutions
Same for Vanced
>limits Google's data collection
Vanced can limit some tracking and remove ads

Overall I think Vanced is better, but I still keep Newpipe around for downloading stuff.

>> No.71048792

Foobar is like mpv on Android, both placebo garbage that is outclassed by every single other app on the same category.

>> No.71048823

>placebo garbage
What you talking about?
Nobody said foobar sounds better.

>> No.71048867

>doesn't sound better
>shit interface
it's indeed garbage then

>> No.71048952

It has the best folder-based browsing UI, at least out of those that I tried.
It also has a solid feature set, which many other players still lack, like ReplayGain, gapless and support for Opus.
Plus some DSP, if you care about that. Meier Crossfeed is good if you use headphones.

Also, all audio players sound the same (DSP excluded). Don't fall for audiophile marketing.

>> No.71049133

Poweramp is better

>> No.71049219

not really though

>> No.71049472

It really is. Actually try it.

>> No.71049555

Only thing I use from F-Droid is Tachiyomi, NewPipe, and Clover.

>> No.71049662

>Why not use the official player at that point
No ads, can play in background, additional settings like speeding up all videos, ...

>> No.71050376

5 years ago, maybe. Poweramp is garbage now

>> No.71050462

Tasker, OpenVPN, pihole on some server. Now you are free to use non-/g/ apps

>> No.71050961

Still a million times better than foobar

>> No.71051327

Any dialer alternatives?

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How did we go from this...

>> No.71051436
File: 270 KB, 1080x1920, F-Droid_1.2_screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...to this?

>> No.71051452

>It has the best folder-based browsing UI, at least out of those that I tried.
If you want a folder UI, just use your file manager. Anyway, every single player I tried but AIMP (I don't like it, fuck you) had decent folder UI.
>It also has a solid feature set, which many other players still lack, like ReplayGain
Literally everything that's not basic shit like Phonograph supports Replay Gain.
Every single player, ever.
>support for Opus
Every single player too if your phone has Opus codecs, and Poweramp/BlackPlayer even it doesn't.
>Plus some DSP, if you care about that
>Meier Crossfeed is good if you use headphones.
Never cared so I don't know if anything I tried supports it, but Poweramp or Neutron probably does.
>Also, all audio players sound the same
And that's why you should use good shit instead of Foobar on Android. Even if you are an audiophile, you are better with Neutron or Poweramp. There's not a single reason to use this ugly piece of shit since it's main feature (customization) is basically inexistent on mobile.

>> No.71051469

>not using dark mode

>> No.71051475

God, I cringe every time when I see these stretched icons. What are F-Droid devs even thinking? At least fetch the high res icons or just scale them properly like Play Store.

>> No.71051509 [DELETED] 
File: 1.45 MB, 1050x903, a91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello guys, my first post and thread here, so let's hope this goes well ;) The Logitech K120 is the best keyboard I’ve ever tried, and better than yours. It only cost me 8£ brand new. Why is it good you ask? I shall tell you. Well, first of all: this keyboard is from Logitech, which is undoubtedly the best keyboard manufacturer today.

It is a rather common keyboard, yes; but because it is a Logitech, somehow it doesn't feel cheap. It's like the brand itself makes a crappy keyboard turn into a great one. I don't know, Logitech has always made me feel comfortable with cheaper products. The keys are superbly well distributed, and your fingers won't touch the surrounding keys like some other ones I've tried. The keys are also not very soft, nor very hard to press down on. You know, this keyboard makes it just right, so that you can actually take advantage of the impulse that the rebounding keys give you.

This keyboard makes you feel like gravity is actually working WITH you, rather that against you.

Another thing I absolutely love about it, is the space bar. It is just the right size, and not too small or too big like on some other crappy keyboards from other manufacturers. The space bar is the most balanced key in the whole keyboard, it sits right at the center, and you can actually use it without looking at the keyboard. I mean, that's just brilliant design. It's an USB keyboard. This makes it perfect for use with modern computers, and even laptops and netbooks. No more using that old crappy PS/2 port. We're in 2019, people. I could be here all day, but in the end, I just wanted to share with you my experience with this marvelous piece of peripheral engineering.

I recommend this keyboard to anyone.

>> No.71051619

Hey thats my keyboard, can confirm is good

>> No.71051676

You posted a bunch of vague statements with your "every single player" when it isn't remotely true. A lot of players getting recommended here are lacking those features.
Vanilla has a god awful folder UI. BlackPlayer doesn't support ReplayGain. VLC doesn't support gapless and last time I tried neither did Google Music, but it was a while ago. I could go on, but tldr you're wrong.

