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Turns out Intel is the shittiest tech company in the world and has been for over a decade, but we're learning about it now.

>sells you a CPU
>patches out more than 40% performance
>heh nothing personnel kiddo

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amdfag here. I fucking love it. Keep it up Intel.

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fuck you. i hate you. you have a cpu that doesn't deteriorate with every kernel patch and i'm envious like a little bitch. my i3 4370 is now FUCKING SLOWER THAN MY CORE 2 DUO FROM 2008. eclipse takes 3 times longer to load on windows, everything is slow as shit, i can make a cup of coffe while all the editors and browsers and shit load

i will fucking NEVER buy intel again

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oy vey, I reported this thread to aipac!

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You might use inSpectre program to disable some Mitigations
And use setexploit to false in PowerShell
This way it will regain some performance
But still amdfag is right
Never buy Intel again

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My games definitely did not become 40% slower. Maybe 5% at best. Still better than anything AMD can offer.

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hahaha, ryzen squad where you at

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just when i upgrade to a non-poorfag level ssd this. and to think i went from a 4c4t 3570k to a 3770 for the threads while changing the mobo to have vt-d available just 6 months ago i feel like pulling my hair out.


epyc embedded here i come

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>apple says "performance can be reduced by UP TO 40% when hyperthreading is disabled"
>muh games are fine with the mitigations even though we already know the last round of spectre fix and ht itself already had no effect.
I know /v/ is retarded and video games are the last bastion for intel shills but please stop being a fucking idiot and read what's being posted. It's already confirmed that the fixes will affect the context switch performance.

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delid dis

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Fuckin/g/ nazis

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Delete this!

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>but we're learning about it now.
Sure. If you're a dumbass zoomer.

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still much faster than the competition

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Boy, did you miss all that spectre shit last year?

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I love it when you exacerbate it more and more every time a new number comes up even though you're perfectly aware it only affects certain operations.
You cling to this like Intel is raping your asshole IRL even though no one is actually affected by this.

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>more damage control

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Nice try kiddo

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>even though no one is actually affected by this

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>buzzwords because you don't have anything to stand on anymore

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yep no one was effected by this

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Yup. As I said, it only affects certain operations.
You as a customer aren't affected.
Might want to edit that image if you want to AMDrone with it.

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We knew and you wouldn't listen. Convenience and video games is the only thing you lot care about. Gotta get the most performance at the expense of freedom.

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>Gotta get the most performance
And in the end they didn't even get that. I've never seen so many jaded consumers defend such a shitty company.

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SSD speeds don't matter huh?

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Intel has lost 90% of the datacenter market to AMD, ARM, and Power9 you moron. Amazon stopped buying Intel almost two years ago.

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>buy Intel 2 years ago
>yee boi fast as fucc
>meltdown + spectre patches release
> slight slowdown, still pree good on speed
>see ryzen drop, looks pretty good
>new Zombieload patch
>everything is slow as shit
>arguably slower than my old winXP system
>bother to benchmark
>xp does BETTER than new system
>new win10 security updates may have bricked my system
I will NEVER buy anything Intel again
Fuck em.

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jelly /g/?

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You can thank Intel for that.

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ok retard

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wow one no-name cloud provider

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the last cloud provider to buy intel processors, probably

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>all of them combined make up 25% impact
>people are claiming just 1 mitigation causes 40%

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You'll never have a processor cheaper than this gen again. Relish it.

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>be intel
>build in backdoors for mossad
>goys find backdoors
>all cpu's lose massive amounts of performance to close backdoor
>cpu market stays stabile.

Buy our newest Intel® Core™ CPU goy and all your problems will be over!

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>well it looks like Intel made a mistake, better jump to ???
Not like there's any competition, of course I'm going to keep buying it.

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thank god linux doesn't force update itself

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I expect Intel to make a deal with PepsiCo soon, in time for E3. Get your Doritos, Dew and Intel CPUs gaymers, don't be left behind in Fortnite! They have a couple of months left before Zen 2, so might as well milk it.

