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>FX-8350 still worse than 3570K for gaming
Muh multicore shills btfo


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amdfags btfo

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Huh, I better upgrade to Ryzen then.

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This. Wait for Zen 2 though.

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half of the shit he did seems totally fake

ok they trade blows on games and the fx wins at the multithreaded programs which is natural its a editing beast afterall


how on earth did the fx only pulls 202 watts from the wall on its normal mode ?mine pulls 50 more and its undervolted to oblivion and back not even the silicon lottery can help with that

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oh no no. . . . no

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>Muh multicore shills btfo

3570k was ahead of the fx back in the day if you didnt know
well for the most part anyway i couldnt beat it on multithread perf but on the rest it was always ahead
seems like fx got a free boost lately due to ryzen

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This isnt 2013 you fucking Intcel pajeet

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My gf's i5-7600 stutters in a lot of games (even e-sports titles like rocket league). Swapped it out with my FX-8350 build, put her drives and GTX 1070 in it. All stuttering is gone and framerates are the same if not better (at 4k60fps)

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Why are you lying?

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He's probably not lying, as you increase the resolution and settings, the lead of an i5 decreases and the moar cores CPU gives a smoother framerate.

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>quad core without hyperthreading
>octo core without hyperthreading/quad core with hyperthreading depending on who's lawyers you believe
Plenty of games shit themselves these days when there's only four threads available, I'm willing to believe it.

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>Plenty of games shit themselves these days when there's only four threads available
stop putting salt on the wound anon.
t. 4670k haslel owner

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try to play a modern game on a highly oc 7700k in today's spec

the same result you will get on a 6c without HT

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But the 8350 is a quad core. Nobody has ever claimed or believed that Piledriver is anything but liquid shit apart from delusional poorfags who can't afford to upgrade.

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is the division one of them?

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>Piledriver is worse than Ivy Bridge for gaymen
Imagine thinking this is news in 2019.

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I don't think so, but 1 and 2 will fully saturate 16 threads even in DX11. That engine is fantastic.

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Bonus points: no PSP/ME with the fx

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>CPU that is more expensive performs better

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This, Bulldozer/Piledriver are quad module CPUs, people need to understand that an FX "Core" is the module with two physical cores in it, AMD themselves in 2011 even described the FX core as "two strong threads"

>No PSP bullshit
>Has the mobo drivers to run XP fully
Based FX and 900 series chipsets.

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>>FX-8350 still worse than 3570K for gaming

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>Multi core on DX11
That's pretty impressive, there are D3D12 games that still can't leverage moar cores CPUs because the programming is so poor.

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>FX-8350 costs less than 3570K and mobo is cheaper
>only 10% behind in gaymen
I see nothing wrong here.

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