So at the end you recommend Neutron and Poweramp, without explaining why they're better than Foobar. Because they look better?
And they're not free, so they aren't really in the same category.

>> No.71051797

Vinyl is an excellent choice. No other player even comes close.

>> No.71051840

>Vanilla has a god awful folder UI
are you gay

>> No.71051922

It does. I can't be bothered to install it again and post screenshots here. IIRC it doesn't even show album art in that mode.

>> No.71051925

Not even him but Poweramp is better. I don't even care, it's just the truth. I have tried every single mainstream player and ended buying it. There's not a single feature that I need that it doesn't have and it supports my DAC perfectly. It also uses it's also engine that's better than the default Android meme one or ExoPlayer. And yes, foobar is shit and you should feel bad about using it. Even if you are a poorfag there's no excuse, just pirate Poweramp, it's not even hard and it's something I used to do since until last year.

>> No.71051941
File: 9 KB, 218x231, china.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah I'm waiting for glorious Chinese HongMeng to replace Android.

>> No.71051986

Nice arguments, you've totally convinced me.
>It also uses it's also engine that's better than the default Android meme one
Oh, a placebophile/autist with a "DAC". I rest my case.

>> No.71052026

I don't need arguments to prove that the Earth is round or that air exists, you just have to look around and see by yourself.
>Oh, a placebophile/autist with a "DAC". I rest my case.
As expected from a foobar pleb. Enjoy your shitty featureless player that's uglier than my ass after taking a shit.

>> No.71052075

NetGuard is a must have for rootlets.

>> No.71052080


>using a chinese made "luxury" phone with aesthetics and interface literally designed for women

>but it costs more!!

>> No.71052087

>paragraphs of idiots spreging out over which music player app is the best
I guess /g/ really is the board of autist

>> No.71052186


>> No.71052220

God I fucking hate those floating search icons
A thousand curses on the tortured soul that shat out that idea

>> No.71052228

It's not. Update.

>> No.71052270

>I fucking hate those floating search icons
Me too.
First time I used this version of fdroid I was like "how the fuck do I search for stuff" until I saw that shitty icon...

>> No.71052275

Book Reader
One is botnet, the other isn't.

>> No.71052297

You better block its internet access.

>> No.71052311

your ui looks like shit, git gud

>> No.71052347

MiXplorer is by far the best file explorer app

>> No.71052348

>being an eyelet
nigga i gotta wear goggles on a sunny day and still use light mode on all the apps i use

>> No.71052386
File: 147 KB, 720x1198, 1558479621996.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>17 fucking trackers
Nice spyware you got there.
People have to learn that 99% of apps on the play store are malware. With that in mind, you can start making decisions.

>> No.71052411

Why the hell redmoon don't work on my phone? Any idea how to fix or alternative app to try?

>> No.71052432

adware =/= malware but yes, 99% of apps there have some form of tracking/adware

>> No.71052449

Spying is not malicious behavior?

>> No.71052458

Thanks, just reported it.

>> No.71052471

Solid Explorer is better tho

>> No.71052503

is that malware? spying would fall under spyware

>> No.71052514
File: 152 KB, 1365x2048, 1557515659974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

werks for me

>> No.71052643

pls improve it fren

>> No.71052699

rockbox is the best music player for android, parametric EQ, compressor, stereo effects I will never use and have no need for and more important of all, opus support. And even more important, DOESN'T REQUIRE TO BUILD A FUCKING MEDIA LIBRARY TO PLAY MUSIC IT CAN JUST LIST AND DIRECTLY PLAY A DIRECTORY.

>> No.71052703

give me some tips and i'll give it a try bud

>> No.71052731
File: 858 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-202857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just mess with the settings senpai

>> No.71052784

I like the album as background better, makes it feel more immersive

>> No.71052805
File: 112 KB, 644x527, 1460150894664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it's stretched and cropped, it's ugly

>> No.71052870
File: 1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-164316_BlackPlayer_EX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh fixed that, reckon it looks better now

>> No.71052912

still gay, but a better kind of gay at least

>> No.71053546

how do i make it download vids to my sd card?
pulls up irrelevant shit in the f droid store

>> No.71053586

Primitive ftpd. easiest way to move stuff on and off your phone. Protip: if you move stuff on the phone, you have to restart in order for any software to find it.

>> No.71053642

3.0.5 aurora just crashes for me, so...

>> No.71053656

vlc player finds my recently downloaded mp4s just fine

>> No.71053673

Not all apps will. Just letting people know. Something about android OS.

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