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>well it looks like Inshit made yet ANOTHER piss poor architecture choice at the cost of security.
FTFY. Easy to claim to be king of the hill of CPU performance when security isn't a concern
>Not like there's any competition
Ahahahahahaha...oh wait you're being serious.
Enjoy your pozzed bullshit CPU sport.

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If you really think anything is going to replace x86 anytime soon you're delusional.

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What if I dont give a fuck about my vulnerability? Do they force this update through on me? How?

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Can you just opt out of these patches. I don't give a fuck if someone steals my video game saves or music collection.

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Can you write that in english?

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I wasn't going to upgrade from my three 3rd gen i7 systems...until now. This is a complete shitshow and it only gets worse from here.

>Ryzen here I come

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Can you ship me those processors if you're not gonna use em?

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its called meltdown for a reason

you can only hope no one targets you

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Just turn off the updates and install Norton. You'll be protect against everything and you'll not slow your shit.

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File: 24 KB, 600x389, Screenshot_2019-05-18 The Performance Impact Of MDS Zombieload Plus The Overall Cost Now Of Spectre Meltdown L1TF MDS - Pho[...].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>even though no one is actually affected by this.

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Nice (((graphs)))

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more proof than you've provided, faggot.

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Intel went all in on "Girls in STEM" a few years ago. They've become a virtue signaling company. They'll follow the path of Firefox into self destruction. Meanwhile based Granny over at AMD is burning it up, showing you can have women in tech positions (even if hers is leadership) when you select by merit and ability rather than diversity points.

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Why are incels still screeching about not being affected when it's been shown that context switches have gone to shit?

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Literal paid shilling.

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Kind of wish I hadn't given away my copy of the pink shirt book.
I feel sorry for you kids not experiencing a time when a nerd could hold (just about) every nuance of a PC in his head at once.
To get that feel nowadays you have to fuck around with microcontrollers (probably <= ATmega 328P)

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Put Arch on that thing, then we'll talk.

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>been shown

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AMD doesn't have this problem, because with AMD, you get real CPU cores.

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So, that my x230 feels slower is because of this?

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>Advertise certain performance numbers and security and features like Hyper Threading
>Security is completely fucked, extremely expensive and not even fully functional software patches cripple performance in the hope of thwarting at least some attacks, Hyper Threating must be disabled
>Customers now have a slow CPU with no Hyper threading that is still vulnerable to attacks

Hmm. I mean, what else do you need to do to be actionable?

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On the subject of backdoors, shitty security and depreciated hardware, was the Bulldozer the best CPU of the decade? No ME or PSP, none of the recent speculative execution security holes and gained in performance since more software uses multithreading now than ever before. Is this the power of AMD FineWine™ technology?

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Pff. Their girls are obviously the ones making the installer GUIs for the Intel ME malware shit functionality on Winodws, not designing CPUs.

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> but we're learning about it now
> t. zoomer

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>and gained in performance
Cool! It can surely beat C2D now.

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Kek, AMD is going to shit itself when some mindless idiot tries to game on the 16 core
or even the 10-12 core zen 2 variant, Hell even the 8 core, Memory latency from CCX is going to take a dump, And i'm going to laugh really fucking hard when people buy this thinking it will outgame intel.

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>this level of SEETHING from inShills

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That all you got?

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that tweet is old

it was 25% before loss of HT, 40% additional loss on top of that 25% AFTER Zombieload

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The 2600x already does, which is conveniently left off your gay chart.

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>[email protected] 4.2 niggahurts

They even gave it an overclock lol

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Context switching penalty is 600% and rising with each exploit mitigation. Kiss any I/O intensive or VM workloads goodbye.


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Yes i love running VM's on chrome OS. Fucking kek

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that's before the most recent batch btw.

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That 600% is essentially a floor even without HT disabled. It impacts Xen, KVM, and Hyper-V.

>> No.71027831

How much FPS do you get in VirtualBox?

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no, competition is actually way faster now :^)
enjoy your shitty cpu

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I get ALLLLL da frames!

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Here, Have some fresh OC. Some you you people actually are delusional.

