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>See Krita in another thread
>Check it out
>It's everything I want from GIMP but better
Holy shit, why is GIMP still relevant when there's Krita?

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i desire pornography of the mascot

post it immediately

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Krita has really nice brushes, but I think GIMP is easier to use.

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is drawing for sissies?

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OP here. I mostly just crop images, but this is faster and easier.

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Krita is for drawing

GIMP is for photo editing

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This, they complement each other

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Gimp is for throwing in the trash.

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Remember Libbie

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Install Krita and draw it yourself.
Only if you're a slut who keeps taking requests/commissions.

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>draw it youself
that's for betas like you to do. alphas like me reap the rewards and jerk off. if you're lucky i'll spunk all over your drawing anon

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Alphas have sex instead of jerking off to drawings.

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lmao this

wannabe chad. you'll never be me

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but does it have green pepper?

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>See Krita in another thread
>Check it out
>scrolling using touchpad is far too sensitive, unusable
>does not recognize pressure sensitive wacom tablet

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>having sex
ALPHAS do not expose themselves to HPV (a virus everyone who has had sex at any point, has)
ALPHAS take the pledge to jerk it exclusively to two-dimensional women who know how to behave in public (by being quiet and out of sight as soon as I close my laptop)
ALPHAS don't take that kind of talk from nobodies like you, and
ALPHAS will not hesitate to fuck you up after deadlifting 500kg and jerking off to Krita's mascot for the third time today
You have been warned

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Shut the fuck up, failed human.

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Hahahahaha. Another worthless Beta to add to my list of triggered betas today. Pathetic. You stupid fucking owned Beta

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One is for drawing and the other is for photo manipulation. I don't see how they are comparable.

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>no good color adjustment menus
otherwise it's bretty gud

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One does its design goal well and the other doesn't.

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it's a way for queers, pedos & weebs to translate their sick fantasies into degenerate rule34 artwork for the purpose of infecting normal people with degeneracy and making it the societal norm.
>wink wink ;)

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It's a bit more complicated than that.
Just like happened with feminism in the 80's when they tried to attack porn and ended up turning into "sex positive, actually useful cause movement" for a while, degenerates attacking 4chan are getting backfired quite hard.

There will be a degenerate war someday, and i hope all the diaper lovers die on it.
Training yourself to shit on diapers in public should not be accepted in ANY case.

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>There will be a degenerate war someday, and i hope all the diaper lovers die on it.
>Training yourself to shit on diapers in public should not be accepted in ANY case.
i'd be happy just getting rid of the lgbtq++++ once and for all

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>they complement each other
Krita compliments, GIMP grabs a dinner plate, breaks it over its head and just shits and pukes all over the place while drooling and shouting

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yiff in hell

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Its possible that this corporation which the name urgently need a null terminator as it keeps spilling random garbage, pretending to be a movement will get fucked as well as a result of too many red pilled fags.
It is already starting to feel the heat, trying to literally remove the male gays from the movement because they're "too privileged"

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I wanna mush my face against those feet
not even a footfag
I use arch btw

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GIMP is for spamming green peppers everywhere like a petulant child.
>they complement each other
Ah yes, like how putting a very ugly girl next to an above-average girl makes the above-average girl look like a top model.

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reporting: it's a new trend to hate on GIMP

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Because they aren't even designed for the same tasks. Krita is for drawing, GIMP is for image editing.

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reporting: tripfaggot is being a homo idiot and denied his (You)

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>all these Krita shill threads suddenly
what are they getting out of it?

Data Mining?
Is there a paid Premium version of Krita?

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>trend to hate on GIMP
hownew.ru? no one ever not hated on it, only clueless distro ricers ever pretended it's even remotely decent

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>GIMP is for spamming green peppers everywhere like a petulant child.
Come on dude, green is my pepper.

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The trend is not as new as you for sure

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Say that to my face fucker, and not online

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>>See Photoshop in another thread
>>Check it out
>>It's everything I want from Krita but better
>Holy shit, why is Krita still relevant when there's Photoshop?

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People have hated GIMP for a long time but now the hatred is trending
Change my mind

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Krita has the benefit of being free, not bloated, and Linux compatible. You should be more encouraging of free software that does 95% of the shit you will ever do in Photoshop instead of shilling a scumbag company like Adobe.

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>>See Photoshop

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How is it better when its proprietary?

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Why does that matter? You can monitor its network usage to make sure it isn't phoning home.

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The absolute state of linux "software"
What a joke, so fucking bad

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>Why does that matter?
Because it takes away your freedom
>make sure it isn't phoning home
Or you could have access to the source code.

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>Because it takes away your freedom
How so?
>Or you could have access to the source code.
But I do? Just run a disassembler on the photoshop binary.

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I use gimp to crop images 90% of the time, and the rest I use it to draw lines and squares, awkwardly, needing to use layers and several different tools. Krita draws fucking lines and squares without asking you to jump through hoops. That's all I've ever wanted.

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>How so?
By removing your freedom to copy, modify and distribute the software.

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How so? I couldn't care less about US law.

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god I want to nakadashi kiki

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>this corporation which the name urgently need a null terminator as it keeps spilling random garbage, pretending to be a movement
Kek, saved

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Kiki is NOT for lewds!

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yes but krita has some vector art functionality too.

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Keep repeating that meme but GIMP doesn't even support a non-destructive workflow.

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yeah it does, but the project files end up in the jiggabytes.

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>Revokes your license
Nuttin personnel kid

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Kiki will give you a blowjob if you beta test her software

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I wonder why these mascot all looks really fuckable

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I don't know Adobe was in this thread.

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You can use both you know.

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