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Is there a better browser for Winfags than Brave?
>fast and lightweight
>built in security/adblock
>can autodelete data on exit
>visually pleasing
(winfags dont care about privacy)

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>guaranteed free speech
>no brave shitcoin

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why do i care about "the devs added a crappier but built-in version of ublock" enough to tolerate using a browser with built-in cryptocurrency scamcult bullshit

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Yes, and there are no good arguments against it.

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There's nothing better imo

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>guaranteed free speech
>owner blocks people on twitter for calling him mean words

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holy fircken based, brave is great

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Brave combines security, form and function into a seamless package - all aimed at helping the end user in his or her day to day tasks. With Brave you'll always feel secure, without any of the hassle!

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blocking on twitter != deplatforming

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Easily the greatest browser currently available

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Install of brave take not long' install is ease it is of the making internet privately transmission under threat, simple.

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>trusting someone who blocks people over mean words with a "free speech platform"

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0.07 Brave Shitcoin has been deposited to your Brave ShillPurse

But seriously, do you get anything out of spamming /g/ with your piece of shit browser? Is this a paid campaign? Obviously there's just 1 person shilling for Brave in this thread, copypasting lines from a script. What the fuck do you get out of this?

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Brave, understanding the risk and importance of internet privacy.

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Reminder to hide and report all shilling threads created by Brave devs. It's literally adware. It just replaces ads on the web with its own (((acceptable ads))), and steals the revenue.

>The Brave browser knows exactly where it's users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to reward publishers. This service creates an efficient advertising market. Users receive better targeted ads, and advertisers get better data on their spending.

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Most secure browser 2019!

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Can confirm it's perfect

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Why would wintoddlers worry about security/adblock?

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They get paid in BAT. There was some retard flexing his 192 BAT earlier.

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It's called Chromium privacy faggots

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