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>Fortnight on my Chromebook now runs at 4.9 FPS instead of 5

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File: 468 KB, 1926x947, 9400F vs 2700X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>the competition can't leak

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enjoy your before mitigation scores while you still can :^)

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I'll keep them for all eternity, This whole thing stinks of snake oil desu and I'm not ever going to patch unless i start hearing of people actually getting their shit compromised, Which has never happened in the wild. It's nice maxing every game i play at 144fps without having absolutely no frame drop, I returned my 2700X because of it.

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MSS pls go

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I tried so hard, and got so far

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But, in the end, it doesn't even matter

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I had to fall, to lose it all

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But, in the end, it doesn't even matter...

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It's hilarious when AMDrones shit on Based Steve when he's just polishing up new benchmarks...for the new Ryzens

This video and the workstation GPU video are hilarious

>> No.71028418

Why did Linus buy a bunch of dud 2700Xs again?

Looks like he has buyer's remorse

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Because Intel shills do everything they can to lie and damage control.

Bonus points if they suffer from buyer's remorse.

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However the only reason it is the CPU of the decade it's the lack of backdoors and Intel being so incredibly shit, there's basically no competition
Thanks for posting the link

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The real reason behind why everybody tries to push the 5G tech, despite the latency issues and the power consumption issues that make necessary to rethink everything in how antennas work

>Qualcomm has the CDMA patents that make 3G and 4G work
>everybody in the Telco industries HATES Qualcomm
>China tries to push 5G tech that doesnt need Qualcomm, goes in with Huawei and ZTE
>US tries the same with Intel
>Also the Koreans go with Samsung and the swedish with Ericsonn
>this is a big part in the Trade War that has been going on in the last years between USA, China and the EU, including the arrest of the daughter of Huawei CEO in Canada for (maybe) fake charges
>turns out Intel shits the project, and retires from the race, leaving the US naked
>And now Trump makes Huawei illegal
>brace yourself for the Trade Wars

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Is there any kind of lawsuit I can get involved in? This is bullshit.

>> No.71028601

You should just move out of the US, or hope that China retaliates by destroying the entire supply chain of every American hardware company.

>> No.71028612

Move where? Some small Island?
I would rather be dead than live in Europe or Canada, and Australia would beat my shit in.

>> No.71028649

>Absolutely none of the high end laptops sold in my geographical area are AMD
The fuck I do now

>> No.71028903

Holy trips

>> No.71028945

Little babby cores

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1 Zen core = 2.5 Intel cores

>> No.71028983

You mean wider cores than POWER?
Far wider than Intelaviv.

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In the end, Performance doesn't really matter,
Even after mitigations. AMD still get's shit on in the end. Poor little babbies :(

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Based Ryzen gets 3x more FPS


>> No.71029034

Being an Atomfag is suffering because AMD doesn't do low-power.

>> No.71029043


To bad they still can't catch up in performance

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>mfw intel is unironically dying

>> No.71029082

As if any of these exploits would target you and your porn stash

>> No.71029129


>wishing for a monopoly

You think they would still go cheap if they had majority market share? They would be intel tier overnight.

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File: 108 KB, 640x845, 2ldenj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71029138

this is fucking sad, why does AMD no longer make small chips for cheap laptops and tablets?

>> No.71029156

Buy a fucking phone already if you want 5W power consumption.

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File: 2.80 MB, 3840x1080, intel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why aren't Intel getting sued off the Earth for this? Surely compensation is owed for vandalizing their own customer's computers intentionally? Any class actions coming up against Intel?

>> No.71029197

Your average user will never be targeted, but this is a gigantic blow to major retailers, cloud services, and people who need to rely on secure systems to keep alot of private data safe. I rarely keep passwords on my computer for just this kind of reason, but not everyone has that luxury.

And then you have companies like sony who keep all of their private information on an unencrypted wordpad file. You think these assholes care about your security?

>> No.71029206

>a phone can run windows
it's not only about power consumption, intel still makes atom/celeron/pentium cpus used in really cheap laptops while AMD has no direct answer to those
like i just want a cheap windows tablet with something else than shitty old atom cpus

>> No.71029278

itty bitty boat

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>> No.71029375

Stop being antisemitic

>> No.71029379


Basically AMDrone overexaggeration and fear mongering

>> No.71029421

Even after snake oil "patches" AMD still get's stomped, But hey. You saved a few cents. Who are the jews again?

>> No.71029457


>Intel shares plummeted on Friday after a disappointing set of results from the iconic chipmaker in which it cut financial forecasts.

>Shares in the company fell by more than 10pc, putting it on track for its worst day since the 2008 financial crisis.

>On Thursday night Intel had reported an 11pc decline in profits and said that its previously fast-growing data centre business had fallen into decline.


>> No.71029478

>saved a few cents
>every year there's a new processor
>they even sell you new motherboards
Intel users buy a CPU and it lasts for years, see the 920/2500k/2700k/4770k users

There are AMD users who bought the first and second Ryzens while also primed to buy the newest ones in a few weeks

Saved a few cents my ass

>> No.71029488

>more intard cope
Nehalem is long dead, sandy bridge 4 threads are obsolete even for your modern gaymen.

>> No.71029500


>> No.71029519

Not exactly the point is it. The fact these exploits are out there is worrying that and Intel's overall business practice is downright shady.

>> No.71029531

Buy high, sell low, goy!

>> No.71029552

I guess you get what what you pay for huh? Like anon said. You guys end up upgrading every year in hope it will be worth while, In reality you guys got shafted for getting zen+ with unnoticeable tweaks. Maybe zen 2 will stop you guys from upgrading every year. :D

>> No.71029576

I'm so fucked. I'm still on a 2500k and some almost 10 year old motherboard.
No chance in hell I'll get patches for this.

>> No.71029583

Why would you want to? It's literal snake oil and nobody has been attacked in history in the wild.

>> No.71029586

peace of mind is important for a consumer

>> No.71029596

And that's a good thing

>> No.71029598

Why are drones so concerned about our security?

>> No.71029611

Free upgrade since you sell your old cpu, unlike cucked intel fanboys.

>> No.71029624

Ignorance is bliss.

>> No.71029630

That's because AMD CPUs have zero value.

>I'll just resell
(lol buyer's remorse

In the end the AMD poorfags who complain about jacked up Intel prices are spending way more money than Intel users who only buy a CPU once every 4-5 years.

>> No.71029637

>You guys end up upgrading every year in hope it will be worth while, In reality you guys got shafted for getting zen+ with unnoticeable tweaks. Maybe zen 2 will stop you guys from upgrading every year. :D
is this literally a jew accusing amd fans of upgrading every year? which is impossible because amd isn't known for releasing new chips every year.
intel though is known for updating their socket every 9 months, forcing "upgrades" on the market.
holy shit intel damage control this morning is unreal.
intel historically:
>games are for children and dont matter
intel now that their cpus are capable of about 30% what they were advertised when put on sale:
>go-i mean guys, play games with intel! please!
spare me. im still rocking a first gen ryzen and it blows through every game i've loaded on it the last year and half.

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File: 25 KB, 474x325, FUCKYOUUUUu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole board needs to die in a trashfire.



>> No.71029656

Imagine being such a consumerist cunt you defend a company

>> No.71029658

in the end, it doesn't even matter

>> No.71029661

Yeah Ryzen is perfectly fine for 60fps gaymes, That's about it. You've never experienced a fast cpu in your life have you?

>> No.71029673
File: 22 KB, 284x391, lil'uns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just like fucking with the drones, They get so touchy and defensive.

>> No.71029682
File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1487297768743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71029685


>First gen ryzen


>> No.71029687

>assert claim with no evidence
>assert 2nd claim with no evidence
>assert 3rd claim with no evidence, laced with insult
bwahahaha. poor jews. lol.

>> No.71029698

Or more realistically you just have buyer's remorse.

>> No.71029746

Is it just me or does Intel reek of low IQ? Every time I see an Intel build, my first thought is 'you only went with Intel after being fooled by other pozzed fags."

>> No.71029812

2600x > 2700x in a terrible game like csgo

>> No.71029844

does anyone remember last year when drones said that spectre/meltdown patches would cause a "30% decrease in performance"? that never happened. real world user saw this.
>b-but servers did!
okay faggot? my pc isn't a server
i'm still running hyperthreading and all the shills saying "wow guys i just disabled hyperthreading on my 7 year old cpu and it's running poorly!" no shit. are you stupid? shills convinced thousands last year to upgrade to ayymd because of spectre. there's no doubt there's a sucker born every minute.
amdrones will continue to force gullible retards into selling their perfectly fine i7s to go to an inferior product. maybe zen 2 changes that, but i doubt it.

>> No.71029901
File: 12 KB, 618x344, screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using ryzen post 2018
stay mad goys

>> No.71029953

I have noticed games chugging more and more recently.

>> No.71029967

Is it me or does AMD reek of low IQ? Every time I see an AMD build, my first thought is 'you only went with AMD build after being shilled here on /g/ by other retarded fags'.

>> No.71029971

0.25 shekels have been deposited into your account.

>> No.71029982

shill would imply they do it for money. They're closer to scatfags at this point, gladly getting pozzed and fucked in the arse and consuming the shit intel produces

>> No.71030010

Nice coping mechanism you got there, still will not make AMD-senpai notice you.

>> No.71030022

Fix your pozzed housefire architecture.

>> No.71030087

The difference between AMD and Intel is you can use the same motherboard.

>> No.71030135

It was so good but it is slower now. It used to be so good that I could play AAA games on it and get 60 fps and emulation was top notch.
Fuck intel next pc build I am building a ryzen build.

>> No.71030312

hahahaha jesus christ

>> No.71030320

haha, mommy sue we go!

>> No.71030339

Zen 2 is going to be just terrible.

>> No.71030351
File: 738 KB, 863x589, 1536936996498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I have no plans to install any of the patches

>> No.71030462

I'm still using ivy bridge processors, I didn't bother changing hardware during the last round of exploit craze. Think it was meltdown or some shit, nothing has happened to me since then. Realistically how fucked am I this time? Or is it another nothing burger like the last time.

>> No.71030476

you're fine

>> No.71030586

It's fine, just never ever type a credit card number or bank account on that computer.

>> No.71030646
File: 29 KB, 665x574, 1538947269897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But don't they have to get the malicious software on my computer in the first place? Why should I look at this any differently than a virus?

>> No.71030678

MDS can be exploited by javascript on your computer, any website you visit can be hacked and have malicious js injected.

>> No.71030680
File: 416 KB, 256x256, 1495943710829.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'll use the Zombieland exploit to break-in through the hardware.
kek idk wtf I'm talking about

>> No.71030686

because it can be exploited via javascript in the browser

>> No.71030829

reminder to buy ancient PCs.

>> No.71030841
File: 196 KB, 1280x800, coreduo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.71030925

>FX-8350 gets 60fps+

>> No.71031007

>i was just pretending

Zen 2 launch, i hope the loosing side will stream their an hero

>> No.71031016

>don't use CPUs with cuckthreading, instead demand real cores

feels good

>> No.71031047

>deactivate ht
>Intel smt still better than ayyymd

>> No.71031048

>MDS can be exploited by javascript on your computer
Isn't it a timer-based attack? How can it be exploited through JS running in a browser when browsers have been patched to reduce timer resolution and to add random jitter way back when Spectre/Meltdown first hit? Serious question.

>> No.71031138

SMT=HT you mongrel

>> No.71031145

YEAP C2D last good intelaviv CPU
Sent from my T400

>> No.71032432

>-15 FPS
>FPS is still above 60
the only thing that matters.

>> No.71032837

Man I just wanted something that worked:(
And I even have Shitvidia. I just want me loonix:c

>> No.71032891

No, you're barely learning about it now. They've been very scummy for a long time.

>> No.71032893

It's a meme regurgitated over and over to fear monger
They are not technically wrong but they are not right in trying to make it out like it some super easy thing to accomplish

>> No.71032988

>They are not technically wrong
So it would still be possible in theory to exploit these vulnerabilities despite the low timer resolution and introduced jitter? I'm legitimately curious, how would they bypass that? I thought this entire class of vulnerabilities relied on high-precision timers in order to infer what's going on with speculative execution in the CPU.

>> No.71033596

>amd gives us PCI 4.0 for free, on a firmware update for the 4 series of chipsets.
>intel cuts performance for their older generations, makes you change socket every other month, and "promote" new cpus while they disclose the newest vulnerabilities

>> No.71033883

buy new intel cpu goy

>> No.71034154

>buy that processor! Install that game! Buy those cosmetics! Don't invest in stocks! Don't save for that house! Don't save for that car! Don't save for old age! Consume, consume!

>> No.71034247

Intel is like the USA.
Find ways to illegally stifle the competition and make it look like something else.

>> No.71034840


>> No.71034921
File: 188 KB, 744x1052, 65294619_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Laughs in Harpertown.

>> No.71034969

I'm thinking of getting this to replace my T540p. How is the battery life?

>> No.71035357

X series AMD when

>> No.71035381

>GOTO 10

>> No.71035467

Wait. The next windows update will fuck my performance even further?

>> No.71035500

Are there any benchmarks from before spectre/meltdown and after MDS/Zombieload?

Nothing personal but I trust numbers, not journalists.

>> No.71035551

10 GOTO 40
40 END

>> No.71036382

>muh java application is slower now!
Maybe if it was written in a real language and not a slow-and-bloated-as-shit pajeet language the mitigation wouldn't be all that bad.

>> No.71036920

There's a reason you've been kicked out of every country you've ever infested, Moshe

>> No.71037150

shut up goy

>> No.71037174

>i3 4370
Why did you buy literal garbage

>> No.71037185

Every bit of our existence is connected
To servers in 2019

>no one

>> No.71037251

Lol. This is likely true since it takes my 10min+ to turn on my office pc and open up autocad

>> No.71037286

This. I am getting really tired of all the neckbearded retards who think that ARM/RISC is going to somehow overtake the x86 platform. These modern x86 CPUs arent even strictly x86 ISA as there is a microcode abstraction. You could probably reconfigure an Intel or AMD x86 CPU to handle ARM instructions without swapping reticles in the fab. The true technology edge is in the x86 platform architecture and the insane level of optimization that has gone into it. x86 ISA is just one small constraint on a much larger system of systems.

>> No.71037717

its around 5-6 hours with the bigger removable battery and +2 more hours if you throttle down the cpu clock to 400mhz. No idea why you would want this when the T495 is just around the corner and comes with a freesync panel and zen 2

>> No.71038135

you're using windows 10. It's getting updated whether you want it or not

>> No.71038272


>> No.71038285

my 1700x doesn't have this problem

>> No.71038318
File: 258 KB, 1322x948, 1558240313334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2700x here can't wait for Zen 2 fuck intcel

>> No.71038338

stupid ass

>> No.71038563

>ryzen igpu
does it still get the green screen crash when hardware accelerating?

>> No.71038596

>average FPS -1
ok, so it didn't do anything?

>> No.71038801

based china

>> No.71038876

green screen crash? sorry but i never had whatever that is happen on my A485

>> No.71038930
File: 86 KB, 291x378, A6E436B15C70404EBD00C203A8492BC1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Defending intels shit performance with "muh elite language"

>> No.71039029

What if you have a monitor with a refresh rate above 60?

>> No.71039127

>make CPU
>cripple it so Minecraft won't run
>wtf why are zoomers abandoning us

>> No.71039635

What makes me wonder is how the hell intel fucks up the HT while MST on Ryzen is secure and faster.

>> No.71039660

>fucks up VM in two thirds
>everything that is server based is hit by it
>no one is affected by it.

>> No.71039674

>less stuff on the screen

>> No.71039754

Just let the thread die already...
/g/ alreadys loves stretch a stal joke for weeks on end.
Go outside for once isntead of spreading tech drama.
You're like young petty women

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